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Practical Guide on Where to Meet African Women Online and Offline

African women are gorgeous creatures. No wonder so many models and beauty pageants originated from Africa.
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Top African Cities With Brides Lagos, Kinshasa, Cairo, Kano, Alexandria, Abidjan, Ibadan, Cape Town, Casablanca, Durban
Average Age 22 Years
Average Cost $15000
Success Rate 70%
Divorce Rate 45%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇦🇹Austria,🇸🇬Singapore,🇮🇹Italy

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Dating African women is an exciting experience, especially if you’re open to learning about African customs and traditions. But this continent is known for the diversity of colors, cultures, languages, and tribes. Hence, it can be awkward, especially when their dating culture is entirely unfamiliar to you. But this guide will help you understand what is acceptable for local women, what they desire, and how to prepare for the first date with an African girl.

What Physical Parameters Do African Singles Have?

African Women

African girls are known for their unique beauties, curvy forms, and heart-warming smiles. Let’s discuss the most common physical traits of local women.

Dark or Chocolate Skin

Africa is the home of Black people, but “black” has its different shades and variations. For example, dark pigmentation is more frequent in the population living in the Nilo-Saharan and sub-Saharan regions, but people living in East Africa have lighter skin. Moreover, when you date South African women, you’ll notice that they also have lighter skin pigmentation.

But the influence of Western civilization has been so big on African women that they’re ready to bleach their skin to acquire lighter color. So they buy special bleaching creams with a high concentration of dangerous chemicals to bleach their skin and look lighter. It’s a very dangerous tendency that can cause many skin diseases.

Afro-Textured Hair

The hair of all Africans is called “Afro-textured.” But few people know that African hair has different types. It’s extremely difficult to take care of Afro hair because it’s dry, fragile, and unmanageable. It isn’t easy to wash, comb, or make a hairstyle of this hair. But single African ladies have found a solution. One way to style the hair is to add synthetic hair and make long beautiful braids. They don’t require much care and keep the natural hair managed. The second option is to cut the natural hair short and wear wigs. The advantage of this option is that you can wear different wigs every day.

African women dating

Dark Brown Eyes

Yes, Africans have dark brown eyes. It’s a dominant gene, meaning if one of the couples has blue eyes and the other brown eyes, their babies will inherit the brown eyes. But how come some Africans have hazel or blue eyes? According to history, Africa was colonized by European countries such as Germany, England, Italy, etc. So, mixed marriages happened between the local population and the colonizers. And their European ancestry is the reason why some Africa female inhabitants have different eye colors.

Curvy Shapes

It isn’t easy to find a girl in Africa with a slim and thin body. Triangle is the most common body type. Next, come hourglass and rectangular shaped bodies. Irrelevant of the body type, the typical African body is thick with wide hips and big buttocks. And local women are proud of their body shapes because they make the men go crazy about their body forms. And White men are no exception in this regard.

Hairless Bodies

One of the typical characteristics of African females is the absolute absence of body hair. While Europeans have to invent laser hair removal devices, African women enjoy their lives without thinking about body hair. Of course, exceptions apply, but this trait applies to most African ladies.

Why African Women Make the Best Partners?

African women personals

African women are gorgeous creatures. No wonder so many models and beauty pageants originated from Africa. This continent has a lot to offer the world, from exotic nature and diverse cultures to delicious traditional dishes and beautiful traditions. But women are the biggest assets of this continent.

Women in Africa have a big bag of values to offer to you as their life partner. First of all, by marrying an African girl, you acquire a smart partner, housewife, friend, and mom to your children. Usually, families are extended in Africa, and the lady of the house is used to taking care of everyone. It includes washing, cleaning, sewing, and cooking for every single member of the family. But she doesn’t do everything alone. As a result, the daughters watch and learn from their mothers. They learn how to cook traditional dishes, distinguish the most delicious vegetables and fruits, and do housework from an early age. So, if you like homemade dishes, your African wife will be happy to cook for you.

Another thing that makes African women great partners is their smart minds and judgment. It’s a pity Africa is mainly associated with poverty and low living standards because they throw shade at the fact that Africa has a big educated and erudite population. For example, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Algeria, and Tunisia are known for their good educational systems. Therefore, women living in these countries are well-educated and smart.

African female

Best Women in Africa

Vilnius, Lithuania
Philadelphia, USA
Olivia, 23
Oslo, Norway
Emma, 27
Dublin, Ireland
Sydney, Australia
New York, USA

Characteristic Features, Psychology, and Personality Traits

meet African women

African culture is diverse, but people living on this continent have many common features. For example, family is the most important value that Africans protect by any means. Extended families aren’t rare; in fact, people live with their close relatives, cousins, and grandparents. And the role of a woman is huge in the family. So let’s see what common characteristics African women have.


Before you can meet African women, it’s ok to have stereotypes about them. But the truth is these ladies love big companies and always hang out with friends. They don’t like going for a walk or doing things alone. They’re super friendly, positive, energetic, and have a unique sense of humor. You’ll have fun playing board games, hiking, or just having dinner together.


African wives are superheroes that do the household chores, cook for the entire family, and take care of their children. Though most women marry early, at the age of fourteen or fifteen, they become great moms to their babies due to their traditions. And they teach their children these values about the importance of family and the role of the mother in it.

Good Cooks

Women in Africa are great cooks, with one exception. You can’t date Nigerian girls for marriage and expect them to cook sushi or hamburgers for dinner. They may learn it in time, but they’re good at cooking traditional dishes. So, before marrying an African lady, you should be ready to diversify your diet and be open to trying traditional African dishes.


Life isn’t easy in Africa, especially in economically emerging countries where women suffer from domestic violence and abuse. It makes them dream about a charming prince who would appear and save them from those conditions. They dream about a devoted husband, healthy children, and a family full of love and light. And that’s why when Western men start to date African women, the latterimmediately connect these dreams of a bright future with these men.

Not Spoiled

When you start dating a beautiful African girl, you’ll notice that she wears elegant and colorful outfits. Yes, women in Africa like fashion, but they don’t waste their money on expensive designer clothes or luxury brands. And in relationships, they don’t demand their men to buy them expensive clothes or jewelry. They aren’t cheap but also not spoiled with luxury items. So, they’ll be grateful for every gift you buy for them.


Africa is known for its conservative society and traditions. Sometimes these customs are abusive and violate women’s rights. For example, in some countries, the tradition of marrying a 12-year-old girl to an older man for the dowry the husband pays to the bride’s family. In other cultures, pre-marital sex is a sin, and the couple should wait until marriage. So, before you meet African women for dating, you should know the face of their culture.

Great Dancers

Africans are natural-born dancers. Dancing has been a part of their lives for centuries, not as a hobby. It’s a form of communication in some tribes, a second language that expresses feelings and emotions better than words. That’s why most Africans are so good at dancing without the need to take special classes at school. So, if you want to impress an African girl and receive her consent to go out, you should learn some moves. Learning to dance traditional African dances is a game-changer in relationships.

What are the Best Cities and Local Places to Meet African Women?

women African

Are you already in Africa? Are you thinking of dating a local beauty but don’t know where to start your search from? Check out this guide on the wealthiest and biggest African cities where people are open-minded and less conservative.

Best African Countries and Cities to Meet African Women

The African continent consists of 54 countries. Most are developing countries with big economies, making them international business hubs. Meanwhile, other countries heavily rely on tourism. In both cases, Africa attracts foreigners and creates opportunities for singles to best their soulmates. Check out the following cities where your chances of dating an African girl are high.

  1. Johannesburg – one of the wealthiest cities in Africa. It’s the biggest city in South Africa and its main financial center. One-fifth of the country’s population is White, while three-fourth is Black. Due to being a business hub, the city hosts many foreign entrepreneurs opening new dating horizons for African women.
  2. Cape Town – the legislative capital of South Africa and the second wealthiest city in Africa. Capt Town is a port city, meaning it has an important role in local and international trade.
  3. Lagos – the most populous city in Africa and the biggest city in Nigeria. It’s the financial center of the country. Besides, the city is known for its beaches, resorts, restaurants, and clubs. So, Lagos gives an amazing opportunity to meet local girls without using African women dating websites.
  4. Nairobi – a large wealthy city in Africa and the capital city of Kenya. The country is known for Nairobi National Park, where visitors can see rhinos, giraffes, zebras, and other endangered wild animals. Since the National Park attracts many tourists, the local women have better chances to meet foreigners.

Local Places in African Cities to Meet African Women

single African women

Try your luck at the local places before you sign up for an African women dating site. Here are the most suitable places for meeting single Africans.

  • Resorts – The Palace of the Lost City in Rustenburg, South Africa, is one of the best hotel resorts with a gorgeous view from the window, an outside pool, and super-clean rooms. Overall, resorts are a great place to meet African women since you have different opportunities to talk to them.
  • Restaurants – La Colombe Restaurant in Cape Town is a restaurant of exquisite French cuisine. Usually, restaurants have many different types of visitors. So, if you’re lucky, you’ll meet a gorgeous African lady here.
  • Workplace – Africa is active in international business, especially in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, many entrepreneurs travel to Africa on business to meet their partners or their employees. So, working at such huge companies is a great opportunity to meet single foreigners.
  • Cafes – Africans like to spend their evenings or hot afternoons at cafes where they can drink cold coffee or juice with a slice of cake. So, make sure to be at one of the central cafes around the time when everyone finishes their work.
  • Bars – Friday evenings are the best time to go to bars since many people celebrate the end of the working week with their friends. It will be harder to meet African girls at bars because they come with friends and family, but luck may smile upon you.

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Is it myself you are interested in? I think I am the perfect catch. I’m smart, precious, caring plus comedy. I’ve been bitten of the take a trip insect and will’t rating an adequate amount of travelling! I am looking a person who usually grab a great back pack and hitchhike because of Europe with me! I am of course adventurous and you can are always upwards to have an excellent date. Everyone loves ingesting a number of cups of drink and you can chuckling the newest nights out. I’m a little bit of a health freak and you may like running.

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I would function as the funniest individual you will actually meet! I’m of course a work to alive variety of girl and in the morning very outbound. I adore experiencing sounds and you will making up ground with family. In addition choose dancing! If we big date you can expect to see my personal movements!Even though I love meeting I also don’t notice expenses the evening curled right up during the a baseball enjoying Netflix!

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Best Dating Sites to Meet African Women Online

African women dating site

Africa is a marvelous continent where people are so similar and different at the same time. It’s the home of 54 countries and about 3,000 tribes that speak around 2,000 languages and dialects. It’s an amazing place where the modern and traditional worlds live side by side. Here you can admire the beauty of colors, cuisine, and cultures. And Africa women as an integrated part of those cultures make Africa the number one destination for men looking for marriage partners.

Fortunately, the Internet has changed the dating culture, meaning online dating has become the new normal. Hundreds of online dating platforms offer smart matchmaking services and promise to find the love of your life. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • AsianBeautyDating – dating service that connects Western gentlemen with Asian ladies
  • Latin Woman Date – find romantic partners from South American countries
  • Jump4Love – the most secure dating platform targeting singles from European countries
  • VictoriaBrides – the biggest dating platform for Western men and Slavic ladies ready to move abroad after marriage
  • RomanceTale – a dating platform with a large number of young (25-34) and senior (55+) members
  • TheLuckyDate – a Tinder-like dating site with modern design and useful features
  • EasternHoneys – a platform with many effective features for direct communication and indirect interaction


AsianBeautyDating is an Asian women dating site designed for Western men interested in dating ladies from Asian countries such as Korea, China, Japan, etc. The platform has over 4,000 daily active users available for meaningful conversations. Everyone interested in accessing the member pool of AsianBeautyDating should create an account on the website. Only a few fields regarding the registrant’s date of birth, location, and email address are mandatory. But it’s recommended to provide as much information as you’re ready to share about your personal life for other users to learn about your hobbies, lifestyle, etc. These details play a key role in the matchmaking process as the system analyzes thousands of profiles and chooses the most compatible ones.

Latin Woman Date

Latin Woman Date is an extremely popular platform among the youth seeking romantic partners from South American countries. Western men can find their dream girls from Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, etc. And the best thing about Latin Woman Date is that the website design is modern and eye-catching. The navigation is so simple that even the least tech-savvy users can easily find the features they need. But to get the full benefits of the platform, you should know how to apply search filters correctly. You can narrow down the number of potential partners based on their eye color, age, education, and other criteria. Irrespective of your tastes, Latin Woman Date has all types of female users and can find those suitable for you.


Jump4Love is an international online dating service catering to single men and women worldwide. Though the website predominantly targets women from European countries, particularly Ukraine, the member base of sexy African women is also considerable. The website boasts many fantastic features that ensure smooth interaction between the users. But the fascinating thing about Jump4Love is that it prioritizes the safety of its users. The platform applies McAfee Secure and Norton Security anti-malware software to protect the personal details of its members. Moreover, the website is compliant with the PCI DSS security standards that ensure security payments of the platform.


VictoriaBrides is the biggest dating platform where single Western men can meet Eastern European brides ready to marry and move abroad. The users’ journey starts from the moment of registration, which consists of several phases. First, in the “About Your Date” stage, you should specify what personality traits your ideal partner should have to be a good match for you. “About Yourself” is the next most important section where you should write a short paragraph to highlight the most important facts about yourself. After providing all the information about your dating expectations, the system will create an account so that you can find and interact with the candidates.


RomanceTale is one of the best venues where single American men can meet African ladies. It has over five million international users though the main focus is on the Asian audience. The number of male users exceeds twice the number of female users. According to several sources, the average age of users is 25-34. But surprisingly, the percentage of 55+ members is also high, nearly 22%. It’s proof that African women are popular among the younger and elder generations, which is understandable considering their personality traits. But unfortunately, the website is suitable for straight individuals. Upon registration, users can choose one of the two sexes – male or female.


TheLuckyDate is an international dating site that promotes itself as the newest version of Tinder. The first impression about the platform is that it’s user-friendly and has useful features. For example, the user profiles have many photos and videos that give an idea of the person’s appearance and hobbies. They come in handy, especially since the website had no audio or video call functionalities. But you can visit the profiles of any African female user, watch the self-introductory videos, and view profile pictures to learn more about them.


EasternHoneys boasts the informative profiles of its users that include all the details about their appearance, habits, and preference. This information helps users exclude the unfit candidates and spend valuable time chatting with compatible partners. If you’re concerned about starting the conversation first, the platform provides features to interact with other users indirectly and show them your interest. For example, sending a wink or linking her profile would be an amazing icebreaker. But if you want to try an even more efficient method, then study her hobbies and send her a message about how you admire them.

date African women

Valuable Recommendations on How to Date African Women

Sometimes people don’t realize they’re talking to people belonging to another culture just because they have met women on African ladies dating sites. They don’t understand that it isn’t sensible to apply the same pick-up lines for American women and hot Ghanaian women. Offline or online, these women have their unique dating cultures. Check out the following tips on how to date women from Africa.

  • Lead the relationships. Single African women are traditional and believe that men should lead the relationship. For example, if you’re used to seeing women proposing to men in the United States, you’ll never see such a thing in Africa. So, it’s pointless to wait until your girl asks you out or proposes. You should take the initiative and push the relationships forward.
  • Don’t compliment too much. Some African women aren’t confident about their bodies and don’t like receiving too many compliments. Of course, like all women, they also fancy receiving occasional praises for their appearance but don’t turn your dates into a complementing evening.
  • Don’t talk to other women at a time. Young African women take relationships seriously, and they’ll be deeply hurt if you talk to other women while you date. In the best scenario, they’ll put up a fight, but they can also go far and break up with you without giving you a chance to correct your mistake. So, make sure you don’t hurt her feelings and break her trust because there’s no turning back from the point.
  • Prove your interest with actions. Women indeed love with their ears, but this saying isn’t about the women living in Africa. They’ll pay more attention to your actions than your words. They’ll remember everything you promise to do and count which promises you kept. So, make sure you’re the man of your word not to blow off your chances with African ladies.
  • Be sincere. Sincerity is the most important factor in conquering the hearts of women African. They should see that you’re honest in your intentions and feelings.

African women personal


Africa is a place of exotic beauty, bright colors, traditions, and lots of Sun. The local women make the best partners for Western men for several reasons. But frequently, men blow off their chance of dating an African girl because they lack knowledge of what is or isn’t acceptable for them. But after reading this article, be sure that you’re fully equipped with the knowledge required for successfully dating African women.

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