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How to Date Armenian Women: Tips to Success As a Foreign Man

The eyelashes of Armenian women need a special highlight. They are so long that even without mascara, the eyes look gorgeous.
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Top Armenian Cities With Brides Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Vagharshapat, Hrazdan, Abovyan, Kapan, Ararat, Armavir, Stepanavan
Average Age 22 Years
Average Cost $5500
Success Rate 72%
Divorce Rate 19%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇨🇭Switzerland,🇩🇰Denmark

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The entire world talks about and admires the divine beauty of Armenian women. Yes, whether you like Kim Kardashian or not, she is Armenian and has a typical Armenian woman’s appearance, body shape, and complexion. These features make foreign men worldwide go crazy about ethnic Armenian girls. They even take practical measures to date and marry girls from Armenia.

But are you ready for that journey? How much do you know about Armenian culture, dating traditions, and the local women? Let’s discuss it together.

Appearance and Physical Parameters of Armenian Singles

Armenian Women

Have you seen Kim Kardashian? Well, that’s what real Armenian women look like. They have such prominent and spectacular features that make these ladies irresistible in the men’s eyes.

But here is a curious fact about their appearance. Armenia is a monoethnic country where mixed marriages are few. But there are girls with typical Armenian darker skin, brown hair, and brown eyes, and there are blond girls with white or pale skin and green/blue eyes. The Armenian genes are truly incredible.

Darker Skin

Although Armenians have a darker skin color than, for example, Russians, they are considered Caucasoid/White. The color of their skin is closer to the people of the Middle East, but compared to them, the Armenians are lighter. Besides, though Armenia is a monoethnic nation, many people here have white and pale skin colors. Armenian girls like to take care of their skin despite their skin color. So, they use sunscreen in summers and moisturizers in winters.

Big Hazel or Brown Eyes

Big hazel or brown eyes are another characteristic of typical Armenian women. Look at the eyes of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian sisters, and you’ll understand what typical Armenian eyes look like. Many foreigners and poets claim that the Armenian eyes are so “deep” and sad that one can see the story of the whole nation without saying a word.

Long Eyelashes

The eyelashes of Armenian women need a special highlight. They are so long that even without mascara, the eyes look gorgeous. But if you add mascara, the eyelashes will reach the eyebrows. Surely such long eyelashes make the look of women more impressive, charming, and penetrating. No man can resist such a look.

Thick Eyebrows

Eyebrows also deserve a particular highlight. Armenians have thick and dark eyebrows, which make the work of brow masters so much easier. They can give the eyebrows any shape they want or change the shape after some time. So even if you mistakenly pull out an eyebrow, give it a week or two, and the eyebrow will be as flawless as ever.

Long Brown Hair

Brown eyes combined with long lashes, thick eyebrows, full lips, wide forehead, and long brown hair make Armenian women look like goddesses from Greek mythology. Though most girls dye their hair nowadays, their natural hair is dark brown.

Long and Curved Nose

It’s no secret that the Armenian people are famous for their big curved noses. Look at Arno Banajanian and Frunzik Mkrtchyan to have an idea. But women are luckier than men because their facial features are more delicate. However, most single Armenian women have insecurities about their curved noses. And it’s the reason that the number of rhinoplasties is rapidly growing in the country. And the number of requests plastic surgeons receive is to make their noses straight by removing the curved part.

Curvy Body

Do the body shapes of Armenian girls need a description? Just look at the body of Kim Kardashian to have an idea of what most Armenian girls look like. Of course, their bodies aren’t as curvy as those of sexy Latin women, but they are worthy competitors. Armenian girls also have thick thighs, big round butts, small waist, and beautiful breasts. The only disadvantage is their height; the average height is 157.2 cm.

Why Western Men Are Attracted to Armenian Women?

Armenian women dating

Foreign men confess that the following reasons make them choose Armenian women for marriage:

  1. They are irresistible beauties. Imagine having a baby with almond-shaped eyes, long eyelashes, and long wavy hair. Most probably, that’s what your baby will look like if you marry an Armenian girl.
  2. They are caring mothers. In Armenian culture, the mother is the pillar of the family that takes care of the children’s education and well-being.
  3. They are devoted and supportive wives. Armenian marriage united the husband and the wife to be one person. So, whatever problems you have in your personal life, at work, or related to business, your Armenian wife will share your burden, support you, and help you find a solution.
  4. They are successful business ladies. Armenian women are extremely smart and career-oriented. They cannot sit at home and leave their husband to bear the burden of the whole family.
  5. They are well-groomed. In the bustle of the day, Armenian ladies don’t forget to take care of their skin, hair, eyebrows, and nails. They are always well-groomed and have fresh nail polish. Sometimes you even wonder how they make time for everything.

Best Women in Armenia

Houston, USA
Rome, Italy
Kajal, 27
New Delhi, India
Maya, 30
New Delhi, India
Helena, 22
Prague, Czech Republic
Olivia, 23
Oslo, Norway

Personality Traits, Peculiarities, And Characteristic Features

It is impossible to highlight any one feature as the most important feature of Armenian women. They are modern but traditional and family-oriented, career-centered but great housewives and successful business ladies. These women can combine and do everything. They are extremely smart and caring. Let’s discuss the most typical features of Armenian women.


According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, 99.6% of Armenia’s population is educated. Surely this rate includes those with elementary, secondary, and higher education. And Armenia can proudly be called one of those countries where men and women have equal rights to all levels of education. After leaving the school, many young Armenian women continue their education at local colleges and universities. The number of young ladies who win scholarships and study abroad is also increasing.


Family is a core value in Armenian culture. Despite the Armenian people having welcomed many Western ideas over the past years, they remain protective and traditional about family values. For example, after turning 18, young people don’t have to move out and get their place. Thus, extended families consisting of three generations are still common here. And that’s why grandparents have a big contribution to the upbringing of their grandchildren. They learn to respect older people, protect their families, take care of each other, etc.


A decade ago, the average age of marriage for most beautiful Armenian women was 20-22 years old. Now it’s 26. It doesn’t mean that marriage and family are now less important for Armenian girls than before. But it’s an indicator that most girls prefer to finish their education, find a permanent job, and then settle down and start families.

Luckily, Armenia is one of those countries where female employees never face sexual discrimination. Their salary is based on their skills and qualifications and for the same job male and female employees receive the same salary. Moreover, seeing a C-level female at the company isn’t rare. This is because Armenia women are as smart and hardworking as men.

Somewhat Traditional

Armenia is a modern country where open-minded people live. But compared to Western countries, it still stays traditional. For example, most families are patriarchal, with the eldest person (usually the father) being the head of the family. According to traditions, the guys need to get the family’s approval, most particularly the father and brothers, to date the girl.

Great Cooks

Armenian cuisine is known to the world for its delicious traditional dishes such as khorovats, dolma, gata, etc. And Armenian people are known for their hospitality. So, cooking tasty dishes and being hospitable are the two most important features Armenian girls inherit from their mothers. So, don’t get surprised when your Armenian girlfriend decides to cook and invite you over for dinner.

Deeply Caring

You should know one thing about Armenian girls: they would never date you if they didn’t care about you. For these ladies, caring comes in a package with love and support. How do they express it? They’ll warn you to wear a scarf and warm sweater if it’s cold outside. They’ll share your problem and try to find a solution. After marriage, Armenian wiveswill cook for the entire family and ensure that their husbands’ clothes are clean and ironed and that their children are full and warm.

Confident and Self-Aware

Though Armenian families are patriarchal and women respect the word of their husbands, they aren’t submissive. These women have high self-esteem and know their worth. The same woman that cooks, washes, and cleans at home can be the CMO of a company. And one doesn’t interfere with the other because they know how to multitask.

What are the Best Places to Meet Armenian Women?

Armenian women personals

Armenia is a beautiful country, a popular tourist destination, and a business hub. But after arriving in the country, you can be confused about where to meet Armenian singles. Check out the following tips on the best cities and places to meet the local girls.

Meet Armenian Women in Big Cities of Armenia

There are four big cities in Armenia where foreign men have high chances of meeting single Armenians. These cities are either business hubs or tourist destinations, making them perfect for visiting.

  • Yerevan is the best place to meet Armenian women. It’s the capital city of Armenia, where more than one million people (⅓ of the total Armenia population) live. Needless to say that Yerevan is a huge touristic, educational, and business center where hundreds of international companies have offices.
  • Gyumri is the second biggest country in Armenia. The government implements many programs here to turn it into an international IT center. Moreover, Gyumri is a popular tourist destination famous for its old buildings and culture.
  • Vanadzor is another city in Armenia with a huge potential to become a technological hub, with many international tech companies opening offices there. Unfortunately, Vanadzor doesn’t see many tourists, but it has much to offer.
  • Etchmiadzin is the religious center of Armenia that has a big percentage of the young population. Though the city can hardly be called a business center, it attracts thousands of tourists.

Meet Armenian Women in Best Local Places

Mornings and afternoons aren’t the most suitable times of the day to meet the local girls. In the daytime, most people either work or study. But if you’ve decided to try your luck, shopping malls and cafes are the most suitable places. There are three big shopping malls in Yerevan – Dalma Garden Mall, Mega Mall, and Yerevan Mall. What about parks? There are many beautiful parks in Yerevan, but usually, they are empty during the daytime.

The situation drastically changes in the evening after 7 pm. If you want to date Armenian women, this is the best time of the day to meet one. People like to relax after a hard-working day and spend their evenings at cafes, bars, and restaurants.

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Dating Site Reviews: How to Meet Armenian Women Online

Armenian female

One of the most important things the global COVID-19 lockdown has taught us is that international flights can stop at any time, borders can close, and you won’t be able to travel anywhere. This situation can last for months, causing problems for the people who want to travel to Armenia specifically to date local girls. But online dating platforms are here to save the day. Surely nothing can replace in-person communication, but online dating sites allow meeting new people in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go through all the trouble of visiting the country physically. These dating services provide all the tools and features required for an effective dating experience. Do you want to send text and voice messages, make audio calls, or stream live videos? These websites have got your back.

  1. Ukrainian Charm – dating site for Western men to find their Ukrainian soulmates
  2. RuBrides – find informative profiles of thousands of single Slavic beauties
  3. KissRussianBeauty – a dating platform with an abundance of interaction features
  4. UkraineBride4You – complete your profile and receive fresh match recommendations every day
  5. DateRussianGirl – an effective and reliable platform as per customer reviews
  6. RussianBeautyDate – a relatively young platform with thousands of single ladies
  7. UkrainianBrides4You – a dating site with a highly reliable security system

Ukrainian Charm

Ukrainian Charm is an online dating service that connects marriage-minded Western men and single Ukrainian women. Though the website is targeted at the Ukrainian audience, it also has a big pool of Armenian female users. It’s no surprise because about 500,000 ethnic Armenians live in Ukraine, and these countries have a long history of cooperation and friendship.

The platform offers quality services and creates a secure environment where users can interact with a piece of mind. Most profiles have a “Validated Member” badge. It means they have provided their IDs and successfully completed the verification process. Do you want to interact with verified users only? Not a problem! You can set your filters to match with the confirmed profiles only.


RuBrides has a massive database of Slavic brides from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. But a significant number of single Armenian women also use this service. Their profiles are daily details containing information about their education, hobbies, physical parameters, marital status, availability of children, religion, smoking and drinking habits, etc. But the “About myself” and “About my partner” sections are the most informative ones. In the small biographical paragraph, users describe themselves, their personality traits, and anything they want to highlight. In the “About my partner” section, users mention what physical and personality traits their ideal partners should possess. So, by reading this paragraph, you can have a general idea of whether you’re a good match or not.


The platform impresses with the abundance of interaction and search features. You can contact the members via live chat and email. The live chat is designed for instant messaging when both interlocutors are online. But the email is more suitable for sending long letters when the other user is offline. If you need to hear the voice of your potential match, use the audio call feature. If you have already passed the introduction stage, the video and Skype call features will allow face-to-face communication. The only issue that may arise is related to the credit system of the platform. Each feature has different prices that may be confusing at the beginning. But it makes more sense than the subscription-based membership. You pay whenever you use the tool, send a message, or make a video call. The credits do not expire or become invalid.


Finding a Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian, or Belarusian soulmate is easy with UkraineBride4You, which is another Armenian women dating site with a high percentage of Slavic users. The website has a big pool of gorgeous, loving, and hot single ladies ready to build meaningful relationships with the right persons. And you don’t have to go the extra mile to discover them. The platform has an intelligent matchmaking system that scans the profiles of thousands of users each day and makes smart match recommendations. If you don’t agree with the quality of suggested profiles, use the search feature, set the right filters, and discover ladies based on those criteria. And the final step is breaking the ice and making a communication. Luckily, user profiles on UkraineBride4You are informative, so you can easily learn about the person’s likes and dislikes and create your first messages based on the information.


Created more than two decades ago, DateRussianGirl doesn’t stop pleasing everybody with the quality of its services. The positive customer reviews regarding its features, modern design, and efficiency prove that the platform works. If you see a profile of a hot Russian girl, you’ll understand the secret of this website’s success. The profiles are so carefully filled in with relevant information that you can learn a lot about the person long before talking to them. Surely no sensitive data, e.g., phone number, email address, or location, is revealed, but you’ll have a good idea about her personality, marital status, preferences, etc. So, you’ll have all the required information for narrowing down the long list of potential matches and choosing with whom you have common hobbies or interests.


Despite being established in 2016 only, RussianBeautyDate rapidly grew its community reaching 900K users. The website targets single ladies from Russia and post-Soviet countries. For example, here, you have a chance to meet hot Georgian brides, gorgeous Armenian ladies, and stunning Russian ladies. The average age of female users is 25-34. It means the age range of men varies between 30 and 40 or even 45 years old. These people have signed up for the platform with a single purpose: meet more marriage-minded singles, find their soulmates, and start families together. Neither men nor women are interested in casual encounters or flirting. They’re past the period of their lives when having fun is their only purpose. Now they want to find reliable and supportive people and live the rest of their lives with their husbands.


UkrainianBrides4You is another online dating platform where men can also date Armenian women for marriage besides Slavic beauties. Reportedly, the website has 1.5 million active profiles. Since the platform has a huge user base, they have built a reliable security procedure to prevent the registration of fake profiles. For example, the moderation team checks every newly registered profile manually. This process may take from one up to 24 hours. During this period, the profile stays inactive, i.e., the users can’t view other members’ profiles, message them, or conduct a search. But after their account is approved, they receive permission to leverage the full potential of all interaction and search features.

Tips to Date Armenian Women Successfully

women Armenian

Asa foreigner, you cannot bring the dating habits of your country to Armenia and expect them to work with the local women. However, Armenia has its specific dating traditions that foreigners should stick to if they want to win the favor of Armenian girls. Check out the following tips:

  • Be persistent. Don’t give up when a girl declines your invitation to go out the first time you ask. It’s not accepted among single Armenian ladies to agree on a date immediately. But if you show persistence and ask for the second and third time, she’ll finally give in. But don’t be too stubborn. Sometimes “no” is a “no.”
  • Stick to homogeneous relationships. Even if you’re not dating officially yet, it’s a red flag for Armenian girls if you see other women while going out with them. Surely, you can expect the same attitude from her. Why? Because they should see that you’re serious about dating them and aren’t playing around.
  • Meet the parents. The Armenian young people live in extended families with their parents and grandparents. Unlike the Western culture, the Armenian culture doesn’t urge them to move out after eighteen. Hence, Armenian girls and guys live with their parents until they get married and move to their apartments. In your relationship with Armenian women, you should meet their parents and receive their approval.
  • Avoid taboo topics. There are certain topics that local girls avoid discussing, especially at the earlier stages of relationships. So, avoid conversations about sex and premarital pregnancy. Talking about sex on your first date is a red flag for girls in Armenia. It’s an indication that you’re interested in a one-night stand only.
  • Don’t bring up your ex in a conversation. It’s another red flag for an Armenian female. Besides, the more ex-girlfriends you mention in your conversation, the less likely it is you’ll go on another date with your Armenian girl. Having multiple girlfriends is an indicator for them that you aren’t inconsistent in your relationships.
  • Dress casual and smart. You don’t have to wear suits to impress an Armenian lady. Casual is OK, but your clothes have to be neat and clean. You’ll understand why when you go on that long-anticipated date with her. Armenian beauties always look their best. Flawless hair and makeup and casual fashionable clothes are what they always wear.
  • Be patient. Unlike dating Eastern European brides, dating Armenian girls takes time and effort. Therefore, the relationships will move slowly because you need to spend some time together until you talk about intimacy.


Armenian women have contrasting features. They are family-oriented but also make successful careers. They take care of the entire household and allocate time for their beauty procedures. They want a loyal, reliable, and hardworking man ready to start a family and take good care of it. Do you think you can be that person they seek so desperately? Hurry up to buy a ticket and fly to Armenia or sign up for Armenian women dating sites to meet singles online.

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