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Asian Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from Asia

Most importantly, you will be raising cheerful, smart children as a couple because all Asian brides excel at raising children.
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Top Asian Cities With Brides Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Istanbul, Chengdu, Mumbai, Karachi, Tianjin, Delhi
Average Age 27 Years
Average Cost $4100
Success Rate 63%
Divorce Rate 19%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇦🇺Australia,🇫🇮Finland,🇮🇹Italy

The Best Brides Profiles Here

SingleAsianGirls - photo 1
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2852 Girls Online
75% Reply Rate
9.7 Rating

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Ukrainian Charm
Ukrainian Charm - photo 1
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Ukrainian Charm - photo 3
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79% Reply Rate
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Search for joy and date Ukrainian women without stressing that their data or credit details

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3434 Girls Online
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CharmDate - photo 1
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Asian women have captivated Western men for centuries, but only in the last couple of decades has it become possible to meet — and even marry — them easily. Still, even though men from all over the globe may want to meet Asian women, it still does not mean everyone plans to get seriously involved. Here, in the West, we tend to believe that marriage will drastically change our life — and not necessarily for the better.

On the other hand, there are plenty of single men who have found their Asian brides online and now enjoy blissfully happy families — more blissful than they could ever hope for. If traditional family happiness is something that you are after, keep reading to find out what makes single Asian women amazing wives and mothers.

Why Asian brides are perfect for traditional Western Men?

Asian Brides

Unlike most single American women, and ladies from Western Europe, Asian girls dream of getting married and starting their own family from a very young age. They are not as career-focused as Westerners, so if you are looking for a lady of the house, a bride from Asia is the obvious choice.

Living with a wife Asian means coming back home when someone is waiting with a cheerful smile on her face. No matter how exhausted she may be with her daily chores, she will do her best to make her man feel welcome. Since their childhood, young Asian girls are taught that a woman’s primary duty is to bring her husband peace and comfort. And that’s exactly what they strive to do every day. We all know that happiness often depends on minor details — nuances that turn a daily routine into a cozy romantic adventure.

Second, living with an Asian mail bride means sharing life joys and challenges together. She is the kind of woman who would stand by her husband no matter what. That’s how they were raised, and that’s how Asian wives live — even when relocating to a new country, with different cultural values. Loyalty, honor, fidelity — those are not just words for an Asian woman. She will support you through all life troubles, and she will cheer even on your smallest accomplishments. Chances are, you’ve never known what it feels to have a woman support you through life challenges. If you want to know how amazing that feels, an Asian wife is your best shot.

Most importantly, you will be raising cheerful, smart children as a couple because all Asian brides excel at raising children. Since childhood, they have plenty of experience with siblings and nephews. Still, what really makes them amazing mothers is their attitude to child-rearing. She will do her absolute best to teach her children the skills she possesses — responsibility, sympathy, and love. In turn, she will expect you to teach them something you excel at; this way, any children you have will be a logical continuation of the two of you.

Brides from Asian Culture: Top Characteristic Features

No one can say why we fall in love, but as a reasonable man, you should understand that love alone does not always account for a happy marriage. Still, there is a reason why so many Westerners lose their hearts to Asian ladies. Here are some of their qualities you will surely appreciate.

Beauty and lasting youth: do not be surprised if a beautiful Asian wife still looks like a girl even as she grows up. Regardless of a particular country — and you know that Asia is an enormously huge continent — Asian women have slim, delicate statutes that make them look young even as they mature. Their slightly naive eyes add to this impression, making any men want to hold and cherish these beautiful ladies for life.

Surely, beautiful Asian brides are very different depending on their country of origin. Still, there is no mistaking Asians for any other ethnic group in the world. The porcelain skin of hot Japanese girls, the exotic appeal of Indian brides, the happy smiles of Chinese ladies — if at least any of those makes your heart rush, you should consider meeting and dating Asian singles online. One of these astonishing ladies may prove to be your perfect match.

Intellect and keen mind: beauty is definitely not the only thing that makes us fall in love with a lady. So, it’s refreshing to know that Asian women are not just beautiful; most of them are also well-educated and have curious keen minds. A woman like this will be an excellent conversation partner, and one more thing a lot of men will love — she will not chatter without stopping. Also, an Asian looking for marriage will never criticize her man — neither in public nor in the eye.

Supporting, loving nature: one more thing most Western men secretly dream of. An Asian wife is her husband’s rock — she will stay by his side no matter the cost. For her, loyalty is not just an empty word, and it implies way more than just marital fidelity. If you marry an Asian bride and treat her right, you can stay certain — this is for life, no matter the difficulties life may bring you.

What Makes an Average Asian Woman the Best Wife One Can Hope For?

wife Asian

No matter how culturally diverse Asia may be, most women here will have several outstanding qualities in common — qualities that make them such perfect wives and mothers.

Attitude to the family: An average Asian girl for marriage is brought up in an atmosphere of male dominance. This, of course, does not mean that she is a little mousy creature who speaks only when she’s allowed to. However, differently from most western women, Asian brides have a highly serious attitude to families. For them, this is the primary thing that counts in life, and they are ready to work hard for their families’ sake. Most Asian women see their duty in running a house and taking care of their loved ones; so, they will never prioritize careers over their homes.

This does not mean that you will have to be the only breadwinner, though. While most Asian societies remain highly traditional in their subdivision of family roles into male and female ones, most Asian girls looking for marriage get a good education and can hold impressive jobs. Chances are, she will easily combine a job and taking care of the house chores — at the very least, until you have children.

Patient mother: Speaking of children, hot Asian girls turn into the most amazing of mothers. They see raising children as their primary duty, and this is not the kind of job they would delegate to a nanny. So, if you’ve been secretly dreaming of a wife who would put her best effort into raising your kids, this is your chance. If given an opportunity, your Asian wife will put her career on hold to make sure her kids do not lack anything in life. And make no mistake — there will be no complaining or talking about the sacrifices she makes. For her, this is not a sacrifice, but a sacred duty she’ll cherish.

Heartwarming homemaking skills: One more thing most Asian brides excel at is running a house. It really does not matter if you have zero kids or five of them, your house will always be clean and tidy. As for the mouth-watering delicacies she cooks for you, this is going to be another skill you’ll cherish. We know Asian cuisine only a little bit, while in reality, the culinary diversity on this continent is astonishing. Even if you’re not a fan of Asian cooking, the chances are — you’ll reconsider your opinion once you taste some of these dishes from a first-hand expert. Plenty of recipes in Asia are passed over generations, and these dishes do not wind up in sushi places or other mainstream Oriental restaurants.

What Do Asian Mail Order Brides Expect from Their Men?

Considering such outstanding personal and homemaking qualities of a typical Asian woman, a man might wonder what would be expected from him in return? After all, marriage is a two-way street, and spouses do have to live up to each other’s standards. With an Asian wife, a husband will be expected to:

  • Be loyal to his family: loyalty to family does not always imply classic monogamy (even though that would be most definitely appreciated), but rather the devotion to his wife, children, and all other extended family members. Since an Asian wife would generally put her family interests first, she would expect a similar attitude from her husband.
  • Have solid money-making skills: even though your typical bride is by no means a gold-digger, she does respect a man who can earn his own living and can provide for a family. Most single Asian women for marriage are not accustomed to luxury, but they do want to be safe and they are determined their children get an excellent education.
  • Be firm and confident in life: as a patriarchal culture, Asia puts a strong emphasis on male strength. You do not need to be a bodybuilder or a domestic tyrant, but keep in mind that indecisiveness will be seen as a weakness in Asian culture.
  • Prove his affection with action rather than words: most women would rather be with a man of action. It is impossible to sweet-talk Asian ladies for marriage with empty promises because what they value most is solid-proof action. These women are not precisely materialistic, but they generally know what they want from life and are looking for men with similar life goals.

Best Brides in Asia

Gurugram, India
Seoul, Korea
Tokio, Japan
Yoko, 26
Tokio, Japan
Wuhan, China
Kajal, 27
New Delhi, India

Where Can You Meet Single Asian Women?

We all know that Asian women are hot, but Asia is such a vast continent. So, it would be unwise to reduce all of these gorgeous ladies to the same level. While the values we described above are applicable to most Asian brides, Asian women are very diverse — both culturally and ethically. So, here are just some of the countries that are best for brides hunting, along with distinctive peculiarities of their own. We hope this quick list may point you in the right direction and offer more insight into an Asian beauty’s mind.

China: this is definitely the most densely populated country in the world, which is why it is not at all surprising that plenty of Asian brides come from China. You may want to consider marrying a Chinese woman if you are looking for someone industrious and well-educated. As you may know, China has been a socialist state for decades, so the education level here is high, and women enjoy a fair degree of equality. So, your bride will unlikely have any difficulty adjusting to a new culture.

India: here, on the other hand, gender equality is not a thing. In fact, women are still treated horribly in most rural areas. However, even the best Asian marriage dating sites will not connect you to a girl from rural India because Internet connectivity is low, and social stereotypes are high. So, your potential match, ready to marry a foreigner, will most likely come from a very well-off family. A bonus: with Indian girls, the language barrier will never become an issue. Her English might have a British shade and a bit of an Indian accent to it, but she will still be fluent in English. Besides, wealthy Indian girls have excellent education and timid tempers — not to mention their seductive beauty.

South Korea: another highly advanced country you may love when looking for an Asian wife. This is one of the best shots for a single gentleman who would not like to emerge oneself into overwhelming cultural differences. After WWII and the following Korean War, the South Korean economy was developing rapidly, along with its cultural and economic ties with the US. Simply put, Korean brides are quite westernized, so cultural shock (for both parties involved) is highly unlikely.

Malaysia: this is a relatively small state, but the number of Malaysian brides on Asian dating sites is simply astonishing. Tourism plays a great part in the Malaysian economy, so English is very widespread all over the country. The economy is not the strongest, though, and women are often treated as commodities. So, what an average Malaysian girl is looking for is a bit of respect. If you top it up with care and affection, she will love you for life.

Japan: Japanese women are the aristocrats of bride Asian community. This amazing country, with its ancient traditions, has lured men for centuries. While the Japanese remain relatively isolated, no one can deny that this country is a highly advanced one. An average Japanese woman makes the same cash as you, if not more. However, she may be exhausted with Japanese working hours, which are the craziest around the globe. She might be happy to trade this in for a bit of quiet happiness with a man who leaves his workplace before sunset.

Those are only top destinations for meeting gorgeous Asian women brides, and all of these countries are accessible to you via international dating sites. They can introduce you to the world of Asian dating for a more moderate fee compared to actually traveling abroad.

Asian bride

Pros & Cons of Searching for a Wife Online

No doubt, online dating has its limitations, but if you are looking for a life partner rather than a short-term fling, looking for a match online has an upside, too. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of dating online.


  • You get a way wider selection of Asian women looking for marriage
  • You can set any search parameters that you like and eliminate matches that are unsuitable right from the start
  • You can establish a better bond with your match, without too many hormonal distractions always present in offline dating
  • Attraction developed overtime generally lasts longer


  • The thrill of the first days is hardly ever present in online dating
  • Too many women profiles may be somewhat distracting
  • The trip to meet a potential match may be pricey, with no guarantee it will click in real-life

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Don't Waste Your Time! The Brides are Waiting for You Here

Single Maylie in Shanghai, China
Maylie, 26
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Model
Children: No
About me

I am just a bit of an event lady and like hitting the town to your Tuesday and you may Saturday nights. I was recognized to set the fresh new moving floors alight. I am an extremely bubbly and outgoing individual and certainly will’t stay still for long. I always have to be doing things. I’ve a-work difficult enjoy hard lifestyle. I really like exercising focusing on my body otherwise catching up which have girlfriends. If you think you can keep up, posting myself an email!

Single Makoto in Tokio, Japan
Makoto, 21
Location: Tokio, Japan
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I am just a bit of an event lady and like hitting the town to your Tuesday and you may Saturday nights. I was recognized to set the fresh new moving floors alight. I am an extremely bubbly and outgoing individual and certainly will’t stay still for long. I always have to be doing things. I’ve a-work difficult enjoy hard lifestyle. I really like exercising focusing on my body otherwise catching up which have girlfriends. If you think you can keep up, posting myself an email!

Single Medina in Gurugram, India
Medina, 26
Location: Gurugram, India
Occupation: Dancer
Children: No
About me

I may function as the funniest people you are going to previously satisfy! I’m however a work to real time version of girl and you may in the morning most outbound. I enjoy listening to music and you will making up ground that have members of the family. In addition prefer to moving! Whenever we date you will select my movements!Even if I like heading out I additionally don’t brain spending the night time curled upwards in a basketball viewing Netflix!

Single Sandi in Surabaya, Indonesia
Sandi, 27
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia
Occupation: Dancer
Children: Yes
About me

I enjoy play and moving. Whenever we date I could most likely pull you to a good late night karaoke bar and you may great time aside specific Whitney Houston otherwise Madonna music. I’m a tiny psychological and perhaps a small crazy. But I am extremely dedicated and you can compassionate. I’m fed up with to tackle brand new relationships games and want to discover a bona fide child. I want the new white picket wall, the dog, the new Volvo, dos infants therefore the pretty home! When you’re the guy to simply help me reach my personal fantasy lives message me!

Top Sites to Interact with Asian Mail Order Brides

Asian wife

  1. AsiaCharm – An Outstanding dating site with a smooth interface and millions of single ladies’ profiles from all over Asia
  2. AsianDate – A fine-tuned dating service with lots of communications means
  3. AsianBeautyOnline – Millions of verified Asian women profiles looking to flirt and mingle
  4. DateAsianWoman – Perfect site for people looking for something more casual
  5. AsianMelodies – An all-in-one site for meeting and courting Asian brides


This is a great dating platform for someone who is not too experienced with online dating. The navigation is intuitive, and the selection of singles ladies is impressive. It really does not matter if you are looking for a Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese bride, the selection of Asian ladies on AsiaCharm will not disappoint.


AsianDate is one of the oldest and most established dating platforms out there. It has a strict profile verification policy, so you can rest assured that your will not waste your time on any fake users. Besides, it has plenty of communication means from letters to video chat and features very reasonable pricing.


AsianBeautyOnline features profiles of over 20 million single Asian ladies looking for marriage abroad. Note that all of these Asian beauties are looking for a husband, specifically — some are just there to have some fun. If you are certain you’re after marriage, you may have to adjust your search setting to eliminate users looking for casual encounters.


This site alleviates the pressure associated with most marriage-exclusive sites. Here, the emphasis is on casual relationships, even though most users do not entirely discard the possibility of getting married. The site has been around since 2015 and has proven itself as a solid platform for meeting and dating single Asian women for marriage.


AsianMelodies is one of those marriage sites that offer a full cycle of services — from creating a user profile to meet the ladies to organizing your trip to Asia. On top of that, you can order gifts directly on the website and be sure that your presort will be delivered right to the lady’s doorstep.

 Asian Wedding Traditions Across the Continent

Asian girls for marriage

Considering how vast and ethnically diverse Asia is, it is impossible to describe a typical Asian wedding. The only thing all Asian weddings will have in common is the abidance of colorful clothes and mirth. In many countries, traditional ceremonies will last several days. In India, for example, a typical wedding takes three days, one of which is the present-giving ceremony before the actual wedding.

Japanese bride, similar to a Western lady, would rather be dressed in plain white — though not a gown, but a kimono. After reading the vows, which are the essential part of any Japanese wedding ceremony, the priest will present the newlyweds with an evergreen branch to celebrate their eternal love.

In China, you should not expect a bride to wear white, but you will have a chance to ‘ransom’ her from her girlfriends. Another unusual thing about a Chinese wedding is that any photos are taken before the actual ceremony, so while marrying in China, you have a chance to get festive twice.

In Vietnam, you will have to go through an engagement (le dinh hon) and betrothal party (an hoi) before you can proceed to the actual wedding. A Vietnamese bride will traditionally be dressed in colorful, richly-decorated attire. The wedding ceremony will be attended by lots of relatives who will bring plenty of presents.

And, of course, there is always an option of a traditional Western wedding these days — especially if you plan to wed your Asian mail order bride at home.


Are there any set mail order brides Asian prices?

No, because you cannot legally buy an Asian woman, or any other woman worldwide. The term ‘mail order brides’ stands for women who create accounts on dating sites with the intention of getting married and relocating abroad. You can chat with these ladies, often paying the site you use a medium a certain communication fee, but there is no way you can get an Asian, an Indian, or a Chinese bride literally mailed to your doorstep for a fixed delivery fee.

I want an Asian bride, where do I start looking?

Unless you are a member of an Asian community yourself, your best shot would lie with international dating sites. If you are serious about marriage, it is best to choose platforms designed specifically for bringing singles with serious intentions together. Some of those sites have been mentioned above.

How to buy an Asian bride online?

You do not literally buy a bride — you create an account with a dating site or a marriage agency and start meeting single Asian ladies online. From there, it is up to you to find the way to any lady’s heart. Depending on your lady’s country of origin, there could be multiple ways to prove your affection.

Are asian mail order brides real?

Most reputable agencies that have been in the market for over a few years have strict profile verification policies, especially when women from developing countries are concerned. So, every lady you see on a dating site will be a real person. Still, you should understand that marriage sites can verify their user’s identities but never their intentions. So, exercise reasonable caution when chatting with strangers online.

What are the best Asian marriage sites?

The choice of a dating platform will mostly depend on your personal preferences. We’ve mentioned some top Asian dating sites above for gentlemen who want to cast a wide net and cover most Asian regions. However, if you have a more specific focus and are, for example, looking for a Korean wife or a Sri Lankan lady, you can try to narrow down your search parameters.


Asian brides are a lucky find for any man who wants a fun, hard-working, and resilient wife who would put her family’s needs first. Of course, a lot will depend on the particular country you have in mind, but generally, Asian women are attractive, have non-conflicting personalities, and are always eager to please their husbands. They are fiercely devoted to their children and always ready to go the extra mile when their families are concerned. If you are looking for traditional, old-fashioned family that has been non-existent in the West since the 1950s, you should definitely try your chances with an Asian hot wife.

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