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BLK Dating Review Jul 2023 - Is it a Good Deal or a Fraud?

Arica Angelo
24 Jul 2023 / Updated: 09 Dec 2022
16  min read
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Fresh woman profiles

Zofia, 22
Warsaw, Poland
Tokio, Japan
Miho, 23
Osaka, Japan
Gabi, 27
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Marisa, 27
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Adri, 27
Brasilia, Brazil

Pros and Cons

  • Efficient matching instruments.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Its services are all offered without charge.
  • Adding BLK profile photographs is required.
  • A sizable base of devoted users.
  • App messaging functionality.
  • Credits are available at a fair price.
  • A location where black singles may meet in safety and harmony.
  • There are several nations where the app is not available.
  • Accessible only on a mobile.

BLK is a rookie on the block with only one year of experience. But don’t be fooled; this newbie has already made a big impression on the dating world. This program, which concentrates on assisting black individuals discover love, has received great appreciation from users and publications. BLK dating app was founded on the theory that there is a sizable need in the market for a dating website that caters only to black men and women.

The program is worth a serious attempt since it shows promise. Members who have investigated and tried it consider it one of the most effective options. It offers the best features of the majority of dating apps, and the fact that it targets a specific demographic—black men and BLK women – gives it an advantage. Reviewers of dating apps have given them extremely good marks on practically all of the criteria. People who bravely joined up when BLK was just getting started claim that they have never used a specialized dating app as well-designed and effective as BLK.

BLK online is currently only accessible in the US and Canada. So, anyone planning for International dating or looking for  Iraqi women American men would not be satisfied. However, corporate insiders made it clear that it is growing its wings. They themselves are anticipating the release of a fully functional version of their program, which will be useful to black singles everywhere.

So if you’re interested in learning more about the BLK Dating App, keep reading to learn about its pricing, features, issues, and more!

Who Would Benefit From BLK Dating Site?

Review Of BLK Dating 2023

BLK dating app is useful for:

  • Searching for a dating app just for black singles.
  • Those who enjoy free applications with supplemental features.
  • Everyone who likes speedy dating apps.

What BLK may not be ideal for:

  • Singles who are not black.
  • Black singles are looking for a dating app that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds.
  • Those looking for a more seasoned and refined dating app.

The famous dating site BLK was created with Black individuals in mind. It’s an enjoyable, user-friendly dating service for only Black men and women. The app is dedicated to fostering a community for Black singles, as is evident from the name. So, do not confuse it with a Filipino women dating site. According to the assessments, it’s one of the most well-liked dating sites for committed relationships and marriage. It is the ideal location for you to meet and connect if you are the type of person looking for a long-term relationship and meaningful connection. You may find locals, not hot girls in Slovakia and connect with like-minded people on the BLK dating app instead.

BLK is the dating app for the Black community. BLK was created with consideration for all of the diverse individualities within the Black community.

BLK Website Interface

The app’s layout is so simple and straightforward that it offers users a top-notch experience. Everything is straightforward to locate, and the layout has been improved for portability with the right gestures and symbols that are easily accessible for a customer who needs help quickly. A list of member profiles that are close to you will be displayed when you first access it. It is simpler to locate Belarusian brides online you wish to connect with by using the age and proximity filters on their profiles, if necessary.

It only takes a few taps to send someone a message through the app when you notice them on their profile and are interested in them. There are a few additional features in the BLK dating app besides messaging, such as “Look Who’s New,” which lists new people who have recently joined the site. Additionally, there is a “My List” function where users may store the profiles of individuals they like so they can locate them later when they have the opportunity to go through them.

  • Boost: With the help of the new “Boost” function, you may specify how long your profile will be shown. Your profile will be shown on the front page and have a higher BLK search rating during this time.
  • Really Like: You may use this function to express interest in someone by giving them a like notice. Whether or whether you inform them that it was sent using the BLK Dating App is up to you.

Procedure Of BLK Sign Up

Review Of BLK Dating 2023

If you’re interested in finding out how to join BLK, the process is rather straightforward and fast. Starting from scratch to finishing takes no more than 15 minutes. Do you want to start now? Check out the BLK dating app sign-in page. The next step is to identify yourself and the people you wish to meet on the website. What does that actually mean? The website requests both your gender identification and the gender of your match.

After giving this information, you will be prompted to choose a password and input a working email address. Additionally, this is the moment to select your BLK username. We could talk a lot about how to pick the ideal username, of course. The short version is to continue being playful and outspoken. To help sexy Somali women understand who they are and what they care about a superb username uses descriptive language and a friendly tone.

You then proceed to fill up some basic personal information, such as your age and location. It really couldn’t be much easier to register. As soon as you have your BLK login, you can sign up and begin meeting new people right away.

  • Registering with Facebook – Permit BLK to access all of your fundamental personal data from your Facebook page, including your profile picture. The program will gather all relevant data, including name, birth date, and photo. The BLK Facebook program will then reappear and prompt you for two further pieces of information: your gender and the gender of the person you are searching for.
  • Registering with a working cell phone number – To be entered on the verification page, you will need to validate the code the BLK dating app sends to your mobile number. Prior to enrolling on the website with your mobile phone, you must upload a photo of yourself. Once more, the app will ask for your gender and the gender of the person you are looking up on BLK.

How To Locate A Partner On BLK Dating Sites?

BLK features a search feature that is really simple to use. There aren’t many search choices available, which may be frustrating at times. It uses a matching mechanism akin to a roulette instead of a search system. A photo gallery of your possible companions will be shown to you. Swiping right indicates that you like the individual, whereas a swipe to the left indicates that you don’t. That is all there is to it. When you find a BLK girl you both like, your connections are recognized, and you may start conversing right away. Despite the limited partner search methods available, the system will really find a match for you, so you won’t need to.

You are not given control over the system in terms of the search tools and filters. You may somewhat change the criteria, but BLK is mostly a Tinder-like alternative where the Swipe function is the key. By specifying an age range, location, and gender, you may change how your matches are shown. These settings may be changed in your “Account Settings,” which are indicated by a gear symbol.

But it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to examine your matches in more detail. If you want to get to know the personality of your possible mate, there are communication techniques designed just for that.

Communicating With BLK Girls

As you might have imagined, you can only get in touch with your match if your matches are compatible. Keep an eye out for the orange “Break the Ice” button when you get the “It’s a Match” indication. There is a wallflower option if you are too bashful. The “Really Like” function alerts the member to your intense interest. That member learns of your interest when you submit it. This step increases the success of a mutual match. Keep in mind that if you are a free member, you can only send one “Really Like” button.

Review Of BLK Dating 2023

BLK Cost: Free Vs. Paid Membership

Each member who logs in and registers with BLK can utilize it without BLK prices. Two expensive add-ons, however, that claim to boost matching odds have been released.

The “Boost” feature

The application elevates the paying member’s profile to the peak of all the customized profile lists by purchasing boost points. It implies that for a maximum of 30 minutes, your profile will be displayed at the top for all people who are in the same location as you.

Really Like features

This type of message can be sent to a profile to greatly boost the likelihood of a perfect match.

Free Services Fee-Based Services
  • Searching locals.
  • Messaging.
  • Matchmaking.
  • Filters.
  • “Really Like” feature (one each day).
  • More prominence rating.
  • Boost Function.
  • “Really Like” feature.


Credit Cost per credit Total
1 Credit 1.99 USD 1.99 USD
5 Credits 1.49 USD 7.45 USD
10 Credits 1.19 USD 11.90 USD
Really Like
5 Credits 1.99 USD 2.45 USD
25 Credits 0.39 USD 9.75 USD
60 Credits 0.29 USD 17.40 USD

The cost of add-ons decreases as you buy more of them. In order to spend the least amount of money on them, go for the largest bundle. Bank cards or mobile payment apps can be used to make the payment.

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Safety Concerned With BLK Login

Always choose to take control of your safety. Investigate the site’s safety features and conduct some studies to avoid any potentially harmful situations. On the safety page, BLK generously provides a list of safety recommendations. Make sure to report any questionable activity to BLK assistance if you encounter it. Trust your instincts if you ever feel unsure or dangerous on the site. BLK, therefore, fosters a friendly and secure community. There aren’t likely to be any frauds or fakes there. However, it’s always advisable to confirm. Never divulge any of your private information to other members.

Regarding the technological aspect of security. In order to assure compliance, BLK uses a combination of automatic and manual methods, such as algorithmic text analysis that looks for phony profiles or con artists. When it comes to user safety, moderators pay close attention. The encryption used throughout all transactions also secures your credit card information.

Review Of BLK Dating 2023

BLK Customer Service

The most frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ section if you have any queries about the app, your account, or the credit system. By sending an email to [email protected] or dialing the BLK customer service number, you may get in touch with customer service if the section doesn’t address your query. The application is proactive and open to all the complaints that users post on their website. They offer multilingual customer service that is available around the clock, a BLK contact number, and a special email address for those having problems using the program.

What Is BLK Operating Procedure?

After completing a quick signup process that only requires a few clicks, like many dating apps, you may begin using the BLK dating app. Once you’ve finished with the fundamentals, be sure to include extra specifics about your personality. Making your profile stand out in this way will enable the matching algorithm to present you with the most suitable matches; who knows, you may find a sexy hot Singapore girl nearby. You might provide brief information about your interests or hobbies. Keep your tone light and attempt to be original. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there if you want to develop a meaningful connection with your match since you should share the same goals and interests.

Once you are ready, you may search for individuals looking for someone similar to you and make connections you were unaware of. It’s a standard procedure to swipe right to like and left to pass. By putting up your choices, be sure to customize who and what you’re searching for. You can interact and chat with other Black locals thanks to the BLK dating app. After all, if you don’t swipe, you’ll never know.

When it comes to connecting users on this platform or website, the matchmaking algorithm used by the BLK Dating App takes a variety of things into account. Location, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and race are just a few of the factors that ensure that all users are comfortable using this platform or website because they will be matched with someone who shares their interests but also lives nearby so that they can meet up whenever they feel like it, ultimately ensuring that both parties are the same.

BLK Dating Website And BLK Mobile Version

There is no desktop version of the service, which is exclusively offered as an app. This ‘disadvantage’ has no bearing on your search for love, though, as the app is a stand-alone dating site. The app’s appearance and feel are delightful for those who love aesthetics. It has a minimalistic but attractive design. There are no creative or crafty details to draw your attention away from the core idea. Additionally, the software is constantly improved to give its users a flawless experience.

Special Features At BLK App

BLK is a roulette-style matching program; as such, it has no unique features. Since all the current features are straightforward and useful, it doesn’t require any new ones. However, some deserve your attention.

Dense User Base

You can quickly find a possible mate who lives close by because the software is only available for a specified geographic region. They won’t be halfway around the world when you light a match. Aside from that, the BLK dating app is geared toward Black people. Hence, most of its user base consists of Ebony individuals looking to date others from similar backgrounds.

Matchmaking Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to offering a simple and quick Nepal women marrige dating strategy, the roulette-style element really hits home. You can only set up with a single or strike skip with a single swipe. A pop-up notification will always let you know that your interests are compatible. You are then free to converse or establish a connection. This style of pairing moves quickly and is quite alluring.

Free Features

Most features of the BLK dating app are free. Since most dating apps make chatting a pricey feature—which, to be honest, is useless—kudos to BLK. But there, you may make use of the BLK community’s benefits for nothing.

Are All BLK Account Real?

The fact that around 50% of profiles on BLK are either blank or incomplete is quite terrible. Even while individual profiles on the BLK dating app aren’t overflowing with details, all of them must include at least the most fundamental facts, without which it may be challenging to determine a person’s integrity. There is a tendency to think it may be a bot or a false account.

The majority of users are men in terms of gender. The majority of its features are free. Therefore, it won’t be difficult if the gender ratio shifts over time. The people at the BLK dating app are mostly relatively young. Most of the group’s members are between the ages of 25 and 34. However, a sizable portion is between 18 and 24. A handful of sexiest Puerto Rican girls who are in their late 30s and older if you like to connect with more experienced individuals.

Review Of BLK Dating 2023

BLK Hookup Alternatives

BLK creates a capable area for the Black community as a newbie. It has already established itself as one of the most well-liked dating services for long-term partnerships and Japan marriage. Long-term relationships, marriage, friendship, and soulmate connections are all sought after there by visitors. Of course, the BLK dating app is one of many apps available in this market. Let’s examine some of its main competitors.

1. BeNaughty


  • Quickly register.
  • Filtering probable matches is simple.
  • Innovative methods to start a conversation.
  • A wide variety of wicked singles in the membership.
  • For women, communication features are free.
  • Advanced search tools exclude people depending on their backgrounds and personalities.
  • Since they may access the majority of functions for free, many female users are on the website.

Do you want to bypass the standard “hi” and “hello” exchanges saw on dating services and get right to it? Before searching for hookups at BeNaughty, read this to be aware of the information you should know. You will view user profiles and images after joining up who are local to you. Additionally, you may view the users that are now online as well as the recently registered members. You may personalize the search feature on BeNaughty to suit your preferences. In addition to the fundamental data, you may search individuals based on their interests, physical characteristics, occupations, body types, and other criteria.

2. FDating


  • It is free.
  • The website is user-friendly and well-designed.
  • FDating profiles are fairly active.

Several online dating services are available worldwide to meet the demands of various individuals when it comes to dating. Users of FDating are never charged a thing. Users of FDating can utilize all of the website’s features without paying a dime, including registration and message sending. You may view user profiles, get in touch with other users like Costa Rican mail order wives, and communicate with them using messaging features on the website, just like on any other dating website. It can be the best option for you if you want to date ladies of your choosing.

3. Kismia


  • Mobile application.
  • Live-Chat.
  • The website is well-known.
  • Able to report spam profiles.
  • A profile is personal.

For those seeking a committed relationship, Kismia is an international dating service. While the Kismia staff tries its best to pair the appropriate individuals at the right moment, people here get to know one another to converse, date, or even build a family. You could discover the ideal match here for friendship, online chatting, romantic dating, and serious relationships as well. Most of the users on this site are adult males and females between the ages of 25 and 65. Because of this, Kismia, along with an honest Malaysia marriage agency ranks top dating site for adults who desire meaningful, long-term relationships.

4. Elite Singles


  • Personality tests help you find the best matches.
  • The dating service quickly blocks suspicious accounts from using it.
  • Every month, tens of thousands of new singles sign up.
  • Members are actively seeking long-term relationships and are highly engaged.
  • If you follow the relevant verification procedures, you can obtain a confirmed badge for your dating profile.

The initial stage in Elite Singles’ sophisticated pairing procedure, the personality test, makes it unique. The Five Factor Model hypothesis of personality traits, including openness, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism, is the basis for the ten parts of the test. Choosing your match preferences is the second phase of the matchmaking process.

Inactive users are removed from your compatibility list by Elite Singles once you complete the personality test and fill up your preferences, which limits possible matches. You will then receive daily relationship ideas compatible with your personality and tastes.


How To Delete BLK Account?

You are always free to remove your account if you are dissatisfied with the service or have any other personal concerns. To access your settings, you must hit the profile symbol in the top menu and look for the gear icon. After that, click the 'Delete' option to delete your account permanently.

How To See Who Likes You On BLK Without Paying?

Every feature is freely available.

Is BLK Free?

It costs nothing to use the dating app on a mobile device. You don't have to pay anything to send or receive texts. It implies that you are entirely free to stay on BLK and make use of all the perks.

How Does BLK Work?

BLK is simple to use and enjoyable. Simply browse a collection of profiles that are personalized. Similar to Tinder but with a different spin. The app isn't only for heterosexuals; you may use it to look for folks nearby.

Is BLK Legit?

Yes, BLK is promoted as a legitimate dating service that aids single black men and women in finding a friend, a lover, or perhaps a lifelong companion.

How To Use BLK?

A dating app is only enjoyable to use when it is simple and doesn't overwhelm the users with too many features. BLK dating app is cutting edge with its user-friendly interface that even a kid could use; all one needs to do to utilize this fantastic dating program is scroll up and down a list of black Finnish most beautiful girl in the world unique to each user. If a certain profile piques your attention, you may either click the heart icon on the account or slide the profile to the right to give it a "yeah." A mutual contact is established if the recipient of a "yeah" or "hearted right swipe" approaches the sender. Ladies and gentlemen, that's a match, and the couple may either start chatting and interacting offline or using the app. Easy!

How To Message Someone On BLK?

Through links between users, BLK's messaging system runs. Messages can only be sent to successful connections for members.


If you’re a single Black person looking for long-term relationships and marriage, BLK is the place for you. Although the majority of its users are Black, anyone may utilize the software. However, it may not be very useful if you are looking mail order brides Venezuelan or other countries. The dating app is promising and has a lot to offer. Its major objective is to assist Black singles in making quick relationships using a roulette-style matching system. This kind of matching is very popular, but the BLK dating app has elevated it significantly. Its matching algorithm takes into account your age, location, gender, and personal interests. All of this makes sure that you find the finest match in your area.

Although BLK is not a unique app, it is one of the few successful mobile dating services designed particularly for Black users. Only citizens of the US or Canada are able to sign up for the app due to its stringent registration process. This limitation aids in concentrating the user base in a certain region, which raises the proportion of IRL encounters between users. Therefore, try the BLK dating app while deciding which app to download. It is safe software that prioritizes establishing connections above growing its user base. See what BLK has in store for you by registering!

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Arica Angelo

During the course of my path toward healing myself, I worked with a large number of healers, and I spent more time than I like to admit studying self-improvement and healing. As a result of these experiences, I began creating my own ways for sharing this freedom with my clients. Typically, I work with people who are in need of substantial personal change and healing. People refer to me as a Dating Coach, but what I truly do is assist guys in overcoming the obstacles that are preventing them from being in a romantic relationship.

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Nov 19, 2023

After a friend let it sneak - she found a man here. We ran there and you will joined. Desire to see my love soon too!

Sep 15, 2023

This isn't the original dating site I've joined on the. So evaluating, I am able to say - the website is for shopping for a life threatening dating.

Sep 10, 2023

A friend told me personally the website. Came across step three people, are unable to determine which at this point that have)

Mother Night
Sep 20, 2023

We talked towards various other dating sites, every-where often the new admins are take currency, or even the contingent is actually inadequate. It is not the actual situation having with this particular money.

Aug 06, 2023

Be sure to feel a working member, then odds of fulfilling your own individual raise. We made sure which me personally!

Nov 14, 2023

Just after 2 years from wandering with the dating sites, I found one that suits me.

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Shortly after two years off drifting to your internet dating sites, I discovered one which provides me personally.

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This site surprised myself. In our date, when folks are really active, and also in brand new nights they sit at house, upcoming here you could potentially well pick a pals to unwind together.

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Now i am talking-to multiple women. Very sites is actually deceiving, unlike a bona fide person you communicate with a bot, however, right here are typical real real time female!

Nov 24, 2023

Seriously, the support solution is definitely worth attention, they fixed my personal material in 1 day, thus for this a separate value!

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Aug 16, 2023

Chill website to possess relationship. Of your experts - sooo of a lot users. You can come across a nice companion, and maybe a life partner...

Aug 01, 2023

I am a highly active girl, I don't wish sit nevertheless. We entered on the site in order to travelling with my chosen you to different countries. We fulfilled men here which, due to his works, excursion much to the organization travel and you can requires me which have him. As he functions, I talk about the city, We shop, and everybody are delighted.

Nov 04, 2023

By using the fresh new browse program, I chose several candidates, interaction first started. I have certain pretty alternatives!

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Jul 27, 2023

I enjoy this service, one of my favorite towns to satisfy.

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Oct 25, 2023

Your website is really individual and there's the opportunity to build long-title dating.

Aug 11, 2023

There are various pages right here who're able having a serious dating. I could however say that I can use this website for the tomorrow.

Nov 29, 2023

The best web site. Discover very many females. Special thanks to the assistance cluster.

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Sep 30, 2023

Surely, the help solution is definitely worth attention, it repaired my point in under 24 hours, very for it yet another value!

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Oct 30, 2023

I like that solution forced me to save time from the research. We satisfied my soulmate in the just about 2 months.

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Oct 15, 2023

I have been using my partner to have half a year today. Very thank you for compared to that webpages!

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Aug 26, 2023

We entered within browse out-of a new matchmaking. Thirty day period after, We created a romantic date with an early boy, i already been a relationship, up coming i chose to marry.

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This site has been doing use getting annually up until I discovered the person away from my personal goals. Thanks!

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Oct 05, 2023

1st, I desired so you can diversify associates when you can, I succeeded. In my situation, just like the fifty+, it’s fundamentally higher level as well as the option is huge, one another from 18 in order to 29, and you will out of 30-50, perfectly-groomed females. Recommend:)

Dec 04, 2023

One of the better dating sites that have thoughtful capability and you can construction, it turned out to get obvious.

Sep 05, 2023

As a person, Everyone loves that there are countless agents out-of the newest reasonable intercourse on the site that looking for their soul mate.

Gold Dahlia
Aug 21, 2023

I happened to be a very rather partner thanks to this site. I'm hoping you additionally similar to this web site and find here a good spouse, spouse, lover and so on.

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Dec 09, 2023

We enjoyed the website, the brand new contingent which have which I communicated are, typically, pleasant.

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Sep 25, 2023

Your website is useful because it really helps to develop the newest boundaries, that's particularly important for those residing in small metropolitan areas.

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