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BravoDate Review Dec 2023 - What's the Deal?

Alyssa Dineen
21 May 2022 / Updated: 08 Dec 2023
14  min read
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Fresh woman profiles

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Emily, 29
Madrid, Spain
Suzu, 29
Tokio, Japan
Medellin, Colombia
Moscow, Russia
Zofia, 22
Warsaw, Poland

Pros and Cons

  • Free registration.
  • A diversity of stunning women from different nationalities, especially Russia and Ukraine.
  • Their interface and navigation are user-friendly.
  • Free and responsive member support.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Non-members cannot explore the site.
  • The free version of BravoDate is quite limited.
  • They do not have a mobile app.
  • There is no BravoDate premium.

BravoDate is a dating platform that helps find millions of people their soulmates. This site mainly focuses on men (mainly from the US, the UK, New Zealand, and other western countries) and women from the eastern European region (mostly Russian and Ukrainian). So if you are single and crave the beauty of eastern European women, you can find the woman of your dreams at BravoDate.

What is BravoDate, you may ask? It was launched in 2019, and in almost 3 to 4 years, it has gained immense popularity. Since 2019, BravoDate has gone through a constant rise in popularity, which is witnessed in the growth of its customers. Last year there were almost 350 thousand users, with over 12.6 thousand users per month.

BravoDate places itself as a niche that mimics the real-life dating environment- with a chatbox, live video, and email options. However, is it safe to believe such flattering words? In our BravoDate review, we shall tell you all about the variations of the dating site so that you can decide for yourself whether it is worth spending your time.

However laudatory reviews you see of something, there are always good and bad aspects to everything, including the BravoDate dating site. Thus, it is important to understand the main advantages of registering and using this platform and what developers should improve. If the disadvantages exceed the pros, you can at least familiarize yourself with the site, spend a few days on it and find some Russian or Ukrainian sexy girls.

Who Is BravoDate Good for?

bravodate dating

For your betterment, we have tested the site, and according to us, BravoDate would work best for

  1. Men who want to meet beautiful and sexy Polish women from the Slavic region.
  2. Men with pure and serious intentions.
  3. Men who have had a bad experience with online dating and want to change that perception.

BravoDate is for people with serious intentions of getting into a relationship and want to find a soulmate for romance or even marriage. Therefore, this site is suitable if you are single and ready for this relationship. Furthermore, if you imagine a sexy Russian girl as your future wife Russian, this platform is for you! Moreover, BravoDate has numerous unique features not available on similar platforms. A question may always linger in your mind is BravoDate legitimate or not.

If you are still not sure if you are ready for such a serious relationship or crave such erotic desires and hookups, you should better go and search for a site with such purposes. This site is for serious commitment and not just casual time pass. Also, consider that this site guarantees you the safety and security of both the girl and you, so communication must be within the established rules.


According to various BravoDate reviews, the site’s interface is remarkable, but its simplicity wins the most points. This platform is true to its purpose as a place suitable for single people to meet and connect souls. On the website’s main page, you shall find the registration process right there in the front.

Everything is there, from entering your gender to your name and date of birth. The registration process hardly takes over a few minutes. If you scroll down a bit, you will find the motto of BravoDate, clearly written down under numbered points. The opening page does not provide much information; as mentioned above in the ‘Cons,’ you are limited to a few free stuff only. However, once you register on the site, numerous more options open up for you, and you can do more.

Sign Up Process

bravodate dating sites

Now, beginning with our BravoDate sign up, we first had to learn a lot about the website. All kinds of controversial comments regarding the dating site triggered us to want to know the truth. So our journey began with our team figuring out how first to become a member of the site.

If you want to become a member of this dating platform, you need to complete a simple BravoDate sign-in process. The signup process begins as you visit the website first. You shall find the registration fill-up section waiting for you to become a family member. You first select your gender since it will help you find people from the opposite gender.

bravodate success stories

Then you need to enter your full name into the next blank space. Next, enter your birth date, month, year, and email address. Finally, you have to generate a unique (8+ character) password that you must use every time you log in. Next, click on the ‘register’ button and get yourself a membership. The whole process is free and easy to do and takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete.

How Can I Find a Partner on BravoDate?

When you enter all the necessary details in the virtual application form, you are ready to find dates and start chatting. Finding women on BravoDate is quite simple and easy as we found out to be. After the initial process, you will be directed to another page where you will find a ‘Search’ option on the top. Click on it, and then again, you shall be redirected to a page with the profiles of women.

It will consist of short cards of women that consist of their user photo, name, and age. In addition, BravoDate has a great feature of showing whether the user is currently online or offline. Along with their details, you will also find an online button or indicator which informs you if they are currently available or not. Furthermore, the user is provided with two more options for immediate actions: ‘Like’ or ‘Chat Now.’ Other than these, you can search for particular types of men and women you prefer so that the results you see are first filtered and then shown to you.

The membership base is huge, with various options to search from and save time:

  • Simple search. Allows the user to segregate profiles based on age and whether they are online or not.
  • Extended search. This particular type of search helps to pick girls based on ten filters, including their membership ID, religion, marital status, location, habits (whether they smoke or drink), children (if they have then how many), level of education, and others.

This advanced BravoDate search option is brilliant as it specifically finds an ideal match that you are trying to find. Many girls can write to you first and offer a chat according to several reviews. So, keep a closer look at the profiles; maybe your soulmate is just around the corner waiting for you.

However, the basic search can also give you stunning results and saves you from scrolling too much. And when we used the extended option, we got tailored search results which were very impressive. Moreover, using the search tool is easy and intuitive as it helps to explore potential candidates efficiently.

Communication with Users

Here on the BravoDate dating site, you can often meet Slovakian women for marriage. When your search is complete, you will need to talk with the women to go to the next step, right! There is a huge list of communication tools available on BravoDate that you can use to chat and get in touch with anyone on the site.

Shh! Want to hear some advice? Be open-minded and easy-going with everything; that is, try to accept all the hints you get from the women’s side and try being generous with the compliments you give them. You know girls like to be complimented, and it is easier to talk if you praise each other from the beginning.

BravoDate offers you a large list of communication tools in the BravoDate link such as – text messaging, chat, video attachments (not video calls), emails, and much more. Women in general love when men pay attention to them and what they say, so try to be as attentive and pleasant as possible.

Free Vs. Paid Membership

With the initial BravoDate login, you only get access to the options and perks that come with the unpaid version of the website. Although it is less, you can somewhat get an idea of how the app works and how you can benefit from it.

Below is quick navigation of the free vs. paid features of BravoDate.

Free Features Paid Features
Customer service Messaging
Browsing profiles and watching public photos Live chat
Sending likes and winks Watching private photos
Sharing gifts
Requesting personal contacts
Asking a woman for a real-life date

Free Features of BravoDate

Getting help from customer service – that is you can contact them and they will help you solve any kinds of problems related to the site. Other than this, you also get to:

  • Browse profiles and photos set out for public display.
  • Send winks and likes.

How Much do You Need to Pay for BravoDate?

Credit Points Price
20 credits $2.99

(deal for new members)

20 credits $9.99

(from the 2nd payment onwards)

50 credits $19.99
125 credits $44.99
250 credits $69.99
750 credits $149.99

bravodate credits

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The Paid Features of BravoDate

bravodate cost

What kind of advantages do you get by paying for these credit points? It all depends on the features you get once you pay for it. Below given is a list of services that you get from the paid BravoDate site:

  • Messaging. You can text your desired woman love texts to woo them and make them fall in love with you. You can also send them long emails with pictures or even videos attached. Sending the first email will cost you ten credit points (to a particular member), and the consecutive emails will cost you 30 credit points each.
  • Live chat. It is a perfect feature for pleasant and fast communication. It is convenient and cheap (2 credit points for 1 minute), and women tend to respond faster when you approach them directly through the live messaging tool.
  • Watching private photos. Private photos of women do not require any credit points. However, you will have to send at least one private message to a girl to get access to her private photos, and as you know, messaging requires paying. It is worth paying to watch women’s private photos as it assures you that they are genuine and want to go on with the relationship.
  • Sharing gifts. Gift sharing is an age-long technique to woo lovers, and BravoDate helps you send them to your desired women. This feature of BravoDate enables you to send several gifts, from flower bouquets to smartphones, to your loving woman. Although, you must know that sending such gifts is not free and requires an extra payment.
  • Request personal contact. Asking for a woman’s phone number or contact details will cost you a huge credit, 625 credit points. But once you have found your lover, this credit score will not matter anymore.
  • Asking for a date. Asking a woman for a date will mean you have thought enough about it and want to meet in person. This feature on BravoDate is free; however, you will need to spend at least 3,000 credit points on a particular member before you can use this feature.

A very important feature of the BravoDate app is that different parts cost different. For example, you will have to pay less for a live chat while paying more for sending emails, especially if you want to attach photos or videos to your text. More detailed information has been provided above.

Safety BravoDate

BravoDate online is a safe and secure platform for dating cute Ukrainian girls that performs an extensive background check on its users. However, you should not expect it to be free of scammers. Scammers are everywhere, irrespective of how secure a platform may be. Also, do not worry about being scammed if you only contact ‘Verified’ members and do not send money or costly gifts – as they may minimize the chances of getting scammed.

To ensure the safety of already registered users, you may receive a call or email from the BravoDate site for clarifying details that may be confusing in your profile. This is a must for beginners to ensure that people are verified and not scammers. You should also adhere to simple security tips despite enhanced security measures. Also, remember not to share your contact details with people initially; try to get to know the people and then share private info; this can ensure less scamming.

Customer Support of BravoDate

The website has convenient and fast customer support that can help users in any case regarding profiles, safety, payments, etc.:

Their customer service is ready to help you at any time, as their team is responsive, and they answer emails 24/7.

How does BravoDate Work?

BravoDate may help you find and meet hot Ukrainian brides or other girls from eastern Europe. This platform does not use the standard algorithm to find matches like other dating sites. There is no particular search for the best profile of your interest. Therefore, you need to communicate deeply to understand that you have met a potential partner. You will be able to know your partner through messaging, letters on the site, or via email or video chats.

Website and Mobile Version

BravoDate mobile app is impossible to use as they have none. But does not having a mobile app interfere with the active use of the platform for users? Of course not. However, once you use their site, it is worth noticing that having a mobile version would greatly benefit the users. For example, if you want to chat from your mobile phone, you may use the mobile web version, the compact version of the web type. You will have no problems using all the functions of the BravoDate app through the mobile or desktop web version.

Special Features

What are the special features that make BravoDate stand out? BravoDate must have some special features that you will not find on most other apps to get a hold of a huge number of users.

  • Newsfeed. The newsfeed of BravoDate is like that of the popular social media platform Instagram and many such popular platforms. Just as users post photos or videos with captions on Instagram, here, too, members post their photos and write a few words that mean a lot to them at this moment.
  • Meeting Request. If some user is looking for a remarkable woman in Ukraine or Russia, who they have met through this app, he can then use this unique feature to get her contact details and address. Although, you must remember that such requests can be rejected if the woman is not ready to share her private information with you.
  • Contact request. Any member of BravoDate can ask for personal contacts and stop paying for interaction with a particular member on this site. However, the administration shares the user’s contacts only if the two had a long history of messaging or other forms of communication beforehand.

How Many Real Accounts on BravoDate?

bravodate dating sites

The platform has over 12.6 thousand users per month, increasing day by day. Most of the men are from the US or UK. The female base on this site is predominantly from the Eastern European regions like Ukraine and Russia. There is a considerably higher population of women than men in BravoDate. This difference has led to increased demand for men on this site, making it easier to find matches. Most often, real people only register there (men above 30 years) who want to meet and build a long0term relationship with the woman of their dreams.

As a member of BravoDate, you can easily date Czech girls for marriage. However, this dating platform only caters to those interested in heterosexual relationships, which is already implied during the registration process. If you belong to the LGBTQ+ community, consider going for other apps. BravoDate also strictly adheres to its anti-fraud policy, ensuring that its members are real and are not trying to blackmail and scam their users.

BravoDate Alternatives

Despite having an all-positive review, there are many alternatives to BravoDate that you may be interested to learn about. All the below-given alternatives have nationalities from Eastern Europe, where you can go to date women.

  • AnastasiaDate. It is another innovative dating platform that helps North American men meet the love of their lives. The site has a free trial and has an almost similar feature to BravoDate. Most importantly, it has a mobile app, which is quite advantageous. However, this is not available for Android users for now. AnastasiaDate is a site for serious relationships which might end in Russian marriage. Nevertheless, there are no subscription plans, and you will have to buy credit points, which can be a little pricey if you are actively texting girls.
  • Ukrainian Charm. As you may guess from the name itself, Ukrainian Charm is a perfect option if you specifically search for Ukrainian wives. You will be allowed to test the main functions of the platform for free in the initial stage. The age category of users on this platform is 25-44 years. If you have difficulty communicating with your woman due to their poor English skills, you can pay for the services of an interpreter on the platform.
  • Victoria Brides. This dating platform has been a leader among other dating sites for a very long time, increasingly attracting scammers. However, if you are careful in communication, it will be difficult to deceive you easily. Victoria Brides is adapted to the mobile browser but does not yet have a separate mobile application.

If you like finding a girl of a different nationality, not necessarily Russian or Ukrainian, you can visit dating sites to search for Eastern Honeys (Asians), AmoLatina (Latino0American), and many others.


How to Delete BravoDate Account?

If you have already found your soulmate from BravoDate or no longer want to use this dating site, you may want to know how to delete BravoDate account. You do not need to pay for removing your account; just BravoDate login to your profile section in the upper right corner and select 'Profile Settings.' Then find the 'Deactivate Account' button and click on it to deactivate. Finally, you will have to re-enter your password, permanently deleting your profile.

Is BravoDate Real?

You may be triggered by the question is BravoDate real dating site to help you find women from the Eastern European regions of the world. It is genuine as thousands of members use this every day to find a soulmate for them.

Is BravoDate Legitimate?

The next question that comes to mind is BravoDate legit dating site with a strong security and ID verification system to reduce scammers. If you want to be 100% sure that you are chatting with real people, focus on the profiles with a 'Verified' tag on them—such a badge means that they have uploaded their IDs to the site. You can see this on BravoDate Reddit.

Can I Get BravoDate Free Credits?

BravoDate free credits are not available as it is a paid dating site. However, the free trial is enough to make you understand whether you want to invest your time and money in it or not.

Is BravoDate Free?

BravoDate is not a completely free site; like any other site, it also has a paid subscription option. However, you can use it for free, but your access will be limited.

How does BravoDate Work?

BravoDate is a dating platform that works exactly like any other top dating site and gives you Bravodate credits. You have to begin by signing up on this platform to gain initial access to profiles. Then, with the paid version, you can text members, get their photos and even send them gifts. After that, you can ask the women out on dates and exchange contact details with them. BravoDate is a fun site that helps you find your soulmate with the intentions of marriage in mind.


Time to take a final trip down our review lane. We have collected feedback from thousands of users who already use our platform to find their loved ones. Our assessment of this dating site is quite high– 4 out of 5. There can be found numerous profiles of girls who are genuinely interested in dating with marriage in mind, judging from their profiles. Therefore, there is a high chance of meeting your loved one there. Membership subscriptions are affordable and open many opportunities for safe communication. We recommend trying out their free trial, as three days will be enough to make you love BravoDate.

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Jul 02, 2023

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I could’t claim that I instantaneously receive the person that have whom I wished to start a love.It grabbed in the 4 months prior to i met. We now have started initially to alive along with her as they are and work out then mutual preparations.

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There is a large number of very gorgeous females on the site whom can work in the acting team. All photographs try genuine, maybe not photoshopped.

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We have precisely the most confident impressions from using which funding.

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Very first, I was undecided whether to sign in. Thus, We got advantage of the fresh new free version. During this time, I came across that the webpages try worthwhile and you will covered the brand new membership plus don't regret.

Nov 29, 2022

My personal character has been holding for 90 days, while i are in the friendly telecommunications which have guys from my decades regarding different ccountries. We coincide, communicate. No even worse compared to real time.

Oct 15, 2023

It is a website to have severe rich anyone. In progressive apps, you can see a myriad of user, but on this site only sufficient individuals composed for me and you can my personal precious was one of them

Foxy Lady
Sep 20, 2023

Here is the put where I met my personal beloved! I am not sure yet this particular is but one to possess life, but I hope it’s.

Nov 04, 2023

There is a large number of extremely gorgeous girls on the website which can perhaps work on the modeling providers. Every photos are actual, not photoshopped.

Kit Kat
Jun 22, 2023

I could’t declare that I quickly located the person that have which We wished to initiate a romance.They got in the 4 days just before i met. We now have started to live together with her and they are while making subsequent mutual agreements.

Bug Blitz
Dec 14, 2022

We entered so you can kill-time off monotony from the nights, We didn’t package anything significant, then again I came across their, it’s one thing unbelievable, We dropped crazy including a son!

Oct 15, 2022

A severe dating site, zero vulgarity, no left users, no junk e-mail, no trolls. Inside a few months regarding my personal remain on your website, We came across 5 guys, and you may while I happened to be much less effective, I continued a date having around three this month and you may plan to meet yet another.

Shady Lady
May 28, 2023

From many other adult dating sites, that it system was recognized of the a very innovative program for choosing prospective partners.

Joker’s Grin
Sep 11, 2022

We liked the site, the newest contingent which have which I communicated is, usually, lovely.

Little Bit
Sep 05, 2023

The website amazed me. In our date, whenever folks are really busy, plus the latest evenings it sit at household, upcoming right here you could very well come across a company to relax with her.

Aug 06, 2023

By using the fresh lookup system, I chosen multiple people, communications first started. You will find specific very versions!

Oct 30, 2022

One of the recommended online dating sites which have thoughtful possibilities and framework, it absolutely was to get easy to see.

Aug 31, 2023

Once a pal let it sneak - she came across a man right here. We ran here and you can entered. Hope to meet my like soon too!

Digital Equinox
Oct 05, 2023

Personally, area of the together with of one's financing 's the possible opportunity to score pleasant, easy communication, the latest direction at which I'm able to handle.

Necessary Momentum
Oct 10, 2023

Be sure to end up being a working member, then the odds of fulfilling your own individual improve. We ensured it me personally!

Jan 03, 2023

To possess thirty day period of utilizing this site, I'm fundamentally satisfied, to begin with, there is an easy and quick registration, most of the levels is appeared having credibility and, obviously, receptive technical support.

Candy Butcher
Dec 09, 2022

Off a number of other dating sites, it system are known because of the a thoughtful program for buying potential couples.

Jan 23, 2023

The website itself is well-made - this new program are pleasant, you simply will not score mislead.

Jan 18, 2023

I was inserted on the internet site for quite some time, I fulfilled a female right here, we're with her for nearly annually.

Angel Eyes
Nov 14, 2023

I registered here in look out-of an alternate relationship. 1 month afterwards, We establish a night out together that have a young child, we started a love, following we chose to get married.

Thumb Candy
Nov 19, 2023

Off a number of other dating sites, so it program was known because of the a more thoughtful program for selecting potential lovers.

Mar 29, 2023

We spoke to the different adult dating sites, every where often the fresh admins is take currency, or perhaps the contingent try inadequate. This isn't the situation getting using this money.

Sep 25, 2022

Be sure to be an energetic user, then likelihood of meeting your individual increase. We made certain so it myself!

Jun 15, 2022

Your website astonished me personally. Inside our go out, when individuals are most hectic, along with this new nights it sit at household, then here you can well come across a company to unwind together with her.

Apr 03, 2023

I like that service helped me save time throughout the look. I came across my personal soulmate within the just about two months.

Dec 24, 2022

A friend advised myself the site. Came across 3 lady, cannot decide just who up until now having)

Angel Wing
Jan 13, 2023

The most appropriate website. Discover really a number of women. Special because of the assistance party.

Thunder Nut
Nov 29, 2023

My reputation might have been clinging for only 3 months, once i was into the amicable telecommunications having people away from my age off more ccountries. I correspond, express. Zero even worse than in live.

Cupid Dust
Oct 20, 2022

Make sure you become an energetic representative, then the likelihood of meeting your person improve. We ensured so it myself!

Whip 2T
Feb 07, 2023

The most likely web site. There are most a good amount of people. Special due to the support cluster.

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