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Burma women: Find Your Burmese Bride For Marriage On The Best Dating Platform

A typical Burmese woman in this country is not very tall or frail; they have a remarkable athletic body.
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Top Burmese Cities With Brides Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw, Mawlamyine, Kyain Seikgyi Township, Bago, Pathein, Monywa, Sittwe, Meiktila
Average Age 22 Years
Average Cost $14000
Success Rate 66%
Divorce Rate 40%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇵🇹Portugal,🇸🇪Sweden,🇲🇽Mexico,🇮🇷Iran,🇨🇭Switzerland

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Burma, also known from the name of Myanmar, is an isolated country that everyone cannot find on a map. However, the country’s neighbours are the most attractive to tourists. Even if it’s a small and unfamous country, they have the sweetest and kindest people known to be the most welcoming in the world. One treasure that makes this country the most desirable option to travel is its kind, helpful, gorgeous Burmese women. Well, Burmese women are supportive, lovely, and utterly grateful. Unlike Japanese wives, these ladies know to respect both their and your privacy, and they are always ready to help when you need them. Moreover, Burmese women are more than just their cute faces and kind nature as they are outstanding brides, perfect mothers, and everything that a man needs to marry a girl. So, are you curious to know what more these single Burma ladies have to offer you? What makes them perfect brides? Where can you meet them? What’s the best dating app to date Burma women? Well, stop for a second and take a look at our article to learn everything about them.

Burmese Women

How Do Burmese Singles Look Like?

Currently, Burmese women for datinghave gained extreme popularity among men worldwide, and they are the true leaders of the mail-order bride industry. So, are you thinking about what makes these girls such phenomenon brides? Why did they suddenly become an object of increased attention? Below are some features of these ladies that make them stand out from other women, Find out why men choose them above anyone else.

Doll-Like Perfect Face

The majority of single Burmese ladies in the USA have doll-like faces, which many people think results from plastic surgery, which is false. The ladies here have sunkissed skin, round pink cheeks, dark almond-shaped eyes, and fuller lips in the shape of a bow. Moreover, the ladies here apply makeup on their faces that looks flawless every time.

Best Facial Features

These women have the perfect facial features just as sexy American women have; they are so strikingly even without makeup or just with minimal makeup. Although, with the help of makeup, they certainly know how they can highlight their facial features in the best way.

Burmese women dating

Black Silky Hair

If you are a fan of black silky and long hair, you will win a lottery when you get to see and marry a Burmese woman.

Athletic Body

A typical Burmese woman in this country is not very tall or frail; they have a remarkable athletic body. They look strong and fit, and the best thing about them is that they can maintain this look even when they get old or have more than one kid.

Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance

For many men, the key factor in deciding to get married is seeing their bride’s beauty. It does make perfect sense, as you have to spend the rest of your life with this person. In this case, you should be happy that Myanmar ladies are very diverse, as they have a pleasing appearance that never gets old, and they perfectly fit the description of an ideal and lovely Burmese lady for all the men around the world.

Why To Marry Burmese Woman?

There is no secret that men from all around the world enjoy Asian hot girls, as these girls are praised for their exotic beauty. Single Burmese ladies for dating are not an exception. However, most girls from Burma have lighter skin, dreamy eyes, and charm that amaze and appeal. And a lot of Western women do get jealous of such beauty. Not only this, Burmese brides spend a lot of their time taking care of themselves to become fit and healthy wives. Also, Burmese women know how to stay stunning and elegant with their attires, which makes them a standout among many other women.

Having a great appearance and beauty is another thing, but when it comes to real Burma women for marriage, you must know that they can do everything around the house and they are good mothers. For these ladies, taking care of the house and cooking food several times a day is another way for them to showcase their love for their family. If you have always imagined a bride who can make your home cosy and comfortable with delicious food, you can achieve this by marrying a Burmese mail-order bride.

Apart from this, it would be safe to say that most Burmese women cannot complete their families without any children. If you wish to make a family, you can be assured that Burmese women are the perfect mothers. These women are able to surround a child with affection, care, kindness, and love.

These women are incredibly pure. As they are raised in a highly religious and traditional background that teaches them the value of morals, they give the same to their children. This makes them perfect wives and mothers due to their kind and warm personalities, and all they ask in return is your support and respect.

Burmese women personals

Best Women in Burma

Busan, Korea
Tokio, Japan
Miho, 23
Osaka, Japan
Mey, 32
Washington, USA
Joo, 23
Shanghai, China
Miki, 25
Osaka, Japan

Characteristic Features of Women in Burmese

Burmese female

When you meet a pretty Burmese lady, you will experience impressive characteristics and traits of her. Below, we have listed down the most coveted qualities of Burmese brides.

They Are Confident

Women from Burma are shy, but they are pretty confident too. They aren’t arrogant, and they know their value perfectly. Unlike Polish women, these women are good at making their own decision. Above all, Burmese women are equally and relatively opinionated and confident on all economic, social, and family issues.

Pure Magical Beauty

A single Burmese woman has a striking appearance which makes everyone assume that they have gone through plastic surgery. As for everyone, it’s pretty hard to believe that women can have doll-like features with a soft and white complexion. These ladies have everything that a typical American wife always dreams about: bow-shaped lips, almond-shaped eyes, dark bouncy hair, and pure white light skin. Once you see the beauty of a Myanmar girl, you will get to experience how beautiful these girls can be.

Kindest Women Ever

Kindness, openness, and helpful nature are Burma females` valuable features. They are friendly and warm-hearted to everyone they meet. These ladies have a kind of personality that will find a way to help you in any possible and impossible way. If you get lost in the city, they will give you all the directions, and even if you don’t understand, they won’t be bothered to take you to that place on their own. Not only this, whenever these ladies find someone in trouble, they do everything possible to help; this is what makes these women an excellent match for every man.

They Are Loyal

As per their culture, Myanmar girls start to practice and picture having a perfect family. They follow their traditions and want to meet their husbands and spend the rest of their lives only making a happy living with them. Once they meet an ideal match, they treat them with all the loyalty, respect, and care they are capable of. Without any doubt, loyalty is one of the most noticeable traits of these ladies. Being with someone else or expressing interest in other men is something those ladies of Burma will never do. So, you can always expect the union with her for a lifetime and can count on her loyalty 100%.

women Burmese

Family first

For Burmese women, marriage and family play the most crucial role in life, and the exception doesn’t exist for them. Although the family is their priority, these ladies keep their career, social life, and family in balance. If you get a chance to travel to Burma, you will be astonished to see how much they love their families; even you will meet girls that sacrifice their work, education, and socialization for them. Unlike Muslim wives, they know what makes their life fulfilled, and they can do anything to succeed in that matter.

Where to Meet Burmese Women?

Have you learned how beautiful these Burmese ladies for marriage can be? We know you must be excited to know how and where you can meet them. If you can go to the country, it won’t be that hard to find these girls. To help you with this, below, we have listed some of the best cities and local places in the country where you can get yourself a Burmese bride.

Top Cities To Meet Burmese Women

Burma is one of the best destinations for a holiday and to meet pretty Burmese women who want men. The hospitable environment, welcoming people, culture, and beautiful hotspots make this country a place of attraction for many tourists. At the same time, the beautiful girls of Burma also make it quite an existing place for tourists to visit. If you are visiting the country and you wish to explore it to meet Burmese ladies, to make it easier for you, we have listed down the best cities where you can go.

  1. Yangon: Yangon is the largest city in the country, and it is known to be the artistic and commercial hub centre. Not only this, the city has the best girls not only from here, but you can see girls from the Philippines, and the USA too. The city has fantastic bars, shops, and restaurants, where you can check out amazing girls.
  2. Naypyidaw: This is the capital city of Burma, which offers the most well cared and beautiful museum in the country. You can wander in this city to meet Burmese ladies; you can go to the water gardens, museums, and various complexes to meet local girls here. If you want to experience local life and meet amazing girls, there could be no better place than Naypyidaw.
  3. Bagan: Bagan is another city in Burma that features Buddhist architecture and art, and the city also demonstrates its cultural traditions that have been going on since the 11th-13th centuries. The city also has beautiful temples, rivers, and museums that are quite romantic places to find single Burmese women. However, the city follows traditional culture, so you will be able to see women who are a bit old-fashioned yet are perfect brides.

Local Places To Meet Burmese Women

meet Burmese women

We have covered it for you in this Burmese women dating guide if you are looking for local places to meet girls. Below, you will learn about where you can pick up single women.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

These days many single women prefer the nightclubs and bars, so you can too go there to check up on hot singles; here is our list:

  • Pioneer at Yangon International Hotel;
  • Vibe at Mayangone;
  • Level 2 at Yangan International Hotel;
  • Sky Bar at International Hotel;
  • Club 5 at Park Royal Hotel;
  • Fuse at Myanmar Plaza;
  • Sarkies Bar at Strand Hotel;
  • Gallery Bar at Suli Shangri-La Hotel;
  • Blow Hookah Lounge at Myanmar Plaza;
  • 50th Street at Botatung;
  • Atlas at San Chaung;
  • Eclipse in Myanmar Plaza.

Meet Burmese Girls During The Day

If you think you can’t go to the clubs or bars at night, you can go to check out girls during the day in decent places in the city. You must know that Myanmar girls aren’t interested in hooking up as they look for a long-term and serious relationship. You can look for Burmese and even sexy Russian women around the city or in places like Sule Plaza. If not, you can also choose another option to meet Burmese ladies to marry at shopping and mall districts like:

  • Junction Square
  • Junction City
  • Taw Win Centre
  • City Mall St. John
  • Myanmar Plaza

The experience of picking up local girls from Myanmar can look complicated. Although, you will find unique spots like night bars, clubs, shopping malls, and city centres to meet and know these women. You can also approach these girls during the day. However, if you want to meet the best women, it would be helpful to keep your approach casual and avoid making it look like you are just here for the hook-ups.

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Review of Dating Sites to Meet Burmese Women

single Burmese women

Meeting Burmese females can be pretty challenging offline, though if you are shy to meet them face-to-face, you can always experience dating apps. Well, most Burmese women are pretty and shy to meet strangers on the streets. However, they are usually open to experience chatting with foreign men on dating apps. Dating Burmese women online is easy and fun. All one needs to do is to sign-up for a dating app as it’s a more secure and cheap way to meet or date Burmese women and women from all over the world. However, if you are unsure which dating site to choose, we can help you with this; we have listed down the top 5 dating platforms that will help you find the woman of your choice:

  1. DreamSingles – Surround yourself with beautiful profiles in just a minute.
  2. AsianBeautyDating – The most trending dating platform on the market.
  3. AsianBeautyOnline – Aims to find brides for men from different countries.
  4. MatchTruly – Offers free registration and attractive users to match.
  5. CharmDate – The Best and most trustable Burmese women dating site for singles that allows them to send flowers and gifts.


DreamSingles is just not another dating website on the Net today, as it will help you to meet numerous women in just a minute. This is the perfect site, whether you wish to use this platform to chat casually or to date seriously and find Burmese, Malaysian, Singaporean, or Slavic wives. The site has plenty to offer if you are new to the scene. DreamSingles are known to have a solid security-based sign-up process, as all you have to do is to verify your email, add your picture, and your profile will appear on the platform. The design of this platform is made aesthetically, and it’s easy to use for everyone. It also has a mobile app that is inviting and clean that offers many perks to keep members stay connected. If you wish to explore American brides or brides from different countries, this site is going to be perfect for you.


AsianBeautyDating is one of the most trending dating platforms for men, especially to meet Asian brides. The site offers video calls and chat platforms with the hottest Asian ladies. If you are someone who wishes to connect with singles that looks nothing less than a top model, then this dating platform is just for you. The site registers over 10,000 logins each day, and you can become a member too by filling out your basic details such as name, gender, country, and you will be in. On the plus side, this platform does not ask for any monthly membership. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Burmese woman for marriage quickly with AsianBeautyDating.

Burmese women dating site


AsianBeautyOnline aims to help western men to find their Burmese mail-order brides. This site is relatively popular, and it has over 2 million members worldwide, and about half a million people use this platform daily. Moreover, 70,00,000 American ladies for dating are using it alone. The platform has different features that make it unique as it allows to send different types of emails, chatting options in real-time, send voice messages, make video calls or phone calls. Even you can watch introductory videos of members here.


The first thing you will notice by visiting the MatchTruly website is its security, quality, and customer-oriented service. This dating platform is quite the oldest one in the market and focuses on matching people worldwide, especially Slavic and sexy Ukrainian women. The site is quite convenient and friendly to use, and it’s designed with light colours that encourage people to join the community. Not only this, but the site also has attractive users, comprehensive chatting options, and unique features which make the platform the best in the market. Moreover, the site’s registration process is easy and quick, and once you get it, you will get access to all its advanced features. This platform also has a mobile version, and you can easily switch on to your gadget.


Today, CharmDate is one of the leading dating services in the market. The primary purpose of this platform is to allow men to meet fabulous Asian, Burmese, American, and Russian hot wives. The platform provides a straightforward, secure matchmaking service to all its members. This site has over 56,00,000 registered members, and around 10,00,000 members are active daily. Not only this, but the registration process on this site is also quite simple as it takes only five minutes. All one has to do is provide a few details of them, such as name, email address, date of birth, and location. This dating site also has fantastic features that allow its members to send flowers and gifts by ordering from local stores and shops. Not only this, but it also has advanced search filters where you can search for a bride by choosing their country, eyes, hair, and languages they speak.

A Piece of Advice To Date With Burmese Women

date Burmese women

When choosing an international dating, be it with Burmese, Malaysian or Singapore women, it is essential to learn about their traditions, likes, and culture. Some women follow their traditions as formalities, while some aren’t going to follow likely. However, there are some fundamentals that you must know before dating a Burmese woman. To help you with that, we have listed down the basic dating tips that should not be neglected under any circumstances.

  1. It would help if you expressed your views on religion: Burmese females like to talk on conversation topics such as knowing about one’s religion. As for many men, religion occupies one of the most critical places in their lives. If it’s the same for you, you must talk about it freely, and it will be helpful for you to gain some insight into your girl’s mentality and opinion about it. Moreover, your girl would be pleased to know about your religion, background, and which place you come from.
  2. Do not discuss the history of Burmese women: Until 2012, the country was plagued by civilian military conflicts. This lasted for about seventy years, and it was quite a gloomy period for every person living there. So, if you think you can talk about these matters with your Burmese women, you better don’t! It would be safe to leave your opinion to yourself, and you must not ask what she thinks about it, even if she shows some interest in this topic.
  3. Feel free to ask questions: Unlike American women, the single Burma ladiesin this country are pretty friendly and open, so they would be happy to open up with any question asked. Moreover, as they like to communicate and are educated enough, you can ask about culture, art, literature, what she likes, and life in general.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask what qualities she would like to see in her future partner: If you want a Burmese lady for marriage, you should not be afraid or ashamed to ask about this, as it will only help you match her expectations. You can work to make yourself a better fit for her.
  5. Always take the lead: These ladies are opinionated and decisive, and they like to fall in love with the same kind of men. To demonstrate your decisiveness, you must pick the dinner spot, order food for her, select the time to meet her, and do all the little things for her to make her happy. Your confidence and your initiative to plan on a date for her will excite her.
  6. Treat her with respect and help her when she’s in need: Like most American females, Burmese girls for marriage are strongly independent. They know how to take care of themselves, pay for themselves, and do everything they need. However, sometimes they like men to take care of them by treating them with royalty, respect, and care. You can make her feel special at times by holding her bag when she’s in a hurry, you can prepare a meal for her, and you can offer your help even if she doesn’t ask for it. You will immediately see a smile and tears of joy on her face! What could be more pleasant than making your woman feel good?

Burmese women personal


If you still wonder what type of dating experience Burma women will give you – the answer is right here: happiness, joy, warmth, and lifetime love. If you are struggling to find a way to get a Burmese woman, then all you have to do is treat her with respect, be generous, talk about how she feels, give her what she deserves, and discuss her future plans with her. Even if you are dating online and you have never met her, she will give your heart if you prove your intentions of marrying her. So, what are you waiting for? Go, and find your Burmese mail-order bride by choosing the right dating platform, which we have already mentioned in our guide; it can also help you to meet an American, Slavic, or Asian bride too.

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