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Cambodian Women: Meet Faithful and Romantic Brides

Cambodian women for sale are awesome. They look extremely beautiful and impress with incredible diversity, unlike many girls from other Asian regions.
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Top Cambodian Cities With Brides Phnom Penh, Takeo, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Siem Reap, Paoy Paet, Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Cham, Pursat, Ta Khmau
Average Age 27 Years
Average Cost $14000
Success Rate 65%
Divorce Rate 32%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇮🇪Ireland,🇳🇴Norway,🇫🇷France

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Race and even nationality often become important factors in online dating. To date, female odds favor Asian brides. In turn, girls from many Asian countries exclusively prefer white men, especially Americans. Is this match perfect? Let’s consider the example of Cambodian women.

This post won’t be interesting and useful to those into Asian fetishization or “yellow fever,” as many men’s obsession with Chinese brides, Korean, and other girls called. In contrast, it will become a real help to men looking for decent Cambodian women for marriage. They will learn about girls’ culture, traditions, characters, and habits. Does a lady from Cambodia come across favorably with males’ ideas of her personality?

Cambodia women are not the most popular category of Asian females. However, more western people look to these wonderful women as those not spoiled by civilization and feminist trends.

Are Cambodian Women Really Beautiful?

Cambodian Women

Cambodian women for sale are awesome. They look extremely beautiful and impress with incredible diversity, unlike many girls from other Asian regions. Cambodian beauty shines from within the soul of their kingdom, making this beauty a part of their inner world. They look different from their western and eastern neighbors but closer to the northern Laotian.

Facial Features

Many people still have misconceptions, thinking about single Cambodian ladies as women with “yellow” skin and slanted eyes. In fact, you will see various girls with dark skin to tan light color. Although thousands of women feature small cute eyes, a whopping number of females have big round eyes.

Interestingly, some girls in Cambodia envy Koreans’ lighter skin and often take full advantage of modern beauty care to whiten their skin. Still, this is not the trend in rural areas, and most females look authentic there. Their skin is dark, smooth, and beautiful. Besides, their lips are very sensual, more than their Vietnamese female neighbors have. Surprisingly, women have good teeth despite hard access to quality dentists. The secret is in their DNA, maybe.

Speaking of hair, it is dark, wavy, and long. Most ladies try to straighten it, especially when they go out, visit social events, parties, etc.

Body Types

Most women have slender bodies. They are small, and some girls are even miniature. Still, the proportions are almost perfect. Besides, even the smallest girl can hardly be called skinny since there is enough flesh on their bones. Of course, they are not as curvy as Latin women are since their breasts have a more “European size.” Nevertheless, pretty Cambodian ladies look very seductive.

Fashion Style

Since girls live in a hot tropical country, they usually wear clothes made of natural fabrics like linen, silk, or light wool and cotton. Still, most blouses and T-shirts have long sleeves to protect women’s soft skin from insect bites. You will barely see the girl in jeans since denim to too dense and thick for this climate. Local girls are very traditional, covering their legs and shoulders while visiting places of worship.

Best Women in Cambodia

Busan, Korea
Shanghai, China
Sandi, 27
Surabaya, Indonesia
Joo, 23
Shanghai, China
Rika, 27
Tokio, Japan
Seoul, Korea

Why Are Cambodian Women Worth Attention?

Cambodian women dating

There are many single Cambodian women on dating websites. They seek love and happiness with men from the USA and other highly-developed economies to build families and raise children in a stable and favorable environment. Online dating helps girls match potential partners, avoiding pressure to be “a perfect woman for a man,” typical for Cambodian society. Every man will easily meet a girl to start a relationship.

Do Cambodian women like American men? Most girls are very friendly to their potential partners from western countries because they want equality and better life. It means high chances for Americans to find someone special for love.

If you are interested in local women’s exclusivity, you may rest assured of their outstanding nature. An average Cambodia female has many attractive features of character perfect for relationships and family life. The point is that most girls are taught to be good wives from their childhood. Authorities and the country’s official policy have never insisted on gender roles because social norms and local traditions passed down from generation to generation still rock the love scene in Cambodia.

So, let’s overview the authentic qualities making these girls so different from, for example, Korean women for marriage or Japanese brides.

Loyal and Submissive

An average Cambodian female grows up to be a perfect life partner for her husband. Parents teach young girls to be loyal to their spouses in a multitude of circumstances and not to tell about domestic affairs to anybody. Local women believe that a happy family life depends on a female. Hence, their mission is to create a comfortable atmosphere in their houses to please their men in various ways. As a rule, girls are polite, quiet, and respectful towards their husbands.

Traditional and Family-Centric

Cambodian women looking for love mostly see relationships as an obvious prelude to marriage. Hence, hookups are not the best option when dealing with Cambodian women dating. These ladies were born to live family lives with caring husbands and children. They are not ambitious or career-driven, with few exceptions. Most women profess traditional values and stick to gender roles.

Yet, why do Cambodian women like white men when they have many locals with the same views at their fingertips? The answer is clear. Although females agree to have families and let their partners dominate, they still want more respect and better treatment. Unfortunately, domestic violence is widespread in Cambodia. So, this is why family-oriented women seek meaningful connections with foreign guys.

Focused on Housekeeping

Women are very neat and skillful housewives. Their country is relatively poor, making girls hardheaded to keep their houses in order. So, they can create even the simplest premise into a real family home full of comfort and coziness. Since most Cambodian women seeking American men don’t work when they get married and move outside their native country, they devote much time to housework. And they really do it well!


Girls always follow their husbands and support them under any circumstances. They usually don’t care whether their men are right or wrong but are firmly committed to protecting peace in their families and making their spouses feel beloved and understood. They never chase a fortune by pressing their men to earn more money. Women love and support soul mates for what they are, sharing happiness and problems with their husbands.

Devoted and Honest

If your Cambodian female has cheated on you, she is barely a Cambodian female. These ladies are not capable of betraying and deceiving their spouses. The fact is particularly true when speaking of dating Cambodian women in America since they never pass up a chance to happily live in the USA for physical pleasures in a moment of weakness.

In addition, women are frank. They share their emotions, feelings, and opinions without a second thought or hidden agenda. Furthermore, they like telling other family members about how they have spent their day, what they’ve seen, etc.

Emotionally Mature

Cambodian women in the USA often marry older men. The point is that girls grow up, marry, and have kids rather early in Cambodia compared to other countries. On the other hand, western men in their twenties and even early thirties are not in a hurry to tie the knot. Hence, you will see many Cambodian ladies dating much older men from the USA, the UK, Canada, and other developed economies are not rare.

Local girls understand the importance of marriage and know how to behave themselves. For example, they never bring problems into their houses and do not get things out in the open. Cambodians don’t throw oil on that bonfire in the case of a conflict. Still, they do their best to settle the matter amicably, if possible.


Fine Cambodian women like to laugh and have a good time with friends. Although these ladies are not party girls, they welcome guests with pleasure. They are also friendly to their husbands’ friends, relatives, bosses, and co-workers.

Where Can You See Genuine Cambodian Women

Cambodian women personals

Cambodian current female population is 8,799,677 women. Such a number plus a relatively small territory (the entire land is smaller than the state of Missouri) provide many chances to meet love in this country on the Indochinese mainland. If you want quick connections and prefer famous tourist routes, urban areas will meet your needs for beautiful local ladies. In turn, those interested in authentic and humble girls may travel across rural settlements that occupy 76.6% of the country.

Besides, you should understand local cultural trends to get an idea of the best places to meet Cambodian women. Unlike other Asian nationalities like South Korean ladies looking for marriage, Cambodians are not into hanging out in cafes. Instead, classical music, ballet, and popular theater are popularized in the country. Again, females’ lifestyles are different in cities than in villages.

Top Cities to Pick the Best Cambodian Women

The list of areas full of Cambodia women for marriage is not long, as you’ll see. This is because villages take up the largest part of the country, slowing down urbanization and making not much space for bi city admirers. Hence, consider some spots that might become your perfect destination in search of the hottest girls from Cambodia:

  1. Phnom Penh is the only Cambodian metropolis with tons of bars and clubs to find first-class girls. Still, you should be cautious. There are many working girls in Phnom Penh. They look for wealthy western guys to send time with material benefits. Hence, if you are not against their materialistic interests, planning to dive into secret pleasures, that’s okay. You’ll be happy to find hot and sophisticated women.
  2. Bătdâmbâng is a beautiful city located along the Sângkê River. It is famous for its picturesque nature and many historical sights. The city is the perfect choice if you want to combine your love search with a cultural tour.
  3. Kâmpóng Cham in eastern Cambodia welcomes everybody who loves fishing and wants to get a bit closer to the local culture.
  4. Siem Reap is famous for many entertainment venues like a national park, circus, restaurants, theaters, and clubs. Besides, the most luxurious hotels are there.
  5. Ta Khmau seems promising, considering the number of beautiful brides you’ll find there. Besides, you’ll get a chance to see Royal Palace, museums, and Buddhist monasteries. In addition, you will taste fresh food at the local Central Market.

If you need more place to meet girls, consider Paôy Pêt, Sisŏphŏn, and Preăh Seihânŭ. They are not the biggest cities but have enough potential to provide you with many potential partners.

Local Spots to Get in Touch with Cambodian Women

Would you like to know where to go when you arrive in one of the Cambodian cities? Then, consider the following list of top destinations:

  1. Psar Thmei in Phnom Penh is a huge shopping and entertainment center.
  2. You will see many local women near houses on the riverside of Battambang. Besides, most women prefer to hang out in the Phsar Nath Market central landmark. A free walking tour around the city will dip you into the atmosphere of local everyday life.
  3. Tours around Kâmpóng Cham are a win-win solution to meet girls. Although the city is full of historical places, it’s better to meet girls in their natural city-centric environment.
  4. An amazing circus show in Cambodian Siem Reap is worth visiting to meet pretty girls.
  5. Aspara dance performance in Siem Reap is another place crowded with hot girls looking for acquaintances with foreigners.

Have you already found someone special in Cambodia? Then jeep, bike tours, sightseeing, and walks in national parks will help you develop relationships and feel the romantics of this country.

However, what should you do if traveling to Cambodia is only a dream to date? After all, American guys are usually too busy to forget about work and other responsibilities for Cambodia. Is there an alternative? Actually, yes. Moreover, it might become the best possible choice, considering the security and affordability of online dating.

Besides, not one but dozens of opportunities are at your command simultaneously. You can communicate with numerous girls without leaving the comfort of your armchair and choose the best bride you could ever dream about.

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Single Corey in Surabaya, Indonesia
Corey, 27
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About me

I’m sweet, comedy and you may was always laughing. I am a traditional lady and want men who’ll damage myself! I am down-to-earth and also the tiniest provide have a tendency to set a smile back at my face for the entire day. I adore traveling and you may are thought my 2nd larger trip. You never know perchance you is also join myself?

Single Dian in Jakarta, Indonesia
Dian, 25
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Single Joo in Shanghai, China
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Top Dating Sites to Meet Cambodian Women

Cambodian female

  1. AsianDate – the perfect place for those looking for female Asian individuals to start long-term relationships.
  2. OrchidRomance – a trendy platfrom with extensions and many languages.
  3. AsianMelodies – the site with a high-quality audience of Asian beautiful women for marriages, real love, and hookups.
  4. AsiaCharm – a premium-class dating site with active members.
  5. AsianFeels – many new female profiles every day.


The site has been around since 1998 and claims a couple of million visitors every month. So, it is extremely popular. Most males are western guys who want to meet women from Eastern Asia and other regions. For example, over 1,6 million Americans have recently registered on the site to meet beautiful Filipino women, Malaysian, Laos, and other brides.

With a 75% of the female audience, this pond is really full of fish. Generally, finding girls between 25 and 34 has the largest chances since only a few women are 40 or more. The site provides many tools to keep relationships online as long as it’s necessary before setting a real date. The girls are active and like communicating with their potential partners from the west.

The site features a quick sign-up and profile creation. A simplified process allows people to start an interaction in a couple of minutes without disclosing too much personal data. In addition, the opportunity to link your AsianDate account with pages on Facebook and other social networks adds credulity to the site, making it easier to verify users.

After signing up for the site, you’ll be presented with your dashboard to see girls’ profile previews in the center and all communication tools in the left sidebar. By clicking on any provided options, you will access members online and the option to add them to your contact list. Besides, your set includes writing emails, making phone calls, chatting, and sending gifts.


A well-known legit dating site focused on Asian mail-order brides and cute Russian girls. The website is very easy to use safely and efficiently with a user-friendly design and professional customer service. However, you have to sign up for OrchidRomance to access female profiles and photo galleries.

Speaking of the audience, it is quite diverse. While girls can meet fiancées 35+ from the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Germany, men will be happy to access nearly 200,000 women from various Asian regions.

Registered users may browse various profiles, read the information about girls, and view their photos to choose the best. Still, private pictures remain locked. Only special guest men get access to those exclusive collections. Chats, emails, and virtual gifts will help users reach out to the most attractive girls, breaking the ice and setting long-lasting connections. Unfortunately, there is no video-chat option on the site. Instead, users can most real a personal meetup to skip chatting and cut to the chase.


The site takes dating seriously and offers a personality quiz during registration. The questionnaire asks you to specify who you are looking for, the type of relationship you need, your date’s age, etc. Then, you should upload a catchy photo to make your profile notable. Once you’ve completed the procedure, go to your mailbox to verify your new account by following the link sent to your email.

Once you are on the site, pay attention to profiles. Alongside texts and photos, they usually contain video records that say much more than just a personality description on the card. For example, most people are into love-based romances, but a large portion of users seek alternatives. Hence, men will find decent girls for marriage, cougars, ladyboys, sugar babies, etc.

Unlike many other sites packed with Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Panamanian beautiful girls, and other Asians, this platform offers more than browsing. In fact, its Faces feature is a great add-on. It allows the site to generate photos for users based on their profiles and filters and offers to swipe it left or right.

Sending winks and gifts is also great at the initial stage of your virtual romance. Then, chatting will be the next step on your way to real love. The path wasn’t challenging since the site is known for verified profiles, reducing the number of sham accounts. Have you found your destiny? Then, its’ time to request contacts and continue interaction outside the online space.


The dating platform provides you with sexy women from all Asian regions around the globe. AsiaCharm’s data vase includes many profiles of people hoping to find lifelong partners. Generally, the user base is massive. The site covers many Asian countries, including Cambodia. It has something to offer to Chinese, Korean, and other girls’ admirers.

The site is very convenient for users from both desktop and mobile devices. Besides, it has good safety features based on strong ID verification. However, hundreds of detailed profiles look tempting, losing you in their variety. Fortunately, the favorites list will help you collect the hottest contacts for communication.

Alongside specific communication tools like chatting, the site offers entertaining features like virtual beauty contests, compatibility tests, the Face game (Tinder-style swiping), and various questionnaires.


One of the top-rated dating sites, AsianFeels, is a great choice for those looking for support and simple human relationships based on love and honesty. The site has a good potential and success rate with dozens of advanced search filters, quality profiles, and complete privacy.

The site has an appealing and well-organized design with perfectly structured profiles. Don’t forget to complete your own card if you want to access the information about other users. Once you are a full-fledged member and have credits on your AsianFeels account, you may pick girls for live chat, send media files, and even request a personal meetup. Besides, sending gifts is available alongside virtual ones to let your cutie feel your interest and see your intentions.

How to Date Cambodian Women: Unlock Top Secrets for Quick Success

meet Cambodian women

While meeting women in Cambodia, it is crucial to consider their different mentality from western norms. Understanding locals’ needs and desires might be challenging if you are unaware of their cultural peculiarities. Still, some simple tips help you date Cambodian women and treat them properly to win their hearts and minds.

  1. Start with compliments and self-introduction. A good presentation will allow your potential girlfriend to understand who you are and ensure you are not a scammer.
  2. When you decide on a date, choose something romantic. If you both still communicate online, tell your girl about your perfect date, making your ideas as romantic as possible. Of course, you might love historical sightseeing more than restaurants, but the first date should be traditional. Museums and other sights will be appropriate when you are a couple already.
  3. Be polite and tolerant. Local men are often rude and think of females as housewives and maids only. Be different and show your progressive perceptions of the family institution.
  4. Show respect to her family and customs. You don’t have to accept them, but a diplomatic approach will pay off.

Generally, communication is the key. Suppose you ask your new girlfriend about her life and listen to her answers alongside discussing your personality. In that case, the relationship will develop quickly and in the right direction.


Have you already discovered how beautiful and loving Cambodian brides can be? Then, it’s time for action. First, choose the right dating site to join the Asian community and choose your perfect bride from Cambodia. If you really value loyal, caring, and faithful people, she will make you happy from your first minute together.

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