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Chinese Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from China

Most Chinese women for marriage are very observant, too. It’s almost impossible to deceive them, so do not try lying to your bride.
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Top Chinese Cities With Brides Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Wuhan, Dongguan, Xi'an, Nanjing
Average Age 24 Years
Average Cost $14000
Success Rate 67%
Divorce Rate 38%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇩🇪Germany,🇩🇰Denmark

The Best Single Brides Here

SingleAsianGirls - photo 1
SingleAsianGirls - photo 2
SingleAsianGirls - photo 3
3200 Girls Online
75% Reply Rate
9.7 Rating

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Chinese mail order brides are gaining popularity and for a good reason. In China, women have a different mentality than the one in the West, but their soft tempers shorten any cultural gap a couple may face. These women are industrious, hard-working, and intelligent. Once they get married, they become the best wives and mothers. They are excellent homemakers, always pay the utmost attention to their families, and would never contemplate cheating on their husbands.

Today, many Chinese girls for marriage create profiles on dating sites, hoping to find their match abroad. Some do so to escape the not-so-liberal regime of their country, others are disappointed by local men, and many more Chinese ladies simply have a strong interest in Western culture.

But why would a man consider marrying a Chinese mail order bride? Do these women make good wives? What do they expect from their husbands and what are they ready to offer in return? Find out that and many other interesting things about Chinese women in the following paragraphs.

What makes Chinese brides so marriage-perfect?

Chinese Brides

One of the main reasons why so many Western men are dreaming about Chinese wives is that these women generally put their families above everything else. While having a career and a good education is encouraged, the family still comes first. Many women in China are perfectly capable of balancing their personal and professional lives, but should an emergency occur, their family priorities will never falter.

Another reason that makes Chinese and other Asian wives so desirable is that these women never enter into public (and hardly ever into private) arguments with their husbands. Contradicting for the sake of contradicting is simply not in this woman’s nature. On the off chance that they do disagree with their husbands, they will find a polite and inoffensive way to convey their opinions.

But the most important trait that makes Chinese women perfect wives is their stress-resilient, hard-working personality. Once you marry a Chinese wife, she will be by your side through good and bad. Any challenges you might face in life, you will face as a couple. From an early age, these women are taught the value of family bonds, and nothing in the world can compel them to sever the bond with their husbands.

WhatCharacteristic Features do Chinese Brides Have in Common?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Chinese brides is their petite, youthful looks. The majority of women in this country take good care of their looks and beauty. They would rather invest in natural skin and beauty care than hide any blemishes with decorative cosmetics. They know how to emphasize what nature has given them, and they do not age as quickly as Western ladies. Even in their late fifties, most Asians remain fit and beautiful — because all their life, they work hard to preserve their beauty. For the same reason, you will not see your Chinese bride in a robe (not unless she’s fresh from the shower). Even at home, she will keep to comfortable, yet attractive clothes.

Most Chinese brides are also very erudite and have the most curious of minds. They have a truly outstation memory and once they set to master a new skill, they do not stop until they reach perfection. Failure is simply not in their nature, and anything short of perfection will definitely be regarded as such. At the same time, the same high perfectionist standard does not apply to other people — in fact, you would be surprised to find out how tolerant most Chinese ladies are.

Another thing both Chinese and their neighboring Nepal women have in common is their deep respect for other people’s traditions. Coming from a rich and long culture, they appreciate the value of ritual and would never risk doing anything to offend another person’s beliefs and values. However, keep in mind that they will expect the exact same attitude in return.

Most Chinese women for marriage are very observant, too. It’s almost impossible to deceive them, so do not try lying to your bride. Not that you will feel forced to because, as already mentioned, their tolerance and respect towards others have no bounds.

What Makes a Chinese Woman the Best Wife and Mother?

wife Chinese

Chinese brides have a kind and patient temper. A woman from China is not the kind to contradict her husband — neither in public nor privately. Besides, discussing family matters with friends is not a part of Chinese culture. Women from Asia learn to respect their men and elders from an early age, so there will be no arguing for the sake of arguing with an Asian women. She may disagree with you on certain aspects of your family life together — after all, we’re all human, so misunderstandings cannot be completely avoided. Still, she will make sure to carry her message across kindly and patiently.

A Chinese wife will cook you the most mouth-watering meals. These ladies do know how to cook — and not just orient dishes. In fact, you will soon reconsider your attitude toward Chinese cuisine because the dishes we’re served in the mainstream restaurants are quite different from the real food people eat in China. Of course, a lot will depend on your bride’s province of origin, but one thing is certain — her culinary skills will please any man, regardless of his dietary preferences. If you want to forget about semi-cooked dinners from the nearest store and hope to come back home to a deliciously cooked dinner, there is no better match for you.

A Chinese mother is very enthusiastic with children and always excels at raising them. She will make sure her child does not lack anything, and if it means leaving her job for it, the decision will not be a difficult one for her. Nowhere else in the world can you find a woman so devoted to her children — no matter if she has just one kid or several of them. She will apply her best effort to raising smart and independent children, and she will master any new skills she needs if that helps her child on his development path.

Finally, a Chinese mail order bride has endless energy when running a house. With her, your house will always be well kept and perfectly decorated. Chinese women see it as their primary duty — to make a house feel like home. You will be stunned by how many things your beautiful bride can do in a single day — even if she works a full-time job. It’s not just about her energy, though — it’s also about her motivation and desire to invest in a cozy home her family, no matter if it’s small or large, will love.

Best Brides in China

Phan, 25
Paris, France
Tokio, Japan
Miho, 23
Osaka, Japan
Rika, 27
Tokio, Japan
Shanghai, China
Azumi, 24
Tokio, Japan

What kind of men attract Chinese mail order brides the most?

As you can see, a Chinese wife has plenty of things to offer to a man who appreciates a peaceful family life, but what kind of a man does one need to be to attract such a splendid woman? While all people expect different things in life and in marriage, there are several things most of these women would love in a man.

First, they would expect the man to confident and assertive. A traditional Chinese bride is brought up in a highly patriarchal culture, so she expects men to be strong and confident leaders. There is a thin balance here, though. After all, you should not forget that a woman looking for a husband abroad most probably wants a match who would be different from her local men. Obviously, a domestic tyrant will not do. At the same time, you should be the kind of man who knows where he’s going in life and has full confidence of how to get there.

Second, a man to gain a woman’s hand in Chinese marriage should be intelligent. There are different ways to manifest this quality, from good education to an impressive career. On the other hand, do not think that these women are after your money — they do want a successful man by their side, but success has different faces. If your definition of success is living a simple life out on a quiet well-run farm, there is always a chance that your bride will see it the same way that you do.

Next, one has to be polite and respectful to attract a Chinese bride. China is a country of tradition, it has a rich culture, and long history. These women are very cultivated and they want a like-minded man by their side.

Most importantly, a Chinese wife would expect her husband to respect her, her culture, and her family. She will not want you to make family your number one priority, but it should definitely be in the top-three list — especially if you have children together.

Where Can You Meet Chinese Women Offline?

Chinese bride

China is a densely-populated country so if you plan to go there, you will definitely see hundreds of women on the streets. Still, you should also understand that many women in China have no intention of marrying abroad and very few of them speak English. If you go on a tourist trip, you can surely interact with the local guides, some of whom will definitely be women. And on a business-related trip, the chance of making new connections is the greatest — particularly, if the trip is extended.

As to where single Chinese ladies go at leisure, a lot will depend on the woman. Many hang out with their friends in malls and tea parlors, some go hiking, visit sights, or go to museums — not unlike all other single women worldwide, from Latina brides to English ladies.

Besides, there are millions of Chinese people all around the globe, so you do not necessarily have to go to China hoping to find a bride. The Chinese Diaspora is present practically in every country of the world, and any large city, from London to San Francisco, and you can find them in pretty much the same places you meet other women — through friends, colleagues, beach parties, etc. But once again, not all of these women will be interested in marriage, and many of them might have husbands and boyfriends of their own. So, if you are determined to find a Chinese wife, you should better use dedicated dating and marriage platforms designed specifically for this purpose.

The Pros & Cons of Meeting Chinese Ladies Online

There are both positive and negative sides to the world of international dating, and one has to tread cautiously when meeting single Chinese ladies online — not only because of different customs but also because not every site is legit enough. But let’s take a closer look at the ups and downs of meeting singles online.


  • You get a vast selection of potential matches from the comfort of your home
  • You eliminate the awkwardness and the ambiguity of traditional dating since both and the lady know what you’re after
  • There is less pressure and more time to get to know each on a personal level
  • You can define any search parameters you have in to eliminate even distantly unsuitable matches


  • Chemistry plays an important part in romance and it is hard to tell if the couple has any before they meet in real life
  • The vast selection of ladies who want to date and mingle can be a little distracting Not all sites have a strict verification policy, so you cannot always know who you are corresponding with
  • Even with strict verification procedures, it is sometimes impossible to tell how much truth the woman behind the screen is telling you

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You Will Not Feel Alone With The Best Bride Here

Single Maylie in Shanghai, China
Maylie, 26
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Model
Children: No
About me

I am just a bit of an event lady and like hitting the town to your Tuesday and you may Saturday nights. I was recognized to set the fresh new moving floors alight. I am an extremely bubbly and outgoing individual and certainly will’t stay still for long. I always have to be doing things. I’ve a-work difficult enjoy hard lifestyle. I really like exercising focusing on my body otherwise catching up which have girlfriends. If you think you can keep up, posting myself an email!

Single Min-Hee in Seoul, Korea
Min-Hee, 21
Location: Seoul, Korea
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I am some a party lady and you will such striking the metropolis toward Saturday and Friday night. I have already been proven to put brand new dance flooring alight. I am an extremely bubbly and you will outbound people and can’t remain however for long. I should be doing something. We have a-work hard gamble difficult lifetime. I love hitting the gym concentrating on my human body or catching up that have girlfriends. If you believe you can preserve right up, post me personally a message!

Single Joo in Shanghai, China
Joo, 23
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I’m pretty, comedy and you may am usually chuckling. I’m a classic lady and require a guy who can harm me! I’m down-to-earth and also the tiniest present commonly lay a grin on my face for the entire few days. I really like traveling and was believed my personal next huge travels. That knows maybe you can also be subscribe me personally?

Single Joan in Hanoi, Vietnam
Joan, 27
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Occupation: Yoga trainer
Children: No
About me

I am lovable, funny and you can are usually chuckling. I am a timeless girl and require a man who will harm me personally! I am down-to-earth and even the smallest current tend to put a grin to my deal with for the entire few days. I favor take a trip and you may have always been believe my personal next big journey. You never know perhaps you normally join myself?

Where to Find Chinese Brides: Top Asian Dating Sites for You

Chinese wife

  1. AsianDate – Connecting western men to hot Asian girls searching for their soulmates
  2. AsianMelodies – For single people who want to find love and commitment
  3. AsiaCharm – Advanced match algorithm for the most effective bride search
  4. AsianFeels – Anything from finding a soulmate to having a casual flirt online
  5. FindAsianBeauty – 18+ millions members looking for love and romance
  6. AsianBeautyOnline – Complex matching system updated regularly based on married couple testing
  7. AsianLadyOnline – Millions of Asian, Chinese, and Taiwanese women to choose from


AsianDate is one of those sites that has plenty of single girls’ accounts, and many of these ladies will be Chinese women for marriage. The site is easy to use, has plenty of advanced features, and relies on a credit system rather than fixed membership cost. So, you only pay for the services you use.


If you are 100% certain that you need a Chinese wife and not just a casual fling, you should definitely try this site. Here, most users are serious about their wedding intentions, and it features a lot of single women profiles from all parts of Asia. Aside from the Chinese singles, you can find Thai and Filipino mail order brides, too.


AsiaCharm has a very impressive match algorithm that calculates your compatibility with a potential match. Of course, love cannot be solely based on math, but the effort invested into creating a compatibility test is impressive. Similar to other sites reviewed here, this platform focuses on entire Asia, introducing you to Chinese and Japanese brides alike.


If you are not yet sure how ready you are to get married, try AsianFeels. This site welcomes all sorts of relationships, so the pressure will be minimal. Here, most users openly state what they are looking for and the profiles are very detailed. The platform is so easy to use and is so casual in its essence, it almost feels like a social media site.


This may not be the most advanced site when it comes to features, but it has all the essentials and is easy to use. Its simplicity ensures intuitive navigation and alleviated some of the pressure of feature-packed sites. The profiles are not very detailed and have only one picture, but it is easy to meet Chinese brides or any other Asian ladies you find attractive.


AsianBeautyOnline is another site that does not rely on luck alone and introduces some math into the process of match-making. But, it does not stop there and keeps testing already married couples for further compatibility, fine-tuning its algorithms even further. If you are serious about marriage and want your union to last happily ever after, you should consider this platform adding a touch of science to the romance.


This is a pretty standard dating platform that can introduce you to millions of single ladies from different Asian countries. You can set any search parameters sticking to China alone or casting a wider net across Asia. The registration is quick, the interface is simple — in other words, this site has everything a man may need to meet dozens of seductive women.

Chinese Wedding Traditions: Lavish Colorful Ceremonies to Remember

Chinese girls for marriage

Like in most other Asian countries, Chinese weddings are extravagant, lavish ceremonies that impress the eye. They are quite different from western weddings and include several rituals that are always observed. Everything starts with Guo Da Li, or a betrothal ceremony where the bride and groom exchange gifts. Once the couple defines a wedding date, they form a guest list and always send written invitations to all the guests.

Two or three days before the wedding, An Chuang, or preparing the marriage bed ceremony takes place. It must always be carried out by a successful female relative, which in Chinese culture implies someone who has a lot of male relatives, a husband, and some wealth.

The night before the wedding, the bride and the groom will sit inferno of each other to have their hair brushed by their respective families. The next day, a whole procession of people will set on to pick up a bride. The groom will be expected to random the bride from her bridesmaids with a packet of money. This, however, is only the first in the series of tests the groom will have to go through to prove his dedication. The actual challenges and their number will differ, but the last one involves finding a missing shoe in the bride’s room, putting it on, and carrying his bride to the tea ceremony.

The tea ceremony is an essential pre-wedding part in China — the part where the couple expresses their respect and admiration for each other. Once the tea is drunk, the couple should kneel before the lady of fortune as she reads their leaves. After that, the couple will serve tea to their immediate family members and once this part is over, everyone can proceed to the actual wedding.

The wedding itself, or more specifically, the exchange of ways can these days follow the Western tradition. Still, it is more common to exchange vows in the government office that issues a marriage license or at the cozy altar as an honorary tribute to ancestors.


Are Chinese women good wives?

China is a vast country, so it is impossible to speak for all women. On average, most Chinese women do make excellent wives and mothers, especially family-focused ladies who create accounts on marriage sites. Still, you should keep in mind that ‘good wife’ means different things to different men, so we suggest you look for matches that suit your expectations.

How much does a Chinese wife cost?

There is no fixed price tag on a Chinese wife because no agency can literally sell you a person. What you pay for is the fees of the agency that introduces you to Chinese ladies. Many sites also offer help with traveling to China to meet prospective brides, offer translation, guides, etc. But women themselves are naturally not for sale.

How much is a mail order bride from China service cost?

There is no fixed price because different marriage agencies have different fees. Besides, you will mostly be spending money to pay for communication with the ladies (chat, letters, video calls, etc.) Sending gifts to your Chinese bride or arranging a trip to China for a personal meeting will also come at a price — if, of course, you employ the agency for this. All in all, your bride hunting expenses will depend on the services you offer. The average statistic says that gentlemen spend somewhere between $2,000 and $2,500 on agency services before they find their perfect wives.

How quickly can I get a Visa for my Chinese wife?

That would mostly depend on the foreign policy of your country, but with most embassies, the prices may take up to a year or even more. Still, this does not mean that your wife will not be able to live with you on a temporary guest visa. Eventually, there is always a way to get permanent residency papers.

Is China marriage certificate hard to obtain?

Under the new China marriage law, the marriage office reviews applications within an hour and issues a marriage licence on the same day. The procedure is very simple these days, but a lot will depend on your country of origin — there could be some delays when a marriage with a forefinger is concerned.

Will I have to speak to my wife in Chinese?

That would most definitely be appreciated if you can, but generally, women looking to marry abroad do have command of the English language. Still, the answer to that will depend on the match you find.

Are Chinese marriage agency sites legit?

Yes, these agencies are 100% legal. They act as intermediaries between men and women, ensuring that everyone is safe and protected. Besides, the agencies take it upon themselves to verify brides’ identity and usually employ a team of translators for ladies who do not have perfect English (or any other language they need).


Beautiful Chinese women for marriage can make any Western man happy, and you can find plenty of eligible ladies on marriage sites. With a wife from China, you will always have a supporting partner keeping a great house to return to. These women also make excellent mothers and are always eager to please their husbands and their relatives. Considering their intelligence, naturally good humor, and non-conflicting nature, a life with Chinese wife will be a life of comfort and happiness. Now, the only thing left is to join a reputable marriage service to find that one and only woman you’ve been dreaming of.

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