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CupiDates Review Dec 2023 - Is it a Perfect Solution or a Con Job?

Ciaran Callam
13 Dec 2022 / Updated: 08 Dec 2023
12  min read
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Fresh woman profiles

Moscow, Russia
Kyiv, Ukraine
Vera, 31
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Karina, 22
Saratov, Russia
Shanghai, China
Dian, 25
Jakarta, Indonesia

Pros and Cons

  • Despite there being no CupiDates app, the search engine filters are extremely advanced.
  • You will find multiple features to communicate with users.
  • The security software provides a safe space for those looking to make romantic connections by protecting the vast user base from cyber attacks.
  • The CupiDates credits are relatively affordable compared to other dating sites offering similar services.
  • You can meet exactly what you are looking for - race, color, ethnicity, and more - using extensive filters.
  • The site is open to all types of relationships - traditional, LGBT+, and more.
  • There are no CupiDates dating apps available.
  • You need to do your own research to find out any information about CupiDates mobile or PC sites.

When looking to meet someone special, no one wants to think about being scammed. This is why you should look at CupiDates to find the love of your life! Why look any further, after all, when the best dating site online is here to bring you sexy Filipino ladies?

In this guide, our dating website experts will examine the useful features of the CupiDates date and match website. You can use this guide as a starting point if you are looking to begin your journey to find your soulmate. After all, finding the one meant for you is what CupiDates dating aims to achieve for its user base.

So how well does this aspect stand to test? That is what our reviewers have compiled for you in our CupiDates reviews. If you want to meet a gorgeous Ukrainian or Indian mail order bride, would this spot be a good place to start? Let’s find out!

Who Is CupiDates Good for?

CupiDates reviews

If you are wondering who CupiDates is for, our reviewers have scoured the page to answer your query. The site is perfect for men from the Western parts of the world to find exotic women from Eastern Russia and Asia. On an international scale, CupiDates operates as a mail-order agency, connecting men with women from India, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Pakistan, China, South Korea, etc., for marriage.

Many users wonder whether women on this site are escorts. Of course, there is a section of people on the site who wish to go for more carnal relations that are casual hookups. However, most users on the website are looking for a stab at true love; you will find many men from the United States, England, Belgium, etc., looking for hot Indian or Thai women for marriage.

The site is also very progressive. It empowers users to make connections with the people they are attracted to. If you check out various reviews of CupiDates, you’ll see how users laud this online dating website for offering a chance at love without the constraints of boundaries. This is the website where finding love is a frequent success story.

So, who is CupiDates perfect for?

  • Those who are looking for brides.
  • Those who want to use the services of an affordable and trustworthy mail-order bride agency.
  • Those who are looking to start families.
  • Members of the LGBT community who are looking for a serious relationship.
  • Those who are looking to settle down.
  • Those who do not mind marrying outside of their countries, nationalities, or even continents.

Who is CupiDates not for?

  • Those who are looking for a quick hookup session.
  • Those who are unwilling to look beyond the usual.
  • Those who are unwilling for committed and long-term relationships.


CupiDates dating

Analyzing the interface of any website or dating app we review is of the utmost importance. A buggy, lagging dating site takes all the fun and romance of using it in the first place. Therefore, our reviewers check out the interface and user-friendly aspects of any dating app or site we review.

For this dating site, our reviewing experts were satisfied with their experience on the CupiDates online website. The interface is very smooth and runs without encountering any issues. The ease of access ensures that anyone can create a profile without any difficulties.

When you click the CupiDates link, you will be taken to the landing page with a pleasant background depicting a couple. In addition, the logo and tagline – Find your soulmate here – will be on top of the screen. Below, there are three options: Home, About Us, and Newest Members. The last option is particularly helpful if you want a quick lookout for, say, Eastern European women looking for marriage.

Sign Up Process

To sign up for CupiDates services, find three steps on the website that you have to fill up to create an account. First, indicate your gender and write your name. Second, put your birthday and nationality. Finally, the site will show you a blank for your email ID, and you can create a unique password.

Once you complete and submit all the steps, the site will show a pop-up. The pop-up states that the profile is under review for a specific amount of time, after which you can access it and fill in your details to start making matches. The sign-up process takes barely five minutes to complete. The review section is up on the website.

How Can I Find a Partner on CupiDates?

Finding a partner on CupiDates is no hardship. All you need to do is follow the steps below –

  • Register an account on the platform.
  • Use the CupiDates mail login once your credentials are approved.
  • Create a detailed bio. The more information you share, the easier it gets to find interesting matches.
  • Start making connections.
  • Send a variety of messages like videos and animated emoticons.

Avoid profiles that tend to send links instead of communicating.

Communication With Users

It is crucial to keep up lively communication with the people you like on the CupiDates dating site. Use the communication features available on the website. You can also take advantage of the free CupiDates chat features if you don’t want to purchase credits.

If you want to commit to a relationship, state your requirements. It will help you avoid unnecessary stress in maintaining a bond later on.

CupiDates dating sites

Free vs. Paid Membership

As with most, if not all, trustworthy dating websites, CupiDates provides two ways of using the site – free of cost and paid. While both come with a set of advantages, you will enjoy more if you purchase credits. There is no membership as such for the dating website, but you can purchase credits. The CupiDates free trial version provides users with basic features so that they can check out what they want.

Here is a table that provides a list of free features and those that require payment under the CupiDates agencia.

Free of Cost Paid Version
Registration (Free for registration)
Create a Profile
Check Out Profiles
Send a Message ✔ (first message only)
Read Messages
Send a Mail
Send Gifts
Chat Live
Communicate using Cams

Paid dating sites’ membership differs significantly. While you can tinker around the website with the free version, you need to purchase a membership or credits to take full advantage of the features of the website.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry when you think of CupiDates cost. Anyone looking for Russian girls for marriage can afford to enjoy the service. Take a look at the costs below to get an idea of how much you need to pay to access the CupiDates agency:

Number of Credits Cost
20 USD 3.99 (for first time use only)
20 USD 9.99
50 USD 19.99
125 USD 44.99
250 USD 69.99

If you check out the agency CupiDates index login, you will see that going for the paid version is well worth the investment you make. Purchasing credits is of no difficulty – all you need to do is pick a payment method you are comfortable with and then choose a plan.

CupiDates credits

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Safety CupiDates

If you check out our site, you will see that we produce reviews about various dating sites. Our experts take a look at the different aspects that make or break a dating site. As with many others, we have found and deemed that CupiDates is a legitimate site. The security is strong enough to fob off cyber attacks, which is why you will not hear any CupiDates hack stories.

Customer Support of CupiDates

There is no CupiDates customer service number, which we found disappointing. However, if you require any help while using the site, you should write an email detailing your problems. The CupiDates email is [email protected]. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours.

The customer support service is not a special point. Especially with the lack of a CupiDates phone number, things could be better on this ground.

CupiDates sign in

How Does CupiDates Work?

CupiDates is a standard dating website that offers specialized matches between people.

Website and Mobile Version

The website version of CupiDates is probably the smoothest feature for dating. With a stable internet connection, you can create or log in to your account without any trouble.

However, the mobile version does come with certain glitches. For example, you may find the page redirecting you or refreshing as you try to log in. It is best to use the website on your PC or laptop.

Choose Google Chrome to access the site. Make sure you type in the link to the website correctly. If you must use your phone to log in to your CupiDates account, then make sure to use Google.

Special Features

The CupiDates date site offers unique features. While purchasing credits and sensing gifts to your lover virtually is a benefit almost all dating sites provide, this website offers something fresh. Below are the four special offers from CupiDates so you may have an easier time meeting Korean women personals –

  • EMF Mail – Have you ever entered a dating site and felt like a fish out of water? Dating apps and websites like The Lucky Date, CupiDates, BravoDate, etc., provide humongous platforms so you may meet the woman of your dreams. While this sounds good on paper, meeting anyone on such a site becomes all the more difficult.

Therefore, CupiDates offers users the chance to find love by creating a community. In this community, you can shoot off EMF emails to meet others, ask for CupiDates tips, and more. Thousands like you are looking for a shot at love. You can befriend them on your way to meeting Turkish wives.

  • Admirer Mail – If you are on a dating website to meet gorgeous women, there is a chance that you may not fully understand the subtleties of conversation. That is one of the issues of meeting people online. However, with the special CupiDates email option, Admirer Mail, say good to all your woes!

This free feature allows users to send emails and virtual gifts free of cost. Send your pictures and tokens of affection and appreciation to people with whom you vibe. Meet and connect with multiple Cupidates girls with this free feature!

  • Live Chat – Communicating with someone you like on this dating service is one of the things that makes the agency CupiDates an enjoyable experience.

The LiveChat option offers instant messaging that allows users to have intimate contact with community members.

You can also hold the attention of your admirer by using innumerable add-on services. Drop in a text, throw in some Animated Emoticons, spice it up with a Live Video, and keep things lively with a Live Game. This is the recipe for a perfectly splendid time on CupiDates chat, meet, and date singles now!

  • CamShare – If you think just talking to a person is enough to get into their good books, think again! Even in a virtual space, you still need communication that allows you to view one another.

CupiDates offers CamShare, a service of video communication that occurs in real time. CamShare also provides videos with a higher resolution and a more expansive field of vision, making communication on the platform engaging and interactive.

This option also provides other useful features like Animated Emoticons, Voice Message, and Virtual Gifts. No more awkward silences – have fun while you attract beautiful Thai ladies looking for marriage!

CupiDates dating site reviews

How Many Real Accounts Are on CupiDates?

Are the women on this site real or models? This is a question that many people ask when they visit the CupiDates mobile or website. You will be happy to know that the gorgeous women on the site are real.

While you may certainly encounter some accounts that seem too promising to be true, it is a good idea to be on guard. You can check whether a profile is real by seeing what messages it sends you. If a profile sends you a link to watch random videos, avoid it.

Further, you can initiate a conversation with a person on the site and see how they respond. If they communicate back with you, you can be sure that it is a trustworthy account. By our count, most profiles on CupiDates are real. As with other dating sites, you may encounter the odd Costa Rican marriage agency showcasing suspicious activity. It is best to avoid talking to such profiles.

CupiDates Alternatives

Best Alternatives for CupiDates:


Is CupiDates a Legitimate Site?

We have found that CupiDates legit offers great opportunities to meet your soulmate. Despite some scam accounts, we can claim that this is a secure and real dating site.

How to Meet in Person CupiDates?

If you meet someone you like on CupiDates, you can initiate a conversation. Send messages, videos, and gifts as well to hold their attention. Further, you can choose a midpoint to meet and get to know each other in real life.

How to Delete My Account from CupiDates?

CupiDates does not offer clear-cut information on how you can delete your account. However, our reviewers have come up with an easy way to deal with the issue. All you need to do is log in to your CupiDates account on Google and choose the settings icon. You will find the option to deactivate your profile, as well as one to delete it. Go for the latter, type in your password, and you are good to go. Any unused credits you may have collected will be refunded on the method of payment you used.

What Is CupiDates Customer Service Info?

Even a flawless dating platform can throw up any number of hijinks at a user. If you have any issues with CupiDates, you can easily contact the customer department to resolve the problem. Contact the department at [email protected] for queries. You can drop in a mail at any time and expect a response within 24-48 hours.

Who Рas Used CupiDates Dating Website?

CupiDates is open to people all over the world. Anyone over the legal age of their country can create an account.

If you are looking to settle down with a gorgeous Ukrainian or Egyptian girl for marriage, this site is the best for you. While you can get women who are interested in pursuing CupiDates hookup relationships, you won’t find many others. Finally, this site promotes long-term relationships.

How to Message Someone on CupiDates?

The CupiDates chat options, unlike on other dating sites, are manifold. Even using the free version of this dating website provides users with the opportunity to connect with other members. From normal messages to emails to EMF mails and more, the options are endless. You can also chat live in real time and exchange live videos.

Without proper communication, no one can create or sustain a bond. Therefore, this dating site creates various opportunities for a person to connect with another. This is why users have such an extensive list of tools so you may communicate your desires to like-minded gorgeous women.

How to Find the Women on CupiDates?

Finding women on CupiDates hookup or marriage sections is as easy as opening an account on this dating site. All you need to do is create a detailed profile with explicitly stated information about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, tastes, and more. It is a good idea to be upfront with women on a dating site so you can start your relationship easily.

Next, you can check out other people’s profiles. If you like them, send a message free of cost. You should buy CupiDates credits to read messages that others send you. In this way, you can create a strong network of people and talk to the ones you are interested in.


As you have seen from the CupiDates dating site review, this online dating website is a safe and secure dating spot. Its founders have attempted to keep up with the times and offer new and improved versions ever since its conception in 1998. CupiDates is a perfect environment to make romantic connections. So make an account today and meet the love of our life!

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Ciaran Callam

I take guys who aren't sure how to approach ladies and make it so they have more women in their lives than they ever thought was possible. I transform modest mice into fierce lions. It is a proven truth that I will improve the quality of your life if you just do as I say and follow my instructions.

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Customers Reviews

The Dude
May 13, 2023

We came across a fairly people on the site and you will been a great connection with preparations for future years. By-the-way, my buddy together with met a lady right here and tend to be already partnered.

Nov 24, 2023

Your website is useful as it provides extensive currently adult profiles who happen to be in a position for a long-term matchmaking, and not just flirting.

Jun 17, 2023

Whether or not from the start We didn’t have higher hopes for virtual matchmaking, I truly liked this platform, and you may somehow I didn’t see the way i had doing work in interaction)

Laffy Taffy
Nov 19, 2023

I do want to say with full confidence that we really like that it sorts of dating site and i also have used they for some days now.

Sugar Pants
Aug 31, 2023

We consider this to be web site really very important to people today, once the not everyone keeps enough time to boost their personal lifetime considering the frantic lives plan.

Love Nugget
May 08, 2023

We joined on the site has just, I found myself proud of the huge selection of profiles, of numerous mature pages that are ready to possess a critical relationships.

Jul 12, 2023

With the aid of the new look program, We chose multiple applicants, telecommunications began. I have specific very versions!

Marshmallow Treat
Oct 15, 2023

It is an excellent that there is a survey that you need to submit therefore the system sees the proper people to you personally!

May 28, 2023

A buddy informed me your website. Came across 3 people, cannot choose exactly who at this point with)

Jun 02, 2023

On the internet site it is easy to satisfy their love, and household members, and simply fascinating individuals to cam and you may dilute the evening.

Mad Viral
Jan 03, 2023

I found an awesome man right here, we quite often travel along with her and he purchases merchandise in my situation, thanks to the creators because of it chance. Very females, if you would like feel like a good Deity, then you come here)

Other Half
Oct 25, 2023

I like this specific service, certainly my personal favorite metropolises in order to satisfy.

True Sweetness
May 23, 2023

I enjoy that the service forced me to save your time from the lookup. We fulfilled my personal soulmate in the no more than 8 weeks.

May 03, 2023

On this site, I satisfied numerous people, and i also also come a connection with that.

Cross Thread
Dec 04, 2023

For the duration of my remain on the website, I have already managed to continue several schedules and i can say with certainty to most look for interesting colleagues on the website

Nov 29, 2023

It's a good there is a survey that you ought to fill in therefore the program sees just the right person for your requirements!

Feb 07, 2023

I like that provider helped me save time about lookup. We met my personal soulmate within the no more than 2 months.

Feb 17, 2023

We currently found a lady here, now we are definitely texting, we're going to fulfill soon :).

Combo Saw
Sep 30, 2023

Believe me, it’s beneficial. Unlike all types of fakes and you may virtuals, there's actual girlfriends, that is tough to get to into of several comparable sites, once more, We judge from my personal feel.

Nov 09, 2023

A friend informed myself this site. Satisfied 3 female, cannot pick who thus far having)

Jan 08, 2023

Regardless if regarding the very start We didn’t provides higher hopes for virtual relationship, I truly enjoyed this system, and somehow I didn’t see how i got employed in telecommunications)

Crazy Rox
Aug 26, 2023

I am fresh to dating, authorized not long ago and need particular experience having now. In my opinion that most ladies are in search of permanence right here.

Thunder Tank
Feb 12, 2023

My personal reputation might have been dangling just for 3 months, as i have always been when you look at the friendly interaction which have males regarding my many years of various other ccountries. I coincide, promote. Zero worse compared to real time.

Jun 12, 2023

That isn't the initial dating website We have entered for the. So evaluating, I could say - the website is actually for finding a life threatening relationship.

Frosty Squid
Sep 10, 2023

I was with my wife for six months today. Thus thank you for to this webpages!

Sep 15, 2023

The website was developed the real deal meetings, while some someone grumble that it is costly, but I think this is one way the application weeds out unwelcome contingent, struggling to actually reduce the woman to help you java not to ever speak regarding much more serious things)

Dec 29, 2022

The website enhanced me-esteem: We flirted really, how many comments I acquired! I have not had this much during my lifetime.

Honey Bun
Aug 21, 2023

Given that men, I favor there are countless representatives out of the brand new reasonable intercourse on the internet site who will be wanting their soul mate.

Renegade Slugger
May 18, 2023

There are a great number of beautiful female on the internet site. Higher site to have really serious dating.

Feb 27, 2023

Ever since my youth, I've been crazy about red-haired females, We simply desire fulfilling such as for instance a woman, this is my fatigue. We registered on the site for it options. I want the lady to possess my partner.

Sugar Hiccup
Apr 08, 2023

I talked on various other internet dating sites, everywhere either brand new admins is actually extract currency, and/or contingent is ineffective. It is not happening for with this particular funding.

Low Voltage
Oct 10, 2023

I adore this specific service, among my personal favorite locations to generally meet.

Brown Eyes
Mar 04, 2023

Everyone loves that services made me save time about search. We found my soulmate into the only about two months.

Nov 29, 2023

You will find just the really confident thoughts by using it capital.

Mr. Wholesome
Dec 19, 2022

I preferred the website, the contingent with just who I conveyed are, in most cases, pleasant.

Jul 17, 2023

Shortly after a friend give it time to sneak - she satisfied a person right here. We ran indeed there and joined. Aspire to see my love in the future as well!

Jun 22, 2023

Your website has been around use having annually until I receive anyone away from my dreams. Thank you so much!

Rummy Stickers
Aug 01, 2023

Definitely become an energetic associate, then the probability of fulfilling your individual increase. I ensured it myself!

The Shield Toronto
Feb 22, 2023

Definitely become a dynamic associate, then likelihood of fulfilling their individual boost. We made sure this me personally!

Snout Pixie
Jan 23, 2023

The most likely website. You'll find extremely numerous girls. Special thanks to the help group.

Mar 09, 2023

With the help of the new search system, I chose multiple individuals, communications began. We have specific quite alternatives!

Feb 02, 2023

I always discovered interlocutors on my liking, it always answered me, today We already have a steady network from friends and i didn’t pick new ones, but I’meters sure the situation has not yet altered.

Cracker Jack
Aug 11, 2023

It is my favorite dating website, everything is very hot and you may familiar right here.

Apr 18, 2023

As the one, Everyone loves that we now have thousands of representatives off the newest reasonable gender on the website that are searching for their soul mate.

Indestructible Potato
Jun 07, 2023

While the a person, I adore that there exists countless agents out-of brand new reasonable intercourse on the site that happen to be seeking their soul mates.

Aug 06, 2023

You can find a good possibility having productive associates right here. Everything is great.

Jun 27, 2023

There are good chance to have productive associates right here. Things are high.

Darkside Isis
Jan 13, 2023

I've only the very confident impressions from using it resource.

Apr 03, 2023

Your website is not difficult to utilize. Overall, I could declare that We intend to utilize this web site in the tomorrow.

Mar 19, 2023

The site surprised me. In our date, whenever folks are most busy, and in the evenings it sit at household, after that right here you might very well see a company to unwind along with her.

Jul 02, 2023

By using the latest lookup system, We picked multiple people, correspondence began. We have some pretty variations!

Insane SweepKick
Jan 28, 2023

Your website is actually naturally paid, however, think it is beneficial, and never thus expensive, but everything is serious and rather than deceit.

Pink Stream
Jul 07, 2023

Everyone loves that the solution helped me save time on research. I found my soulmate inside the no more than 2 months.

Jan 18, 2023

The website helps you to choose the best people. We met my love a couple of months back!

Apr 28, 2023

A buddy told myself the site. Fulfilled step three women, are unable to pick which yet having)

Mar 24, 2023

I've one thing to share with about this dating internet site, because over this past year it helped me meet my soul mate. We met slightly easily, probably two weeks immediately after my subscription.

Oct 20, 2023

The site shocked me personally. Inside our big date, whenever people are most busy, along with brand new evenings they to use house, upcoming right here you might really well discover a friends to unwind together with her.

Dec 24, 2022

You will find a beneficial odds having fruitful acquaintances here. Everything is higher.

Wild Kitten
Oct 30, 2023

I'm not used to matchmaking, signed up recently and require some feel to own now. I think that women can be seeking permanence here.

Shot Glass
Mar 29, 2023

We registered in browse away from a unique matchmaking. A month later, We developed a romantic date which have a young guy, i already been a love, up coming we chose to wed.

Jun 22, 2023

My character could have been clinging for 90 days, while i was within the amicable communications that have men out-of my many years off some other ccountries. We coincide, discuss. Zero tough compared to live.

Earl of Arms
Sep 25, 2023

Regarding many other dating sites, so it platform are well known by a innovative system for buying prospective partners.

Good Looking
Apr 13, 2023

My personal character has been hanging just for 90 days, as i are during the amicable interaction that have guys of my years of additional ccountries. We correspond, display. Zero worse than in real time.

Jul 22, 2023

I come right here every go out. I favor everything on it, throughout the framework and software in order to the online attributes.

Jun 22, 2023

On this website I correspond with a good guys, there aren't any useless guys otherwise offers right here.

Jul 27, 2023

A friend informed me personally the site. Fulfilled step three females, can't pick which up until now which have)

Cute Bunny
Oct 05, 2023

To have thirty days of utilizing this site, I am basically fulfilled, firstly, there clearly was a simple and easy quick registration, all of the account is checked getting authenticity and you may, of course, receptive tech support team.

Sep 20, 2023

The best site. You will find extremely loads of lady. Special because of the help cluster.

Howitzer Rise
Mar 14, 2023

You can find an effective chances having productive colleagues right here. Everything is high.

Phoenix Tetra
Aug 16, 2023

Your website is quite personal and there's the opportunity to build long-name matchmaking.

Red Woman
Sep 05, 2023

The site helps find the correct individual. I found my like a few months in the past!

Goal Baby
Nov 04, 2023

User-amicable screen, everything is clear and you may smoother, a huge selection of profiles. Into the first day We satisfied a girl, I recommend they to everyone.

Apr 23, 2023

User-friendly user interface, everything is obvious and you will smoother, a huge group of profiles. Into first day I came across a lady, I would recommend they to any or all.

Nov 14, 2023

There are many pages here that are able to possess a serious matchmaking. I am able to definitely say that I can utilize this site when you look at the tomorrow.

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