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Dil Mil Review Nov 2023 - Is it Effective for Dating?

Logan Ury
09 Sep 2022 / Updated: 29 Nov 2023
14  min read
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Fresh woman profiles

Moscow, Russia
Elza, 21
Stuttgart, Germany
Vera, 29
Kyiv, Ukraine
Joan, 27
Hanoi, Vietnam
Valeri, 26
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Anna, 34
Stockholm, Sweden

Pros and Cons

  • The dating platform is cost-free and accessible on iOS and Android.
  • Matching is done using a number of factors.
  • The service suggests prospective matches based on individual preferences and filters.
  • The website has a high-security level.
  • The app monitors false profiles by logging in to Facebook.
  • Users are promised to preserve their privacy.
  • The application has a user-friendly interface
  • The platform offers an unblocking premium subscription at a reasonable price with excellent benefits.
  • Unsubscribing is straightforward and transparent.
  • Limited features for a no-cost subscription.
  • Users with free accounts can only issue so many "dils" (another word for "likes") each day, which lowers the likelihood of getting a match.
  • There are many fake profiles.
  • Not many nearby matches.
  • The web browser platform has fewer functionalities.
  • Dil Mil frequently rejects many of your pictures because they don't fulfill their resolution standards. Finding the right image to upload might sometimes be challenging.
  • Lags sometimes

Like every other online dating service, Dil Mil believes that if two people have things in common, they will bond strongly. They insist that you should find someone who shares your interests so that you may click and chat incessantly about them. Such lengthy conversations can get you even closer to the potential lifetime love and spouse of your dreams. According to the DilMil review, the site has done an excellent job of handling the awkward scenario where you don’t know how to express yourself in your profile. They provide various answers to the questions they pose for developing your profile.

The dating app Dil Mil is well-liked among single South Asian ex-pats. It hopes to spread love over the entire planet by offering a particular matching service. More than 100,000 Dil Mil installations have been successful, according to the download bar. The target consumers of new app downloads are increasing at a rate that also grants Dil Mil’s request. The Dil Mil functionality was tailored to the needs of the South Asian background as a bet by the service’s creators. Customers can enjoy customized pairings based on their favorite religion and cultural practices. However, it does not imply that Dil Mil is closed off to others. You can also give this dating app a shot if you are not a South Asian ex-pat. The website features stories of happy marriages and successful matching.

What Kind of People Like to Use Dil Mil App?

  • For those seeking committed relationships
  • For singles from South Asia seeking a life companion

Global singles are looking for a South Asian or, more specifically, Indian love partner.

Over 2 million people from the Gujarati, Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, Maharashtrian, Kannada, and Rajasthani ethnic groups currently utilize the specialized online dating service. However, it is not limited to those of South Asian descent. You know where to find South Asians if you’ve always been interested in learning about and understanding their culture.

People actively search for meaningful, long-term relationships, and Indian women for marriage make up the user base. The website offers services to South Asian countries, and most members are from India. The majority are ex-pats. However, there is a rising group of users of other nationalities. The app is dominated by female users, with 80% of users originating in the United States. The average age distribution of members ranges from 24 to 35 years old.

dil mil reviews

Dil Mil Reviews: User Interface Friendliness

If you’re a South Asian ex-pat who suffers from being single, take this opportunity to discover someone special. A dating, relationship-building, and marriage-related smartphone app are called Dil Mil. To begin your search for the ideal mate, you must install and launch it. This intelligent app only presents the top options to users. All possibilities are offered based on the information provided by the user in response to a pool of five questions related to education, community, career, height, and religion. When selecting, the user swipes left or right.

Users can easily navigate the dating app thanks to its modifications. You can quickly learn how it operates without going through the instructions. You will enjoy the app’s awesomeness if you use it because of how simple and valuable it is. Although the user interface is effective, it may be made more seamless. For instance, possible matches’ images now fill the entire screen, and users must scroll through all of the photos before learning the actual age, profession, and other information about the potential matches.

Registration Process of Dil Mil Profiles

Signing up with Dil Mil is a straightforward process that takes less than five minutes. You may quickly complete the registration by following the procedures listed below:

  1. Specify your preferred gender and age range of 18 to 60
  2. Enter your phone number and accept their privacy statement
  3. Get a verification code delivered to your phone
  4. Revisit the website to enter the code
  5. Put your initial name and gender in the fields
  6. Enter your birthdate
  7. Upload a profile photo
  8. Provide an email address
  9. Enable location tracking.

Signing up for Dil Mil is quick and easy, and it’s free! The software is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. To register, you must give your mobile phone number. Then, an SMS code will be issued to your phone number for verification. Following that, you will be asked a number of questions about your dating interests. You will also be allowed to add ‘tags’ to your profile. These tags will help you find matches in the future.

dil mil dating

You can now enjoy the app’s free features after completing everything. However, if you wish to discover additional exclusive features, you may subscribe to premium programs.

How to Find a Match on the Dil Mil App?

In our evaluation of the Dil Mil dating app, we discovered that despite the lack of filters, the profiles suggested on our feed are generally high caliber and very constant. On the profile photos of the people looking for a match, which also display their age and occupation, we can observe business owners, researchers, doctors, and engineers. Some people would question why the distance is 500 miles rather than closer to them, but this may provide more possibilities even if you have to go for an actual meet-up.

Aside from that, we quickly glanced at the reviews left by genuine users and were pleased to notice that many of them were from people who had experience using the app to find love. “Heart” is pronounced “Dil” in most South Asian languages. Users do this to confirm a match by sending a heart to their potential and waiting for a response.

dil mil dating sites

Ways to Communicate on Dil Mil

Users in Dil Mil can only send and receive messages from matches; messaging is free. Once matched, users can communicate endlessly and even share pictures. Only ten likes are offered daily by Dil Mil, and the app only updates once every 24 hours. Depending on their dating tastes, users can choose their filter criteria. If they unintentionally skipped over someone they like, premium members can rewind their feeds and issue tailored requests. In addition, users can alter their locations to receive matches from various locales.

Dil Mil Promo Code: Free Vs. Paid Membership

Free Features Paid Features
  • Signing up
  • Profile creation
  • Ten likes a day
  • Matches for messages
  • Advanced search filters
  • No limit to liking or sending dils and removing them
  • Location search
  • Higher profile ranking
  • Mutual-friends matching
  • Find friends on Dil Mil
  • Rewind or undo your action to the last profile
  • Reset your list of disliked profiles

dil mil cost

Dil Mil Pricing – Dil Mil Elite
Expiry Price Costs/month
1 Month $34.99 $34.99/Month
3 Months $69.99 $23.33/Month
12 months $200.04 $16.67/Month

Subscription renewals can be canceled by emailing [email protected]. However, you will not be refunded for any payments that have already been made. All prices are in US dollars. In addition, if you can find a Dil Mil coupon, you can get the premium upgrade for free or at a discount rate. Ask your match to get you one as a gift.

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Safety on Dil Mil App

dil mil dating site

Users of this matchmaking service are mostly not concerned about their safety when utilizing it. However, Dil Mil maintains the safest consumer environment by using all of its professional potency. The software ensures that all the data users see and recognize is accurate. The user just receives what they can see. A stringent regulation is in place on the app to prevent false profiles. An algorithm is used to validate the profiles and photo usage to reduce the likelihood of encountering one.

Users of this security method have access to a hip, attractive, and varied pool of South Asian potentials eager to connect and establish relationships. In addition, the dating app is well-known and offers privacy protection.

Dil Mil Customer Service

You could occasionally run into issues or have queries when using the software. You can always contact support if you have problems, questions, or suggestions for enhancing the service. Dil Mil looks out for its customers and promises a quick response. All you have to do is email [email protected] to get assisted. The company’s procedures handle every request. Within a few days, you will receive a response. Everyone is aware that some problems have straightforward solutions and regularly arise. View the website’s list of FAQs under the Support tab. You will probably find a solution to your issue, which will astound you.

How Does Dil Mil App Work to Create Matches?

Your height, country, community, education level, occupation, religion, what you’re looking for, love language, whether you work out, dietary preference, type of attraction, and at least three personality traits will be asked for by the Dil Mil app. The user specifies five prospect characteristics that are used to create matches – these aid in enhancing the matching algorithm to get better match suggestions.

dil mil dating site reviews

Dil Mil Review – Website & App Versions

Dil Mil is free for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Users who use the app report that it provides a fun and inviting atmosphere that helps them feel at ease. Even people who are not technologically skilled can use feature tabs quickly and clearly. Dil Mil can be used alongside other programs without endangering the functionality of mobile devices. The fact that the app provides users with random matches with profiles they have never swiped on, however, can occasionally surprise them. Even if there is a sporadic bug in the system, the app engineers must be aware of it.

The website belongs to Dil Mil. The website has a bright and energizing feel because of its use of purple and white colors. The homepage looks warm and inviting because it is completely covered with happy individuals. The app’s functions are also available in the web version and are well-designed and straightforward. Although you can use a web browser, you won’t have access to all of its capabilities. You would benefit more from experiencing the Dil Mil dating app in its entirety if you downloaded it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Dil Mil Reviews: Unique Features

Dil Mil offers unique features that VIP access grants you access to. You may see them here:

  • Get Countless Likes – You are free to like as many profiles as you want. However, it can increase the likelihood that you’ll find a match.
  • Nearby Location – People closer to any city can be found worldwide. This makes the search location setting accessible.
  • Gain More Visibility – By doing this, more people can see your profile. As a result, you are 2.3 times more likely to be displayed to users who are more likely to find matches.
  • Send Messages – Sending a note within the app allows you to match other profiles instantly. Dil Mil’s Facebook messaging bot makes it easy to do this.
  • Find Mutual Friends – You can view the friends of a possible match. It is because every account logs in via Facebook.
  • Undo Action On The Previous Profile – You can review your previous selection and view prospective matches once more.
  • Reset Your List Of Dislikes – To see potential matches you passed on, reset all prior dislikes. Try this if you unintentionally “dislike” someone or simply wish to like someone from the past.

Are Dil Mil Profiles Real?

Dil Mil profiles are straightforward. One profile image, age, and location are all included. Because the app has enhanced security mechanisms and checks all profile images before they go live, fake profiles are uncommon. Mobile phone numbers are used to verify profiles. Users can report and ban profiles they do not wish to view or communicate with anymore. In addition, users can update their personal profiles and adjust previously entered dating preferences.

dil mil dating app download

The software employs a simple and effective technique of user verification. As a result, all profiles will give accurate and transparent user information. Hence, the number of bogus accounts is decreasing. Concentrate on the five major features of prospective matches so that you can unify and present solutions as precisely as feasible. The South Asian dating app integrates photographs from a social network. You can choose which one you want to display on your profile and which will be of poor quality. All user profiles are brief yet provide crucial information.

The good news is that the profile images are visible to all users in the free edition of the Dil Mil app. The user can edit or correct the information in the profile afterward. You can report a profile if it appears to be a forgery. To complain, tap the three white dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Dil Mil App – Alternate Online Dating Options

1. Bharat Matrimony

BharatMatrimony is part of a renowned network of matching websites. Their services have been tried and tested for many years. And the outcome is that it’s not your average dating site. Instead, it takes a turn for a serious lane- marriage.


  • Indian singles can use online matching and marriage services.
  • It offers a premium package that will not expire until you meet a partner and tie the knot.
  • The majority of the profiles are fully completed and have validated badges.
  • Most of the women who sign up want to settle down and marry.
  • Men outweigh women on this site by a factor of three.
  • It has a simple mobile app accessible on the App Store and Google Play.
  • You may hire a Personal Relationship Manager to handle your matches and enhance your profile frequently.

2. Cebuanas

Cebuanas is a prominent dating service that assists Filipino singles in finding men for serious relationships. The main focus is on the females from Cebu, a lovely island in the Philippines, who desire to organize their personal lives.


  1. A free search tool allows you to contact Filipino females without registering.
  2. A large consumer base increases your chances of discovering many compatible mates.
  3. The registration procedure takes only a few minutes to complete.

3. CharmDate

CharmDate is a premium dating service provider, and most of its users are searching for long-term relationships with a Russian girl for marriage. If you want anything in the long term and have a little extra money to spare, we propose you try this site. Especially if you are interested in dating Belarus women.


  • An online dating service that matches Russian and Ukrainian hot girls with Westerners in search of love and long-term partnerships.
  • Male members predominate on the website.
  • Despite the site’s efforts to screen them out, there exist false and fraudster profiles.
  • No paid membership is offered; the site is based on credits.
  • Has a mobile app for iOS and Android users.
  • Pricing begins at $3.99/2 Credits.

4. DateAsianWoman

DateAsianWoman is a specialized website designed specifically for men seeking meaningful relationships with Asian wives and Asian women seeking a foreign husband. The service aims to give everyone the most satisfactory online dating experience, even those who begin a long-distance relationship before meeting in person. It is the reason why there are several communication options available, ranging from video chat to various forms of Mails and even gift delivery.


  • With over a million users worldwide, this is one of the top premium Asian mail-orders bride websites.
  • Gifts, bonuses, and free coupons for new and returning members
  • IOS and Android users may download a mobile app with all the extra capabilities.
  • Most sexy Finnish girls registered on the site have ten or more profile images, a profile video, and extensive self-descriptions.
  • Support is provided 24/7/365 for a few types of Mails and the initial message templates.
  • No premium plans exist; anyone wishing to access premium features must purchase credits.
  • There’s a video collection featuring short videos contributed by female users.

5. is a dating platform for individuals who want to meet new people and get into meaningful relationships with foreigners like a hot Greek girl. It includes easy-to-understand functionalities, allowing older individuals to utilize the site without difficulty. Visit to see whether your partner is there waiting for you.


  • Dating platform for individuals seeking long-term connections with a Slavic female.
  • Only Android Instant chat and video chat members can use the mobile app to charge each conversation.
  • There is live chat help accessible.
  • Refunds are granted to members whose fraudulent profiles have been duped.
  • Prices begin at $19.99/150 Credits.

6. YMeetMe

Game Changer Ltd. founded YmeetMe, a prominent matching agency to meet Vietnamese women. Its community has over two million members, making it one of the largest in the specialty. Its goal is to provide a secure and engaging atmosphere for foreigners to meet a Chinese hot wife for friendship, dating, and marriage. If you live in the West, you may efficiently utilize YmeetMe to find a match in Asia.


  • It offers an extensive database with thousands of unique visits weekly.
  • It has reasonable pricing.
  • It has a mobile application.


Is Dil Mil Free?

Everyone can test out the application for free. There are two alternatives for paid VIP access if you want to increase the impact and utilize all the capabilities. First, the user may pay for more properties at their discretion. A paid subscription can be temporary, and users can cancel it whenever they choose. There are no hidden fees or complexities in the unsubscription process. The Dil Mil provides a selection of further services in two pricing options for $19.99 and $39.99 per Month.

Is Dil Mil Legit?

The well-regarded Group acquired Dil Mil in 2019. Therefore, you can be confident that the site is not fraudulent and will not steal your money.

Does Dil Mil Work?

An ample number of Dil Mil success stories claim and assure that the Dil Mil app does work.

How Does Dil Mil Work?

Dil Mil uses unique technologies to offer prospective matches to like or pass on. Similarly, your profile is displayed as a possible match for other users to like or pass on. When two users like each other's profiles, they are matched and may talk on the app.

How To Delete Dil Mil Account?

Touch your photo to get to your profile, then tap on the gear symbol at the top of the screen. Next, scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit the orange "Delete Account" button.

How To Unsubscribe From Dil Mil?

You can cancel your subscription to Dil Mil by managing your app store subscription accessible through the Apple Store for iOS users. Android users can cancel their Dil Mil app subscription through the Google Play Store.


The South Asian diaspora is one of the world’s largest, and they have traditionally struggled between their traditional culture and beliefs and the liberal Western society in which they reside. This struggle is most visible in dating, where they may be expected to find a suitable mate with their background, culture, and ethnicity. However, it is complicated in modern Western society, leading many to accept marriages planned by their parents and relatives.

With Dil Mil, South Asians may reclaim their dating freedoms and discover love before marriage. Dil Mil is undoubtedly worthwhile if you want the freedom to love.

Dil Mil - photo 6
Logan Ury

My studies have led me to the conclusion that one's mental attitude is the most important factor. You are correct in your assessment of the date's outcome, regardless of whether you believe it will be successful or unsuccessful. Doing a pre-date ritual is a good idea, as well. This may be taking a bath, contacting your closest buddy, listening to your pump-up music, or riding your bike.

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Feb 22, 2023

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Feb 27, 2023

Once numerous unsuccessful months from lookin, I discovered of several perhaps not shopping for permanent relationship, I currently planned to get off, then again We fulfilled the woman. I in some way easily discover a familiar code.

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Make sure you end up being an active member, then your possibility of conference the people improve. We made certain it myself!

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Jun 22, 2023

One of several online dating sites this can be one of the most popular. Just what it gets: first, a large associate legs (high chance of seeking some one), subsequently, less bots and genuine anyone.

Aug 06, 2023

Make sure to feel an active representative, then your chances of appointment your own individual improve. I made certain this me!

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Among my personal favorite internet dating sites. Lots and lots of alive users and other people able having a great really serious matchmaking.

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We inserted in lookup away from a different sort of matchmaking. 30 days after, We created a date having an earlier son, we come a romance, following we chose to wed.

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Immediately after 24 months off drifting on the adult dating sites, I found the one that serves me.

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Mar 14, 2023

The most likely site. Discover most many women. Special because of the service people.

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It’s an effective that there's a survey that you should fill in so that the system registers suitable people for you!

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Turtle Dove
Sep 30, 2022

My personal beloved is 10 years younger than just me, however, she’s all of the so gorgeous, smart and you may meaningful. I recently showed up with her, numerous agreements to come. Thanks to the web site getting such as for example a gift of future.

Apr 08, 2023

A friend told myself the website. Found step 3 female, cannot choose whom yet having)

Sep 25, 2023

I spoke into some other dating sites, every-where possibly the admins was move money, or even the contingent is actually inadequate. That isn't possible to own with this capital.

Snuggle Able
Nov 29, 2022

We appreciated the site, the fresh new contingent that have whom I presented is, for the most part, lovely.

Sun Leo
Nov 24, 2023

My personal precious is ten years young than just me, however, she’s all of the so breathtaking, smart and you can purposeful. We has just arrived together, many plans to come. Due to the website getting such a present off destiny.

Apr 28, 2023

The best website. You can find extremely an abundance of women. Unique because of the service people.

White Swan
May 23, 2023

Trust in me, it's worthwhile. As opposed to all sorts of fakes and you will virtuals, there is certainly actual girlfriends, that's very hard to reach on of many comparable websites, once again, I legal away from my own personal sense.

Oct 15, 2023

Be sure to become a working associate, then the likelihood of meeting your individual boost. We made certain this me!

Liquid Science
Feb 07, 2023

The site helps to choose the best person. We found my personal love months before!

Hex Panther
Jan 23, 2023

Ever since my personal teens, I have been crazy about reddish-haired female, We simply dream about meeting including a female, this is exactly my personal fatigue. We joined on the site for this possibility. I want her to own my wife.

Sugar Buns
Sep 30, 2023

We talked on the additional internet dating sites, everywhere possibly the new admins was pull money, or perhaps the contingent is actually useless. This isn't the outcome for with this financial support.

Jan 28, 2023

I inserted to kill-time regarding monotony regarding nights, We didn’t package some thing big, then again I came across the lady, it’s some thing unbelievable, I decrease crazy for example a guy!

Aug 16, 2023

I currently came across a lady here, today our company is earnestly texting, we will satisfy in the future :).

Mar 29, 2023

On this web site We communicate with a boys, there are no useless guys otherwise has the benefit of here.

Oct 25, 2023

You'll find an excellent potential getting fruitful associates right here. Everything is high.

Aug 01, 2023

My personal beloved was a decade young than just me, however, she’s every thus breathtaking, wise and you will purposeful. We recently came together, a lot of arrangements ahead. Due to the webpages to own for example a present from future.

Jan 08, 2023

Now i'm conversing with multiple people. Very web sites was misleading, unlike a genuine people your talk to a robot, but here all are real live lady!

Juicy Fruity
Nov 04, 2023

My personal reputation could have been clinging just for 3 months, while i am for the friendly telecommunications which have guys off my personal decades away from other ccountries. We correspond, show. No even worse compared to live.

Round Kick Boomer
Nov 24, 2022

The site try however paid, but think it is beneficial, and not very costly, however, things are major and instead deception.

Boost Princess
Mar 19, 2023

Discover an effective chances to own productive acquaintances here. Things are higher.

Trash Pocky
Aug 26, 2023

Your website is well made - this new program are lovely, you'll not get baffled.

Bad Bunny
Sep 05, 2023

We appreciated your website, the contingent with who I communicated are, most of the time, lovely.

Dream Boat
Feb 17, 2023

I always discover interlocutors on my liking, it always responded me, now I actually have a stable community away from household members and i didn’t get a hold of new ones, however, I’yards sure the challenge have not changed.

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