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Ethiopian Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from Ethiopia

Ethiopians are very proud of their rich history and heritage, being one of the oldest cultures worldwide and the only African area to avoid Western colonization.
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Top Ethiopian Cities With Brides Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Mek'ele, Nazret, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Dese, Hawassa, Jimma, Bishoftu
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $11000
Success Rate 68%
Divorce Rate 25%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇧🇦Bosnia & Herzegovina,🇳🇱Netherlands

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Even though Africa is such a huge continent, most of us still know quite little of it. The stereotypes are just confusing, and there is one particular gem most men ignore, to their own misfortune — beautiful Ethiopian brides. Ethiopia and its proud people have a history like no other country in Africa. First, unlike most other African countries, Ethiopia is mostly Christian, but the European missionaries had nothing to do with the fact — the nation adopted Christianity well before it spread through Europe.

Ethiopian Brides

Another curious fact is Ethiopia is the only African country that has never been colonized, so Ethiopian women are quite different from any other African mail order brides you can come across. Its rich culture and traditions, the proud and non-boisterous nature of its people, and its relatively safe living conditions compared to most other African countries — all of these set Ethiopians apart from their neighbors.

And yet, there are plenty of single Ethiopian ladies looking for marriage abroad. So, what is it the want to find across the seas and why should a Western man consider bringing an Ethiopian bride home? Discover this and many other curious facts about eligible ladies in this cross-cultural dating guide.

What Makes Ethiopian Brides Marry Abroad & Do They Make Good Wives?

The first thing to understand about Ethiopian marriage is that girls usually marry at 18, while local grooms will be at least ten years older. Some girls can be unofficially married off even earlier than that, so the matrimonial environment is not the best in this country — not for women, at least. This is why one of the primary reasons why some girls in Ethiopia are looking for something different and create accounts with Ethiopian marriage agency sites. The idea of a third party matching them to potential grooms does not alienate them in the slightest because most local marriages are arranged by the families, anyway. In fact, by creating a dating account online, an Ethiopian girl has more control over who she is about to marry.

This, among other things, makes Ethiopian wives so great for marriage. If she is lucky enough to find a husband she fancies rather than the one her family forces her to wed, she will do her best to be an excellent wife and mother. Besides, given that Ethiopia is not the most well-off country, your future bride will not be accustomed to luxury. Even the smallest things, taken for granted by Western European and American women, will seem extravagant for an average Ethiopian girl.

However, you should not think that a woman from Ethiopia is ready to marry anyone who is willing to save her from her daily troubles — this is not why these kind loving girls create accounts on international dating sites. First of all, they are looking for a man they would love and respect, and if you manage to become that mind for one of the Ethiopian mail order brides, you can count on a life of family bliss.

Ethiopian Brides

Best Brides in Ethiopia

Davina, 25
Pasadena, USA
Maria, 28
Helsinki, Finland
Sydney, Australia
Daniel, 26
Basel, Switzerland
Riga, Latvia
Ottawa, Canada

Characteristic Features of Stunning Ethiopian Brides

Ethiopian Brides

What Ethiopian brides lack in classic education, they easily make up for in genuine wisdom. Indeed, roughly half of people in Ethiopia do not get past primary education, but their keen, resourceful minds pretty much compensate for it. Most Ethiopians can carry on a good conversation because besides traditional schooling as we’re used to, they learn plenty of things from their elders. For the girls, this implies not only household running and cooking essentials, but also the history and traditions of their ancestors.

Ethiopians are very proud of their rich history and heritage, being one of the oldest cultures worldwide and the only African area to avoid Western colonization. This simple fact contributed a lot to the pride of Ethiopian mail order brides, but make sure not to confuse this pride with arrogance. While these ladies come from a developing country that has its fair share of problems, they understand Ethiopia’s cultural role in spreading culture and Christianity to Europe.

Even though there are other religious groups in Ethiopia, including the Muslim and Judaism community, the vast majority shares Christian values at their best. Ethiopian ladies for marriage are generally kind and forgiving, and they are definitely not the type to bear a grudge. Their kind-hearted, easy-going nature makes them excellent life partners to have by your side, and their lack of pretense is something most men will appreciate.

And, of course, there are plenty of women in Ethiopia who look absolutely stunning. Similar to Caribbean women, who have one of the wildest genetic mixes worldwide, Ethiopians can trace their blood to different nations. The unique genetic combination results not only in stunning looks but also in excellent health, which is another reason why most women in Ethiopia are so cheerful and energetic.

What Makes an Ethiopian Women Such an Excellent Wife?

Ethiopian Brides

Of course, it’s great that most Ethiopian single ladies for marriage are so beautiful and cheerful, but does it mean they make good wives? After all, there is more to a marriage than seeing a smile on your wife’s face when you come back from work.

Well, the first thing to understand about a wife from Ethiopia is that she is determined to please her husband and put his needs first. This, of course, does not mean that a woman like this will be a silent obedient shadow in your home — quite on the contrary, her endless energy and good humor will be very hard not to notice. Still, when a woman from Ethiopia gets married (and preferably to the husband of her choosing), she will be prepared to compromise and search for ways to make both husband and wife happy.

A typical Ethiopian girl for marriage will probably want at least a couple of kids and she will surround them with utmost care and devotion. Ethiopian families are usually quite large, so girls in this country have plenty of experience watching over other children even before they mature.

Along with helping babysit their extended kid relatives, Ethiopian girls for marriage are taught how to run a house from an early age. Even though most of these ladies marry so young, they are already quite experienced in cooking and housekeeping — and with very little reliance on tech. So, should you succeed in marrying an Ethiopian, you can stay confident that she will always wait for you in a tidy house with a delicious meal already prepared. More importantly, your brand new wife will not see this as a chore, like so many other women.

What Kind of Man Would Attract an Ethiopian Mail Order Bride?

Ethiopian Brides

Before you start talking about how to find Ethiopian wife, let’s quickly discuss what a woman like this would want from her life partner. While it is hard to say what makes one or another woman tick, the chances are that an Ethiopian girl is looking for some romance in the first place. Let’s be honest, we all crave things we lack, and the traditional concept of an arranged Ethiopia marriage is not very romantic.

So, your best bet while chatting with Ethiopian mail order brides would be to pay them compliments. Here, however, it is important not to overdo it. Besides, since so many women in Ethiopia marry so early, it is best to avoid anything compliments that might have a sexual context.

Considering how proud Ethiopians are of their culture, it is always a nice idea to show interest in her nation and its history. And, if we’re totally honest, this same approach applies to any other mail order bride, no matter if she comes from Africa or Asia. Discussion culture and customs is a great conversation starter, and it works wonders for most women out there. Still, considering how wise most Ethiopian brides are, the interest and the respect should be 100% genuine on your side because most of these women can smell a fraud a mile away.

Finally, you should be serious about marriage and starting a family because this is what Ethiopian mail order brides are looking for online in the first place. The rest is details that will depend on your luck and the ladies you are talking to; after all, there is no universal shortcut to any woman’s heart.

Where to Find Ethiopian Women for Marriage?

Ethiopian Brides

If you are about to make a trip to Ethiopia, hoping to interact with the prospective matches in real-time, keep in mind that you should not set your hopes too high. While Ethiopian women lead a very active lifestyle, play sports, attend sporting events, and go hiking and mountain climbing, the dating and courting traditions in the country are very rigid. Most Ethiopian women for marriage do not have much say in who they are to marry because the marriages are traditionally arranged by the bride’s and groom’s parents. Besides, it is very important the bride marries a virgin, and most Ethiopian girls marry at 18-19.

Still, if you want to take a look at Ethiopian women in their ‘natural habitat,’ your best shot is some sports event. Ethiopians are natural-born sportsmen with a long history of Olympics medals and other prominent awards. Both men and women take equal pride in this, so any major sport events is a big deal with plenty of people attending it.

If you have some leisure time in Ethiopia, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and you should definitely try as many of them as you can, given the opportunity. The chances are, you may meet some ladies in the process and even though the odds of marrying one of them will be slim, to put it mildly, you will have an excellent opportunity to glimpse into their mentalities before venturing on your online dating adventure with Ethiopian, African, or even neighboring Yemeni mail order brides.

Is Online Dating Safer than Offline One? Pros & Cons

Ethiopian Brides

Even though Ethiopia is a relatively safe country on the African scale, meeting women online is still a safer option than venturing a trip to a foreign country. Besides, using a brides agency has a couple of other perks, and a bit of a downside, as always. Let’s take a better look at the ups and downs of online dating.


  • It is easier to meet Ethiopian brides online because you will not have a chance to interact with singles on the spot, anyway
  • Marriage sites offer millions of single ladies’ profiles to consider, and you do not always have to stick to one country or city
  • You can take all the time you need to bond with your match before jumping to any decision
  • There is less pressure, responsibility, and fear of failure when dating online


  • The brides’ parents may act as Ethiopian marriage brokers behind the screen, so you will not always know who you are chatting with
  • There’s no guarantee that you will find your match because online dating lacks the online thrill
  • Some sites may have lax identity verification procedures

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You Will Not Feel Alone With The Best Bride Here

Single Liza in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Liza, 27
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Occupation: Teacher
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I am shopping for like! I am most committed as well as have big needs for future years. I am a powerful and you may separate young woman who wants to be treated while the an equal, misogynists wear’t bother chatting myself! You will find a large community regarding family members and you will like making up ground together with them more eating otherwise coffee. I’m constantly cheerful and wish to come across somebody who We can joke doing that have!

Single Elza in Stuttgart, Germany
Elza, 21
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Single Julia in Warsaw, Poland
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Single Alexa in Kansas City, USA
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Occupation: Programmer
Children: No
About me

I’m seeking like! I am very challenging and then have big requires for future years. I am a strong and you may independent young woman who wants to end up being managed just like the the same, misogynists don’t irritate chatting myself! I have a giant system of relatives and you may love catching up together more dining otherwise coffees. I am constantly cheerful and want to select an individual who We can laugh to having!

Which Sites Are the Best When Searching for Ethiopian Brides?

Ethiopian Brides

  1. RomanceTale – Inexpensive dating site with a user-friendly layout and intuitive interface
  2. – Millions of users looking for love and online companionship
  3. LoveSwans – Ethiopian and Eastern European brides looking for the love of their lives
  4. MatchTruly – Powerful search algorithm and plenty of users looking to date and mingle
  5. TheLuckyDate – Anything from casual fun to commitment and lasting marriage
  6. JPeopleMeet – Connecting Jewish singles no matter where they are for love and marriage
  7. BravoDate – hundreds of Ethiopian and Russian brides looking to meet the men of their dreams


RomanceTale is one of those dating sites that feature mostly Asian women personals, even though it has plenty of Ethiopian and European profiles, too. The main goal is to connect people worldwide, without any restriction on location or origin. If you are looking for a nice, easy-to-use website with a focus on romance, this is it. is Another international dating platform with millions of users from all over the world, including Ethiopia. Its impressive database of active users significantly increases your chances of finding a suitable match. The audience here is truly international, so do not be surprised to see hundreds of women, even from the less represented countries, i.e, Somali mail order brides.


Not the cheapest dating site out there, but at least LoveSwans promise to verify its user’s identity, especially so when it comes to women from developing countries, such as Ethiopia and Eastern Europe. There are plenty of communication options and hundreds of active online users every time you log in.


MatchTruly is an international dating platform that has a very advanced search algorithm, allowing users to define multiple search criteria and meet their perfect matches online. Like all other sites listed here, it does not focus on Ethiopia or even Africa alone, but it allows for narrowing down your search location. The site claims to feature only verified women profiles and runs regular security checks on its users.

Ethiopian Brides


TheLuckyDate is one of those services that does not put any limits on its users’ dating intentions. Unlike marriage-exclusive platforms, it eliminates the pressure by allowing both men and women worldwide to take things slow and casual. The interface is very simple, but all the essential communication features are there. Plus, it has plenty of free features, which is not that common on niche-exclusive and marriage-promoting sites.


This site is designed specifically for Jewish singles looking for serious relationships. The site is not location-exclusive, but it does have a special focus on Jewish culture. And, even though most Ethiopian brides are Christian, the Jewish community is present in Ethiopia, too. So, there is a good chance to find Ethiopian Jewish brides via this service — even more so if you share the same religion.


BravoDate has many Slavic women personals, but you can set your search parameters to Ethiopia as well because this service does not restrict anyone from joining. This site has around 70% of female users, which gives men looking for love a competitive advantage. The site is easy to use, has a mobile app, and is quite user-friendly. The price range is moderate and plenty of ladies’ profiles look like they come from Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Ethiopian Wedding Traditions: Where the Old Meets the New

Ethiopian Brides

While a wedding in Ethiopia can feature a classic western bride’s gown, it is still a traditional affair. A lot of century-old traditions still persist, and in the classic Ethiopian husband and wife scenario, the marriage will be arranged by the parents and the bride will most likely be a virgin of 18 or 19 years old. But besides this, other pure Ethiopian traditions remain, i.e., Telosh, a present-giving ceremony that happens two days before the actual wedding.

Traditionally, a groom picks a bride and his arrival at the house is a fun and joyful occasion accompanied by songs, presents, flowers, and eventually, kisses. Before the bride and groom say their vows, they go on a joy ride in the company of their friends and relatives. This is the part when the photoshoot generally takes place.

After the shoot, the groom kisses the bride’s knees, after which the whole procession proceeds to the wedding venue to have lunch. However, this is not the actual wedding yet — more of an engagement reception. The ceremony is considered complete only after the couple eats the cake and drinks a glass of champagne.

When the wedding lunch is over, the couple read their names in front of the guest — and that seals the deal. Immediately after the name-reading ceremony, the husband and wife proceed to the stage to have their first dance as a married couple.

One could think that this lengthy ceremony is all it takes to celebrate one’s marriage to an Ethiopian bride, but the actual party continues on the next, too. The next day of an Ethiopian wedding starts with dinner at the groom’s house, where the family gives the new bride a nickname, and the family cuts bread together. By the way, the wife will not leave the groom’s house for another 1-3 weeks after the wedding, and this tradition is dubbed the Ethiopian honeymoon.

Ethiopian wedding officially ends on the third day. The third and last day of the wedding, called Kelekel, is an equally important part of the ritual and aims at celebrating all extended family members.


How to find Ethiopian wife online?

You should, first of all, join any reliable dating agency of your choosing. Since Ethiopia stands apart from the rest of the continent, your best shot is with an international dating platform without a particular ethnic focus. Once you create an account, define your search parameters, and start chatting with suitable matches. One of the ladies may soon enough become your Ethiopian bride.

Are Ethiopian marriage agency sites legit?

Yes. While there are some shady dating sites, it is always possible to avoid them. Any local offices of the international dating sites operate by their rule and are entirely legal.

Is Ethiopian marriage certificate hard to get?

Should you decide to marry in Ethiopia, prepare to wait for 30-60 days before the Ministry of Justice approves your license application. The required documents are not that special, but the approval process is a long one.

Will my Ethiopian wife adjust to living in the West?

Most probably, yes. Women who create profiles on international dating sites are ready to interact with foreigners and ladies joining marriage sites are totally serious about relocating to a different country. Of course, the specifics will surely depend on the Ethiopian bride you marry, but generally, these ladies should adjust just fine in the West.

Can I really mail order brides from Ethiopia?

No, women are not delivered to your doorstep as mail. What you can do is create an account with a dating site that features Ethiopian women for marriage and meet eligible singles from Ethiopia or any other country you have in mind. The ‘mail order brides’ is a simple catchphrase to describe women who use marriage sites and are ready to relocate to another country should they find someone special there. But it is still up to you to forge a bond with a special lady.

How long does it take to find an Ethiopian wife online?

That will depend on what you are looking for in a wife and on your luck, of course. Generally, most bachelors spend anywhere between 10-14 months interacting with single ladies online before they meet someone truly special. Still, no one can tell for sure how long your search for a perfect wife will last.

Will my marriage with an Ethiopian wife last?

No one in the world can predict how happy a new marriage will be. Generally, if you take your time and do not rush into hasty decisions, there is a good probability that your marriage to an Ethiopian bride will be a happy and lasting one. Generally, these women are great wives, but marriage is a game that takes two.


As you can now see, Ethiopian women for marriage are the true gems of the whole continent. They are smart and resourceful, most of them are raised in a Christian tradition, and what’s most important — they are not overly pampered like women in many Western countries. With a woman from Ethiopia, you can expect a life of peace and happiness. She will become the best wife and mother to children, meeting all of your wildest expectations (if not exceeding them). And you can easily meet dozens of eligible brides on Ethiopian marriage agency sites. The woman of your dreams may be a few clicks away!

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