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Feeld Review - Does this Dating Site Fit your Personality and Lifestyle?

Dave Bowden
24 Jul 2023 / Updated: 09 Dec 2022
16  min read
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Fresh woman profiles

Anna, 33
Belgorod, Russia
Miho, 23
Osaka, Japan
Vika, 23
Samara, Russia
Astrakhan, Russia
Surabaya, Indonesia
Nika, 30
Moscow, Russia

Pros and Cons

  • A sizable user base.
  • Rigorous verification.
  • High-quality user profiles.
  • Strict censorship.
  • No nastiness.
  • There is no bias.
  • Open to all sexes.
  • Couples must register.
  • There are no actual photographs.
  • No desktop variation.
  • Sharing photos with restrictions.
  • The app's gender balance is off, with more males than women.
  • Sync with Facebook is compulsory.

A dating app for kinky hearts is called Feeld app. Feeld merits the title of “most open-minded dating platform” if such a thing exists. It is a platform that is unquestionably unique. The Feeld app is not a new concept. However, it was formerly known as 3nder. The platform attributes the rebranding to its former name, which gave it an identity outside of Tinder. It gains the distinctive identity that the dating site merits with the new name. Despite the fact that it uses geography to match users, it is not near enough to Tinder to get a spinoff name. Feeld app is already a successful destination for all curious and wicked individuals and couples eager to discover and experiment with their sexuality.

Over 60% of the Feeld dating app’s user base is made up of couples, making it one of the most popular dating platforms for couples. The rigorous moderation and verification procedure used by the dating site is what really makes it a favorite among individuals of all ages throughout the world. Members are shielded against con artists and imposters by the practice. Furthermore, Feeld has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and quickly bans ladies from Bolivia who are reported for it. Feeld app is a clean dating site that forbids nudity while being a kink dating site. The participants are assured that they can launch the app anytime, anywhere, without fear of embarrassment. Feeld Online boasts a strong response rate and more than 2,000,000 members worldwide. Despite the fact that women make up the majority of the app, the gender balance is not appropriate, but the user profiles make up for it.

Who Should Use Feeld Dating App?

Feeld App Review 2023

Feeld is for

  • If you’re looking for casual encounters and sensual escapades.
  • Those who like informal flirting.
  • For individuals and couples interested in investigating morally acceptable non-monogamy alternatives.
  • Open to all single hot women Paraguay, regardless of their tastes or orientation.

The Feeld app is mostly used by male users throughout the world, with a large portion of its members being from the United States. With over 20 options for gender and labels in the profile settings, the software is extremely tolerant of gender and sexuality. Compared to other dating apps, 60% of members are couples, which is a much higher percentage. Feeld dating app receives 500,000 weekly logins and has a high member activity rate.

Feeld Reddit Review On Interface

Feeld App Review 2023

To thoroughly evaluate a dating site, it is important to be aware of the technological characteristics in addition to the fundamental services and benefits you receive when you sign up for Feeld. The technological aspects determine how intuitive a platform may also be for any age group and directly impact the user experience of an app. Feeld may be a great location for couples to date hot Uruguay girl for a threesome or foursome, but not all couples from all backgrounds and ages may find it simple to use the Feeld dating app. As a result, understanding the technical aspects of Feeld becomes crucial to a review. Read the following sections to find out how user-friendly Feeld is and whether you need to be afraid before registering.

What Is Feeld Sign Up Process Like?

Feeld, first and foremost, requires registration. No dating apps let you use their UI before joining up. The process of signing up is now required on all dating websites. The Feeld app is no exception and requires all users to log in or register for a new account in order to use the platform, in this instance, a mobile application. On the Feeld app, the registration procedure is brief and easy, unlike other dating services that require users to answer a few mandatory questions. On the other hand, the Feeld app requires users to sign in using a Facebook account. It expedites things while also allowing the dating site to confirm the person’s identification. The Feeld app prompts the new user to input their nickname, gender, and sexual orientation or Asexuality Dating after joining in with the Facebook account. Of course, you may sign up together as a pair. The Feeld dating app imports the user’s birthdate from their Facebook profile. The user must next input their cell phone number for further verification. The measure inhibits hot girls Scottish from generating phony user-profiles and numerous accounts on the Feeld app.

For the ease of users, the steps are summarized below:

Sign up using your email address

  • Verify that you are an adult (18+) before beginning the signup process.
  • Decide whether you want to enter using Facebook or email on the following page.
  • Your email address is in text format.
  • A link will be sent to your email address.
  • You will be sent to your brand-new Feeld app account when you click on it.

Sign up using Facebook

  • Start up in the same manner, except pick Facebook instead of email this time.
  • You will be prompted to check in to Facebook through the Feeld dating app.
  • You will receive a message from FB requesting your confirmation before proceeding to Feeld.
  • You will arrive at your Feeld account after confirmation.

Feeld App Review 2023

Find Compatible Feeld Girls For Yourself

Any dating app’s main purpose is to help people find partners. A good dating site must be outstanding and quick at matching each user with a compatible companion. Wondering how to date Argentinian women? On Feeld, there are several options to search for a mate and select how to get in touch with them. However, the relationship mostly hinges on two factors, namely geography and shared interests. If you are familiar with Tinder, none of these ideas will be unfamiliar to you. If not, Feeld signifies that the program will only link you with persons nearby when it uses the term “area.” Mutual interest simply implies that you can only communicate with a person if they also like your account. Allow them to chat by allowing them access to their chat interface only when both users feel connected.

Communication With Feeld Apk Users

Feeld is a simple dating site that doesn’t include many intricate features. You only receive a messenger to communicate with other people besides the matchmaking procedure, which uses an algorithm to pair users and Feeld search criteria. Feeld 5.0 ensures that there are no complaints regarding the instant messenger, despite the fact that the instant messenger first received complaints about performance concerns. Feeld’s chat service is a standard messaging service that lets users communicate text messages to one another. There are no video calls, gifs, or other media options on the chat interface. Not to mention, it only becomes open when there is compatibility. The good news is that Feeld’s messaging is cost-free, unlike most other dating websites.

Feeld App Review 2023

Is Feeld Free? Free Vs. Paid Membership

The free version is sufficient to get a lot of favorable Feeld reviews from its users. The Majestic membership is ideal for you if you want to step up your dating game and use the premium features for a more private encounter. You won’t need to spend a bunch on this regal excursion, so don’t worry.

Free Services Fee-Based Services
  • Logging in to the Feeld dating app.
  • Support or oppose other profiles.
  • Search filters should be used.
  • Find possible matches.
  • Exchange messages with others.
  • Learn which members have already expressed interest in your profile.
  • Check the Feeld app to see when your relationships were most recently active.
  • Use the incognito mode to keep your Facebook friends and other people you know from seeing your profile.
  • Choose not to have your profile information shown on the Discover page.
  • Make sure only your connections can view your photographs by keeping them private.

On theFeeld app, the premium membership is referred to as the Majestic Membership, which is a distinctive moniker. Feeld’s magnificent membership is available for purchase by anybody using Feeld mobile app, regardless of qualifications. One can become eligible without having to do anything else by purchasing one of the two available Feeld subscription plans. Users must use their individual app shops to make payments on the app.

Duration Cost Total Cost
1 Month 11.99USD 11.99 USD
3 Months 8.00 USD 23.99 USD

Feeld App cost

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Is Feeld Dating Safe?

Feeld App Review 2023

Given the numerous privacy concerns with dating sites, safety is one of the important problems that require a response. Despite the fact that the Feeld app takes the security and safety of each of its users very seriously, it is nevertheless advisable for users to exercise caution while disclosing personal information to unknown French women hot. Nobody can ensure a user’s purpose, even Feeld’s authentication and moderation. In terms of privacy, the Feeld dating app plays its part by not showing any private information on the user profile. The software is safer for all users because there is also no nudity on it.

In order to safeguard members from online theft, the Feeld app uses a secure payment method and gateway. Because the software is available on the official app stores for Android and iOS, users may be sure it is secure.

Feeld Customer Service

Clicking on buttons meant for this reason will allow you to report people on the Feeld dating app. The Feeldapp crew, however, cannot be reached in any manner. One must contact the app shops’ customer support staff if they are experiencing payment problems to resolve them.

Understanding How Feeld Works

Once you sign up, make a user profile, add a profile photo, and register, your account will appear in other people’s search results. Being found in Feeld’s search results gives you exposure and increases the likelihood that others would like you. Alternatively, you visit the explore area to look for matches and begin like things. You may further refine the results using the various search criteria after the Feeld app filters the list depending on your location. Finding Syrian pretty girls may take some time at first, but as time passes, you will naturally start to connect with others who share your interests. To ensure that the algorithm on the Feeld app understands your preferences and needs in a mate, it is crucial that you fully complete your user profile.

On the Feeld app, members may utilize a variety of sophisticated search filters to narrow down their search results. The fact that all of the search criteria are free to use, in contrast to the majority of other dating sites that charge for them, is one of their finest qualities. On the one hand, these search criteria make things on the Feeld app appealing by allowing you to exclude folks based on your preferences; on the other hand, they make connecting with people time-consuming. Given the large user base, one can’t really complain because, while it could be difficult to locate Taiwan hot women at first, the procedure quickly becomes simple.

Feeld Website And Mobile Feeld App Version

There isn’t a desktop version of the Feeld dating app for users of desktop computers. Therefore, a mobile app is the sole option for users to access the dating platform. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android allow users to download the Feeld app for free. The interface’s interface and layout are simple and user-friendly on both OS. The Feeld dating app is available for iOS and Android, with no differences in the user interface or the services offered. The Feeld app’s straightforward interface makes it simple to use for users of all ages and backgrounds.

Feeld Review: Special Features

For you to become familiar with the idea of Feeld and how it functions, let’s quickly go through some of its features:

  • Last seen. On Feeld, viewing the last time a certain person was online is possible. You can make better decisions if you are aware of the app activity of the individual you are interested in. Additionally, the function aids in determining if a user is merely busy or intentionally avoiding you.
  • See who likes you. One can speed up the matchmaking process with the help of this tool. Like Tinder, the Feelddating app only allows you to contact someone if they have liked your profile and expressed interest in you. It could take some time because you’ll need to rely on the algorithm and might not like some accounts. You can see whose profiles on the Feelddating app have liked you, which will speed up the process and allow you to like them back. By immediately opening the message, you reduce the possibility of missing out.
  • Hide from Facebook friends. Feeld gives you a special function in exchange for requiring you to check in using your Facebook account. You may use this capability to remove Facebook pals from your match list by being away from them. Many young, cute girl Malaysian benefit from the protection from humiliation.
  • Future Connection. This feature alerts users whether they are interested in future connections.
  • Curiosity Hotline. This service will provide customers with answers to their burning concerns about relationships and sexuality.

Are Feeld Profiles Real?

Feeld App Review 2023

Feeld uses a two-level authentication mechanism, so there is no need to worry about using the Feeld dating app and encountering bogus users. Thus, it is possible to be absolutely certain of the identities of Feeld users on the app, even if nobody advises giving out personal information to total strangers. Many accounts, whether celebrities or cartoon characters, utilize false photographs to mask their true personalities. No one can flag the Feeld accounts as phony despite their utilizing photos that aren’t real. However, users of the platform are able to report any user accounts that exhibit questionable behavior. Multiple complaints against one individual may result in the account being permanently disabled.

Feeld Alternatives

Although Feeld is one of a kind, there are other dating sites that one can check as alternatives.

1. Fling


  • Favored for casual liaisons.
  • Large worldwide membership base.
  • Diversity in terms of sex, age, and race.
  • Features for advanced searches.
  • Purchase things from the sex shop.
  • There are video chat features available for premium subscribers.
  • Participate in live model cam conversations. is one of several dating websites that allow users to discover partners for casual relationships and impromptu sex encounters all around the world. The website’s name itself contains a wealth of information about its objectives. On a website with a name like this, you probably won’t expect to find your true love or anything else. While there are instances of this, most individuals come here for different reasons unrelated to establishing long-term relationships.

2. Ashley Madison


  • A sizable user base interested in free and public interactions.
  • Active users from various nations.
  • Simple and quick sign-up.
  • For females, messaging is free.
  • Free profile visits.

If you are married, and you begin to feel unsatisfied with your sexual life but don’t want your devoted spouse to learn that you are cheating on them, what should you do? So you should give Ashley Madison a go. People who have been married or dating for a long time yet want to try something new might use this internet service. These websites satisfy the needs of parents who lead wonderful lives but don’t often engage in sexual activity with their partners. Because of this, millions of married individuals frequently use Ashley Madison.

3. Meetville


  • Using a smart matchmaking algorithm, the software pairs couples based on shared values, beliefs, psychological compatibility, and hobbies.
  • With anti-spam filtering, Meetville has a respectable approach to identifying bogus profiles.
  • It offers a sizable database for each area with thousands of active users.
  • Its UI is comfortable and natural.
  • Multiple filters for conducting advanced searches on an online dating service
  • A large number of matches responded.

Meetville is a well-known dating site used by individuals all around the world. The website, which accepts members from the age of 17 and above, is great for bringing people together in their local communities. A unique dating algorithm used by Meetville takes psychological compatibility into account when matching mates, such as shared values and hobbies. For flirting, finding true love, conversing, and meeting friends online, try Meetville e-dating. Are Indonesian girls hot? Try out today! Meetville exists for connecting, conversing, and wooing the most amazing individuals everywhere in the world. It is about meeting the right people. One thing is clear from the high-quality photographs and comprehensive member profiles: the site is appropriate for users who are fed up with superficial matchmakers and want to elevate their dating experience.

4. MeetMe


  • In-depth profiles are common.
  • Members are quite active.
  • Both Android and iOS users can download the mobile application.

Like a few Singapore ladies dating site, this is a nice dating service if you want to join today’s online daters. This is one of the most well-known online dating services available right now, and it provides fantastic dating options. People can mingle and meet new people who share their interests thanks to laid-back attitudes. The Google Play and iTunes stores offer the application for download on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. The website caters to more than simply dating. Anyone wishing to converse or make friends is welcome as well. If finding local online daters in your area is what you’re after, MeetMe is a good dating site.

5. AdultFriendFinder


  • Large reputation as one of the world’s top dating sites to date.
  • Despite a data breach in 2015, millions of subscribers.
  • There are several choices available under the search tab.
  • Expressions of the visual arts are made simple via platforms like profiles, blogs, webcams, and many more capabilities.

One of the most popular casual dating websites is Through the many contact channels the website offers, those who have an open mind can find their ideal mates. Unlike any dating Cuba marriage agency, all types of sexual partners are welcome on AdultFriendFinder, which has no restrictions on options. People who want to try something new have come to the ideal location to take advantage of those uncommon chances. It includes everything from monogamy to sharing of couples, from friends with benefits to polygamy. It is a platform that encourages transparency and makes you feel welcome as soon as you log in. However, the website got into trouble a few years ago when several user accusations of hacking and fraudulent profiles surfaced. AdultFriendFinder is still a well-known name in the dating industry despite that problem, which continues to influence the site’s proprietors.


How Does Feeld Work?

Feeld dating app creates a workable result for you based on the data you entered during signup. It uses your tastes and location to pair you up with possible companions.

How To Use Feeld?

You may change your search options after registering. The profile results may then be browsed, liked, and disapproved of.

Is Feeld Legit?

Yes, the Feeld dating app is a trustworthy dating service. There isn't any evidence that I've seen that implies otherwise. It's more encouraging that I haven't come across any reference of a Feeld fraud online.

Is Feeld Real?

Yes, the rather well-known Feeld dating app is real.

Does Feeld Work?

Suppose you are eager to explore your sexuality, meet new people who are interested in kinky topics, and try out unconventional relationship structures. In that case, the Feeld app is a great dating app that works for singles and couples.

How To Delete Feeld Account?

One may swiftly and completely deactivate their Feeld app account from the app through the account settings. Select app settings in the lower right corner of your profile. Go all the way to the bottom and select "Terminate." To remove Feeld, choose either "Terminate" or "Deactivate."

How To Message Someone On Feeld?

You must navigate through the matches and choose one profile to communicate. After that, direct chat access is made available for conversing. Your new matches appear at the top, as in all other apps.

How To Unsubscribe From Feeld?

There are two different approaches for both iOS and Android smartphones.

iOS: Select the App Store under Settings. Access your Apple ID. Please enter your information. Click on subscriptions. To cancel a Feeld subscription, click on it. When requested, press to confirm, and your subscription will be canceled.

Android: access the Google Play Store. Press subscriptions from the menu. Choose "Feeld" from the subscription options and click "Cancel."


Feeld is encouraging sex positivity in a society that is full of taboos. A round of applause is in order, in our opinion. Additionally, they respect the LGBTQIA+ community, which is a need that any dating app must meet. Feeld is a place where the craziest dreams come true. It is the area where you may share your sex-related crazy imaginations, kinky ideas, and hobbies in an open forum. Even if the Feeld dating app is intolerant of nudity, the users are all equally sexy. Therefore, you should get over your shyness before signing up. Feeld is a dating site for contemporary open-minded couples. You may find an amazing Dominican wife who wants to experiment with their sexuality as well. If you were using a typical dating site, you might hesitate to advertise your interest in threesomes or particularly naughty sexual behavior. The Feeld community, however, is all about inclusion and acceptance.

Regarding your odd fantasies, there is simply no room for judgment here. The Feeld dating app is another way of saying independence, authenticity, and honesty. Being coveted by so many intriguing people will undoubtedly give you an extra dose of confidence that will spice up your personality and improve your real-life dating prospects. In conclusion, the Feeld dating app is something that we think all sex-positive individuals and couples should give a try. So why do you still wait? Play the Feeld, by all means!

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