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Tips on Dating Sexy Georgian Women

The Georgia female has a curvy body with medium breasts, a round butt, and is of average height.
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Top Georgian Cities With Brides Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Sokhumi, Zugdidi, Rustavi, Gori, P'ot'i, Ts'khinvali, Samtredia
Average Age 27 Years
Average Cost $14000
Success Rate 79%
Divorce Rate 22%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇪🇸Spain,🇨🇭Switzerland,🇦🇺Australia,🇦🇹Austria,🇮🇷Iran

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Georgian women are gorgeous and are known for their long luscious dark hair and expressive dark brown eyes. They have an exotic look similar to Italian or Greek women but with their unique attributes. Georgian women are also very close to their family, take religion seriously and have traditional values, which makes them ideal loyal partners and mothers. In this article, we will show you how to date Georgian women and find that dream wife you deserve!

What Do Georgian Women Look Like?

Georgian Women

Georgian women are from the Caucasus region, where Europe meets Asia. Georgian women have a Mediterranean look but tend to be taller, with lighter skin and bigger eyes and lips.

Skin Complexion

The Georgian female has light to tanned skin. Their skin tends to be darker than Slavic women, but due to the cooler climate and mountainous region, their skin is lighter than beautiful Italian women. They tend to develop lovely olive tanned skin in the summer and then a milky complexion in the winter.

Body Type

The Georgia female has a curvy body with medium breasts, a round butt, and is of average height. They tend to be shorter and curvier than hot Russian women with longer torsos. The average Georgian woman is 5 ft 3.5 inches (163 cm) and weighs 148 pounds (67 kg).

Hair Color

Georgia women are famous for having thick and wavy to curly dark hair. Hair is considered a sign of femininity in Georgia, so women tend to wear it long and are constantly at the beauty salon taking care of it. Georgian girls have similar hair to Armenian or Turkish hot girls.

Eye Color

Women Georgian tend to have brown to dark brown eyes. However, there are many girls, particularly from the west of the country, who have blue and green eyes. Georgian women have large and expressive eyes. Their dark color matches their hair and results in a powerful gaze.

Facial Features

Georgian women have oval-shaped, medium skin, large lips, and large eyes. Georgian women have pronounced noses combined with very expressive and wide eyes. They tend to have full luscious lips and bushy eyebrows. They have strong features but still remain a soft feminine beauty!

Why Are Georgian Women The Best Wives?

Georgian women dating

Are you looking for a woman who is stunning, will always be loyal to you, and wants nothing more than to be a mother? Then you need a Georgian wife! Georgian girls are famous for their exotic beauty combined with their traditional values. You won’t ever have to ask your Georgian wife to clean the house or cook dinner. Every night you will come from work to a spotless house and a feast! These women also have amazing, caring, and fun personalities. Georgian women love to joke around and talk the night away. If you want to find that perfect wife who will make you the best version of yourself, you need to meet Georgian women!

What Are Georgian Women Like?

Georgian women are cute, caring, funny, patient, and laid back yet still full of passion. They are extremely hospitable and very close to their families. They love cooking and entertaining and want nothing more than to meet their true love and raise a big family. Even though they hold traditional values, they are not out of place in the modern world and are hard-working, smart, and can hold conversations on any topic.


When you date Georgian women, you will notice they are initially shy and reserved. This is because Georgia is a patriarchal country, and women are expected to be modest. However, once you form a connection, Georgian women will lift their veil, and their true bubbly and fun personalities will shine through. They are known for being very sweet and generous. They are amazing listeners and extremely caring. Georgian women also know how to switch between a doting mother and a sexy wife.


Almost 30% of single Georgian women have university degrees. Georgian girls are naturally smart and have inner confidence, which means they aren’t afraid to challenge their opinions. Georgian women love to talk, and while they will tell you everything about their friends and family, they also like to discuss more serious topics such as history, politics, and finance. Georgia has a long and complicated history, and your date will give you some in-depth lessons!


Georgian women do not take their careers as seriously as German brides or other girls from Western Europe. Georgia is still a very traditional society and the man is expected to be the breadwinner. Many Georgian girls will just work part-time to earn a little bit of money but don’t have any serious career aspirations. Most Georgian girls are looking forward to being wives and mothers and aren’t interested in spending long days at the office. This means your Georgian wife can dedicate all of her time to making you happy!

Georgian women personals


Georgian women are extremely close to their families. Most single women Georgia live with their parents until they are married, and it is rare for Georgian women to live alone even in their 20s. Even when you marry your Georgian princess, she will be constantly calling her mother and going to their house every 5 minutes. You need to be careful about the type of family you are marrying into because you will have lots of contact with her relatives and will be constantly going to different events.

Georgian women are also natural mothers. From a young age, they grow up dreaming about having children. They also practice their parenting skills on their younger siblings and cousins. They are extremely involved parents and put a large amount of energy into raising successful kids.

Cooking Skills & Household Chores

Georgian women take great pride in their homes. Georgian women are expected to manage the household and keep it clean and well functioning. They excel in this role and love being bosses of the household. Before you even notice any mess, your wife will have taken care of it! Georgian girls also love to cook! Georgian cuisine may not be very famous in the West, but it is extremely tasty and popular in Eastern Europe. Just like there are Italian restaurants all over the West, there are Georgian restaurants all over the East. Every morning and evening, your wife will make you incredibly tasty Georgian feasts, and she won’t be satisfied until you eat your plate clean! Trust us, after trying homemade khinkali and khachapuri, you will want to marry your Georgian princess immediately!


Best Women in Georgia

Daniel, 26
Basel, Switzerland
Los Angeles, USA
Zofia, 22
Warsaw, Poland
Maria, 28
Helsinki, Finland
Budapest, Hungary
Maya, 30
New Delhi, India

Where to Find Georgian Women?

Georgian female

Georgian women love to walk around the city, visit cafes, go dancing in clubs, head to shopping malls, attend church and go to family gatherings. Wherever you look, you will find cute Georgian girls worth chatting to!

One of the easiest places to find sexy Georgian women is in bars and nightclubs. If you head to the party district in Tbilisi on Friday or Saturday night, you will find thousands of amazing women. Just get your best pick-up line ready and try your luck. Tbilisi has a great range of venues, from small intimate bars to big nightclubs with pumping dance floors.

If your dance moves are a little rusty or you don’t like the party scene, we recommend checking out the local parks. During the day, Georgian women like to go for a stroll through the many parks and relax on the benches. You can easily approach 20 or more beautiful women in the park in an hour 2 and get some contact details!

Another great spot to find Georgian beauties in cafes. Georgian women love to drink coffee and tea and regularly visit cafes. Tbilisi has a thriving cafe scene with lots of cool trendy places which are worth checking out. If you are a digital nomad, you can grab your laptop and occupy a prime table in a cafe and then take breaks from your work to hit on the cute girls who walk through the door!

It is possible to meet Georgian girls as you walk around a major city. However, there are a few issues. A lot of Georgian girls are in a relationship, and many girls are not interested in talking to strangers or foreigners. This will result in a high rejection rate. You can get around this problem by using online Georgian women dating sites. The great thing about these dating sites is that you know every girl on there is single and is looking for love. Most girls on these sites are also open to dating foreigners. Dating sites also speed up the process of finding Georgian women because you can quickly browse through thousands of profiles and send hundreds of messages in a few hours! Later in the article, we will show the best dating sites to meet Georgian women!

The 8 Best Cities To Meet Georgian Women

meet Georgian women

Do you want a stunning girl who can also cook and clean? Then you need a Georgian girl. Book a one-way flight to these cities now!

  1. Tbilisi – Tbilisi is Georgia’s capital, and with over 1 million people finding a date here should be easy! Tbilisi is a bubbling city with lots of restaurants, cafes, and a fascinating mixture of architecture.
  2. Batumi – Batumi is Georgia’s second-biggest city, with over 200,000 people. Batumi is a sea town located right on the Black Sea and is home to the famous Kvariati Beach.
  3. Kutaisi – Kutaisi is the 3rd biggest city in Georgia, with almost 200,000 people. This quiet city is the perfect place to meet a traditional Georgian girl.
  4. Rustavi – Rustavi is Georgia’s 4th biggest city with over 100,000 people. It is a major manufacturing hub, and while it may not be the most interesting city, it does have a lot of pure Georgian girls.
  5. Gori – Gori is the birthplace of Joseph Stalin! This city of 50,000 has some lovely ruins and was even a Hellenistic town at one point in history. You can take your local girl on a tour of the old fortress!
  6. Moscow – Moscow has much more than Russian women! There are over 100,000 ethnic Georgians living in Moscow, and the Russian capital has an almost infinite amount of Georgian restaurants. You can find Georgian girls in clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and Georgian churches.
  7. St Petersburg – Russia’s cultural capital also has over 100,000 ethnic Georgians. You can check out the Hermitage and bring your Georgian date along. There is nothing more romantic than walking along the Neva River!
  8. Kyiv – The Ukrainian capital is another city with a strong Georgian diaspora. Official statistics say there are around 70,000 Georgians in the city, but the true figure is probably a lot higher!

We guarantee if you go to any of these cities, you will come across more Georgian women than you will know what to do with. Remember that finding your dream Georgian wife is a numbers game. You may have to approach and date multiple Georgian girls until you find Mrs perfect!

The Best Places to Meet GeorgianWomen

women Georgian

Do you want to meet women in Georgia? Then head to these places filled with Georgia women singles!

  1. Restaurants – Georgian cuisine is super tasty! And Georgian women love going to restaurants. Many Georgian restaurants have a dance floor and even karaoke. So once you have chowed down your khinkali, you can slide up to some pretty women on the dancefloor!
  2. Bars & Nightclubs – Tbilisi has a thriving nightlife with lots of bars and clubs. The women in Tbilisi are much more modern than in other parts of Georgia and fill the clubs on the weekend.
  3. Parks – Georgian girls love to stroll around the city! Georgia is a country with lots of amazing parks and epic walking trails. As you are relaxing in the park, you may run into your future wife!
  4. Gyms – Georgian women enjoy working on their bodies by hitting up the gym. You will find super sexy girls sweating it on the treadmills in any of Tbilisi’s many gyms.
  5. Church – Georgia is still a very religious country. A great way to meet pure and good Georgian women is through the church!

Finding Georgia women for marriage is easy! All you need to do is go out in any major Georgian city, and you will come across hundreds of sexy girls. You will even have Georgian mothers and aunts coming up to you offering their daughter’s hand in marriage!

single Georgian women

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I might end up being the funniest people you are going to ever before fulfill! I am naturally a strive to real time types of woman and you will am most outbound. I really like paying attention to tunes and you may catching up with family. In addition choose dancing! When we date you certainly will look for my moves!Regardless if I love venturing out I also wear’t head expenses the night curled up for the a golf ball seeing Netflix!

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I might end up being the funniest people you will ever satisfy! I am however a try to real time brand of woman and you may have always been most outbound. I like listening to tunes and you will making up ground that have family members. I additionally want to moving! If we time could discover my personal movements!Although I love meeting In addition wear’t mind purchasing the night time rounded right up in a ball watching Netflix!

The 4 Best Dating Sites to Meet Georgian Women

Georgian women dating site

Georgian women are glued to their smartphones! After they are done checking out Instagram and messaging their friends, they like to check out the local talent on dating sites. It is estimated that 20% of Georgian couples under 35 met through online dating. This number is surely going to rise as the country becomes modernized and smartphone penetration increases. Dating sites are one of the best places to meet Georgian women because at the click of a button you get immediate access to hundreds of thousands of sexy Georgian girls. These dating sites allow you to easily contact your future wife through instant messenger or video chat, and if you are looking for something specific, you can set filters, so only girls who tick all of your boxes appear! Check out the best 4 Georgian women dating sites below!

  1. Victoria Hearts – Incredibly quick registration, over 5 million users, browse profiles, and send emails for free!
  2. BravoDate – Extensive search filters, awesome matchmaking algorithm, simple navigation, and over 100,000 monthly users!
  3. AnastasiaDate – Almost 30-year history, professional translators, send real gifts, lots of pretty beautiful Eastern European women!
  4. CharmDate – Almost 3 million users,70/30 female to male ratio, video chat, 24/7 customer support!

1. Victoria Hearts

Victoria Hearts was started in 2013 and helps Western men find their exotic bride! There are far more women than men on this site and a good mix of girls from around the world. This dating site is particularly popular with Georgian women, and you can find thousands of girls from all major Georgian cities. Victoria Hearts is very easy to use, and you can create an account in less than 3 minutes! This dating site has tons of incredible features, including video chat, instant messenger, virtual gifts, and personality-based matching. To prevent scams, all users are verified, and Victoria Hearts has a professional customer support team. To send instant messages and video chat, you must purchase credits which are $0.15 per credit. Create an account and find your Georgian princess on Victoria Hearts today!

2. BravoDate

BravoDate has a great selection of Georgian women as well as sexy Ukrainian brides and Belarussian wives! This dating site has a classic minimalist design and an intuitive design. You can easily browse profiles, set up search filters, and message girls. BravoDate is designed to allow you to contact as many beautiful girls as you want! If you want to bag a pretty Georgian woman, just set your filter to Tbilisi and be immediately surrounded by sexy Mariams! To get started on BravoDate, you just fill out a basic dating profile, including your age, a few photos, and your bio, then set search filters and start checking out what girls are online. Once you find a girl who ticks all of your boxes, you should shoot them a message or organize a video chat! To message girls, you need credits – 20 credits cost $2.99. Are you sick of dating the same boring girls in your hometown? Then sign up to BravoDate and marry that sexy Georgian woman you deserve!

3. AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate is one of the first international online dating sites! Back in the 1990s, this dating site developed an incredible platform that allowed Westerners to find Eastern beauties without leaving their countries! Nowadays, AnastasiaDate has millions of exotic Eastern European women, including some of the hottest Georgian women alive. The site has helped 10s of thousands of guys just like you find their dream wife. To get started, you have to fill out a brief profile, and then you can browse through different profiles and then send messages. While registering is free, you will need to purchase credits (20 for $15.99) to send messages. AnastasiaDate is one of the top-rated international dating sites and always has the hottest Eastern European girls, who all have to pass strict verification. Don’t settle for an average local girl when you can find your Georgian queen on AnastasiaDate!

4. CharmDate

CharmDate is another early international dating site that started in the 1990s. Since its founding, it has helped over 50,000 couples get married! CharmDate is overflowing with unbelievably pretty Eastern Europeans, including Georgian women who want to get married to Western prince charming. The women on this site are looking for true love and want to have children. CharmDate has far more women than men, and as soon as you sign up, your inbox will start getting messages from cuties in Tbilisi, Moscow, and Kyiv. While registration is free, to contact hotties, you will need to buy purchase credits which are as low as $3.99 when you purchase 100. With your credits, you can also video call, send real and virtual gifts, and take advantage of VIP customer support. Don’t let your gorgeous Georgian wife disappear. Register at CharmDate and video chat with her now!

Do you want to meet your dream Georgian wife? Then register at one of the dating sites above! All of the above dating sites have been vetted by our expert reviewers and are filled with hundreds of thousands of verified sexy Georgian women. If you are serious about meeting a Georgian woman, create a profile now!

Tips For Dating Georgian Women

Georgian women personal

When you are trying to win the heart of Georgian women for marriage, you need to make a good first impression. Follow these tips to get your Georgian beauty to quickly fall in love with you!

  • Turn up with chocolates and flowers – There is no better way to get your Georgian date to smile than show up with some fancy chocolates and a big bouquet of roses!
  • Pick the restaurant or cafe – Georgian women love it when men take control, and they also love to eat. An easy first date is to take her to a lively cafe or a fancy restaurant.
  • Learn some Georgian – Georgian is a notoriously difficult language and is only spoken by a few million people. You can easily impress your date by spitting out some broken Georgian!
  • Tell her about your goals and plans -Georgian women respect a man who has ambition. A Georgian girl’s eyes light up when you start talking about your career goals and plans to raise a family.
  • Don’t criticize Georgian culture – Georgian people are very passionate and proud of their country. Even though Georgia is not perfect, it is best not to criticize the country on your first date!

If you stick to these simple tips, your Georgian woman will quickly become obsessed with you and be texting you all night long! Remember to play it cool and not come off as too needy or desperate.

Georgian women for dating


Georgian women may be the perfect women! They are curvy with exotic faces, lovely big lips, bushy eyebrows, and long luscious black hair. Georgian women also have personalities to match their beauty and are incredibly caring and generous with a fiery, passionate side that will keep you on your toes! Georgian women thrive in the home and know how to cook, clean, and manage a household. If you want to meet Georgian ladies right now, sign up to one of our recommended dating sites above. Before you know it, you will be dancing the lezginka and eating Khinkali.

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