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Sexy Belgian Women: Online Dating and in Real Life

Hot Belgian women do not perceive every outing as the most important event in life, so looking perfect is not a goal.
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Top Belgian Cities With Brides Brussels, Antwerpen, Gent, Charleroi, Liege, Anderlecht, Schaerbeek, Brugge, Namur, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $17000
Success Rate 66%
Divorce Rate 45%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇮🇪Ireland,🇳🇴Norway

Find The Best Women Offer

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None of us wants to be lonely. We strive to meet a person who will have the same interests, share our views, and be happy.

However, not all people can muster the courage to get acquainted the usual way for many – in person. Moreover, each person has many reasons for this – one thinks they are not attractive and can not like another, another person is just shy.

Some people are too busy even to arrange their personal life. People used to get to know each other in person, no matter where it happened – at a friend’s house, on public transport, on the street.

However, people may find their “soul mate” by accidentally bumping into them while walking down the street! Therefore, this method of meeting a person still occurs today, but very rarely. Instead, Internet dating (with the help of dating sites and social networks) is becoming more and more popular.

Belgium hot girls do not dye their hair in bright colors as others do. However, at the same time, they are easily recognized among Asian or Latin brides. Below we explain their main traits and how to win them over.

Why Men Dream of Dating a Hot Belgian Girl

Sexy Belgian Women

The surprising thing about hot Belgium girls, unlike Slavic woman, is that they do not try to be too feminine. Women use makeup only on special occasions, as well as they wear skirts and heels – and, sometimes, more rarely. The concept of style and fashion differs significantly from others’. Belgium sexy girls do not wear heels and jackets with a neckline, walk-in torn tights, and combine interesting, unusual colors. They prefer natural beauty. Below we will list why Belgium beautiful girls are so attractive.

They Do Not Strive for Perfection

Hot Belgian women do not perceive every outing as the most important event in life, so looking perfect is not a goal. Belgium beautiful women do not mind messiness. It can be about hair, makeup, or clothes. Freedom and naturalness come first for them.

Clear Lines Are Not About Belgian Women

Hottest Belgian women despise contouring because it hides natural facial features and looks artificial. At the same time, they can use bronzer and try to use this cosmetic product on their cheeks to look fresh and radiant. However, they do not apply it all the time and do not nervously look in the mirror every hour.

They Don’t Get Professional Manicures

“The perfect manicure” is not about Belgian women beautiful or Asian girls for marriage. They do not like to spend hours at a time on their nails. First, it would cost much money, and second, they are convinced that nails are a trifle not worth so much investment and effort. Sexy Belgium women are sure that they are good by nature, and the most manicure for them is short nails with clear nail polish or without it. The same goes for their pedicure.

SurprisingFacts About Belgian Women

  • They don’t diet – Despite the popularity of “body positivity” worldwide, many hot women Belgium still aspire to traditional beauty standards. Public pressure in this sense is felt by residents of major cities – New York, Paris, and Brussels. Of course, most beautiful Belgian women are less inclined to exhaust themselves with rigid diets compared to American or French women. It is not common among sexy women from Belgium to keep strict diets. For this reason, there is a theory that sexy Belgium girls do not get fat.
  • Most beautiful Belgium women would rather have a career than a family – The idea that beautiful women Belgian will choose a career over a family still makes sense. Beautiful women of Belgium are eager to pursue their jobs and careers and may not dwell on their personal lives and families due to this. For this reason, you often see single, hot Belgium women without children who are over 30.
  • Cute Belgian girls are always polite – Although sexy Belgian girls sometimes behave very cold toward foreigners, they are not rude. The outward aloofness of Belgians is embedded in their cultural code but is not a reflection of their inner state. They rarely smile at strangers, are reluctant to engage in conversation, and may seem unfriendly and even aggressive at first glance. However, if you manage to break through their hard outer shell, they tend to become close, loyal friends and start treating you like family members.

Best Hot Women in Belgium

Kajal, 27
New Delhi, India
Ottawa, Canada
Kansas City, USA
Warsaw, Poland
Vienna, Austria
Caracas, Venezuela

Dating in Belgium – Leading Actual Tips

Brussels is a great place to date due to the many beautiful women Belgium, and it is also close to the rest of the European continent and a very cheap place to date. Hopping on a flight to meet Brazilian ladies looking for marriage Brazilian ladies looking for marriage can be a lot more expensive for European men. Follow these tips to get the best results.

Regardless of your age, you can find friendly ladies who are open to meeting someone new and coming out with a polite gentleman. However, there are some specifics you need to know to ensure success.

  • Men should initiate – Belgium is the country where guys still have to initiate. Good Belgium beautiful girl is unlikely to start chatting with you first, as it is believed that a lady should be modest.
  • Do not underestimate – Belgian ladies are sensible. As of June 2017, Belgians can travel to European Union countries without a visa, and with cheap ticket prices, local Belgium hot girl is exploring their options. The ladies you meet probably go on vacation abroad 2-3 times a year. They love and know high fashion brands and follow the latest trends. They read a lot and have a broad general knowledge. Thus, do not underestimate Belgian hot girls: they are not only beautiful but also intelligent.
  • Pay the bill – It is still a man’s responsibility to pay the restaurant bill when a couple is on a date in Belgium. However, guys get payback because these are hot sexy Belgium girls who have to clean, cook, wash, iron and store later in the relationship, so it is just a “flower and candy period,” that is, the initial phase of courtship when a man pays the bills while trying to woo a lady. Moreover, it lasts a few dates. A hot Belgian girl enjoys a man’s attention during early dating, and he pays the bills for the entertainment. So, pay the bill and do not bother.
  • Flowers decide everything – Belgian men have created this system for themselves that solves almost everything: giving cute Belgian women flowers. She expects a bunch of beautiful flowers on the first day, and then she will love it when you give her a few flowers with bright petals now and then. If you have been mischievous, you need a big bouquet, and you will probably be forgiven. You will see many flower stalls in Belgium because the product is in high demand. It is the currency of relationships. Beautiful Belgian women are trained to feel loved when a guy gives flowers; it gives them affirmation.
  • Remain straightforward – As one of the most emotional and expressive globally, local girls know precisely how to talk to men. For example, if a Belgian woman is not thrilled with her dinner or her admirer’s behavior, she will say so right away, unlike single Belarus women who may hide their feelings to seem nice. At first glance, this behavior seems even a little cruel. However, it is an extraordinary move because the man immediately gets used to the fact that his girlfriend does not hide anything and is ready for dialogue in any format. Therefore, she will immediately and honestly tell if she did not like his gesture, gift, or flowers. The same goes for breaking up a relationship.
  • Be Romantic – They say being romantic is in Belgian women’s blood. So, the Belgians bring up every girl from the first years of her life so that she can flirt and smile sweetly and be a little saboteur. However, this romanticism shows itself not only in a relationship with a man but also in private. For example, Belgian women love to wear things made of natural fabrics, buy flowers and paintings at home, and sometimes have impeccable manicures. Moreover, of course, always grinning. It is this lightness and tenderness that makes them fall in love. For this reason, romantic gestures from their loved ones are important to them.
  • Dress up – Hot girls of Belgium love well-dressed men. But frankly, beautiful Slavic women do too. Sexy girls in Belgium are especially intrigued. Dressing in long pants, a collared shirt, and dull-soled shoes for your first date will give your status a decent dating perspective. Some guys complain about this advice and say they think it “buys” attention of Belgium girls hot.

If it “buys” the attention of the sexy Belgian girl, then there is something else: being intelligent and funny, smiling, giving her compliments, paying the bill, opening doors, etc.

Then sexy Belgium girl also draws your attention when she goes to the salon to get her hair and nails in order, buys beautiful outfits and perfume, and gets her makeup done. She could get out of bed and go out with you without styling her hair. This is what you look like when you refuse to dress appropriately while dating with beautiful Belgium girl. Would you dress up if you were going to a wedding or a job interview? What difference does it make? It is just a ritual.

In short: If you do not want to be successful in dating a hot Belgium girl, do not dress up. However, if you want to succeed with the hottest Belgium women, then wear pants and a shirt, and maybe a collar and jacket. Get a haircut in a salon and wear quality clothes and shoes: Belgium sexy girl considers absolutely everything. Moreover, it is better to apply antiperspirant and shower twice a day or more, if necessary. Use a nice perfume. Belgian women hot love a man who smells good.

Which Sites Are the Best to Meet a Soul Mate in Belgium?

Hot Belgian Women

The good news is that beautiful Belgian women are happy to communicate with Belgian men and with foreigners. There are a good number of sites made explicitly for Belgium beauty. Considering that finding a trusted resource can be hard work, we decided to do it for you and came up with a list of the websites we believe are the most secure and have the best database of women to find that perfect match for a European girl cute.

  • – Educated Belgian gals looking for their soulmate
  • Be2 – The safest platform to find a sexy Belgian girl is one of the largest online dating platforms in Belgium. Therefore, you will not be able to find the hottest Scandinavian women on this site. It primarily targets academic people and people over 30 years old. Its main advantage over other sites is that it uses encryption and guarantees its customers’ privacy. About 2500 new members join every week. As a result, EliteDating is one of Belgium’s fastest-growing online dating sites.

About 70% of their Belgium girls sexy members have graduated with a bachelor’s degree or higher. focuses on people who are looking for a serious relationship. The only drawback is that you have to pay if you want to write to Belgian girls beautiful and read unlimited messages.

Be2 is one of the largest online dating platforms in Belgium, and it is expanding rapidly. Its strengths are anonymity and security, which are important in online dating. It asks you to take a personality test when you sign up because its algorithm will select singles based on your criteria to help match you to the perfect cute Belgian girl.

This test allows Be2 to choose particular singles that match your personality. A vast community uses Be2, and you can read about the success stories on their website. Applying to Be2 is free!

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Don't Miss Your Chance! Hot Women Here

Single Maria in Helsinki, Finland
Maria, 28
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Occupation: Model
Children: No
About me

I’m trying to find love! I am very bold and have larger needs for the future. I am a robust and you can separate young woman who would like to getting addressed as the the same, misogynists wear’t irritate chatting me! I’ve a big community from family unit members and you can like making up ground together over dinner otherwise coffees. I am constantly smiling and would like to come across an individual who I is laugh to having!

Single Francesca in Rome, Italy
Francesca, 20
Location: Rome, Italy
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

Is it me you are searching for? In my opinion I am just the right connect. I’m smart, lovable, compassionate plus comedy. I have already been bitten because of the travelling insect and will’t rating enough of travelling! I’m finding a person who often get a great back pack and you may hitchhike by way of Europe with me! I am needless to say adventurous and you may are always upwards to own an effective big date. I favor sipping a few cups of drink and you can laughing brand new nights aside. I am a touch of a medical nut and you can love running.

Single Laura in Vienna, Austria
Laura, 25
Location: Vienna, Austria
Occupation: Blogger
Children: No
About me

Would it be myself you’re looking for? In my opinion I’m the ideal catch. I am wise, cute, compassionate as well as funny. I have been bitten because of the traveling insect and will’t get an adequate amount of traveling! I am trying to find someone who usually grab a beneficial back pack and you may hitchhike using Europe with me! I’m without a doubt daring and you may was usually up to have a great day. I like drinking a few glasses of wine and chuckling this new night aside. I am a bit of a health nut and you will love running.

Single Naomi in Philadelphia, USA
Naomi, 25
Location: Philadelphia, USA
Occupation: Sales Manager
Children: No
About me

I may end up being the funniest individual might actually meet! I am of course a strive to real time sort of lady and you can have always been really outbound. I really like listening to music and catching up that have family. I also prefer to moving! When we go out you will look for my personal motions!Even when I enjoy fun In addition don’t attention expenses the evening curled up in the a ball seeing Netflix!

The Most Beautiful Women in Belgium

We have already discussed the popularity of beautiful Belgium women. Now we want to list the top 10 Instagram divas of Belgium.

Luna Stephen

Luna Stephen

  • Fans following: 214k
  • Instagram profile: @lunastevens1
  • Profession: blogger, nightclub dancer

This beautiful lady of Belgian-Dutch origin is the girlfriend of former Dutch youth team Sandy Walsh. This name will not sound familiar to many, as he has played soccer in the Belgian league for almost his entire career and has also gone through several Orange youth teams.

Elena Castro to Suarez

Elena Castro to Suarez

  • Fans following: 10.7k
  • Instagram profile: @elenacastrosuarez
  • Profession: model

Elena Castro Suarez shows just how divine a mix of Belgian and Spanish blood can be. In 2019, she became Miss Belgium at the age of 18. In an interview, a Belgian girl hot announced that she was still single. She is undemanding about a potential partner but prefers the athletic type. “I can fall in love with a blond god just as I can fall in love with a more southern appearance. A man who is taller than me gets the perks. Perfectly taller than me in heels. Otherwise, I’m not demanding at all.”

Celine Van Witsel

Celine Van Witsel

  • Fans following: 153k
  • Instagram profile: @celinevanouytsel
  • Profession: model, lawyer

On January 11, 2020, Van Ouytsel was elected as Miss Belgium. Thanks to her victory, she succeeded Elena Castro Suarez. She later also became Miss Antwerp 2020. In addition to winning all sorts of prizes for her looks, she also is intelligent: in addition to being a model, she is a lawyer.

Maite Rivera Armajones

Maite Rivera Armajones

  • Fans following: 74.8k
  • Instagram profile: @maitherivera
  • Profession: triathlon athlete

She became Miss Belgium in 2017. In terms of looks, she could very well compete with Pak Munen.

Celeste Dexstecker

Celeste Dexstecker

  • Fans following: 39k
  • Instagram profile: @celest.d
  • Profession: beautician, model

She placed second in the Miss Belgium 2020 pageant, but she also became Miss Flanders 2020 and Miss West Flanders 2020. She is going to go far in her modeling career. Nevertheless, Celeste Dexstecker is busy doing other things as well. She is making great strides as a beautician. Celeste seems to be quite knowledgeable about it.

Rose Bertram

Rose Bertram

  • Fans following: 833k
  • Instagram profile: @rose_bertram
  • Profession: model, influencer

We mostly know Rose Bertram as the girlfriend of former Ajax player Gregory van der Wiel. She is a model and influencer. With her beautiful bundle of curls and stunning body – even after being pregnant – she already knows how to win over nearly 900,000 subscribers for herself.

Angelina Flor Pua

Angelina Flor Pua

  • Fans following: 19.7k
  • Instagram profile: @angelineflorpua
  • Profession: model

Angeline Flor Pua is the daughter of Filipino parents who met in Belgium. Later that year, Flor Pua was crowned Miss Filipina Europe 2016 in Vienna, Miss Belgium 2018, and Miss Antwerp. She also tried to make a name for herself on the international stage during the Miss World pageant in China but soon failed. Nevertheless, she has a beautiful appearance.

Lentje Jorissen

Lentje Jorissen

  • Fans following: 13.9k
  • Instagram profile: @leentjejorissen
  • Profession: student, model

22-year-old Leentje Jorissen earned the right to call herself the most beautiful in Limburg in 2017 and was one of the finalists in the Miss Belgium pageant. She is still studying, but modeling is also part of her life.

Axel Despigeler

Axel Despigeler

  • Fans following: 22.7k
  • Instagram profile: @despiegelaereaxelle
  • Profession: blogger, model, Ice-Watch ambassador

This name may not mean much to you, but your memory is sure to be completely refreshed with one photo. Axelle Despiegelaere gained worldwide popularity during the 2014 World Cup after her photo at the stadium went viral. Nevertheless, it’s been a few years, and she still looks great.

Michelle de Bruyne

Michelle de Bruyne

  • Fans following: 337k
  • Instagram profile: @lacroixmichele
  • Profession: worked at Prime Impressions Hostesses as Promotion Director

Michele Lacroix is football player Kevin De Bruyne’s wife. The couple has three sons named Mason, Rome, and Suri De Bruyne.

Mistakes When Dating Sexy Belgian Babes

You need to subdue a Belgian woman, so be prepared to devote time to a serious affair. Sexy Belgian women are often excellent cooks just like Eastern European women for marriage! The downside of this is that while you may also be a genius in the kitchen, your Belgian partner may drive you away. The general rule in Belgium, as mentioned, is that the guy will pay the bill, so gentlemen should make sure they bring enough money to cover the bill. Punctuality is appreciated, but it is perfectly normal for Belgians to be 10 to 15 minutes late for a date. If that happens, keep calm and confident. However, be careful – the turning point is usually when you go to lunch at her parents’ house.


Belgium hot women are women who are slim without diets, attractive without excessive makeup, always confident and live by choosing quality over quantity. Do not be afraid to start dating online and follow our recommendations. It is better to use the sites we recommended. Good luck!

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