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Why Sexy Mongolian Women Make The Perfect Dates?

Mongolian wives are stunning! They tend to look like Chinese women with some European influences and their own unique features.
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Top Mongolian Cities With Brides Ulan Bator, Erdenet, Darhan, Khovd, OElgii, Ulaangom, Hovd, Moron, Bayanhongor, Arvayheer
Average Age 25 Years
Average Cost $1500
Success Rate 78%
Divorce Rate 32%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇫🇮Finland,🇩🇰Denmark

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Mongolian girlshave enchanting good looks, and like their southern neighbors, their beauty continues deep into their 40s. Beautiful Mongolian women aren’t just sexy. They are also extremely family-oriented, are full of passion, and know their way around a kitchen. In this article, we will show where to find sexy Mongolian women!

Why Are Mongolian Women So Hot?

Sexy Mongolian Women

Mongolian wives are stunning! They tend to look like Chinese women with some European influences and their own unique features. They have pale to reddish skin with square to round heads, black hair, dark eyes, and some lovely curves!

Skin Complexion

Mongolian girls tend to have pale skin, which is lighter than other Asians and often has a unique red hue. Hot Mongolian women have very high cheekbones and large cheeks, which are often rosy. During winter women are very pale, and they tend to tan easily during summer. Their skin complexion is most similar to Chinese wives or hot Kazakh women.

Body Type

Women tend to be taller, curvier, and more robust than East Asian women but are still shorter than beautiful Russian women. The average woman is 5 ft 3 inches (160 cm) and weighs 148 pounds (67 kg). These women are much curvier and heavier than petite East Asian women, many have naturally athletic bodies. They tend to have larger breasts and butts than Chinese women and longer legs.

Hair Color

The typical woman has dark, rich black hair. Mongols with light hair are very rare. Most of the pictures you see online of Mongols online are actually Turkic people who have significant amounts of European DNA. Most Mongolian hot girls have similar hair to Chinese women, it is very straight, soft, and fine. Women tend to grow their hair long and wear it naturally as this is a sign of pure beauty.

Eye Color

Most hot Mongolian women have dark brown eyes. They have classic Asian eyes and can be quite small. However, around 14% of These women have light eyes. This is not surprising as these people have far more European DNA than East Asians resulting in some European features such as light eyes.

Facial Features

These womenhave large, round, and sometimes square faces. They have more pronounced noses than Korean hot girls and high cheekbones with round rosy cheeks. They have small Asian eyes and a defined jawline. Sexy Mongolian girls have Chinese-esque faces with some mild European features, giving them an enchanting and exotic Asian look.


Mongolian sexy girls are very polite and feminine, just like Japanese wives. They are very cute with a seductive charm that will make you chase after them. Initially, they are a little quiet and reserved, but once you break their shell, you will find a lovely cheerfulness. Women are known to be more passionate and fiery than Chinese women. They don’t mind voicing their opinion and are a strong presence in the household.


This country is a patriarchal society, but women are still highly educated and take part in the workforce. It ranks 53rd out of 159 countries for gender inequality. Many women leave their careers in their mid to late 20s to focus on raising a family. While some women are very career-focused and driven by making money, most still prefer to stay at home and raise the kids while they let their husbands earn money. If you are looking for a stay-at-home wife, Mongolian brides are a great choice.


Family is extremely important to Mongolian women. It is a collectivist society which means families rely heavily on each other, and there is a complex system of favors. There is also a general rule that children are expected to care for their parents as they age. Women also live with their parents until they get married and very rarely live alone. When you are marrying a woman, you are also marrying her family. Prior to marrying your Mongolian princess, you will have to establish a good relationship with her parents and ask her father for permission.

When you marry a hot Mongolian girl, you will be expected to spend a lot of time with her family and attend social events. If you live in Mongolia, you will need to live close by. Before you marry one of these women, make sure you research her family because you don’t want to get stuck with crazy in-laws!

Cooking Skills and Household Chores

Do you love meat? Beautiful Mongolian women are not suitable if you are a vegan! Mongolians love cooking huge piles of beef, mutton, and meat-filled dumplings. Dairy products are also a staple of this country’s cuisine. Women are expected to handle all of the cooking, so you won’t have to argue with your wife about who is cooking breakfast or dinner, she will happily whip incredible feasts. Women love to keep their husbands happy, so don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of the food, they will learn how to make all your favorite dishes.

Mongolian wives are also known for being very neat. They are quite strict when running a household and take great pride in organizing everything. When you marry a Mongolian woman, you will come home to a clean and tidy home every day!

Best Hot Women in Mongolia

Suzu, 29
Tokio, Japan
Dian, 25
Jakarta, Indonesia
Sandi, 27
Surabaya, Indonesia
Joo, 23
Shanghai, China
Maya, 30
New Delhi, India
Miho, 23
Osaka, Japan

Interesting Facts about Sexy Mongolian Girls You Didn’t Know

Hot Mongolian Women

We bet you didn’t know these crazy facts about sexy Mongolian women:

  • Over 50% of women are Buddhist – Women have been Buddist since the late 1200s. Even persecution during the Soviet times hasn’t stopped the majority of women praying at temples!
  • Women are more educated than men – Many families have sent their daughters to the capital to attend university while their sons attend to the livestock. The result is Mongolian women are far more likely to have a university degree than men.
  • 20% of womenare fluent in English – All women study English while at school and many have advanced language skills. You won’t need a translator when dating a sexy girl!
  • Women’s favorite drink is horse milk – Women can’t get enough of airag. This drink is made from fermented horse milk and is even slightly alcoholic. It is similar to kefir and has a powerful sour flavor. It is considered to be a health tonic and great for digestion.
  • Women love dumplings and boiled mutton – The most popular dishes in Mongolia are Buuz which are large dumplings filled with meat or giant pieces of boiled mutton. Women consume large amounts of meat. You won’t find many vegans in this country
  • Women lose their virginity at 23 – On average women have sex for the first time when they are 23. Mongolia is fairly conservative when it comes to sex and women are expected to wait until they are married before doing the deed.
  • Womenon average get married at 26 – Women are expected to marry young. In rural communities women get married in their early 20s while in the capital women wait a bit younger. Women who aren’t married in their 20s are shunned.
  • The average Woman has 2.87 children – Large families are extremely common and the average woman has almost 3 children.

Tips on Dating Hot Mongolian Girls

First impressions are critical when you start dating a sexy Mongolian girl. To ensure she falls in love with you, follow these tips:

  • Organize the date – Men are expected to take the lead. Don’t wait for your date to make the first move. You should come up with a date, time, and a plan!
  • Be generous – You don’t need to show up with expensive gifts or take her to the fanciest restaurant but if you bring flowers, some chocolates and take her to a nice place to eat she will be impressed!
  • Ask about her parents – Women are very close to their parents. You should ask your date what her parents do, and how they are. Women love it when you take a genuine interest in their families!
  • Let her know you are serious – There is no hookup culture in this country and women don’t just date for fun. Women are looking to get married and have children. If you want your relationship to progress, you need to tell your date that you are looking for a wife!
  • Compare cultures – A great way to get to know each other is to compare your culture to Mongolian culture. You can look at similarities and differences. Remember to be respectful. Many women have never left their homeland and are fascinated by the West!

These tips are easy to follow and guaranteed to make a hot Mongolian girl fall in love with you. Set up a date on one of our recommended dating sites and try them out!

Top Dating Sites to Meet MongolianWomen

Let’s face it, the weather in Mongolia sucks. You can’t go outside for large portions of the year, especially in winter when the average temperature is -20! During these cold days, women spend a lot of time on their phones and computers, which makes dating sites the ideal place to land a date with a cute Mongolian girl! Thanks to dating sites, you can browse through thousands of sexy girls and message hundreds of women in an hour or 2. You also can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. Simply set your filter to Ulaanbaatar, and you will be immediately surrounded by the hottest Mongolian women on the planet. Check out the best 4 dating sites below!

  1. AsianFeels – Half a million active monthly members, sleek and modern design, sign up in under 5 mins, amazing features including virtual and real gifts, and instant messenger!
  2. AsianDate – Thousands of sexy brides, secure payment methods, extensive search filters, and a great verification system!
  3. AsianMelodies – Over 1 million active users, awesome gender ratio, personality-based matching, fun features including likes, winks, and instant chat!
  4. AsiaCharm – More than 1 million monthly users, simple and fast navigation, all profiles are verified, and 24/7 customer support!

1. AsianFeels

AsianFeels is a niche dating site that pairs Western men with mind-blowingly good-looking Asian women. All of the women on this site are looking for love and are genuine about getting married and starting a family. AsianFeels is a very popular site with half a million monthly active users and girls from all over Asia. There are approximately 5,000 to 10,000 hot Mongolian women on the site, and most of them are in their early to mid-20s. They are fluent in English, educated, and are looking for their Western prince charming. This dating site has in-depth profiles with personality questionnaires so you can really get to know a girl before you send them a message. You can register for free and check girls’ pictures and profiles, but to chat, send virtual gifts and view hidden secret albums, you will need to purchase credits (20 credits cost $2.99) AsianFeels is one of the leading niche dating sites and has helped thousands of Westerners just like you find their perfect Mongolian bride!

2. AsianDate

AsianDate specializes in finding Western men their perfect and sexy Asian wives. The site has women from every Asian country, including Mongolia, and also a great selection of Thai, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese women! There are currently over 500,000 active monthly users and at least a few thousand Mongolian sexy women. AsianDate has way more women than men, with 75% of the users being women. Nearly all of the girls on AsianDate are looking for serious and long-term relationships. You can create an account, fill out your profile, upload pictures, and view profiles, all for free! However, to send messages, video call, or send gifts, you need to purchase credits. 150 credits cost $19.99. All of the girls are verified, you can purchase credits via secure payment methods, and the site even has 24/7 customer support. Head to AsiaDate today and start chatting with a pretty Mongolian girl now!

3. AsianMelodies

Did you know AsianMelodies has over 1 million active monthly users? This site is overflowing with gorgeous Asian girls and more Mongolian hot women than you can handle! AsianMelodies features a modern and sleek design, and we found the site to be very fast and easy to use. You can fully set up your dating profile in around 5 minutes and then start viewing all of the sexy women on offer! Every girl on AsianMelodies has been verified, and you can report profiles if you suspect any scams. The site has impressive features, including simple search filters, instant chat, videos, virtual gifts, and winks. It is free to create an account on AsianMelodies and send messages. However, to read messages and access instant messenger, you need to purchase credits which start at 20 credits for $2.99. If you are bored of dating average girls in your hometown, sign up to AsianMelodies and try a beautiful and exotic girl!

4. AsiaCharm

Do you want to meet the most beautiful Mongolian girl in the world? AsiaCharm is here to help! AsiaCharm is a massive dating site with over 1 million active monthly users, and nearly all of the girls hail from around Asia, including Mongolia. The site has a fantastic gender ratio where women outnumber men 2 to 1. The girls are also very responsive and have a 90% reply rate. This site is safe and secure as all profiles are verified, and there is 24/7 customer support. AsiaCharm is overloaded with fantastic features, including instant messages, video calls, and even virtual gifts! The site uses an advanced search algorithm to help you find the perfect woman, and you can register for free! However, to chat and send virtual gifts, you need to buy credits, 20 credits cost $2.99. Don’t wait another second, find your Mongolian princess at AsiaCharm today!

Are you serious about marrying a gorgeous Mongolian woman? It is far easier than you think! You can connect instantly with the sexiest girls right now at one of our recommended dating sites. Create an account in just a few minutes, create a basic profile and start messaging your future wife. With thousands of Mongolian cute girls to choose from, we know your future wife is online now!

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Hot Women Are Dreaming of You Here

Single Sulie in Shanghai, China
Sulie, 26
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Blogger
Children: No
About me

I enjoy play and you can moving. When we big date I’m able to most likely drag one to a beneficial night time karaoke bar and great time out some Whitney Houston or Madonna sounds. I am a tiny mental and maybe a little crazy. But I’m extremely faithful and compassionate. I am tired of to play the latest relationship online game and wish to look for a real son. Needs brand new white picket wall, the dog, the latest Volvo, dos kids as well as the lovable house! When you’re the man to simply help myself get to my personal fantasy life content myself!

Single Corey in Surabaya, Indonesia
Corey, 27
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia
Occupation: Photographer
Children: Yes
About me

I’m sweet, comedy and you may was always laughing. I am a traditional lady and want men who’ll damage myself! I am down-to-earth and also the tiniest provide have a tendency to set a smile back at my face for the entire day. I adore traveling and you may are thought my 2nd larger trip. You never know perchance you is also join myself?

Single Phan in Paris, France
Phan, 25
Location: Paris, France
Occupation: Photo model
Children: No
About me

I am a bit of a celebration woman and you may such as for instance hitting the metropolis on Monday and Saturday night. I have already been known to place the fresh dancing floor alight. I’m a highly bubbly and you may outbound people and can’t stand nevertheless for very long. I always must be doing something. I have a-work hard gamble difficult lifetime. I adore exercising concentrating on my human body or catching up having girlfriends. If you feel you can keep right up, send me a message!

Single Joo in Shanghai, China
Joo, 23
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I’m pretty, comedy and you may am usually chuckling. I’m a classic lady and require a guy who can harm me! I’m down-to-earth and also the tiniest present commonly lay a grin on my face for the entire few days. I really like traveling and was believed my personal next huge travels. That knows maybe you can also be subscribe me personally?

Top 10 Hottest Single Mongolian Girls on Dating Sites

Check 10 of the most beautiful Mongolia women who are looking for love right now! All these sexy Mongolian women have built up large followings on Instagram thanks to their blessed good looks and talents!

1. Tugs Saruul

Tugs Saruul

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Super Model

Tugs Saruul is a 5ft 11 supermodel who has a striking unique look. She is just 24 years old and shot to fame after her appearance on the reality TV Asia’s Next Top Model.

2. Tuya Altan

Tuya Altan

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Model and actress

She is famous for appearing in Playboy and has a degree from the Mongolian State University of Culture and Arts.

3. Una Bold

Una Bold

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Blogger

Una Bold is a model and is one of the country’s top lifestyle bloggers. She is always sharing pictures from exotic locations.

4. Shuudertsetseg Purev Ochir

Shuudertsetseg Purev Ochir

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Actress

Shuudertsetseg Purev Ochir is one of the top actresses in Mongolia and is known for her impeccable style!

5. Turbat Battsetseg

Turbat Battsetseg

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Model

Turbat Battsetseg is a stunning model who sprung to fame when she won Miss Mongolia in 2014 and competed in the Miss World competition.

6. Chuluunbaatar Urankholboo

Chuluunbaatar Urankholboo

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Singer

Chuluunbaatar Urankholboo is one of the biggest pop stars in Mongolia. Her voice is only matched by her beauty!

7. Baljkaa Ann

Baljkaa Ann

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Blogger

Baljkaa Ann is a hugely popular blogger with a diehard fanbase. She is always jetting around the world and appearing in fashion magazines.

8. Tsengel Oyunbat

Tsengel Oyunbat

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Actress

Tsengel Oyunbat is one of Mongolia’s most famous actresses. She is a super sexy Mongolian woman and is famous for roles such as The Mother in 2016.

9. Odzaya Deremchimed

Odzaya Deremchimed

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Fashion blogger

Odzaya Deremchimed is a fashion icon. She is always collaborating with the biggest brands and setting fashion trends!

10. Purev Suren

Purev Suren

  • Lives in Ulaanbaatar
  • Model

Purev Suren is one hot woman! She is also incredibly talented as when she is not sharing sexy pictures on Instagram she is modeling and appearing in movies and Tv shows!

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Dating Sexy Mongolian Babes Online

Landing your dream sexy Mongolian woman is easier than you think. However, if you make these mistakes you will have no chance!

  • Don’t be rude – Even though Mongolia is a patriarchal society that doesn’t mean you can be impolite. Women do not like chauvinists! You need to treat your date as equal.
  • Don’t split the bill – While your date wants you to treat her as equal that doesn’t mean she wants to go half on the bill. At least for the first few dates expect to pay for everything!
  • Avoid public displays of affection – Women are very reserved. They only like to display affection in private. If you are too hands on she will get embarrassed and you may even create a scene.
  • Don’t insult Mongolia – Women are very proud of their country. They don’t want to hear a foreigner harshly criticize it. It is best to keep your strong opinions to yourself.
  • Don’t just discuss general topics – Women want to have deep and engaging conversations. They want to hear about your life, plans, goals and experiences in other countries.
  • Don’t stare at your phone – Women expect you to be looking at them when they are speaking. Your date will quickly lose interest if you spend the whole night staring at your screen!
  • Don’t show up underdressed – Cute girls take their style seriously! Don’t show up to your date in some old t-shirt. Make an effort and at least wear some stylish shoes and a collared shirt.

If you avoid these mistakes above you will quickly get your sexy hot Mongolian girl to fall in love with you! Remember to treat women with as much respect as a girl from your own country.


Mongolian women are the perfect catch! They have beautiful Asian looks with a slightly exotic look due to some European admixture. Mongolian wives have round faces, pale skin with reddish cheeks, straight black hair, and curvy bodies! They have incredible personalities and are a joy to be around. These women are famous for being caring and loyal, raising amazing children, and pleasing their husbands. The number 1 spot to find Mongolian brides is on dating sites. On our recommended sites, you can instantly connect with thousands of sexy girls looking for their prince charming. Create an account today and meet your Mongolian beauty now!

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