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Indian Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from India

What makes these women special and how do you get to know them, in the first place? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Indian ladies
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Top Indian Cities With Brides Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Kanpur
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $14000
Success Rate 75%
Divorce Rate 36%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇮🇪Ireland,🇫🇷France

The Best Brides Are Only Here

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Who does not dream of finding an exotic Indian bride to love and cherish? These Oriental beauties have always fascinated men across the world, captivating their hearts and inspiring them to be better men. Still, if an Indian woman is someone you would like to share your life with, do not forget that men in India far outnumber the women, so you will face some fierce competition when you meet Indian ladies.

On the other hand, the sheer number of beautiful Asian women to date and potentially marry is inspiring and the population in India is quite vast, too. Still, why would you even consider looking for an Indian wife? What makes these women special and how do you get to know them, in the first place? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Indian ladies, their wedding traditions, the qualities they look for in a husband, and of course, the safest way to meet these Orient beauties. Let’s get started!

What Makes an Indian Bride So Precious for Westerners?

wife Indian

Most Indian women would rather focus their attention on families than on building their careers, which is not something you generally see with most American women for marriage, or European ones, for that matter. This, however, does not mean that you will end up with a boring housewife because most Indian singles are educated and can carry on an excellent conversation. As a former British colony and a major tourist hub, India is mostly an English-speaking country, so the language barrier between you and your gorgeous bride is very unlikely.

If you are interested in having children, you will not find a more devoted mother, no matter how far and wide you may be inclined to search. Perhaps, the only real competitors to Indian mothers would be Japanese women, but frankly, these ladies may get a little over the top when it comes to raising the expectation bar. In contrast to that, Indian moms are gentle caretakers who would never push their children or their husbands too hard.

Another great thing about having an Indian wife is that this lady will give her husband a lot of personal space. If you are the kind of man who likes to keep his distance and enjoys his privacy, you should definitely consider having a wife from this culture. A woman like this will surround you with care and devotion without getting in your way — a true art only women from India and some other Asian countries understand these days.

Characteristic Cultural Features of Brides from India

Traditionally, Indian women spend very little of their time with men —unless, of course, these men are her family members. For ages, it has been a secluded life for most Indian women and in some areas, the tendency still persists. That is why at first, your hotIndian wife may come up as somewhat shy, but do not take this as a lack of interest in you. These exotic women are modest and non-pushy which makes them so different from all sexy America women or directly straightforward Scandinavians. Once an Indian girl opens up to you, you will see just how open-minded and educated she is.

Speaking of education, your potential Indian match will most likely be an erudite woman. The education and literacy gap in India is still astounding, with only half of the women having primary education. However, it is very unlikely that you will find these girls on international dating sites. The other half (which gives us billions of eligible ladies) will have an excellent education and will generally come from wealthy families. It is also quite possible that an Indian wedding bride like this will have a lot of time on her hands to pursue academic education and possess a lot of interesting hobbies, from photography to scuba-diving.

Another thing to keep in mind when interacting with single Indian ladies is that many of them will be vegetarians, and some may go full-scale vegan. Even the ones that are ‘carnivores’ will avoid eating beef and veal for religious reasons. However, coming from such a rich and warm climate, any beautiful Indian wife will be an expert in cooking seafood.

Perhaps the most important trait of a typical Indian wife is her fierce loyalty to her husband. Up till the 19th century, a widow would follow her late husband into his funeral pyre in a ceremony called Sati. Obviously, this is not the case now, but the tradition speaks a lot about Indian wives and their devotion to their husbands. All in all, if an Indian woman gets married, she plans to get married for life. Even in our hector age, India has the lowest divorce rate worldwide — standing at just 1% of all married couples!

Best Brides in India

Anna, 23
Dnipro, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
Sasha, 28
Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Marina, 21
Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
Lviv, Ukraine

What to Expect from an Indian Wife? The Absolute Best!

Indian bride

Perhaps one of the factors contributing to such an unprecedentedly low divorce rate in India is a simple fact that Indians make amazing wives. As already mentioned, these ladies take their marriage vows very seriously and once they do get married, they understand that divorce is not an option. Of course, the situation may be different for singles of Indian descent who grew up in Western culture. Still, if you are going to mail order Indian brides, you can stay pretty sure that she will stay with you till the end of the line.

Here are just one of the amazing qualities you can expect from an Indian marriage:

  • Fidelity: a typical Indian woman is a strictly monogamous lady since chastity has been a part of her culture for centuries. Of course, traditions are now changing in India, too so you may not find your virgin bride if that’s what you’re after. Still, even this is a paid possibility when you meet Indian singles online; and even if your future wife has sampled the ‘forbidden fruit’ before, you can stay absolutely confident that she will never — ever — cheat on her husband once she says ‘I do.’
  • Non-conflicting personality: unlike hot Italian girls, Indian women are not much for joining vehement discussions. In fact, even a simple ‘no’ is a rude reply in Indian culture, not to mention open conflicts. From an early age, a typical Indian girl has been mastering the art of peaceful negotiations, which is why your future family life will be blissfully quiet.
  • Outstanding cooking skills: India has a very rich cuisine and most Indian girls master the art of cooking from an early age. On the whole, Indian food is rather spicy, but do not think that it rests on curry (which is actually a western thing) alone. With a wife like this, going hungry or eating semi-prepared products is simply not an option with real Indian wives.
  • Strong focus on her husband and children: the primary feature that makes an Indian hot wife so special is their devotion to their families, particularly the ones they create themselves. This means that in your wife’s eyes, your home, you, and your children will always be the top priority.

Which Qualities Do Indian Mail Order Brides Want to See their Suitors?

Given that Indian ladies seeking marriage do not lack the attention of men back in their own country, you will have to do your absolute best if you want to attract them. The best course is to offer them something unique, something that Indian grooms do not have. After all, if you are already considering an Indian for a wife, the attraction of foreign and exotic cultures is something that you can probably understand. So, it is quite probable that you and your potential Indian match already have one thing in common — the desire to try something new and adventurous.

On top of your adventurous nature, there are some other qualities that may intrigue Indian brides:

  • Ambition and initiative: to a westerner, a lot of Indian men may come off as somewhat lazy, and not entirely without reason. Often, these people lack ambition and determination, allowing all things in life to take their natural course. This is also a part of Indian culture, but since your beautiful bride is looking for something different, showing how ambitious and determined you are in any of your beginnings, be it business or winning her heart, will surely score you some points.
  • Respect for women and elders: sadly, women have been disrespected in India for centuries and in some rural areas, the tendency still persists. If you treat your potential match with mere respect, in her mind, it will border on devotion — and that is not something any woman in the world is immune to. Respect to elders is equally important, so you should definitely avoid any ambiguous jokes on the subject — if, of course, a bride Indian wedding is what you are after.
  • Generally good manners: India has its own etiquette rules, but general good manners and politeness apply everywhere. Rudeness is not part of Asian culture that relies on hierarchy and respect. Open doors, pay compliments, and surprise your bride with subtle romantic gestures — and you will surely get her attention, which is always a good start in India brides search.
  • Focus on family values: most importantly, Indian ladies looking for marriage want a home and a family. If that is what you want too, you already have an ace up your sleeve. You can describe how you see your family life, how many children you would like to have, how you want to raise them, etc. These conversations will definitely score you some favors with hotIndian brides.

Where to Meet Indian Women on the Spot?

Indian wife

Your best, and most affordable, shot of meeting the India wife of your dreams is by joining an international marriage site or contracting a professional marriage agency. On the other hand, India is a top tourist destination and its rich culture is definitely worth witnessing with your own eyes. Besides, it is not a very expensive country, so you may well invest in a quick trip to India.

Perhaps, one of the best cities to start your trip is Mumbai, or Bombay when it was still under British rule. Sexy Mumbai girls are open-minded and educated and have the most ‘westernized’ mentality in all of India. At this point, you may think that a western mentality is not something you would want from an Indian wife, but keep in mind that Mumbai singles will still feature all of the prominent cultural traits we discussed above. In this city, you can easily chat girls up at parties (which are multiple), cafes, and social events. Even if you do not find the woman of your dreams in Mumbai, the visit to this city will be well worth it.

Another place with lots of parties and lots of open-minded Indian girl brides to meet is Goa. This state is one of the major tourist attractions in India and while it has a lot of Western tourists, you will find some locals there, too — especially on weekends when they come to party on the beach.

West Indies are also an amazing tourist destination, with Calcutta is the top city any Westerner should visit. Still, you should not get your hopes too high when trying to interact with Indian girls for marriage because they are generally cautious of strangers. As already mentioned, it is way easier to establish the first contact online before you start planning a trip to this ancient and captivating country.

Ups and Downs of Dating Online Compared to Real-Life Meetings

Of course, before setting out on a search for a perfect Indian wife, a man must understand that online dating has some disadvantages compared to real-time meetings. On the other hand, it does have quite a few perks, too — even more so if you are looking for a wife, not just a passing thrill. But what are the pros and cons of meeting women online?


  • You get a chance to find matches that most suit your expectations for a beautiful Indian bride without any distractions
  • You have the time and distance to help build a meaningful connection with your match
  • You get to choose from multiple single Sri Lanka women, among other users
  • There is less pressure compared to real-life dating


  • No dating site can guarantee 100% authenticity of all user profiles
  • There is quite a lot of competition with other men when searching for sexy Indian brides
  • It’s hard to say if there is any real chemistry between you and your match
  • Finding the woman of your dreams may a bit longer than expected

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Don't Be Alone, Find a Beautiful Bride Here

Single Tatiana in Astrakhan, Russia
Tatiana, 21
Location: Astrakhan, Russia
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

Good morning my personal husband to be! While reading this you must already feel interested and I wear’t blame your. Aside from are stunning I am fairly comedy actually my pals think-so. I am adventurous and also just a bit of a wild side! I know simple tips to simply take an amazing selfie and will prepare amazing 2 time noodles! Within my sparetime Everyone loves watching this new Netflix series, considering alive songs and planning cafes, We have a little pie habits. If you want individuals enjoyable and you can a little other, discover me!

Single Kristina in Pskov, Russia
Kristina, 30
Location: Pskov, Russia
Occupation: Sound Producer
Children: Yes
About me

I am not your own typical woman. Though I am really committed and then have grand plans to own the future one to doesn’t mean We wear’t have enough time for anyone unique. I am a spin-getter and would like to obtain the sheer really out of lives. I am always full of energy and you can my buddies and so i was instance another type of dog, always jumping off of the structure. Whenever you put up with my personal wildness, I’m most caring and possess a large center prepared to complete for the right individual!

Single Katya in Kharkiv, Ukraine
Katya, 22
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Occupation: Music agent
Children: No
About me

I’m a down-to-earth woman exactly who keeps an early day java! I pleasure me towards are good friend and you may are lookin for an individual to invest my entire life which have. I’m dedicated to looking love and you can someone who I am able to invest my life time which have. I have many appeal and in the morning an extremely outbound people. I am usually on the move doing something. I like to experience sports, happening hikes, considering plunge pubs and you can have always been constantly into seek out a knowledgeable java in town. I’m very adventurous and you will waiting to invest one year travel international!

Single Alice in Lviv, Ukraine
Alice, 23
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Occupation: Clothing stylist
Children: No
About me

I enjoy become silly and you can laugh as much as. We don’t such folks who are also serious and i very well worth a sense out-of jokes! Even if I don’t bring existence too absolutely I’m most committed and then have more information on desires. I’m seeking a permanent dating full of love and pleasure. I have quite a few hobbies, I just take pilates a couple of times each week and you will like fun so you’re able to restaurants using my relatives!

Where to Find Indian Mail Order Brides?

Indian girls for marriage

  1. Asiandate – Millions of verified profiles from Asia and India
  2. Asianmelodies – Enjoyable communication and most pleasurable experience
  3. Asiacharm – One of the most intuitive user-interfaces online
  4. Asianbeautyonline – Over 20 million users from Asia and plenty of Indian singles
  5. Dateasianwoman – A dating site for someone interested in a fling


AsianDate has plenty of perks, including live chat with video, calls, and e-mail correspondence. The platform has been around for 15+ years and boasts a good success rate when it comes to connecting singles from all over the world, with particular emphasis on Asia and Indonesian brides.


Besides various communication channels, like emails and chats, AsianMelodies offers a gift sending option to ladies who have captured your attention. As a reputable marriage agency, this site takes great care in verifying all ladies’ profiles and removes the invalid ones.


This is one of the most simplistic dating sites out there, and anyone can easily figure it out. The number of verified profiles on this Asian and Indian marriage site is also impressive, so if you don’t want to spend hours before figuring out how the fancy interface works, AsiaCharm is for you.


This site welcomes people over 24 years old and may not have the best verification system for new users. However, it offers a quick start into the world of Asian and Indian bride dating since there are plenty of seductive women who sometimes even make the first step.


This dating site has been around since 2015, so it already stood the test of time. However, over the years it acquired an audience looking for non-committed flirt rather than marriage. Still, it can be a good start for anyone who wants to understand the intricacies of courting Asian women.

Indian Wedding Traditions for a Truly Exotic Wedding

Indian Brides

If you decide to have a traditional Indian wedding, beware that a typical ceremony lasts three days. Misri is the first part of the ceremony that happens a day before the actual wedding. This is the time when the bride and groom exchange gifts and prayers. The traditional Misri gifts are golden rings and flower garlands. The title, misri, means rock sugar that the groom’s parents always bring to symbolize the sweet marital life soon to come.

Another important wedding ceremony that happens a day before the wedding is Mehendi and is attended by women alone. Mehedi goes hand in hand with Sagri when the groom’s female family members present the real Indian bride with more flowers and gifts. The part when the bride and groom are dancing together is called Sanget.

The traditions described above are quite generic for most Indian areas, but some districts may have their unique regional variations. Besides, a lot will depend on the family’s social standing as well. For example, some families may insist on a ceremony called Haldi. It involves people from both families who are supposed to spread oil on the newlyweds’ clothes — right before the actual wedding occurs.

Indian couples are generally joined in matrimony under Mandap, which is a festive canopy resting on four brightly-decorated pillars. There is a good chance that an Indian bride would like to say her wedding vows under the Mandap. Other purely Indian wedding traditions include Laja Homa and Mangalsultra. Laja Homa will unlikely apply to foreigners because it calls for the Indian new bride’s brother-in-law to pour rice in her hands.

The Mangalsultra is essentially a necklace with two pendants that is hung around the new wife’s neck after the couple exchanges their wedding rings. When it comes to a traditional Indian wedding dress, do not expect your exotic bride to be wearing white. Instead, she will most likely wear Solah Shringar — a very complex outfit that has a total of 16 prices and includes not only clothes but also some very wedding-specific jewelry and make-up. One of these jewels, the Mangtikka, is particularly important and is worn over the pretty Indian bride’s forehead.

Indian grooms usually wear an outfit called Mojari, which is widely represented in Indian culture. Still, as a Western man, you will likely be excused from it and may have a modest Western-style ceremony if that is what you choose. On the other hand, if you would be willing to go through with all the exotic Indian marriage traditions (which can be quite fun), you will earn the love and respect of your Indian wife’s friends and family forever.


How to find Indian girl for marriage?

This process is not different from dating in real life — you go out, talk to strangers and keep things casual until you establish a more meaningful connection. The main benefit of using a dating site when meeting single Indian girls is that you know right from the start what dating and marital goals your potential match has.

How to get an Indian wife?

The Indians are pretty serious about marriage as divorces are still frowned upon in their culture. So, to convince a lovely Indian lady to actually marry, you will have to show her that you are serious in your intentions and can be relied upon. This will take time and patience on your behalf, but the result should be well worth it.

Can you actually buy an Indian bride?

No one can actually buy people these days, but there is always a way to meet single Indian women interested in marriage. The process of searching for a suitable bride may take some time (up to a year on most marriage sites), so what you will be eventually paying for is the agency’s services. You do not pay for the wive, only for means of communicating with your Indian matches.

Is it easy to get a visa for your new Indian wife?

That would mostly depend on your country's requirements. In most countries, the process will involve quite a lot of red tape, but it is uncommon for any Foreign Ministry to deny visas to a gentlemen’s legal spouse. For more specific details, check in with your ministry of foreign affairs.

Are Indian women interested in your money?

Despite common prejudice about India as a poor country, the income discrepancy here is quite vast. Most educated Indian girls for marriage on international dating sites will come from good, well-off families, so the chances that they are looking for a moneybag are quite slim. However, you should still take caution and never send anyone money when you date online, no matter the teary requests.

Do Indian women make good wives?

Yes, most of them surely do. Still, you need to remember that the choice of a wife is totally up to you, and your idea of a good wife may be somewhat different from what an Indian wife has to offer. Generally, a typical woman from India will be a good housewife, a keeper, and a very attentive mother. Indian women are also not the ones to contradict their husbands.


Indian women can make excellent wives to any Westerner who would like to have a traditional family. They are excellent homemakers and would never openly contradict their husbands. Still, do not think that Indian girls are only there to please you. These gorgeous women know what true gems they are, so you will have to apply some effort if you want to win their hearts — especially given that eligible Indian brides are in short supply even in their country. But, if you manage such a feat, you will not have a wife more loyal and respectful.

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