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Indonesian Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from Indonesia

Indonesia is a very hospitable culture, so your new bride will love socializing and having people over.
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Top Indonesian Cities With Brides Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Bekasi, Palembang, Tangerang, Makassar, South Tangerang, Semarang
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $5600
Success Rate 76%
Divorce Rate 34%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇮🇷Iran,🇧🇪Belgium,🇩🇪Germany

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Indonesian brides stand apart from most Asian women. The country’s unique location, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean on one side and the Pacific on the other, along with a curious combination of genes and ethnicities on one island results in astonishing beauty and a high tolerance for other people’s customs and traditions. If we were to sum Indonesia in one word, the word would be ‘diversity.’

Considering the surprising diversity of this island, it is not surprising that many single women in Indonesia do not mind finding a husband abroad. In fact, lots of ladies create profiles with Indonesian mail order brides agencies, hoping to find a loving husband in the West. Despite common stereotypes, these ladies are not trying to escape poverty because this country is quite well-off by Asian standards. Still, like so many of us, Indonesian women are looking for romance with a bit of adventure. And what better way to find both but to date someone from a far-away country?

But then again, dating is one thing and marriage is the other. So, the real question is — would an Indonesian girl looking for marriage become a good wife? The short answer is — yes! For a more extended one, read on.

Why Indonesian brides make great partners in marriage?

Indonesian Brides

One of the best things about an Indonesian wife is her kind, cheerful nature, and easy-going personality. A woman like this will forever be devoted to her husband and will pay the greatest attention to raising her children should she have any (and she will probably want a few).

As already mentioned, Indonesia is about diversity, which results in a high level of tolerance for other people’s way of living and, more importantly, thinking. This trait applies not only to customs and religions but also to other people’s personalities. Indonesia brides are ready to accept other people for what they are, without judging these people through their own prisms of tradition. In marriage, this generally translates to the most open-minded, accepting partners you could ever hope to find.

At the same time, an Indonesian bride will also be loving and kind, which may also trace back to their high level of acceptance. When you marry a woman from this diverse culture, you can expect a life of peace and quiet, not to mention your wife’s utmost devotion to her blood and in-law families. Both are early important in Indonesian culture, and after you are married, the two do become one.

Another thing to understand about a hypothetical woman who joins an Indonesian marriage website is that she has already set her mind on marrying abroad. Different women will have different reasons for this, but most are looking for something new and exciting. So the chances are that your Indonesian mail order bride will have quite an adventurous nature, so a life with her, no matter how peaceful, should not turn into a boring household routine.

Brides from Indonesia: Characteristic Personality Features

wife Indonesian

Indonesian brides are some of the most cheerful and open-minded people in Asia. Do not confuse them with Indian women who generally exercise restraint when talking to men. Indonesians are modest and unassuming, but most of them (unless they belong to Hindu culture) will not avoid eye contact with the opposite sex. Most women in Indonesia are friendly and open-hearted, but this does not mean that they are frivolous in their affection. Quite on the contrary, they maintain a perfect balance between friendly affections and romantic affiliations because the latter are taken with all seriousness.

Indonesia is a very hospitable culture, so your new bride will love socializing and having people over. Once again, do not confuse them with ever-partying Russian brides — quite the opposite. For an Indonesian woman, socializing is the best way to learn more about the people and the customs around her. A typical Indonesian girl will have a curious mind and she will always be excited to learn new things and meet new people. At the same time, her main focus is her own family. Once again, these women can balance social and family life without any difficulty.

Compared to other Asian countries, Indonesia has a pretty decent level of education. Even though the poorest people are still undereducated, a woman who joins an Indonesian marriage website will most likely come from a good family and will have a good education. Even if she lacks something in classic schooling, your bride will most likely be both smart and wise. And the best part is — her curious mind and endless energy will push her to forever extend the limits of her knowledge, especially when it comes to learning things about a new culture.

Best Brides in Indonesia

Busan, Korea
Surabaya, Indonesia
Shanghai, China
Yoko, 26
Tokio, Japan
Phan, 25
Paris, France
Rika, 27
Tokio, Japan

Why an Indonesian Woman Is the Best Wife in all Asia?

Besides being accepting, cheerful, and smart, an Indonesian wife will also be very supportive. In her culture, the bond between husband and wife is not to be broken, so she will work hard on mending any fences that arise between you. Still, considering her tolerance, the fences are an unlikely probability. Even if you face some cultural misunderstandings, your wife’s cheerful nature and unwavering tolerance will never fail to bridge those.

Perhaps the best trait that makes a sexy Indonesian wife so special is her optimism and relaxed attitude to life. Family life with a woman like this will be entirely devoid of any unnecessary drama because she firmly believes there is always a way out of any difficulties life may throw your wife. Similar to Latin women, Indonesians dance through life overcoming any obstacles as if playing. Anyone who shares a life path with a woman from this culture will have things easy, without any excessive stress.

As a housekeeper, bride Indonesia takes household matters with equal ease. She is not the type of woman to complain about domestic chores or urge husbands to chip in with doing the dishes. You are, of course, free to help her (and this will be much appreciated), but if you want to keep yourself from the household routine, your wife will not keep this against you.

Finally, Indonesians are natural-born peacemakers, and if the tensions start growing, your wife will always find a diplomatic solution that works both ways. The same approach applies to children who are educated in an atmosphere of love and understanding. At the same time, the kids are taught responsibility from an early age, but not in a nagging, tyrannical manner — quite the opposite.

What Do Indonesian Brides Want from their Life Partners?

Indonesian bride

Few men would be able to argue that different women expect different things from their men. Aside from love and respect, there are plenty of cultural peculiarities to consider, particularly when marrying an Indonesia bride. The good news is that the country is so ethnically and culturally diverse that your wife will already have a high level of tolerance for different social rules and customs. A good start would be to show your match the same attitude. Showing both interest and respect for a woman’s national traditions is always a nice start that can shorten the gap between you two. Besides, you will have plenty of things to talk about and may find out a lot of interesting things about how big and different our planet truly is.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most Indonesian brides would like to be with a successful man. Here, it is important not to confuse success with financial status, even though these two may go together. Indonesians are the most friendly and cheerful people on Earth, and they are looking for equally happy partners in life. In their way of thinking, a successful person is a person happy and content with one’s life.

On the other hand, any woman would love a sense of financial security for herself and her children. A man does not need to be Rockefeller to provide for his family, but a man is still expected to provide. The good news is that a typical Indonesia bride is not too spoiled with luxury and contends herself with a modest, unpretentious way of living.

And of course, an Indonesian wife will surely appreciate a touch of romance and attention now and then. You do not need to spoil her with gifts and flowers every week, but remembering your anniversaries and special dates can keep your wife in high spirits even as your relationship matures and loses the first thrills of a new romance.

Where to Meet Indonesian Women in Their Country?

Since Indonesia is such a vast and ethnically diverse country, a lot will depend on the area and the particular ethnic group in question. Still, like most other single people worldwide, the youth in Indonesia goes out to parks, bistros, and movies when they have free time. Many women spend weekends with their families, particularly the elderly kin.

Besides, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Indonesia, and the locals travel their country just as much as the tourists do. From the white sandy beaches of Bali to ancient Hindu temples, the list of things to do in Indonesia is quite long and, of course, you get a chance to interact with the locals along the way.

Still, the biggest problem with going to Indonesia hoping to just stumble upon your perfect bride is that many women you see will not be interested in marrying a foreigner or will already be married. So if you are truly interested in meeting Indonesian girls for marriage, online dating is your best shot. Should you find someone special online, you can then arrange a trip to Indonesia and your beautiful match will also become your perfect local guide.

How Online Dating Compares to Real-Life: Pros & Cons

While dating online may lack some of the thrill and excitement compared to offline meetings, it does have several advantages for a man looking to find a wife. So, what are the main pros and cons of dating online?


  • Plenty of beautiful women to meet and talk to, without necessarily dating just one at a time
  • A chance to set any specific search parameters, from physical appearance to lifestyle and habits
  • No pressure compared to dating in real-time
  • A chance to truly bond on the spiritual level before meeting each other in real-time


  • The choice of gorgeous ladies can actually be overwhelming at first
  • Even if you find someone special, there is no real guarantee that the relationship will spark up in real life
  • Some ladies may not be 100% honest about their lives and dating intentions
  • The search for a perfect wife may take up to a year or more

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We Have a Gift for You. Your Bride is Waiting Here

Single Yoko in Tokio, Japan
Yoko, 26
Location: Tokio, Japan
Occupation: Clothes designer
Children: No
About me

I like to sing and moving. If we go out I could probably drag one to a good evening karaoke club and you may blast out specific Whitney Houston otherwise Madonna songs. I’m a small mental and possibly a tiny crazy. But I am really faithful and you may caring. I’m sick and tired of to experience new relationships games and want to get a hold of a real man. Needs the latest light picket fence, the dog, the latest Volvo, 2 infants and also the lovely family! If you’re the man to assist me personally get to my personal fantasy life content me personally!

Single Xin in Shanghai, China
Xin, 25
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Photo model
Children: No
About me

I enjoy sing and dance. Whenever we big date I can most likely pull one a great late night karaoke club and you may blast out certain Whitney Houston otherwise Madonna music. I am a tiny psychological and perhaps a tiny crazy. However, I’m really dedicated and you can compassionate. I’m sick and tired of to experience the relationship games and wish to find a bona fide son. I would like the fresh new white picket wall, the dog, this new Volvo, 2 kids therefore the precious domestic! If you find yourself the man to simply help me go my personal dream lifetime message myself!

Single Shufen in Shanghai, China
Shufen, 23
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: WEB Model
Children: No
About me

I enjoy sing and you will moving. Whenever we go out I could most likely pull you to definitely an effective evening karaoke bar and blast away specific Whitney Houston otherwise Madonna musical. I’m a tiny emotional and possibly a tiny in love. But I’m extremely faithful and compassionate. I’m sick and tired of to tackle the brand new relationships games and would like to see a real son. I would like this new white picket barrier, your dog, new Volvo, 2 kids together with attractive domestic! If you’re the guy to help myself get to my dream life message me!

Single Corey in Surabaya, Indonesia
Corey, 27
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia
Occupation: Photographer
Children: Yes
About me

I’m sweet, comedy and you may was always laughing. I am a traditional lady and want men who’ll damage myself! I am down-to-earth and also the tiniest provide have a tendency to set a smile back at my face for the entire day. I adore traveling and you may are thought my 2nd larger trip. You never know perchance you is also join myself?

Where Do Indonesian Mail Order Brides Create Dating Profiles?

Indonesian wife

  1. AsiaCharm — Hundreds of gorgeous Asian women profiles, and plenty of accounts from Indonesia
  2. DateAsianWoman – Welcomes anyone regardless of marital intentions and country of origin
  3. AsianDate – An interactive platform for chatting online and finding soulmates with some luck
  4. SingleAsianGirls – An all-in-one site with plenty of singles’ accounts and guides on dating foreigners
  5. AsianBeautyDating – A very populous platform with thousands of daily active users looking for love
  6. AsianBeautyOnline – A non-restricting service that helps people from all over the world to date and mingle
  7. AsianMelodies – Hundreds of beautiful Asians, including Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese mail order brides


This is a heavily populated website with hundreds of singles looking for their match abroad. The site has an established reputation and even though it covers all of Asia, it has advanced search parameters that allow narrowing down your search any way you see fit. Here, you will have plenty of single women profiles to interact with, and many of these girls are looking for more than something casual.


This site’s demographics are mostly focused on people who are looking for a casual flirt in the first place, but many of them do not oppose getting married eventually. DateAsianWoman has lots of different communication means to satisfy any tastes, and the women here are strikingly gorgeous. Besides, its lighthearted focus on starting with something casual takes most of the ‘searching for a wife’ stress away.


Another good choice for anyone interested in finding an Asian beauty. Here, you will see profiles not only from Indonesia, but also from Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines, and if you get lucky, you may even find Chinese brides. And the best part is that this site has offices in most countries it deals with, so it can locally deliver real-life gifts to any ladies you fancy.


This is not the most populous platform, with roughly 30,000 girls’ accounts but most of them are incredibly active searching for their soulmates. On average, over 2,000 women log into the site every day, so you will have quite a lot of potential chat partners to interact with. The platform does not have any fancy features like match-making, but it has chat, letters, and even video calls, so you will have all the essentials a man may need at a reasonable cost.


The best thing about this site is that it has an absolutely free version; and even though non-verified accounts may be fake, AsianBeautyDating still offers a great introduction to the world of Oriental dating. Here, you may find quite a lot of Indonesian brides, or you can cast a wider net and chat with more women from Asian countries.


The first thing you notice about AsianBeautyOnline is how stunningly beautiful the ladies’ profiles on this site are. Most profiles you see at once look like they come from a fashion magazine, and even though, with a closer look, you will find more realistic-looking girls, most of them still invest in a professional shoot to look pretty to eligible grooms. With this site, you do not necessarily have to be looking for a bride — casual flirt is acceptable here, too.


This site works as a fully legitimate marriage agency and offers its clients full support with any dating stage, from creating a profile to arranging the trip to meet your Indonesian bride. Here, you can even pay for legal assistance with getting married and get help with relocation documents. But before you get there, you will find plenty of beautiful girls to talk to and tons of affordable communication means to choose from.

Indonesian Wedding Traditions: Religious Vs Civil Registration

Indonesian girls for marriage

While it is possible to register an official marriage in the Civil Registry, the union still qualifies as common-law according to Indonesian custom. The real wedding in Indonesia is always a religious ceremony that can happen in Catholic, Islam, Protestant Christian, Buddhist, Hinduism, and Confucian religious traditions. For this, the bride and groom must belong to the same denomination, and of course, all of these weddings will be quite different. Hinduism wedding, for example, will pretty much like marrying an Indian bride with her colorful red clothes and rich hair decoration. A Muslim or a Catholic wedding will obviously be very different, and so is a Confucian ceremony.

Still, there are certain wedding traditions in Indonesia that remain the same regardless of denomination. For example, if you have received an invitation, usually a written one, attendance is highly important. Sometimes, you may receive surprising invitations from distant colleagues, but you should still come because, in Indonesia, guests do the couple an honor by attending their wedding. Here, ‘the more, the merrier,’ principle works all the time. A non-religious reception means wearing pretty dresses for women and suits for men. Until recently, people were supposed to bring flowers and other material gifts, but today, it is best is give money. Also, do not expect a thank-you card after attending the ceremony — instead, you will always be given some small token of affection upon arriving to the big party.


I want a Indonesian wife, how do I find her?

Unless you are planning an extended trip to Indonesia, the best shot is to try online dating sites. Most of them are quite easy to use — the first sign-up takes a few minutes after which you can proceed to chat with Indonesian women online. If possible, familiarize yourself with the customs and traditions of the country before you start talking to women — this will boost your chances of success and prevent any awkward situations.

How long does it take to find an Indonesian wife online?

That will depend on your expectations from a bride and yourself. A bit of luck will not hurt either, but probably the best shot to speed up your wife search is to join reputable marriage sites that verify their users’ identity and weed out the scammers. On such sites, men usually find the woman they want to marry in a year or so.

What are Indonesia marriage requirements?

To get officially married in Indonesia, both the bride and the groom have to belong to the same denomination because, in this country, marriage is always a religious ceremony. The officially recognized denominations include Catholicism, Islam, Protestant Christianity, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. If you do not belong to any of these religions, you can register a marriage as Civil Registration. Please note that both religious and civil marriage rules may vary slightly from region to region and always double-check the requirements for your particular region.

Will Indonesia marriage certificate be recognized in the US?

Generally, yes. Note that you will need hard copies of your official marriage record to apply for your wife’s visa in the US. It is also possible to register the marriage with a foreign national in the US, but you will once again check your state’s policy on this subject.

Do Indonesian ladies for marriage make good wives?

As a rule yes, particularly if your definition of a good wife implies a loving partner, a caring mother, and a good homemaker. Besides, an Indonesian wife is usually loyal and has a mild, non-contradicting temper. Still, a more specific answer to this question will depend only on your personal expectations from a wife and, of course, on the lady you choose to marry.

Can you really buy Indonesian wife?

No, but you can spend money talking to her online. Usually, a legit Indonesian bride agency employs translators for ladies who do not speak English, invests in developers to maintain the site, and hires people to run security checks on the brides. All of these costs money, so the communication on the site is usually not free. On the other hand, using such sites weeds out scammers and fake profiles. The actual brides are not for sale — not in any country anywhere in the world.

What is the best Indonesian marriage site?

Any legit agency is safe to use. Still, the choice of a dating website is more of a personal preference. These sites vary in design, subscription fees, the number of users, and the dating intention. Most run on a credit basis and have free trial versions, so feel free to join severe sites, take a good look around, and decide which site is the personal best for you.


Indonesian brides have a lot to offer to any man who wants a traditional nuclear family. They are loyal, avoid conflict, and believe that family is a top priory in life. At the same time, they are also smart and easy-going, which turns life with most Indonesian wives into happy bliss. Indonesians are not the type of women to turn your life into an endless adventure. Instead, they will do their best to create a safe and loving environment for their husbands to come home to. If this sounds like a dream life for you, start searching for your perfect bride on this island.

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