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How to Meet & Date Beautiful Japanese Women

The Japanese female tends to have much lighter skin than other Asians and is known for her milky and creamy white skin.
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Top Japanese Cities With Brides Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kawasaki, Saitama
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $6100
Success Rate 71%
Divorce Rate 31%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇸🇬Singapore,🇩🇪Germany,🇮🇷Iran,🇩🇰Denmark,🇧🇦Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Japanese women are known for their beauty which lasts well into their 40s, their ability to look cute and sexy at the same time, and their loyalty. Hot Japanese wives are famous for being extremely caring, incredible mothers and doing everything possible to please you! In this article, we will show you where and how to date Japanese women and break down the exact reasons why so many men fall in love with them!

What Physical Features Do Japanese Women Have?

Japanese Women

Japanese women are incredibly beautiful! The combination of milky skin combined with long silky black hair will make you go wild. Check out what real Japanese women look like below:

Skin Complexion

The Japanese female tends to have much lighter skin than other Asians and is known for her milky and creamy white skin. Porcelain white skin has been a sign of beauty since 700 AD, and Japanese women are very serious about staying out of the sun and using creams to ensure their skin is always pale, clear, and light. The last thing you want to do when dating Japanese ladies is suggesting going suntanning!

Body Type

Japanese women tend to be short and petite, especially compared to Western women. The average Japan female is 5 ft 2.6 inches (158.8 cm) and weighs 116 pounds (52.6 kg). Even though they tend to be short, you can still find many Japanese girls with long legs. These women tend to be petite with small breasts and lack the curves of African or Latina women. Japanese wives stay slim and keep their figures throughout their 40s, 50s, and even 60s!

Hair Color

Ladies in Japan have dark, rich black hair. They are known for having very straight, soft, and fine hair. Like other Asians, Japanese women have jet black hair, and typical Japanese women grow it long as this is a sign of femininity and beauty. Some women dye their hair, but most wear it naturally. If you like blondes, you are better off finding a Swedish bride.

Eye Color

Japan women have very dark brown eyes. There is no range of eye colors like in other countries, and you won’t find any green or blue eyes. Japanese women are known for having small Asian eyes that often look like they are squinting. They also only have single eyelids like other East Asian women. Some women have surgery to create a second eyelid. Most Japanese women have narrow, almond-shaped eyes, which are very dark brown and almost black. Their dark eyes match perfectly with their jet black hair and milky pale skin.

Facial Features

Ladies from Japan tend to have long and wide faces with lovely pale milky skin. They have angled high cheekbones and rounder faces than Western women. They have more pronounced noses than other Asian women but are still flatter and shorter than European girls. Japanese women have thin lips and eyebrows and are known for having a very clear complexion which is white with rosy elements. Single Japanese females regularly use makeup to highlight their incredible skin, accentuate their cheekbones, and add some volume to their lips.

Do you love petite girls with smooth, silky pale skin, cute faces, and fine long black hair? Then it is time to meet Japanese women! Keep reading to find out how to land the perfect Japanese wife!

Why Do Japanese Women Make Incredible Wives?

Sexy Japanese women are the perfect wife material! Japanese women are known for aging like wine as their beauty only increases as they reach their 30s and lasts deep into their 40s. These girls also understand their duty as a wife! Japanese women know how to manage a household, cook, clean, and will do everything to ensure you can achieve your goals. Cute Japanese girls are incredibly loyal and will stick with you through the good and the bad and are an amazing support system. They are naturally caring and will shower you with compliments and affection. If that doesn’t get you in a good mood, they will whip tasty Japanese meals, and you will never go hungry when you marry a Japanese girl! If you want a woman who will make you the best version of yourself, who looks incredible and is a natural mother, then follow our guide and learn how to meet women from Japan now!

Japanese Women Characteristics & Features

Japanese women dating

Hot Japanese brides can do it all! Japanese women know how to look sexy while at the same time are experts at running a household, cooking, and raising children. Japanese women are also known for being highly educated and can hold conversations on a variety of complex subjects.


Sexy Japanese women are also very intelligent! Did you know over 50% of Japanese women have university degrees? Japanese women are known for their sharp intelligence, problem-solving ability, and knack for talking about complex topics. Japanese women will challenge you mentally, and they expect a man to be knowledgeable about history, finances, economics, and politics. Cute Japanese girls don’t just like talking about serious topics, but they do enjoy having intellectually stimulating conversations and want a man who is on their level in terms of brainpower. If you want a wife who you can have interesting conversations with and who will challenge your point of view, then finding Japanese women for marriage is a great idea!


With so many Japanese girls having university degrees, it is no wonder they take their careers seriously. Japan is a country where everyone is expected to work incredibly hard and sacrifice their own free time for the greater good of the nation. Japan is definitely a live-to-work type of society. In modern Japan, many women work very long hours, and it is common for them to work 100 hours or more per week! The pros of this crazy work culture are that Japanese women are financially independent, and they aren’t overly needy. However, you need to be careful as there might not be much time left for you after she comes home from a 14-hour workday!


Even though it is common for Japanese women to work a lot, they still have a traditional family-oriented mindset. Most Japanese women place pleasing their husbands and taking care of their family above work-related commitments. They are also very happy to be stay-at-home mothers if you have the financial resources to provide a comfortable life for them. Japanese women are natural mothers and will dedicate a huge amount of time and resources to raising their children. They will fuss over their diet, clothes, hobbies, and school performance. Japanese mothers have classic Asian mother tendencies and are known for demanding the best for their children and not settling for poor marks in school. If you have children with a beautiful Japanese girl, they will ensure that your child exceeds their potential.

Cooking Skills

Do you love ramen, katsu, or sushi? Japanese women are masters in the kitchen! Japanese women love cooking, and in Japanese society, it is expected that the wife will handle all kitchen duties. This means you can sit back and relax as your sexy Japanese girl will whip up mind-blowing Japanese feasts for you! After sampling home-cooked Japanese food, you won’t ever be able to date a Western girl again. Japanese cuisine is extremely varied, from curry to fried meat to incredible steak to raw fish to noodles and Japanese women are masters at cooking all of these super yummy dishes. Japanese women are also happy to learn how to cook Western food and always do their best to produce amazing meals. There is no better way to make a Japanese girl happy than complimenting her cooking skills!

Amazing Personality

Japanese women dating is so easy because these girls have the best personality! Single Japanese ladies are the perfect blend of sweet, funny, cute, serious, sexy, and loyal. These girls love joking around and being silly. Initially, Japanese girls can be a bit shy, but once you break their outer shell, they won’t stop laughing and giggling. These women have a great sense of humor, and stereotypes about them being boring or stoic could not be further from the truth!

While Japanese girls love being silly and cute, they also know how to flip and switch and go into sexy mode. Japanese women do their best to please their husbands, including in the bedroom. Your new wife will be up for everything, and while it may take her a little while to get used to your requests, she will quickly adapt and always be highly enthusiastic.

Girls from Japan are also known for being incredibly loyal and caring. Japan has a very low divorce rate (1.8 per 1000 marriages), and women Japanese will stick with you through thick and thin! These women also have a natural caring instinct and will always make sure you are looking and feeling your best. They will happily wash your clothes, choose your outfits, cook you super tasty meals and nurse you back to health when you get sick.

Best Women in Japan

Xin, 25
Shanghai, China
Azumi, 24
Tokio, Japan
Maylie, 26
Shanghai, China
Suzu, 29
Tokio, Japan
Maya, 30
New Delhi, India
Gurugram, India

Where to Find Japanese Women?

Japanese women are workaholics. It is very common for them to spend 12 or more hours in the office every day. If you have some Japanese co-workers, the office can be a great place to try your luck and test out some new pickup lines. Japanese women won’t mind you flirting with them in the office as many have little time for hobbies, so the office is one of the only places to interact with men.

If you don’t have any Japanese co-workers, another great place to find Japanese women is in bars and nightclubs. Japanese women looking for love flock to nightclubs and pick-up bars in hopes of meeting men. Japan has a thriving nightlife, and you can find all kinds of different venues, from hip hop clubs to small bars to massive 3-floor techno mega clubs.

Single Japanese women also love to go for strolls throughout the city and hang out in parks. The average Japanese woman walks over 6000 steps per day! If nightlife isn’t for you, then we suggest walking around the center of any Japanese city and stopping at parks along the way. You will find hundreds of Japanese women to date. Remember to approach them in a friendly manner and strike up a polite conversation. Once you have established a connection, you can ask for their contact details and text them later to set up a date.

Another place to meet Japanese women is at restaurants. Almost 30% of Japanese women eat out at least once a week. As you walk past cafes, restaurants, and sushi spots, you will see these venues jam-packed full of amazing Japanese girls. Why not try your luck and pull up a chair and strike up a conversation. This strategy works best in casual cafes, especially if a girl is sitting by herself.

While you can still meet Japanese women in real life at work, the gym, nightclubs, or restaurants, the absolute best place to meet Japanese women is online. Japanese girls aged between 20 and 29 spend on average 4 hours per day online, and a lot of that time is spent on dating sites! Dating sites allow you to quickly browse through thousands of girls and instantly connect with the most beautiful Japanese women.

10 Amazing cities to meet Japanese women

Japanese women personals

Are you looking for that sexy Japanese girl with long black hair, a cute face, and perfect petite body? Then you need to book a one-way flight to these cities now!

  1. Tokyo – There are almost 19,000,000 Japanese women in the nation’s capital. If you can’t find the perfect Japanese woman, you won’t find her anywhere!
  2. Yokohama – Japan’s second-largest city and home to millions of women! Yokohama also has a rich high-tech sector making it the perfect place to find your intelligent and educated Japanese bride.
  3. Osaka – With a metro area containing 19 million people, Osaka is filled with pretty single Japanese girls. Osaka also has an amazing nightlife with lots of clubs and bars, which are ideal meeting spots.
  4. Nagoya – Nagoya has 3 million people, is much cheaper than Tokyo, and is the ideal size to navigate. People from Nagoya also tend to be more open and friendly than in other Japanese cities.
  5. Sapporo – Sapporo is the best Japanese city to visit if you want to combine skiing, beer drinking, and dating! You can show your Japanese date your skiing skills and then head to the famous Sapporo brewery!
  6. São Paulo – If you don’t want to head to Japan, you can get a flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil! This city has over 1 million residents of Japanese ancestry.
  7. Honolulu – Honolulu in Hawaii is another city outside Japan with a sizable Japanese population. There are almost 100,000 residents of Japanese ancestry. You can soak up the sun, catch a few waves and meet your Japanese bride!
  8. Bangkok – The capital of Thailand has over 50,000 Japanese residents living there and is filled with hundreds of thousands of Japanese tourists. You can enjoy a spicy Thai curry and find a Japanese wife at the same time!

Best Places to meet Japanese women

Are you having trouble meeting Japanese women? Then head to these places:

  • Restaurants – 30% of Japanese women eat out at least once a week. Pop into a restaurant and strike up a conversation with that cute Japanese sitting by herself!
  • Bars & Nightclubs – After a hard day at work, Japanese women love blowing off steam in bars and nightclubs. Polish your dance moves and start sliding up close to some sexy Japanese women!
  • Parks – Japanese women love walking the streets and relaxing in parks. If you want to try out some day game strategies, then head to the big parks in the center of the city and start approaching pretty Japanese girls!
  • Gyms – Gyms aren’t as popular in Japan as in Western countries, but they still have lots of pretty female members who are serious about taking care of their figures!
  • Karaoke – Karaoke is still very popular in Japan. Impress Japanese women by belting out some classic songs, and before you know it, you will have all of their numbers!
  • Bubble tea cafes – Japan is just as obsessed with bubble tea as other Asian countries. Bubble tea cafes are always filled with cute Japanese girls!

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Singe Women are Waiting for You Here

Single Sooyoung in Seoul, Korea
Sooyoung, 23
Location: Seoul, Korea
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I enjoy play and you can moving. When we big date I’m able to most likely drag one to a beneficial night time karaoke bar and great time out some Whitney Houston or Madonna sounds. I am a tiny mental and maybe a little crazy. But I’m extremely faithful and compassionate. I am tired of to play the latest relationship online game and wish to look for a real son. Needs brand new white picket wall, the dog, the latest Volvo, dos kids as well as the lovable house! When you’re the man to simply help myself get to my personal fantasy life content myself!

Single Kanda in Bangkok, Thailand
Kanda, 27
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Occupation: Underwear model
Children: No
About me

I’m sexy, comedy and have always been constantly laughing. I am a classic woman and require men who will damage me! I am down to earth and also the littlest gift have a tendency to lay a smile on my deal with for the entire week. I favor traveling and you will was believed my personal 2nd large travel. You never know perhaps you can also be subscribe myself?

Single Soo-Min in Busan, Korea
Soo-Min, 24
Location: Busan, Korea
Occupation: Yoga trainer
Children: No
About me

I like to play and moving. If we time I’m able to most likely pull you to definitely a night time karaoke club and you may great time away particular Whitney Houston otherwise Madonna audio. I’m a tiny mental and possibly a tiny crazy. However, I am extremely loyal and you can caring. I am sick and tired of to try out the new dating video game and would like to get a hold of a bona fide child. I’d like the brand new white picket wall, canine, this new Volvo, 2 infants plus the cute home! If you find yourself the person to assist me get to my personal dream lives content myself!

Single Joan in Hanoi, Vietnam
Joan, 27
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Occupation: Yoga trainer
Children: No
About me

I am lovable, funny and you can are usually chuckling. I am a timeless girl and require a man who will harm me personally! I am down-to-earth and even the smallest current tend to put a grin to my deal with for the entire few days. I favor take a trip and you may have always been believe my personal next big journey. You never know perhaps you normally join myself?

Top Dating Sites to Meet Japanese Women

Japanese female

Japanese women spend an average of 4 hours every day on their phones! Japan is a very tech-savvy country, and every girl has the latest smartphone and laptop. Japanese girls aren’t just using their latest gadgets as fashion accessories. Approximately 65% of Japanese women below have used a dating site or app. Dating sites are an amazing place to meet Japanese women because you get instant access to literally millions of Japanese girls, can easily contact them through instant messenger, and can use search filters to find the exact type of women you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a 25-year-old girl with short hair who is tall and doesn’t have tattoos, you can set the filters, and the dating site will send perfect matches! Check out the best 4 Japanese women dating sites below!

  1. AsianDate – Chat, call, and video chat to hundreds of thousands of beautiful Japanese women!
  2. AsiaCharm – Advanced matching algorithm, 24/7 customer support, over 1 million profiles, and a well-designed site with intuitive navigation!
  3. AsianMelodies – Over 1 million monthly visitors, most users between 25 and 35, send likes and winks and detailed profiles based on personality questionnaires!
  4. AsianFeels – Over 500,000 members, simple to use, fun virtual and real gifts, and great instant chat feature!

1. AsianDate

AsianDate is a niche dating site designed to help Western men find their dream Asian wife. This site has a great gender ratio as 75% of the users are women. AsianDate is very popular with Japanese women and you can find thousands of beautiful Japanese girls who are looking to marry a Westerner. It is 100% free to sign up and search profiles. However, to chat you need to purchase credits, 150 credits cost $19.99. This site offers secure payment methods, has 24/7 customer support and has helped Westerners all over the world meet their stunning Japanese brides. Sign up to AsiaDate today and instantly start chatting and calling the cutest Japanese girls on the planet!

2. AsiaCharm

At AsiaCharm you can register in just a few minutes and find thousands of sexy Japanese girls who are online right now! All women on this platform have to pass strict verification so you don’t have to worry about fake profiles. On AsiaCharm you can instant message, video call and even send your future Japanese wife virtual gifts! This dating site has over 1 million monthly users and uses an advanced search algorithm to help you find the perfect woman. You can sign up at AsiaCharm for free but to chat and send virtual gifts you need to buy credits, 20 credits cost $2.99. If you are serious about marrying a cute Japanese woman, register at AsiaCharm today!

3. AsianMelodies

AsianMelodies is designed to help you find your beautiful Japanese bride right away! This dating site is easy to use but is still jam packed full of amazing features. You can send winks and likes, instant chat, buy virtual and real gifts, upload videos and use extensive search filters. All women on AsianMelodies are verified and there is plenty to choose from with over 1 million members! It is free to create an account on AsianMelodies and send messages, however to read messages and access instant messenger you need to purchase credits which start at 20 credits for $2.99. If you haven’t had any luck with women in your own country it is time to try AsianMelodies and score a stunning Japanese wife now!

4. AsianFeels

AsianFeels matching Western men with cute and sexy Asian girls who are serious about marriage, taking care of their husbands and raising children! This dating site has over 500,000 users and is very popular in Japan. You can find all kinds of Japanese women from tall to short, slim to curvy and everything in between! AsianFeels has detailed profiles which include personality questionnaires, a range of communication options including live chat, matchmaking algorithm and more! You can sign up for free and browse profiles but to chat, send virtual gifts and view private photos you will need to purchase credits, 20 credits cost $2.99! AsianFeels is an amazing site to meet real, verified Japanese women who are serious about marrying Westerners.

Do you want to meet your dream Japanese wife? Then sign up at one of our recommended dating sites now! Every one of these sites allows you to instantly connect with the hottest Japanese women on the planet who are looking for long-term and serious relationships. These sites have thousands and thousands of men just like you want their perfect Japanese bride.

Tips For Dating Japanese Women

meet Japanese women

Do you want to impress your potential future wife? Then make sure you follow these tips when dating Japanese ladies!

  • Always arrive on time! – When you date a Japanese woman, you will notice how punctual they are. If you organize to meet at 7 pm, make sure you arrive a few minutes early! You will leave a really bad impression if you keep a Japanese woman waiting.
  • Try out some Japanese phrases – There is no better way to impress your Japanese date than to wow her with your knowledge of the Japanese language. Most Westerners don’t know any Japanese and don’t even try. So, even if you just learn a few basic phrases, you will leave a long-lasting positive first impression!
  • Find common interests and topics to talk about – Before you can progress in your relationship with a Japanese woman, you first need to bond. The best way to bond is to talk about common interests and explore those interests together. For example, you could see a girl in the park drinking bubble tea and start a conversation about tea, and then you can branch off into other topics and finish the conversation by suggesting you get tea together tomorrow.
  • Let her know you are serious – Most Japanese women are looking for serious relationships and want to be married by 30. After getting married, they want to have children immediately. You need to let your date know you are looking for marriage and want to have children.
  • Teach them about your culture – Japanese women are very curious about Western culture. Their faces will light up if you teach them English phrases or different customs. A great ice breaker is comparing your culture to Japanese culture but remember to be respectful!

If you follow these tips, you will have more Japanese dates than you will know what to do with! It won’t take you long to find your perfect Japanese wife!


Japanese women make amazing wives! They have perfect slim petite bodies, lovely milky skin combined with cute faces, and beautiful fine black hair. Japanese women also have fabulous personalities and are naturally very caring, loyal, natural mothers and love pleasing their husbands. The best place to find Japanese women is on dating sites because they spend so much time online and are often quite shy. With an estimated 65% of Japanese women using dating sites, we recommend signing up to the sites listed above. All of our listed sites have hundreds of thousands of stunning Japanese women looking for you right now!

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