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Korean Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from Korea

Your Korean mail order bride will have an informative profile with many pictures. She will keep some of the pictures public so that everyone can notice her.
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Top Korean Cities With Brides Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Suwon, Goyang-si, Seongnam-si, Ulsan
Average Age 26 Years
Average Cost $10000
Success Rate 76%
Divorce Rate 33%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇪🇸Spain,🇫🇮Finland,🇵🇹Portugal,🇧🇦Bosnia & Herzegovina,🇫🇷France

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Your traditional Korean bride won’t necessarily be the typical Asian wife that you read about online. Women are different, so if you have opted for a mail order bride, this doesn’t mean you have stopped at something that goes solely by the book. On the other hand, there are a few characteristics that are common for the ladies who were born in Korea. If you want to speak with your wife in Korean, the simplest way to do this is to date a woman from this country. This review can teach you how to get a Korean wife if this is what you are looking for.

What makes Korean brides ideal for marriage?

Korean Brides

To begin with, let’s find out more about what Korea brides have to offer and how to know if they are looking to get married or not. As mentioned, ladies are never the same, but you can count on your Asia or China wife to be intelligent, smart, and definitely very interesting. This means dating websites are filled with women that are sure to make you fall hardly in love with them. Perhaps you have already heard of the Korean passion that most men have. It’s being said that as soon as you have been into a Korean marriage, you can never go back anymore. But this is only for you to decide, and not after checking this review, but after dating a woman yourself.

Your Korean mail order bride will have an informative profile with many pictures. She will keep some of the pictures public so that everyone can notice her. Other Korean and Japanese women for marriage prefer to hide their pictures from the eyes of the public, so you will need to buy credits with the website you are browsing if you want to see them. Since Korean women give a lot of importance to their family relationships, expect to also meet some of their few distant relatives when dating them. They want you to meet their nephews and nieces, interact with their uncles and aunts, and to have you talking with their grandparents. South Korea is in East Asia’s Korean Peninsula, in a mountainous region. It’s a developed country that’s continuing to financially improve.

But to answer the question of what makes Korean women ideal for marriage, this is the fact that ladies from Korea are always honoring their husbands, respecting them for what they are doing and the way they are conducting their life. In many ways, the traditional Korean bride is like the Vietnamese or Chinese bride. She likes respectful and kind men who take good care of their household and believe in having a soulmate. Usually, Korean women want thrilling and interesting relationships. They want to please their husband and make them proud of them. Therefore, they attract many men. Most of the ladies in Korea are not only attractive but also delightful. Besides, they have great personalities. It can also be said that amongst all Asian ladies, the Korean ones are the most unique looking.

Brides from Korea and Their Characteristic Features

South Korea is a country where the cult of beauty is very present. Every marriage agency will feature ladies who look incredible and aren’t afraid to show it. For people in Korea, beauty is much more important than for people in America or Europe. Here, everyone believes that a woman can be successful, get a job that pays well or has a rich husband, only if she looks good. Even your mature Korean wife will look as if she’s in her 30s and no one will believe that she’s in fact older. One of the other reasons why Koreans are obsessed with beauty is their belief that being beautiful makes them better than other people. For this reason, these women will always be in competition.

If in the Western society, beauty standards have changed in the favor of going natural, Korea is on the opposite side of the wheel. The beauty standards here have changed even from what they used to be 50 years back. There’s no more interest in natural beauty, as more and more women and even men, want to undergo plastic surgery. South Korea is the country in which 1/3 of the girls decide to have nose or eyelid surgery. And to look slimmer, Korean brides for marriage are becoming exhausted with all sorts of diets. When it comes to the hairdo, don’t expect the hot Korean brides to dye their hair, but they will put on wigs in many different colors.

When it comes to manners, many young Korean brides are different from the European and American ones as well. Not only they don’t want to talk with other men if they are with you, but they also prefer to not share any of their secrets with their best friends. They love watching doramas and want a lot to be like the girls they see on TV. Doramas are the Korean soap operas that very much resembles the Latin American soap operas. In fact, doramas have influenced Korean girls’ mentality a lot. But this doesn’t mean your Korean woman bride will be dramatic at home.

Why is the Korean Bride Ideal for You?

wife Korean

What can be noticed in Korean women seeking marriage and other girls from Korea is that they have flawless skin. In fact, South Korea is the land where the cult of beautifully looking skin is pretty much blooming. Therefore, when visiting this place, you will notice that they have many beauty parlors and cosmetic stores. Clinics, where they perform plastic surgery, are pretty much present as well. Don’t be surprised that when going to another country and finding a girl with perfect skin, you will discover that she’s from South Korea. This means that if you want your wife to look perfect, you can opt for a single Asian women.

You obviously have been wondering how come it’s so difficult to determine how old a Korean woman is. Girls and older women in Korea look the same, so it’s normal to ask yourself the age question. In fact, most ladies from Korea look as if they are in their 20s. This is not only because they apply skincare regularly, but also because they prefer to use makeup very rarely. What they put on most of the time are only mascara and lipstick. Their favorite cosmetics are also powders and creams that make their skin appear whiter. Just like many other Asian ladies, Korean women as wives prefer looking like European babes.

Your Korea mail order bride will be faithful to you for a lifetime. If she’s looking for a Western husband, will want to be married to him forever. The Korean word for wife is loyalty, especially if their relationship is based on mutual understanding, respect, and trust. However, it doesn’t mean that all they want from their husbands is for these men to be faithful to them. They also want a passionate relationship and are looking for true love.

Best Brides in Korea

Benfica, Portugal
Tokio, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Sandi, 27
Surabaya, Indonesia
Miho, 23
Osaka, Japan
Dicky, 25
Madrid, Spain

What Do Korean brides want to see in the men they are dating?

When they are courted by foreigners, Korean women for marriage and not those looking for a one-night stand won’t put up for sex from the first date. Pay attention to how she talks to her friends about you because it’s crucial for her that her friends accept you. Theygive a lot of importance to their best pals and even care about their lives as if they are their family. When looking at a Korean woman’s social media page, you will notice that she wants to present herself in an ideal way. She has many friends, who all have their own perfect lives. What they want to see in you are the same things. Show your Korean mail order bride that you have a big house and an expensive car. Also, make sure to highlight that you are friends with many people who appreciate your lifestyle and are always ready to go out with you.

It’s also very important for a Korean wife that her husband is open-minded. She will never be the one to say she’s always right. In fact, Korean girls are always open for talk, so in case you need to convince her that you are right, then you need to explain things with calm and use the strongest arguments. Korean mail order brides are also very sociable. They want to meet new people and make all sorts of friends, as they are interested in having the best time and want their partner to be the same.

Further, to turn your Korean marriage into a success, you need to have an inner world that’s fascinating and intriguing. You might be spending your entire life next to your Korean beauty, but when it comes to discovering her behind closed doors, you will notice that she’s also very intelligent and has a strong character. In fact, the inner world of your hot Chinese women might be more interesting than you have ever imagined. Korean girls are always out there to learn something new, so be ready to discover the world by exploring art and new cultures. She will have great conversations with you, not to mention that she knows a lot about many things, so you can learn a lot from her. Expect your Korean mail order wife to talk for hours.

Before you hurry to give your opinion about any Korean or Indian ladies for marriage, make sure you have understood how interested these ladies are in your family views. Your Korean wife search shouldn’t stop because you have met a Korean woman who doesn’t want to get married with you from the first date. This might have happened because she didn’t like your views on family and the way you see marriage. Before anything else, be sincere with her and loyal. She wants someone she can count on, not to be with a man who’s interested in taking her to bed every night and that’s that.

Where Could Men Meet Korean Women?

Korean bride

Obviously, if you want to meet sexy Korean brides, you need to travel to Korea. However, this rule doesn’t apply to everyone, since many Korean girls prefer to meet their other half online, either because they are scared of physical interaction that’s too abrupt or want to meet the man they are going to spend the rest of their life with better before interacting with him directly.

In case you are based in the US or Europe, you can come across your pretty Korean wife in the park. She might be there reading a book or a magazine. Dare to ask her if she’s from Korea, as she won’t mind telling you more about her country. You could start a conversation by asking her about what she is reading. Mention some of the books you have read yourself, as she will be delighted to come across a fellow reader. The same goes for Korean mail order brides. You can discuss with these ladies all about what happened lately on TV and what the tabloids are saying. Mention a book that has been recently released, and she will fall for you almost instantly.

Your hot Korean bride could also be at the restaurant. It’s more likely that you will find her at an Asian place, but many Korean ladies are in love with Italian food as well. She will most likely spend her time on her phone while eating and if she’s there alone, so you can start a conversation with her about the latest Tweet from a famous person. Pay attention to what she is wearing and talk about the last tweet from that designer, for example. And since we are at the clothing chapter, know that they also spend a lot of time shopping for clothes. Go to small boutiques that sell expensive, colored clothes. Their style is rather extravagant, so it’s clear that you can only rarely find beautiful Korean brides in clothing shops with tern designs. The idea here is that more and more Korean women are marrying foreigners nowadays, so you have every chance of getting your Korean bride.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

If you want to buy a Korean bride, then you should check the websites where these ladies have complete profiles and present themselves so that they can hook up the man of their dreams. Sure, you can always opt for offline dating, but this involves roaming around, which can be time-consuming. If you have an office job, then look for your bride from Korea online. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of online dating:


  • You have more options to choose from
  • The website’s algorithm matches you
  • You don’t have to directly interact with anyone unless you feel ready to
  • You meet Asian ladies who think the way you do


  • Your online Korean lady might not show up for the date
  • You need to spend money on memberships
  • Most sites are only about being very attractive

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The Most Beautiful Brides are Alone Here

Single Joo in Shanghai, China
Joo, 23
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I’m pretty, comedy and you may am usually chuckling. I’m a classic lady and require a guy who can harm me! I’m down-to-earth and also the tiniest present commonly lay a grin on my face for the entire few days. I really like traveling and was believed my personal next huge travels. That knows maybe you can also be subscribe me personally?

Single Yoko in Tokio, Japan
Yoko, 26
Location: Tokio, Japan
Occupation: Clothes designer
Children: No
About me

I like to sing and moving. If we go out I could probably drag one to a good evening karaoke club and you may blast out specific Whitney Houston otherwise Madonna songs. I’m a small mental and possibly a tiny crazy. But I am really faithful and you may caring. I’m sick and tired of to experience new relationships games and want to get a hold of a real man. Needs the latest light picket fence, the dog, the latest Volvo, 2 infants and also the lovely family! If you’re the man to assist me personally get to my personal fantasy life content me personally!

Single Carmela in Benfica, Portugal
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Single Shufen in Shanghai, China
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Children: No
About me

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What Are the Korean Mail Order Brides Sites?

Korean wife

  1. CuteAsianWoman – “For those who want to contact their Korea wife via video chat and calls”
  2. Asiandating – “A leader on the Asian dating sites market”
  3. Asiandate – “Where attractive members create profiles to find their soulmate “
  4. TrulyAsian – “With over 400,000 members from all over Asia”
  5. AsianMatchMade – “Where you can join for FREE and interact with Asian women in your area”


While CuteAsianWoman doesn’t have a modern design, it’s still intuitive and anyone can easily use it. Besides, it’s easy to navigate, not to mention that its interface is easy to understand. It has a filter and a search feature that allow you to find your match according to the recommendations received. The match can be filtered according to basic info such as age, photos, gender, or other preferences. Premium members will be able to use filters that are more advanced, searching for their partner according to location, distance, popularity, and ethnicity.


If you want to sign up for asiandating, then know that the process takes under 5 minutes. You can also sign up with your Facebook profile, just by filling in your basic info. Asiandating doesn’t features too extensive profiles, so you don’t have to waste too much time filling in your data or accessing Asian, Korean, and Cambodian women personals. What’s great about Asiandating is that you can see the website without having a profile. In case you choose to sign-up via Facebook, take some time to review the info you agree to share. There’s no risk if you share but filling the info out yourself would be a better idea because you might want to add some things.


AsianDate doesn’t give the membership option. Instead, it sells credits that members can use to access the platform’s paid features. Huge discounts are offered after members have subscribed and filled their first order. There’s also the option of virtual gifts amounting 15 credits for about $10. This means the bride you have chosen to talk to gets flowers and other gifts delivered to her doorstep. One flower is 12 credits or $9, whereas jewelry can be as expensive as 869 credits or $350. The order gets delivered within 3 to 5 days.


TrulyAsian was launched back in 2014. It’s the best place to meet single Asian women who are looking for something serious. Korean brides here don’t want casual dating or just to hook up with you. They are interested in marriage only. The membership tier on TrulyAsian is very straightforward, offering different feature-level accesses. The 7-day trial is $2.95, whereas the all-access premium membership is $28.95 a month.


AsianMatchMade is a dating service for adults only. It has a very large membership base, as it includes more than 8 million Asian users who want something casual that can turn into a more serious relationship. The website features not only Asian men and women, but also couples. You can find your Korea bride here, as there are many ladies of Korean origins as well.

 What Traditions Are at a Korean Wedding?

Korean girls for marriage

In Korea, marriage is considered sacred and one of the most important steps in someone’s life. When your Korean mail order bride is getting married to you, she also marries her family with yours. This means that the parents of the bride and the groom need to agree to the Korean marriage. There’s also the belief that 2 people will be happily married if they have the same social status and wealth. While back in the old days, interracial marriages were frowned upon, today the situation is no longer the same.

In Korea, there’s no need that the groom and the bride to be engaged for a long time before marriage. For the ceremony, the 2 don’t necessarily have to exchange rings. Of course, if the wedding is done in the Western style, then this custom can be put into practice. Another tradition you should follow with your Korean wedding bride is to gather the entire family when the wedding party is over. For this, the bride with the groom need to wear traditional outfits and bow to the parents from both sides. Then, chestnuts are thrown at the bride. In the end, the groom takes his Korean or Sri Lankan bride and carries her on his back, all around the dinner table.


Do I need to contact a Korean marriage agency to get a bride?

If you are subscribing to one of the websites mentioned in this review, you no longer have to contact any Korean marriage agency to find a wife. Having a profile on one of the Asian dating websites above will be enough for you to be able to browse through potential partners. Start a conversation with one of the girls and things should later fall into place.

Can I find Korean girls for marriage just about anywhere?

While there are many Asian dating websites featuring Korean brides, this is not to say all Korean women want to get married. Therefore, don’t expect to meet a girl from Korea down the street and to make her your wife the next day. Some of them might not even want to ever get married, others might be interested in just a fling, whereas others might already be married. In other words, your wife can’t be any lady from Korea you see at the stoplight. On the other hand, Korean mail order brides on specialized websites are interested in marriage and usually want to be with someone from another country.

What’s the Korean word for wife?

The Korean word for wife is 부인, pronounced bu-in. If you want to conquer your Korean lady’s heart, then you can just use this pronunciation with her. However, before doing so, make sure that she is indeed interested in marriage, to begin with. The word husband is spelled 남편 and pronounces nampyeon. Give Google Translate a try if you want to hear the pronunciations better.

Are mail order brides Korea sites real?

The answer to this question is Yes. Mail order brides Korea sites are 100% real and legit. You can use them to find profiles of women who want to date online so that they can identify who their soulmate is. Just like in real life, some ladies on these websites might be only into scamming the men they are talking to, so pay close attention to how they are interacting with you. For example, don’t go to meet them in obscure places, and definitely don’t wire them money.

Can I find a Korean milf wife?

Since Korean women take very good care of themselves and make sure their skin always look flawless, you can find your wife in no time just by giving some of the Korean mail order brides websites a look. However, make sure you know how to handle a lady who is also a mother. Keep in mind that Korean people give a lot of importance to family, so imagine how much a Korean milf would care about how you and her children are getting along.


As mentioned, whether you decide to get a matureor a young Korean wife, this doesn’t really matter because almost all Korean women look as if they are in their 20s. You need to respect their beauty and intelligence, by proving that you are worthy of their love and care. The morebrides platforms you are on, the more you are increasing your chances of hooking up with someone, so don’t hesitate to have a look over the websites presented above.

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