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How to Find Pretty Macedonian Women

Macedonian female has Slavic features with a Mediterranean complexion and is known for their curves.
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Top Macedonia Cities With Brides Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, Tetovo, Cair, Kisela Voda, Veles, Ohrid, Gostivar
Average Age 27 Years
Average Cost $7400
Success Rate 76%
Divorce Rate 32%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇫🇮Finland,🇦🇺Australia,🇫🇷France,🇮🇹Italy

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Macedonian women are like a mixture of Russian and Greek women. Macedonia is a tiny Balkan country of just 2 million and borders Greece and Bulgaria. Macedonian women are Southern Slavic people and most closely related to beautiful Bulgarian women. The Macedonian female has Slavic features with a Mediterranean complexion and is known for their curves. These women are very traditional and aspire to get married young and raise a family. In this article, we will show you where and how to date Macedonian women and explain why these women are hidden gems!

What Do Macedonian Women Look Like?

Macedonia Women

Macedonia women are drop-dead gorgeous! They tend to have Slavic eyes and cheekbones but Mediterranean skin and curves. Check out what women Macedonian look like below:

Skin Complexion

Macedonian women have light olive skin. Their skin is significantly darker than Eastern Slavs, like Russian and Ukrainian hot girls, but not as dark as Greek or Italian brides. In the winter, they can go quite pale, but during summer, their skin has a classic Mediterranean look. Macedonian women get to enjoy light and tanned skin and can enjoy the sun without getting badly burnt!

Body Type

Macedonian women are taller than Greek women with longer legs. However, they tend to be curvier and shorter than Russian women. Macedonian girls are a balance between Mediterranean and Slavic body types. The average Macedonian girl is 5 ft 3 (161 cm) and 139 pounds (63kg).

Hair Color

The vast majority of women in Macedonia have dark brown or even black hair. Only 7% of women are natural blondes. This is a big contrast to Eastern Slavic countries, where lots of girls have very light brown or blonde hair. Macedonian women tend to have straight and slightly curly hair. It is not as frizzy or thick as Greek women’s hair.

Eye Color

Most Macedonian women have brown or black eyes. Blue eyes are rare in Macedonia but slightly more common than in nearby Albania or Greece. Macedonian women tend to have wide and expressive eyes, which gives them an attractive and slightly intimidating gaze.

Facial Features

Macedonian women have Mediterranean and Slavic facial features, just like Bulgarian women. Macedonian women have high cheekbones, medium-sized noses, and angular chins. They have wide and expressive eyes with a medium to olive skin complexion. They have lovely oval-shaped faces with the perfect balance of soft feminine features mixed with some defined angles. Macedonian women have full lips, long eyelashes, and medium eyebrows.

Why Do Macedonian Women Make Incredible Wives?

Macedonia women dating

Single Macedonian ladies make incredible wives! These women have got an amazing mix of Mediterranean and Slavic beauty with the personality to match. Macedonia is much less modern and Westernized than other countries. This means it is easy to find pure virgin single Macedonian women who want nothing more than to serve as your loyal wife, manage your home, cook and give you beautiful children. Macedonian women are experts at making their husbands feel like kings and step effortlessly into the role of matriarch and mother. Keep reading to find out more about these incredible ladies and how to meet Macedonian women.

What Personality Do Macedonian Women Have?

The best way to describe Macedonian women is traditional yet still fun and passionate. These women take their role as a wife seriously and are incredibly loyal but know how to enjoy an exciting carefree life!

Personality Traits

Macedonian women are initially reserved, but once you get to know them, they let their hair down! They are known for being passionate and often smiling and laughing. Macedonian women have that zest for life found in Mediterranean women combined with a Slavic pragmatism and loyalty.


Most Macedonian women are not really interested in building a career. The economic situation is not the best in Macedonia, and the workforce is still largely dominated by men. Macedonian women are still very traditional and more interested in getting married and finding a husband to provide for them. Macedonian women typically just work part-time to earn some pocket money. Ambitious Macedonian women who are career-focused tend to leave Macedonia and work in Europe.


Family plays a huge role in the life of Macedonian women! They often live with their parents until they get married and constantly have family lunches and dinners and celebrate different events. Macedonian family gatherings are always a lively affair with lots of dancing, singing, and drinking. When dating Macedonian ladies, getting the approval of their family is critical. A Macedonian woman won’t marry unless her parents agree!

Cooking Skills

Macedonian women love to cook. It is the duty of all good Macedonian girls to cook for their husbands and family. They take great pride in their culinary skills and want nothing more than for you to demolish a massive plate of Polneti Piperki, Pastrmajlija, or Musaka. Macedonian food is super tasty and is similar to Greek, Serbian, and Bulgarian cuisine. Before you marry Macedonian women, sample their food to make sure they know their way around the kitchen!


Macedonian women love to take care of themselves. They follow the latest fashion trends and adore the newest designer clothes. Macedonian girls are always at the beauty salon getting their hair and nails done. You won’t have to worry about your wife losing her figure or good looks because she will be putting a lot of time and effort into looking her best!

Macedonia women personals

Best Women in Macedonia

Vera, 31
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Yana, 27
Moscow, Russia
Anna, 31
Moscow, Russia
Tina, 27
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Kyiv, Ukraine
Lera, 23
Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Where to Find Macedonian Women?

Macedonia female

Macedonia women are similar to other women, you can find them strolling around the city, heading to shopping malls, drinking coffee in cafes, hitting the gym, and even dancing the night away in clubs and bars. If you are out in any Macedonian city or town, you will run into suitable Macedonian women for marriage.

Skopje has a thriving nightlife with lots of clubs and bars around the Vardar River in the center of the city. The nightlife is not as developed as in other European countries, but the clubs are still filled with pretty local girls on the weekend. Macedonian girls are open to talking to foreigners, and most can speak some English, so you won’t have any issues trying your latest pickup lines!

If you aren’t into nightlife, don’t worry, Macedonia has lots of day game opportunities. If you are seeking Macedonian female, just head to the local shopping malls. On the weekends, thousands and thousands of girls get dressed up and hit the mall to do some shopping. You will find big groups of stunning Macedonian girls walking around begging to be hit on! The food court of the shopping mall is the ideal place to talk to some Macedonian girls. You may have to approach quite a few girls until you make a connection, but you shouldn’t have any issues landing a few dates within an hour or two of walking around the mall.

Another spot to find Macedonian women is in cafes. Thanks to the Turkish influence on the country, drinking coffee is a very important aspect of Macedonian culture. Macedonian cafes are full of energy and bursting with pretty girls. Macedonian women spend hours in cafes catching up with friends and relaxing. All you need to do is grab a prime table and start chatting up all of the stunning girls around you!

Macedonian women are also fond of keeping fit. The gyms in Skopje have some of the hottest girls you will find anywhere. The first thing you should do when you arrive is to check out the local talent and get a membership at a gym near where you are staying.

Before you hop on a plane and fly all the way to Macedonia, why not organize some dates before you even arrive! Sign up to a Macedonian women dating site and instantly connect with thousands of keen Macedonian women. These sites allow you to browse through tons of profiles and quickly send out messages to cuties who catch your fancy. Then once you have made some connections, you can book a flight to Macedonia and meet them in person. Later in this article, we will show you the best Macedonian women dating platforms!

The 8 Best Cities To Meet Macedonian Women

meet Macedonia women

Do you dream of a sexy Macedonian wife who will fulfill all of your desires and give you amazing children? Stop dreaming and make it a reality by traveling to these awesome cities!

  1. Skopje – The capital of North Macedonia has over 500,00 people and vibrant culture. In this pretty valley, you will find beautiful architecture, lots of cafes, clubs, and of course, a great selection of pretty girls.
  2. Bitola – Bitola is Macedonia’s second-largest country, with just under 100,000 people. The city has a lovely old square and amazing ruins. The girls in Bitola tend to be more traditional than in Skopje and are more interested in getting married young.
  3. Kumanovo – Kumanovo is Macedonia’s 3rd largest city, with 70,000 people. There isn’t much to do in this small mountain town, but there are some good restaurants where you can sample traditional food and numerous girls worth dating.
  4. Prilep – Prilep is the 4th largest city in North Macedonia, with just under 70,000 people. This city has some pretty churches and a cool Alexander the Great statue in the main square. This town is worth checking out for a day or two and has lots of young Macedonian women looking to get married and leave!
  5. Tetovo – Tetovo is the 5th largest city in North Macedonia, with 53,000 people. It is located on the foothills of Sar Mountain, and the Pena River runs through it. Tetovo has a large Albanian and Turkish population, so if you are looking for your perfect Macedonian Muslim princess, this is the town!
  6. Berlin – If you don’t want to go to North Macedonia, you can always hop on a flight to Germany. The German capital has between 50,000 and 60,000 Macedonians who have a tight-knit and vibrant community. The best place to meet Macedonians in Berlin is through the Macedonian church.
  7. Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia, has a thriving Macedonian community with over 50,000 people. You can find Macedonian social clubs, churches, and even cafes and restaurants in this awesome Australian city.
  8. Zurich – This Swiss city has around 40,000 Macedonians living there. These Macedonians tend to be culturally different from girls who were born and raised in Macedonia but still look stunning and make amazing wives.

All of these cities offer something unique in terms of culture and things to do. But they all have one thing in common, Macedonia ladies looking for marriage!

Best Places to Meet Macedonian Women

women Macedonia

Finding Macedonian women for dating is not hard, you just need to know where to look! All of the places below are common spots where Macedonian women like to socialize and hangout:

  1. Cafes – Macedonian women are always drinking coffee! Check out any cafe near the main square and discover more sexy girls than you know what to do with!
  2. Bars & clubs – The party scene is still developing in Skopje, but there are a number of clubs and bars in the center worth checking out. Girls really like to dress up when they go out, so make sure you do the same!
  3. Shopping malls – Macedonian women love to shop! You will find lots of pretty girls strutting around the malls. We recommend going there on Saturday or Sunday but be prepared to be overwhelmed by the number of cute women!
  4. Gyms – Macedonian are always working on their bodies. Head to any gym, and you will see lots of girls going hard on the treadmill or even lifting weights!
  5. Church – Macedonian women are very religious and regularly attend church services and church-sponsored events. Church social gatherings and groups are a great way to meet traditional Macedonian women who are looking for marriage.

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Single Lera in Moscow, Russia
Lera, 29
Location: Moscow, Russia
Occupation: Business woman
Children: No
About me

I’m not the regular girl. In the event I am really ambitious and also have huge agreements for the near future you to definitely doesn’t mean We wear’t have enough time for someone unique. I’m a go-getter and wish to obtain the absolute extremely of lifestyle. I am constantly energetic and you will my friends thus i was instance a new canine, always bouncing off of the structure. If you can put up with my personal wildness, I’m very compassionate and get a huge cardio prepared to fill for the right individual!

Single Alla in Saratow, Russia
Alla, 29
Location: Saratow, Russia
Occupation: PR-manager
Children: No
About me

I’m selecting something major. I’m sick of playing games and seeking to possess a lives mate. I am some a social butterfly and you may like to getting on trips in lieu of sitting in the home. I refuge’t fulfilled Mr. Best but really however, I am aware he or she is out there. During my time Everyone loves choosing bike tours as a consequence of nearby park, spending time with my family and you may calling over back at my household members’ households. And i am obsessed with baking, delicious chocolate processor chip cookies was my talents!

Single Tatiana in Astrakhan, Russia
Tatiana, 21
Location: Astrakhan, Russia
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

Good morning my personal husband to be! While reading this you must already feel interested and I wear’t blame your. Aside from are stunning I am fairly comedy actually my pals think-so. I am adventurous and also just a bit of a wild side! I know simple tips to simply take an amazing selfie and will prepare amazing 2 time noodles! Within my sparetime Everyone loves watching this new Netflix series, considering alive songs and planning cafes, We have a little pie habits. If you want individuals enjoyable and you can a little other, discover me!

Single Polina in Tomsk, Russia
Polina, 26
Location: Tomsk, Russia
Occupation: Dance teacher
Children: Yes
About me

Who would like to pass away by yourself? Maybe not me personally! I am sick of becoming single and hoping to find my personal fantasy kid! However, why you should prefer? I am very funny (maybe not exaggerating), I’m always smiling and i also can be get ready (my personal mother increased me proper). I adore gathering footwear and you can bags and you may my apartment is actually overflowing with my prized assets. Once i am perhaps not searching Everyone loves probably dinner and you can visiting the video clips. In the future I’d want to travel around the globe, Thailand looks unbelievable!

Top Dating Sites to Meet Macedonian Women

single Macedonia women

Do you want to meet pretty Macedonian women looking for men? Then you are in luck! We have compiled a list of the best Macedonian women personals sites! All of these Macedonian women dating sites have thousands of stunning girls who are fully verified and want to chat to foreigners just like you. Don’t settle for some boring average girl from your hometown who can’t even cook! It is time to create a profile at one of our highly recommended dating sites and start chatting to a stunning Macedonian woman who will treat you like a king!

  1. AnastasiaDate – Established in 1993, professional 24/7 customer support, have helped over 10,000 men find sexy Slavic wives!
  2. Dream Singles – Over 1 million users, hot girls from all Slavic countries, super-fast registration (under 2 mins)!
  3. CharmDate – Over 2 million profiles,70% female to only 30% male, detailed profiles, and lots of awesome features!
  4. LoveSwans – Over 400,000 monthly visitors, focuses on Slavic women, instant messenger and video chat, 24/7 customer support!

1. AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate is the godfather of international online dating sites! It was started in the early 1990s and to this day has millions of users. AnastasiaDate focuses on matching Western men with stunning Slavic women, including Macedonian. It seeks to ensure that Western men and Slavic women can find true love and create happy and stable families. The site works like a classic dating site where you create a basic profile, browse through other users’ profiles and then send them a message when you find a girl who ticks all of your boxes. To send messages, you need to purchase credits which start at 20 for $15.99. Every profile is verified, and customer support is always ready to prevent any scams. If you want to land that dream Macedonian woman, try out AnastasiaDate! You can create a profile in under 5 minutes!

2. Dream Singles

Dream Singles is a premier international dating site. For years it has been helping Western men find their stunning exotic wife. The site is filled with mostly Slavic wife, most users are Russian and Ukrainian women, but there are also lots of Macedonian girls. The site is well designed with a sleek interface and simple navigation. It has tons of amazing features, including instant messenger, video chat, and virtual gifts. You can sign up in just 2 minutes and start checking out the stunning girls. However, to message them, you will need a premium account which starts from just $9.99 per month! Sign up today, and within 24h hours, your inbox will have more than a few messages from cute Macedonian women.

Macedonia women dating site

3. CharmDate

CharmDate was created in 1998 and since then has helped over 50,000 couples get married! This site specializes in matching Western men with sexy Slavic women. CharmDate has lots of stunning Russian and Ukrainian women but also Macedonian, Serbian, and Slovenian women. As soon as you sign up, you will see so many stunning women. All you need to do is send out some messages, and before you know it, you will have dates organized. There are far more women on CharmDate than men, so you can sit back and let all of the pretty Macedonian women fight over you. To send and respond to messages, you will need to purchase credits which are as low as $3.99 when you purchase 100. With your credits, you can send instant messages, video call, send real gifts, and receive VIP customer support. Don’t let your dream Macedonian wife disappear. Sign up to CharmDate and message her now!

4. LoveSwans

Looking for a sexy Slavic girl? Want a girl with model looks who can also cook and clean? Then try out LoveSwans! This dating site is designed to match Westerners with the hottest Russian, Ukrainian, and Macedonian women on the planet! LoveSwans was started in 2013 and has already helped thousands of Westerners meet their dream Slavic princess. With over 400,000 active users, it won’t take you long to connect with your future wife. Sign up in under 5 minutes and start messaging sexy girls right now. It is 100% free to register and browse but to instant message, video call, and send gifts, you will need to purchase credits (20 for $15). Do you want a sexy Macedonian wife who will be loyal no matter what? Then find her on LoveSwans now!

Are you tired of dating the same boring women in your city or country? It is time to expand your horizons and try something new! Try out one of the above dating sites and instantly connect with the hottest Macedonian women on the planet. All of the women on the dating sites are verified and looking for their true love! Create a profile right now and find the wife you deserve.

How To Impress a Macedonian Woman

date Macedonia women

Making a great first impression when dating Macedonia women is super important! Follow these tips and get these girls to quickly fall in love with you!

  • Bring flowers and chocolates – When you show up for a date with a Macedonian woman, gifts are expected. If you want to really impress your future wife, buy a big bouquet of flowers, some expensive chocolates and maybe a stuffed animal!
  • Learn a little Macedonian – There are less than 3 million Macedonian speakers in the entire world! An easy way to impress your date is to compliment her in Macedonian, learn how to compliment her hair and clothes, and watch her heart melt!
  • Plan the date and take control of the conversation – Macedonia is a patriarchal society. Women are attracted to confident alpha men who lead. Make sure you take the time to organize the entire date and lead the conversation. You should pick the topics you want to talk about and probe your date to open up.
  • Tell her your plans for the future – Macedonian girls are very pragmatic and like to plan for the future. If you can show your date your future goals, including career and family, and explain how you want her to fit into those plans, she will view you as marriage material. Remember, all Macedonian girls want to get married and have children, so make sure you are on the same wavelength when it comes to those decisions!
  • Teach her about your culture – Many Macedonian women have never traveled abroad. The outside world is a big mystery. When you start telling them about your home country and your adventures abroad, their faces will light up!

These simple little tips will help you win that special place in a Macedonian woman’s heart! She won’t ever be able to forget you if you show up with presents, take her on an amazing date, display your confidence and tell her interesting stories!

Macedonia women personal


Macedonian women may not be as famous as women from other countries, but we are convinced they are hidden gems! They have slim yet curvy figures with striking dark hair and eyes. They have very expressive faces with model good looks. Their beauty is only surpassed by their incredible personalities. Initially, they are shy, but once you start dating hot Macedonia ladies, their true passionate, caring, and fun personality shines through. Before you head on a plane to Skopje, sign up to one of our recommended dating sites. From the comfort of your own home, you can chat with thousands of stunning Macedonian women who are ready to be your wife!

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