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How to Meet and Date Mongolian Women

A Mongolian woman can slay a man with a mere look. The exotic appearance of these beauties is admirable.
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Top Mongolian Cities With Brides Ulan Bator, Erdenet, Darhan, Khovd, OElgii, Ulaangom, Hovd, Moron, Bayanhongor, Arvayheer
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $11000
Success Rate 78%
Divorce Rate 23%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇩🇰Denmark,🇩🇪Germany

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Mongolian girls are charming, and their beauty is one-of-a-kind. Perhaps this is the most attractive Asian race. Unfortunately, they are rarely seen outside of Mongolia due to their geographical and cultural isolation. Despite this, more and more men are attracted by the beauty of local women and want to start dating them. What is special about the appearance of Mongolian ladies? What character traits do they have? And most importantly, how to meet and attract local beauties? Today, we will tell you everything about Mongolian women so that you have no trouble dating them.

Appearance of Single Mongolian Women

Mongolian Women

A Mongolian woman can slay a man with a mere look. The exotic appearance of these beauties is admirable. Those who claim that all Asians look the same are deeply mistaken. Indeed, there is something special about the appearance of Mongolian women.

Wide cheekbones and deep-set eyes

The most striking facial features of Mongolian ladies are their high and wide cheekbones, which go especially well with their deep-set and almond-shaped eyes. Passing by a girl with such expressive facial features, it seems that you have landed on another planet, and at the same time, you are not averse to staying here.

It is believed that the eyes of Mongolian women are an evolutionary adaptation, as more fat in the eyelids helps them in the cold. This theory seems to be true because these traits are most pronounced in Mongolian women. That’s not to say that all these ladies have narrow eyes. However, as a rule, their eyes are set deeper, which leads to a more warming, soulful look.

Puffy lips

Mongolia women have small and puffy lips that look bright red against the background of white skin even without makeup. Therefore, many ladies do not even use lipstick – they simply do not need it. If you are a lover of puffy lips, you will definitely want to kiss a charming Mongolian!

Mongolian women dating

Fair skin

The skin of Mongolian women is of the color of white porcelain. It takes a tan only when a girl is working outside and turns red in the cold. Residents of rural areas often have a blush on their cheeks due to strong and cold winds in the area. Those with darker tones often resort to special cosmetics to make their skin look paler, which is common for many Asian women.

Radiant smile

It is also quite remarkable that almost all Mongols have a beautiful snow-white smile. This is due to good genetics and high calcium content in their body. However, you will not be able to see such a smile right away. Mongolians usually smile modestly, with their mouths closed.

Curvaceous body

The Mongols are stronger and bigger than all Asian races. Although you can meet thin and elegant girls, most Mongolian women still boast quite attractive and curvaceous forms. Many local ladies have an hourglass physique. If you are lucky enough to “pull out” a beautiful Mongolian girl of under the layers of her warm clothes, you will discover the softest and most delicate skin that you have ever seen in your life!

Why is Mongolian Women Dating a Good Idea?

Mongolian women personals

A Mongolian woman is ideal not only for relationships but also for marriage. She has all the qualities men look for in a bride and can be the best companion to live life together. The most significant quality of Mongolian ladies is fidelity. If you make a marriage proposal to a girl and she says “Yes”, be confident in her decision as well as she is. She chose you, so she does not need anyone else.

Moreover, Mongolian women are the best mothers one can ever imagine. They tirelessly take care of their children and go to great length to make them grow up decent people. There is a place for everyone in the big heart of a Mongolian woman. Every man will be happy to have such a wife, as the family always comes first for these ladies. Also, they are excellent keepers of the hearth who manage to combine work, family care, and household chores.

Best Women in Mongolia

Shanghai, China
Benfica, Portugal
Emily, 29
Madrid, Spain
Seoul, Korea
Miki, 25
Osaka, Japan
Joo, 23
Shanghai, China

Characteristic Traits of Mongolian Women

Mongolian female

Mongolian women have not only a beautiful appearance but also a rich inner world. If you intend to find Mongolian women for marriage, it is important to know about the character traits of these ladies.


This is the most noticeable quality of Mongolian girls. They dress tastefully but slightly conservatively (even during the short summers). In public, their eyes tend to look down. Therefore, a lady will be polite but somewhat shy on your first date. However, when the girl opens up to you, you will see all her charming traits.


The way a Mongolian woman treats a child warms the soul. Interestingly, most TV shows, movies, and advertisements in Mongolia are family-oriented and constantly feature happy mothers with children. Moreover, a Mongolian woman will always find time for her husband no matter what a hard day she has had. They give all their care and love to make their beloved men happy.

Respectfulness and politeness

Mongolian ladies are well-bred. Mothers pay much attention to the upbringing of their daughters and teach them to behave with dignity from childhood. Therefore, no Mongolian girl will ever allow herself to behave disrespectfully with her relatives, especially the elderly. Also, she will be polite to both you and your family, even if you are a foreigner.


On the first date, a Mongolian girl may seem too modest and even a little boring to you. But this is far from the truth. In fact, young Mongolian women love to have fun and know how to enjoy life. They are rarely in a bad mood, as this is not characteristic of their cheerful disposition. Your Mongolian girlfriend will teach you to enjoy the little things and overcome difficulties with a smile.

Ambitiousness and hard-working nature

Mongolian women actively realize themselves at work and achieve great career heights. They are not afraid to work hard and perceive any difficulty as a challenge. Although Mongolian ladies are able to achieve great success in their careers, they remain caring keepers of the hearth. At the same time, they managed to maintain a balance and not “replace” men but harmoniously accompany them. This is the deep wisdom of a Mongolian woman.

Where to Find Mongolian Women

meet Mongolian women

The best way to meet Mongolian women for dating is to buy a plane ticket and visit the country. Mongolia is magnificent and huge, but most of its territory is uninhabited. So where should you go to find the girl of your dreams? Where do gorgeous Mongolian women live?

Best Mongolian cities to meet single ladies

Most Mongolian villages and cities are sparsely populated, so you are unlikely to find enough ladies to build a romantic relationship there. Therefore, most American men looking for a girlfriend come to the largest cities in the country. We have prepared a list of the most populated Mongolian cities that you can visit to meet the lady of your dreams.

  1. Ulaanbaatar
  2. Erdenet
  3. Darkhan
  4. Choibalsan
  5. Mörön
  6. Nalaikh
  7. Bayankhongor
  8. Ölgii
  9. Khovd
  10. Arvaikheer

Local spots to find Mongolian women for dating

The capital of Mongolia turns out to be the best city to find women for dating. After all, bright and vivid city life contributes to the development of romantic relationships. So, check out the local spots that are especially popular with hot Mongolian women.

  1. National Modern Art Gallery
  2. The National Culture and Recreation Park
  3. Mojito Cocktail House
  4. Choco Metropolis Club
  5. RePUBlik Lounge & Bar
  6. Grand Khaan Irish Pub
  7. Lux Club

women Mongolian

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Best Dating Sites to Meet Single Mongolian Ladies

single Mongolian women

Online dating is a convenient and fast way to find love in any country. This will be a good option for those who do not want to spend money on air tickets and go to Mongolia. We have prepared a list of the best and most reliable dating sites to meet single Mongolian ladies.

  1. LoverWhirl – the best Asian dating site with affordable prices
  2. AsianFeels – a popular online platform with a smart matchmaking system to find Mongolian women
  3. EasternHoneys – a reliable Mongolian women dating site with live streams
  4. DateAsianWoman – the largest site with many tools for online communication with hot Asian women
  5. FindBride – one of the leading dating services with live stream and video chat features
  6. AsianLadyOnline – a proven Asian dating site with phone and video calls



  • Huge number of beautiful Asian ladies
  • NewsFeed feature
  • Built-in translator
  • Affordable prices
  • Smart search


  • Paid messages
  • No mobile app

LoverWhirl is a cozy place for relaxed romantic dates with Asian women. Website design is the first thing that catches your eye and evokes pleasant emotions. Everything here is connected with oriental beauty, and this cannot but delight and amaze users. Many men wonder “Do Mongolian women like American men?” By joining LoverWhirl, you will dispel all doubts as most of its members are western men who want to meet cute Mongoliangirls.

The prices are not high, and the site also offers many free features. So, you do not need to pay to view public photos, put like, send winks, use all the available search features, and watch streams of the hottest Asian women. Paid features include live chatting, sending gifts and media, initiating dates, requesting women’s contact details, and a few others. There are no paid subscriptions, but you can purchase different credit packages. In addition, each new user receives 20 free credits to familiarize themselves with the services of the site.


  • 20 Сredits – $2.99 (only the 1st payment)
  • 20 Сredits – $9.99 (for the 2nd and all subsequent payments)
  • 50 Сredits – $19.99
  • 125 Сredits – $44.99
  • 250 Сredits – $69.99
  • 750 Сredits – $149.99



  • Nice design and easy navigation
  • Active female users
  • Smart matchmaking system
  • Reliable payment methods
  • Dating blog


  • No video chat
  • No mobile app

AsianFeels is a great alternative to LoverWhirl. If you like beautiful Asian women, this site will be perfect for you. Users note the simplicity and ease of use of the platform – there are no ads, the design is unobtrusive, and navigation is intuitive. Registration takes no more than 5 minutes, you provide some information about yourself and can start searching for a bride.

The developers have done an excellent job on the site – it has all the features for effective dating. You can view public photos and videos, send gifts, share pictures, and add women to your favorites list. Smart matchmaking algorithms suggest partners based on your preferences. On top of that, there is an informative blog with dating tips that you can explore to become the best partner for a Mongolian, Chinese, Korean, or Thai mail order bride. Like all similar dating platforms, AsianFeels charges you for its services. You need to buy credits to use premium features.


  • 20 Сredits – $2.99 (only the 1st payment)
  • 50 Сredits – $19.99
  • 125 Сredits – $44.99
  • 250 Сredits – $69.99
  • 750 Сredits – $149.99

Mongolian women dating site



  • Verified and informative profiles
  • Lots of advanced features
  • Gift delivery
  • Live Streams
  • NewsFeed section


  • No mobile app
  • No video chat

Do you want to marry a modest, well-mannered, and cute lady? An Asian bride will be the best option for you, so join EasternHoneys to find a girl as quickly as possible. This dating site is popular and legal. All profiles are thoroughly verified. The service also uses strong SSL encryption to protect the personal information of its users.

Members of EasternHoneys love the platform for the great number of high-quality features, thanks to which it is really pleasant to use the site every day. There are many communication opportunities. The profiles are informative and well-thought-out. In addition, each girl posts her photos and videos to tell more about herself. Also, there is a NewsFeed section similar to modern social networks. Feel free to check it out if you want to know more about the life of a Mongolian female you like. Moreover, EasternHoneys is proud of its Live Streams feature, where you can not only admire the beauty of Mongolian, Vietnamese, or cute Korean girls but also text them and pay compliments. You can also surprise your chosen one by sending her a gift or flowers.


  • 50 credits – $19.99
  • 125 credits – $44.99
  • 250 credits – $69.99
  • 750 credits – $149.99



  • Real Asian women
  • Convenient interface
  • SmartPick technology
  • Cool features for online communication
  • Mobile app


  • Uninformative profiles
  • Pricey credits

DateAsianWoman helps men meet an Asian bride no matter how many miles separate them. There are Mongolian, Filipino, Thai, Singaporean, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian women looking for husbands abroad. In total, the platform hosts over 40 million users. The site has a good reputation and enjoys great popularity with American men. And this is not surprising, DateAsianWoman is a convenient and innovative service that offers many tools for pleasant communication.

Video and phone calls, live chat, romantic gifts, premium stickers, interesting chat scenes – all this testifies the high quality of services that DateAsianWoman offers its members. Thanks to smart matchmaking technology, you can find a woman who will be the best wife for you. There are even captivating games to make the dating process more exciting. All single Asian women are real as female accounts are verified. In general, the site is reliable and pleasant to use.


  • 2 credits – $3.99 (only the 1st payment)
  • 20 credits – $9.99 (for the 2nd and all subsequent payments)
  • 16 credits – $96
  • 100 credits – $399



  • Verified profiles of women
  • Live stream and video chat features
  • Delivery of flowers and gifts
  • Trips organization services
  • Anti-scam policy


  • Small number of users
  • No mobile app

FindBride is a user-friendly international site, the name of which speaks for itself. The service offers thousands of profiles of Mongolian, Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese women for marriage. The site cooperates with local marriage agencies, and all girls are interviewed before registering on the site. Agencies check the documents of potential brides and their marital status to make sure their intentions are serious. Moreover, all ladies are subjected to a psychological test, which simplifies the further procedure of selecting a suitable partner.

FindBride offers users high-quality services. For example, you can text a hot Asian girl to attract her attention or make a video call for deeper communication. Profiles are detailed so that users can learn more about each other before they start chatting. The service also promises to help you organize a trip to your bride – they offer an interpreter, accommodation, the cheapest flight tickets, and so on.


  • Silver membership – $9.99 per month
  • Gold membership – $29.99 per month
  • Platinum membership – $39.99 per month
  • Diamond membership – $500 per month


  • 40 Credits – $30 ($0.75 per credit)
  • 200 Credits – $120 ($0.60 per credit)
  • 500 Credits – $250 ($0.50 per credit)
  • 1000 Credits – $470 ($0.47 per credit)



  • Family-oriented ladies
  • CamShare feature
  • Extended search filters
  • Lots of cool features
  • Gift delivery


  • No mobile app
  • You need to pay for a subscription to use most of the features

AsianLadyOnline is designed for Western men who want to marry Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, or Filipino women. Most Mongolia female users are quite young – from 18 to 25 years old. All of them are looking for foreign husbands and are ready to change their lives for the sake of great love.

You will be surprised by the quality of the profiles on AsianLadyOnline, they all are as informative as possible. Moreover, many girls post videos to confirm the reality of their accounts. You can look for your loved one using the usual filters or the advanced search that allows you to find a bride who is the best suited for you. Communication options on AsianLadyOnline will surprise you with their variety. The favorite feature of most users is CamShare (video chat). It allows you to chat with Mongolian, Chinese, or single Japanese ladies in real time and get to know each other better. Also, you can call your bride to hear her sweet voice.


  • 2 credits – $3.99 (only the 1st payment)
  • 2 credits – $15.99 (for the 2nd and all subsequent payments)
  • 16 credits – $96
  • 100 credits – $399

Tips on Dating Mongolian Women

date Mongolian women

Although Mongolian ladies rarely travel the world, they are open to international acquaintances and do not mind meeting a foreign man. They are even ready to change their habitual way of life and move to another country to build a family with a beloved man from abroad. But in order to decide on such an important step, a girl needs to be completely sure of the seriousness of your intentions. So, check out some useful tips on how to date pretty Mongolian ladies to make your relationship smooth and harmonious.

Be honest

This is one of the most important rules of a romantic relationship with a Mongolian lady. Local women are not used to lying about their feelings, so your girlfriend expects the same from you. Therefore, do not be afraid to talk about what is bothering you, and the Mongolian lady will definitely appreciate your honesty and sincerity. Moreover, do not even think about cheating – your girlfriend will never forgive you for this.

Talk about your future as a couple

Firstly, this will prove the seriousness of your intentions. Secondly, this is a great opportunity to realize whether your goals, desires, and plans for life coincide. Discuss where you will live, how many children you want to have, how much money you need to earn, and so on. It is better to discuss all the important aspects of living together in the initial stages of a relationship. Otherwise, they can become a serious stumbling block for your love.

Take an interest in her personality

No matter how hot a Mongolian girl is, do not forget that beauty is not her only virtue. Compliment not only her appearance but also her inner world and personal qualities. In addition, ask about her childhood, favorite foods, music preferences, etc. Hence the Mongolian girl will understand that you love not only her body but also her soul.

Mongolian women personal

Talk about local culture and language

Mongolian women love their country very much. Nothing brings them so much joy as talking about their native language and homeland. So, google some interesting facts about Mongolia and surprise a girl with your knowledge, ask questions that interest you, and show a sincere interest in the culture of her country. This is one of the best ways to impress pretty Mongolian females!

Keep in touch

Living in different countries, you are unlikely to be able to visit each other as often as you want. Fortunately, modern technology helps singles keep in touch, no matter where you are and how many miles separate you. You just need to find a convenient way to communicate with each other, for example, through online dating sites. These platforms provide all the means to keep the flames of your love alive!


Mongolia is a country of strong women who can change your life forever. Their natural charm and oriental beauty attract more and more men from all over the world. In addition, Mongolians are the most faithful, caring, and respectful wives. Keep our tips in mind, and you will easily win the heart of a lady you like!

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