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Omegle Review May 2023 - Is it a Good Deal or a Fraud?

Allison Raskin
26 May 2023 / Updated: 04 Dec 2022
11  min read
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Pros and Cons

  • It is extremely easy to use because there is no lengthy registration process.
  • Users can enjoy unlimited communication via video or text chat messenger.
  • The Omegle date service allows its visitors to remain anonymous until they decide to reveal their identity.
  • It is possible to find a lot of like-minded people to discuss any interesting topic.
  • It is allowed to stop the chat at any time.
  • The dating website is available in many languages in addition to English.
  • Users can tag their main interests to attract like-minded individuals.
  • The Omegle dating platform does not require any payments.
  • There is a mobile application.
  • The mobile app is not available for iOS users.
  • Visitors are allowed to save their chat and share the link, so the conversation is not private.
  • The Omegle app may not be suitable for someone who is seeking serious relationships.
  • The dating website is not suitable for those who want matchmaking features.
  • You might have to deal with fake users, predators, and scammers.

Omegle happens to be one of the chatting websites that have been on the market for years, providing people with great services. The social networking platform started operating in 2009, and it has been free of charge since then. The goal of the website is to allow people to communicate with random strangers to have fun and establish a relationship. It means that you can get acquainted with different kinds of people there, including hot Korean women.

Currently, the online service has an average of 70 million users per month in different parts of the world. It means that it will not be hard for any visitor to find someone to talk to, no matter how weird their interests may seem to be. In this Omegle dating site review, you are going to learn a lot of useful information about this platform. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to decide whether it is suitable for you.

Who Is Omegle Good For?


The website has all kinds of users. There are usually more than 34 thousand visitors online daily, and they come from different countries. The featured users are above eighteen years of age because the Omegle dating site must be used by adults only. Underage individuals are recommended to avoid this online service because they may encounter inappropriate content. As the dating platform is free and does not require visitors to register, you can find any kind of people there, including Asian women.

The online service welcomes all sorts of users, regardless of their sexual orientation. That is why there can be straight, gay, asexual, bisexual, and other types of individuals. The same is true when it comes to religion and race. Therefore, you can start communicating with Asians, Americans, Europeans; basicaly with people from any corner of the world. Religion can also be different, including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc. It means that the Omegle dating app is suitable for anyone who is willing to communicate with new people and make friends with someone like-minded.


When you join this community and start using the website, the design, and aesthetics may seem to be less modern compared to similar platforms. At the same time, the interface will definitely win you over with its ease of use and simplicity. Indeed, the online service is well-organized, so you will quickly figure out how it works and what features are available. This fact attracts a lot of users worldwide. There is nothing surprising that the Omegle dating apps are more popular compared to many newer dating platforms.

The main things to be highlighted about the interface are the following:

  • The interface is straightforward and simple.
  • The features are not complicated, so anyone can use them.
  • When you use the chat room, the screen transforms so that you are able to see the entire chat.
  • The stop and exit buttons are located so that you can easily log off and exit the online service whenever you want.
  • The processes of signing in, chatting, and logging off are so easy that you will never be confused using the Omegle dating site.


Sign Up Process

One of the best things about online service is that it is quick and straightforward due to the absence of a registration process. You just need to do the following:

  1. Since there is no Omegle sign-in page, you just need to open the main page.
  2. Pick the preferred settings. You will be required to specify the topic you are willing to talk about.
  3. Get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the dating website.
  4. Start talking to strangers.

You should know that you are not obliged to get registered because users are allowed to use the dating platform without this step. It means that you can open the website and start discussing something with others instantly.

How Can I Find a Partner on Omegle?

According to the Omegle reviews, the online service does not offer any search filters. Also, it does not match visitors due to their preferences, age, height, or weight. Instead, the dating website will connect you with someone who has similar interests. That is why it is for you to decide what you are willing to discuss. At the same time, you can stop chatting if you do not want to interact with this person anymore and let the dating website pick someone else for you. This makes your online dating easier because you will not have to search for someone; instead, you can immediately start communicating with someone you like.

Communication with Users

The online service offers a variety of ways to contact other users:

  • Texting. Visitors of the platform are allowed to send messages to one another without paying anything. The chatting feature is great for shy users.
  • Video chatting. This function is also available to anyone, and visitors do not even have to get registered to utilize it. For example, you can communicate with hot Swedish women via a live webcam at any time.
  • Random chat. The Omegle agency can pair users together so that you can talk to anyone with the help of a webcam.

In addition to the mentioned options, you can form a chat room. If you are eager to do that, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a communication room. You need to choose a name for your room and utilize it as a secret code. To get a new webcam registered, you should press the “Create room” icon. Now, you have a video chat room, but other visitors do not know about it yet.
  2. Share and invite other users. You have to share the link for your Omegle chat room with everyone you want to contact. For this purpose, you need to copy it from the browser and select the share icon. It is allowed to invite a few visitors to initiate group communications.
  3. Connect. Having done that, you need to wait for others to join the chat room. As soon as they enter, everyone can start talking to each other.


Free vs Paid Membership

The dating platform is completely free of charge. It means that you do not need to pay anything to access all the offered features and functions. According to the Omegle dating reviews, the online service provides its users with the following features:

  • It is possible to pick a language for chatting with others.
  • You can utilize text messenger if you are not willing to reveal your identity.
  • It is allowed to use a live webcam.
  • It is possible to communicate with college mates in a separate chatroom.
  • Users are allowed to pick the most interesting topics for discussion.

If you do not set the topic, the Omegle website will offer random visitors to chat with. You may be willing to keep on communicating with someone you meet on this dating platform, so you can exchange some contact details to keep on talking. The thing is you are allowed to skip a person on this Omegle online service if you click Stop. At the same time, this option is very convenient as it makes it possible for you to stop having conversations with strange people.

When someone enters a live chat room on the Omegle date site, there is a warning notification that informs that you can only use the online service if you are 18 or older. However, there is no way to weed out underaged users, so you may encounter minors as well.

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Safety on Omegle


The Omegle agencia has privacy policy. The dating website’s terms and conditions are strict, so you can be sure that you are safe and secure while using it. The dating website has detailed sections with ToS and Privacy Policy, and you should get acquainted with it before you start using the online service.

It’s worth mentioning that your safety and comfort on such platforms are mostly in your hands. That is why it is recommended to do the following to make sure that you are safe:

  1. Disconnecting from suspicious individuals. The free siteOmegle warns users that the online service can be used by predators; consequently, they must be careful. The dating platform does not offer to block or report other users to help visitors avoid interacting with suspicious individuals. Instead, it is recommended to stop talking to this kind of people.
  2. Private information protection. According to the Omegle review, the service does not provide any guidelines on how to protect personal information. It means that visitors of the platform are responsible for what they share on the platform; you should not share any details that can reveal your identity.

Customer Support of Omegle

The online service does not have a traditional customer support team, so you cannot access them via live chat or phone number. At the same time, users can send an email to Omegle support in case of questions. It implies that you need to provide a written description of the issue and your contact information in the email you send to [email protected].

How Does Omegle Work?

A certain algorithm to search for partners does not exist. Below, you can find a few steps that can help you start communicating with others:

  1. Visit the homepage. As soon as you open the main page, you will see a few chat options. But before you start using them, you should look at the rules and conditions of the service. You will also be required to confirm that your age is legal and agree that you will not send obscene pictures and not insult other visitors.
  2. Choose a text or video chat. The thing is that you can either interact with Omegle girls in text or communicate with them in video chat. You can start as soon as you pick the preferred option.
  3. Start communicating. When the option is chosen, you will be connected to a chat. You need to press Enter to send messages, or you can do it via the interface. If you go for the video chat, you will be able to see your match.
  4. Click “Stop” when you are tired of talking. The button can be found at the bottom left. Your task is to use it as soon as you are willing to stop communicating with the current interlocutor.

Website and Mobile Version

There is an Omegle mobile app that was launched in 2012. Thanks to it, you can communicate with strangers about anything. The application is almost the same as the website because it operates the same way. You will be randomly connected to someone whom you can communicate with anonymously. Moreover, it offers the same features available on the dating website. The Omegle mobile app can be easily downloaded and installed, but it is only available for Android users.

Special Features

The dating website does not have a lot of features, but some of them are unique:

  • Tracking the actions of other visitors. The online service records all IP addresses, which is done for law enforcement. This is necessary to protect users from scammers.
  • Extra communication options. Communication with Omegle ladies is in three modes. You can utilize the webcam chat, the text chat mode, or the spy mode. While the first two options are clear, the spy mode needs to be explained. Using this one, you can ask questions to connected strangers. In this mode, your identity and the other person’s identity will be hidden.
  • College student chat. In addition to the regular chats, you can connect with other students via your college email. The good part is that your email will not be stored, and other users will not see it.
  • Compatibility functions. There are various chat options for you to use to make sure that your match is compatible indeed. If you do not like the person, you can stop the chat, or you can start chatting with someone else. The Omegle visitors are free to decide on their chat partner’s compatibility. It is also allowed to choose any country to communicate with certain people.

How Many Real Accounts Does Omegle Have?

The target audience of this online service is very diverse. There are a lot of males and females from different parts of the world, so you can easily find Dominican brides there. The bigger part of users, though, can speak English because they are from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada. You should also be ready that most of them are interested in sex chatting.

It is claimed that the online service has around 30-50 thousand users a day, but you can often see that up to 71 thousand people are online. Such a difference in numbers can be explained by the fact the Omegle sign-up is not a must.

Using this dating website, you never know whom you are interacting with because most visitors hide their faces and identities. It does not mean that they are scammers or fakes. It implies that these people want to communicate with others anonymously, and the topic can be very personal. Thanks to this, you can freely talk about anything you want, which is extremely helpful for shy individuals.


Omegle Alternatives

This dating website is fun, and you do not have to purchase Omegle credits to communicate with others. At the same time, you might want to try other online services, so here is a list:

  1. Tinder. It is one of the biggest dating platforms in the world. Here, you can find any kind of relationship, from commitments to flirts. The mobile app is extremely easy to use, and you just need to swipe left or right. You can start talking to someone only if the other person likes you. Unlike the Omegle dating website, this service does not offer video chat rooms.
  2. Chat Avenue. It is one of the oldest chatting platforms. Users are allowed to send audio, video, and pictures. The good news is that chat rooms are protected well, so they may be suitable for minors. Here, visitors face conciquenses regarding inappropriate behavior because such things are not allowed.
  3. Chatib. The online service is known for its straightforward interface. There are a lot of chat rooms, and you can join any of them. Just like in the case of the Omegle link, you can create your own chat room and invite other users. The site is free. Overall, it is a handy and useful online service.
  4. MeetMe. This one happens to be a hybrid between an online dating website and a social media platform. Here, you can interact with other visitors via streams, chat, and discussion threads. The dating platform has more than 100 million users around the globe, so you can meet any kind of people there, including Asian brides.


Do I Need to Pay to Use Omegle?

There is no need to pay anything to communicate with Omegle online ladies. The thing is that it is a completely free dating website, and all features and functions are available to all users.

How Do I Delete My Omegle Account?

There is no need to delete your account because you do not have to get registered. In addition to that, you can communicate with any member without disclosing your identity. However, you should specify your interests to interact with like-minded visitors.

Is It Possible to Block Other Visitors on Omegle?

No, you cannot block other users on this dating website. At the same time, you can always stop the conversation if you feel uncomfortable. Also, you can switch to other Omegle free chats if you do not like the person.

Does Omegle Require Any Verification?

No, the dating website requires no verification. Moreover, you do not even have to get registered and create a profile to communicate with others. Your identity will be hidden, and nobody will know who you are.

Does Omegle Offer Search Filters?

No, Omegle search filters do not exist. It means that you will be matched with random people. However, you are allowed to specify what topic is interesting to you, as well as the gender of the person you would like to be connected with.

Does Omegle Have Any Paid Subscription?

This dating website is completely free, so you do not have to pay forthe service.

Can I See Who Likes Me on Omegle?

It is not possible to put likes on this dating website, so you will not see who likes you. The thing is that the Omegle free app is well-known for its anonymity.


The Omegle mobile site was developed as a place for building friendships. Every adult person can use it. The developers of the dating platform hoped to offer a safe environment where visitors could communicate randomly, meet new people, have fun, or even find sex partners. These days, the online service is still extremely popular. Users are active and friendly, and there are always thousands of them online. You can be sure that there will be a person to talk to, no matter what time of the day or night you decide to do that.

You will not find too many features on this dating platform, and all of them can be immediately found on the main page. It is an advantage because you will not spend a lot of time looking for the tools you need. Instead, you just open the dating website, specify the topic, and start interacting. Perfect!

In general, an Omegle chat room is a great place to spend some time and share whatever you want. It is straightforward, free, and safe. As you can see from numerous reviews on the internet, a lot of visitors have already met new friends, like-minded people and love there. Some of them even state that the dating website helped them go through a tough period of life. Therefore, Omegle is definitely worth your attention.

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