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All You Should Know about Pakistani Women Dating

Pakistani beauties have brown or black hair and rarely dye it in lighter shades. In addition, their hair is thick and long, often to the waist.
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Top Pakistani Cities With Brides Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Rahim Yar Khan, Quetta
Average Age 22 Years
Average Cost $12000
Success Rate 63%
Divorce Rate 44%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇮🇪Ireland,🇦🇹Austria,🇮🇷Iran,🇩🇰Denmark

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Pakistan is an incredible country where even the most sophisticated travelers will find something interesting for themselves. There are more than 10 nationalities, each of which has a rich history and authentic culture, and the number of architectural attractions, including UNESCO heritage sites, is simply enormous. From bustling cities such as Islamabad and Lahore to the beautiful valleys in the north, Pakistan is the perfect destination for a unique getaway.

However, many men visit the country not to admire its beauty and sights but to meet and date local women. If you are one of those men who like Pakistani women, you will find this article useful and interesting. We will tell you everything you need to know about Pakistani ladies and relationships with them. So grab some yummies, and let’s get started!

Appearance of Pakistani Women

Pakistani Women

Pakistan is a very interesting and colorful country that is adjacent to China, India, and Afghanistan. But the local women are not like any of their neighbors. They are special and beautiful in their own way. So how do Pakistani women look like? Let’s identify the most expressive features of their appearance.

Wide hazel eyes

The body of a Pakistani woman is often covered with clothes, but this does not prevent her from driving men crazy. It is enough just to look into the eyes of a local beauty, and you will fall in love with her. Those adorable hazel eyes radiate kindness and look straight into your soul. Moreover, unlike other Asian women (such as Chinese or Japanese brides), the eyes of Pakistani ladies are large and wide.

Long dark hair

Pakistani beauties have brown or black hair and rarely dye it in lighter shades. In addition, their hair is thick and long, often to the waist. Local women are proud of what nature has given them and are happy to show off their beautiful hair without braiding it. Moreover, pretty Pakistani ladies take care of themselves and use special products for hair care, so it looks healthy and well-groomed.

Prominent eyebrows

This is a characteristic feature of all Pakistani girls. Their eyebrows are so wide and dark that local hotties do not even use cosmetics to paint them. At the same time, the eyebrows of Pakistani women perfectly emphasize their bottomless dark eyes, which makes their appearance even more breathtaking.

Flawless complexion

The mix of many ethnicities makes itself felt when considering the complexion of Pakistan women. Their skin color varies from light to dark brown. But still, most ladies have an attractive olive complexion. In addition, their skin is soft, clean, radiant, and healthy-looking.

Sexy figure

Most Pakistani women cover their bodies with clothing, while those who live in big “Europeanized” cities dress more casually. So you can admire their curvaceous hourglass figures everywhere you look. Also, many local ladies do fitness and yoga to make their bodies even more attractive and seductive.

Why Look for Pakistani Women for Marriage

Pakistani women dating

Pakistani men are proud of their wives. And for a good reason! Local women have all the qualities needed to be an ideal wife for a beloved man. Why are Pakistani ladies so good for marriage?

They are caring mothers

There is nothing more important to Pakistani women than their children. Mothers teach their sons and daughters everything they know and protect their offspring throughout their lives. Motherhood is the primary goal in the life of every lady. Children in Pakistani families are considered gifts of Allah, and therefore, they are treated in the best possible way. Moreover, there are a lot of large families with at least 3-4 kids.

They are good housewives

Mothers teach their daughters how to cook, clean the house, and take care of the household from a young age. They foster independence and the ability to create comfort in the house. So when a woman gets married, she is ready to take on the duties of a housewife. To say more, she approaches her work responsibly. After all, Pakistani culture implies that a man is a breadwinner, and a woman is a keeper of the hearth.

They are loyal

A happy marriage is the dream of every Pakistani girl. Therefore, she will never spoil relations with her husband by cheating on him. She simply does not need it. In addition, adultery is condemned by society. This can ruin the reputation not only of a girl herself but of her entire family.

They are decent daughters-in-law

Respect for elders is very important in Pakistani culture. Elderly people often live with their children and enjoy unquestioned authority. Young spouses consult with the oldest man in their family on every serious issue and always take into account his opinion. Therefore, your mom will definitely love your Pakistani wife!

They love your friends

Pakistanis love to host guests. So your bride will never be angry for late gatherings at your house. Moreover, if a Pakistani lady loves a man, she loves his friends too. Indeed, she respects everything that concerns the interests and desires of her beloved spouse.

Best Women in Pakistan

Elza, 21
Stuttgart, Germany
Moscow, Russia
Vienna, Austria
Liza, 27
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jamie, 31
Melbourne, Australia
Paris, French

Personal Characteristics of Pakistani Women

Pakistani women personals

Foreign men usually know little about Pakistani women. After all, parents take great care of their daughters and almost hide them from the outside world. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to understand the essence of Pakistani women and recognize what lies behind their external beauty. But we are here to help you! So meet the most important characteristic features of women from Pakistan.


Pakistani women never make scandals and provoke quarrels. Such intemperance is considered inappropriate in Islamic culture. Religion says that a woman should be quiet, modest, and pliable. So a Pakistani lady treats men and all her relatives (especially older people) with great respect.


This is the national trait of the entire Pakistani people. It is believed that a guest brings positive energy to the house, so Pakistanis treat visitors with respect and courtesy. They will gladly invite you to their home and generously treat you with food and drinks even if they are busy with something. This tradition preserves even if a woman moves to another country. Therefore, be sure that your Pakistani bride will always arrange a decent reception for your friends, no matter what time of day they come to your house.

Resourcefulness and ambitiousness

The position of women in local society is rather peculiar. On the one hand, Pakistan is one of the most “Europeanized” countries in the Islamic world, where women have wide access to both public life and education, as well as politics (suffice it to say that Pakistan is the only state in the Muslim world where a woman even led the country). However, within the family or community, the status of a woman is determined by the traditions and values of Islam, which are unusually strong in this aspect. In many southern regions with strong Hindu influence, the situation of women is not much different from the countries of Southeast Asia, while in the mountainous regions of the northern and northwestern provinces, the norms are noticeably stricter.

But even if the traditions of the region where a girl lives do not allow her to do anything more than raising children and doing housework, the enterprising Pakistani lady will find a way to earn money from home. For example, he will give lessons to children, cut people’s hair, and so on. In a word, she will come up with an idea of how to do what she loves and, at the same time, enlarge the family budget.


All aspects of the behavior and lifestyle of Pakistani girls are based on the Islamic faith. Local ladies are very religious, they observe all God’s laws and do not violate them under any circumstances. Pakistani women are well-disciplined since childhood and keep moderation in everything. If you want to bring a Pakistani girl to your country and build a happy family, you will need to teach her how to live differently. This is especially relevant for American men Pakistani women dating. Also, you should discuss the most important aspects of your life together in order to avoid quarrels and disagreements.


There is a popular myth that Pakistani women do not have access to education. We want to dispel it and inform you that many local beauties are smart and well-rounded. Nowadays, all Pakistani ladies have the right to get higher education and work on well-paid jobs. Moreover, girls from wealthy families often go to foreign colleges to get a prestigious educational degree. You can even find many Pakistani women in the US who came to the country to study.

Where to Find Single Pakistani Ladies

Pakistani female

There are two ways to find Pakistani women for dating – online and offline. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Offline dating is better suited for those who want to visit Pakistan, see local attractions, and meet the love of their life here. But where to find a Pakistan female? What places do local ladies like to visit? In general, Pakistani women are very active. They love to spend time with friends, go shopping, relax in local parks, and have fun in every possible way. Check out the best cities and places to find a girl in Pakistan!

The best way to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Pakistan and find a local woman for a relationship is to take a tour through the most remarkable cities. Don’t know where to start? The cultural capital of the country is Karachi. But this is not the only place to meet beautiful ladies. There are other densely populated cities with lots of lovely Pakistani women open to meeting foreigners. Explore the list of all Pakistani cities that are best suited for romantic acquaintances.

  1. Karachi
  2. Lahore
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Rawalpindi
  5. Islamabad

Best local spots to find single Pakistani women

A pretty Pakistani girl can be found everywhere. Parks, museums, beaches, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and bars – local women love all these places and visit them very often. The most popular spots to find young Pakistani women are:

  1. Port Grand Food and Entertainment Complex, Karachi
  2. Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi
  3. Le Casa Del Habanos, Islamabad
  4. Lake View Park, Islamabad
  5. Ayub National Park, Rawalpindi
  6. Monal Downtown Rawalpindi
  7. Mediacom Center Point Plaza, Faisalabad
  8. Sindbad Amusement Park, Faisalabad
  9. Emporium Mall, Lahore
  10. Food Street and M M Alam Road, Lahore

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Best Online Dating Sites to Meet Single Women from Pakistan

meet Pakistani women

Wondering how to choose a dating site to meet Pakistani women? This may be a complicated task as the modern dating market is full of platforms for romantic acquaintances, and not all of them are of high quality. We have analyzed dozens of sites and tested their effectiveness to provide you with the best services to meet charming Pakistani women. Feel free to use them, we have described their advantages and disadvantages below.

  1. LoverWhirl – a smooth Asian dating site with live streams and video chat
  2. AsianDate – the safest dating platform to keep in touch with Pakistani women via video calls
  3. AsiaCharm – a popular site with convenient search tools to meet Pakistani women online



  • Convenient advanced search with a large number of filters
  • Active women looking for a serious relationship and marriage
  • Live Streams
  • NewsFeed feature
  • Auto-translation
  • Reasonable prices


  • No mobile app
  • No video chat

LoverWhirl is an international site for dating Asian ladies. Many American and British men use this service to find gorgeous Pakistani women. No wonder the site has a high rating and a good reputation. According to user reviews, this dating platform has already helped many men find love and build a happy family with Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean mail order brides.

LoverWhirl is a great place for those who appreciate the smooth performance, simplicity, and affordable prices. There are many useful services and high-quality communication methods. For example, you can send a wink to a girl, like her profile, request contact details, send a gift, set up a date, and share photos and videos. What’s more, you have an opportunity to communicate in the live chat to make your dating experience even brighter. And an advanced search will help you find the most suitable Pakistani ladies for marriage.


  • 20 Сredits – $2.99 (only the 1st payment)
  • 20 Сredits – $9.99 (for the 2nd and all subsequent payments)
  • 50 Сredits – $19.99
  • 125 Сredits – $44.99
  • 250 Сredits – $69.99
  • 750 Сredits – $149.99



  • Many active users
  • CamShare feature
  • Translation services
  • Careful profile verification
  • Mobile app


  • Some profiles are half empty
  • No app for iOS devices

AsianDate is not just a dating site, it is a real paradise for lovers of hot women from Asia. You can easily make your dating dreams come true by registering on the site. The platform is designed for those who want to meet Pakistani, Filipino, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Japanese sexy girls and build a happy long-term relationship.

Smart matchmaking algorithms will select the most suitable women based on your preferences, all you have to do is choose one and start chatting. By the way, the service offers catchy “Say Hi” messages for men who are so impressed by the beauty of a cute Pakistani girl that they cannot think of a word to say to her. Apart from everything else, you can arrange a virtual romantic date using the video call feature. If you want to please your chosen one, give her flowers or an original gift that will be delivered right to her door. Asian women love such tokens of appreciation. Do not miss the opportunity to register for AsianDate, the site is really worth it!


  • 20 Сredits – $2.99 (only the 1st payment)
  • 20 Сredits – $15.99 (for the 2nd and all subsequent payments)
  • 160 Сredits – $96.99
  • 500 Сredits – $249.99
  • 1000 Сredits – $399.99



  • Many Pakistani women seeking western men
  • Detailed profiles
  • Lots of search options
  • Video chat
  • Mobile app


  • Paid communication
  • No mobile app for iOS

There are a large number of American men who want to meet Pakistani girls and marry them. This is one of the main reasons why dating sites with Asian singles are so popular. AsiaCharm was created to help Western men find their Pakistani, Vietnamese, Indian, and Filipino women for marriage. This is a great place to find a Pakistani female. The site has about 10 million users, so the chances of meeting your significant other are pretty high. Moreover, Pakistani ladies are approachable and open to new acquaintances. It will not be difficult to engage in a conversation with them.

AsiaCharm has a user-friendly interface and attractive design. Female profiles are informative and detailed, which greatly facilitates the search for a beloved woman. Moreover, all accounts are verified. If a profile seems suspicious to you, you can always contact the support service that is available 24/7. AsiaCharm features a large number of options for finding a potential partner. You can use the quick or advanced search, look for your significant other by ID number, and view new members or those who are currently online. Other useful features include video calls and live chats. All in all, AsiaCharm is a reliable dating site that has already helped thousands of men find their Pakistani brides.


  • 20 Сredits – $2.99 (only the 1st payment)
  • 20 Сredits – $9.99 (for the 2nd and all subsequent payments)
  • 50 Сredits – $19.99
  • 125 Сredits – $44.99
  • 250 Сredits – $69.99
  • 750 Сredits – $149.99

Tips for dating a Pakistani Woman

women Pakistani

It’s not enough just to find and approach a Pakistani girl. These ladies have certain beliefs about what qualities a man should have in order to become an ideal husband. Moreover, Pakistani women are very different from American brides. So you need to know how to win the heart of a girl from Pakistan. And the following tips will help you impress a lady you like.

  1. Be polite. Pakistani girls are well-mannered and will not tolerate boorish attitude. So try to be a gentleman – open the door for your lady, give her a hand when leaving the transport, pay the bill in a restaurant, and so on. Moreover, be polite to her parents and offer to help them with the housework when you come to their house.
  2. Follow the rules of hygiene. Pakistani women are very neat. They shower frequently, groom themselves, and keep their clothes clean. You should do the same if you want to attract a Pakistani girl. In addition, you can use perfume, local women love men who smell good.
  3. Respect her. Pakistani men are not very respectful towards women. They believe that a wife should just take care of the household and the upbringing of children, neglecting her desires. Therefore, show your Pakistani girl how women are treated abroad. Ask for her opinion and advice, fulfill her desires, and demonstrate that you appreciate what she does for you.
  4. Do not set boundaries. Pakistani girls are tired of local men constantly telling them what to do. They want more freedom, so give it to them! Ask your Pakistani lady what she wants to do in life and help her with it. Give money for her startup or provide moral support – in any case, the girl will be infinitely grateful to you.
  5. Win the affection of her family. Pakistani parents love their children more than anything else in the world. When a girl meets a guy and is going to build a relationship with him, she must introduce the chosen one to her relatives in order to receive their blessing. And parents are very demanding of their daughters’ boyfriends. In addition, they treat foreigners with extreme caution. Thus, do your best to prove that you can make their daughter the happiest woman in the world.
  6. Do not talk about sex. Moreover, do not offer it to your girlfriend from Pakistan! Islam forbids sexual relationships before marriage. And some Pakistani girls still adhere to this tradition. How do you know if a lady does not mind having sex? She herself will raise this topic or give you some kind of non-verbal sign. Don’t worry, you will not miss it.
  7. Do not show love in public. Locals condemn such behavior, so not a single Pakistani lady will agree to kiss or hug you in public. If you are tormented with the desire to touch the lips of your beloved, you will have to look for a more secluded place. Kissing in public is allowed only among highly respected people. Also, you may see two men strolling along the street holding hands. It’s a perfectly normal phenomenon accepted among friends.
  8. Give up bad habits. Most Pakistani women lead a healthy lifestyle and do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. In general, local ladies have a slightly different attitude to this bad habit than neighboring Afghanistan or Indian women. So, if you want to smoke in public, you should ask people near you if they do not mind this. To tell the truth, Pakistani women do not like men who reach for a cigarette every 10 minutes.


If you are looking for a combination of fidelity, femininity, and excellent housewife skills, a Pakistani woman will be the best choice for you. These modest beauties will always take care of you and your children and make your home clean and cozy. Modern dating sites provide many useful features for finding the best Pakistani women. And our tips will help you win the heart of the girl you like. We wish you good luck in your search for love!

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