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Meet Polish Women: A Straightforward Guide

Polish women prefer strong and sweet smells. They adore kawe (espresso) no less than Columbians or Brazilians.
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Top Polish Cities With Brides Warsaw, Lodz, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Katowice
Average Age 24 Years
Average Cost $14000
Success Rate 80%
Divorce Rate 24%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇳🇴Norway,🇸🇬Singapore,🇫🇷France

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For quite a while, Poland has been popular for the amazing appeal of its ladies. Poland women are the pioneers of the European spirit of freedom and a matriarchy social system, yet they didn’t lose their enchanting traits. The norm of polish and style. Beauty products are still viewed as the best gift for a woman here, but that doesn’t mean a Polish or a Russian girl for marriage only cares about her looks. She is a dedicated spouse, a caring mother, and a persuasive lover. So how to win the heart of a woman from Poland? We will try to find this out together in the article below.

Polish Singles: Their Appearance

Polish Women

Many young ladies from Poland have something German about the way they look. Blue eyes, thin eyebrows, light hair, and a clean look. Some of them have big noses and wide mouths. Others look petite and young even in their middle age. Polish and Moldova mail-order brides look more experienced than Russian ladies of a similar age. Yet, they hold their heads high with dignity and would never let a man offend their culture or family.

A logical question arises: if they are so strong, do they even need men? Of course, every woman dreams of meeting a brave and protective partner deep inside. Dating a Polish is tricky in this matter. Thus, it requires knowing some tips and a lot of patience. Let’s start with their look. Why do foreigners love Polish so much, and what is so special about their image?


Every nation has its unique scents. Austria is about espresso and cakes, Italy — Chianti and green growth scents of Venice, France — champagne and truffles. Poland, then again, amuses with the smell of amazing food and flowers.

Polish women prefer strong and sweet smells. They adore kawe (espresso) no less than Columbians or Brazilians. There is something about the way Warsaw smells that depicts the collective image of Polish women: freedom, coffee, and instant spring. If you ever meet a Polish girl outside her native country, you will immediately recognize her for her scent. It is magnetizing and attractive.


The picture of a Polish pani includes a perfect hairstyle, freshly washed hair, and a little volume in her hairdo: the works of art are their beach waves or bob hairstyles. Bright blond with slight shading is the brand look of Polish. You rarely meet young ladies here with a bun or a hairdo fixed with tons of hair spray. Instead, they can wear braids that make sexy Belarus women look even cuter. However, everything extra is not their type.

The hair of a Polish woman is typically shoulder-length and a bit messy. These ladies prefer effortless looks that emphasize their desire to protest against everything stable and strict. They enjoy their freedom and personal choices so that you will notice them straight away. Bangs and hair brushed aside are popular. Minimum accessories are used to make a hairdo. Nevertheless, hats and berets are popular because they help Polish ladies looking for marriage stress their longing for a European look.


These young ladies lean toward unnoticeable make-up done in neutral tones. No lady will leave the store without a glam look, even if you don’t notice that she has put on any cosmetic products. That is the whole point.

For many women, lipsticks have been replaced with lipglosses. They are a lot more straightforward and quicker to apply, there are many shades, and a light sparkly base allows Polish to focus more on the eyes. Mascara, especially in brown or blue colors, allows young Polish women to look effortless but put together. They often line the lash line with a brown or dark pencil. Brows stay graphic but feather-like. Polish use brow gels to brush them up and fix them. As the French say, a la naturel.

Humble make-up and flawlessly clean yet challenging are the most noteworthy characteristics of Polish women. As a result, you will find brands like Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, or Clarins on their dressing tables. They use them on equal terms with local brands because they care for the final look, not the price. After all, class is internal.

Honey wrapping and mud masks are popular among Polish. They are into ethnoscience and like applying all types of homemade treatments. Famous skincare brands can also be found in their arsenal. Nail treatments, acrylic or gel manicure, and pedicures are popular with typical Polish women. Almost all of the girls you will meet will have gel nails done with splendid designs.


These ladies stick to the popular styles — pastel colors and oversize are their favorites. Young ladies in Poland dress trendy for the most part. Sporty looks are popular among youngsters, even though men don’t like them since sportswear hides the benefits of a female figure (notwithstanding, it detriments it as well). Poland is attempting to look like its Western neighbors in this regard.

Elegant shoes with high heels are still popular with women from Poland for marriage. Even though Polish prefer comfort and enjoy being on the go, they still want to emphasize their feminine side. Therefore, their clothes talk and attract. They express their strong nature and fit them in every sense. Ideal textures are fine fleece with lycra and cashmere in addition to silk.

Slovakian wives learn to dress with a unique taste to be “an exquisite woman.” They also look clean: they won’t ever wear dirty clothes, regardless of how chic the planned outfit may look.

Why Should You Choose Polish Women?

Polish women dating

These young ladies are fearless and exceptionally requesting of men. They stay brave and respectful and will require their partner to be the same. You will have to assist her with lighting a cigarette, carrying her heavy bag, and acting like a gentleman. Opening the car door or any door for them and offering a seat in the restaurant are also must-do’s when Polish women dating. The casual conversations most often happen in the transport, so if you are free for a seat for a pretty Polish, who knows, this can be your chance to get acquainted.

Dissimilar to the Western culture, Polish men don’t want their wives to be obsessive workers. Despite the latest feministic trends, young ladies often choose to run house duties, cook and bring up kids. You will meet many hard-working Polish women looking for American men who will be glad to marry you and build a traditional family. These women know their worth and value respect but still want to be protected by a responsible breadwinner.

The ladies in Poland don’t see an issue with improving for their partner and changing anything about themselves for the person they love. This might include anything from moving from a major city to a small town to beginning a family ranch to changing their appearance. No matter how liberated they are, they still will do a lot in the name of love.

Let’s also not forget about the abortion ban law in Poland. Women here are into having kids for many social and religious reasons. Polish ladies looking for love see giving birth to a child as a logical continuation of the family union. However, a Polish will never focus their whole life on bringing up children. Having a baby is seen as a natural thing that shouldn’t determine the course of your personal growth and path.

Best Women in Poland

Moscow, Russia
Astrakhan, Russia
Tina, 27
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Lidia, 27
Kyiv, Ukraine
Anna, 23
Dnipro, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine

Characteristic Traits of These Women

Pretty yet strict Polish ladies are self-accomplished, well-traveled, educated, talented in numerous things, and demanded in their professions. You can frequently hear them discussing serious topics. They are aware of what is going on in their country and the world, as well as you will have to find a personal approach to every cute Moldova girl you meet.

Applying the same pick-up tricks and lines to all the women you meet won’t work. They won’t put up with offensive behavior or inappropriate jokes. An awful relationship with a man isn’t interesting for a Polish lady, and she would prefer to stay alone than with somebody who doesn’t treat her right. Unlike Spanish or Italian singles, these women don’t like heated arguments and passionate discussions of feelings. They are more on the soft and respecting side.

Your union with such a female will always be a game of two, not a one-sided connection where you bring home money, and she stays your servant. So what else should you know to date Polish ladies? Here are some of the traits you should keep in mind.

The Role of The Family Ties

Young ladies from Poland can have an assortment of hobbies, multiple personal interests, a lively public activity, and an inspiring profession. Yet, all through everything, they generally set aside a few minutes every day to spend with their families. Family gatherings and simple calls are normal things here. She will stay close with her mom, dad, and siblings and invite you to meet them as soon as she trusts you.

When both of you start a family, you can be confident about becoming a part of her family. You kids will also be raised in an atmosphere of mutual help and friendliness. Are Polish women faithful? Of course. They value all types of family connections and will never give up their home nest for a random wave of feelings.


Ladies from Poland are also extremely straightforward and solid. One of their top traits is that they generally tell all that as is it. They don’t disguise or limit reality. For instance, if she doesn’t like you, she will tell you about this immediately, so you both don’t waste your time. On the contrary, if she is into you, you will not get it from the beginning. Therefore, you can rely on her whenever she says something in this matter.

Most women here won’t ever enter a committed relationship, not to mention marriage if she doesn’t plan to remain with the man always and forever. The choice to tie the knot is regarded as one of the most important decisions here. Thus, if the woman plans to marry you, she will probably invite you for a serious discussion and explain what she expects from you. When you meet Polish women online, be ready to meet their families one day and be responsible for your promises. In the eyes of Poles, marriage should endure forever and be warm and strong.

Religious Views

Religion occupies a noble place in all Poles’ system of life views. Young men and women visit churches regularly and pray as a meditation. They turn to God in times of hardships and respect the commandments. Promoting banners with the picture of a young lady and the title: “Always keep the place for God in your heart” can be seen all across the country, near the roads, and in cities.

In Poland, the Motherland of John Paul II, ladies refuse sexual contact longer than other European ladies. A normal girl would like to get closer on the 7-8 date (for correlation for Italians is 5.4 dates, and Swedes give up after the fourth date). However, having sex before marriage is no longer considered a shame here. If you two like each other, you will have a high chance of a sexual encounter, but it probably won’t happen at the first meeting.

Love for Freedom

Polish women love get-togethers in the kitchen and discussing life with friends. They like going out and start attending clubs at approximately 14. Moms and dads trust their daughters and allow them to have a rich nightlife. Thus, as a Polish female’s partner, you will have to let her go out. She loves freedom more than everything, so if you ban her from having fun, this won’t lead to anything good.

The young ladies stay monogamous for the most part. The percentage of marriages ending in a divorce is one of the lowest in Europe. People are in no hurry to get married here even though they separate from their parents quite at a young age. It is normal for teenagers to study in another city and start living on their own at 17. However, they do not choose to build a family and immediately give up on a single life.

Leisure Activities and Rest

Lying on the beach, sunbathing, and eating tropical fruits are not the preferred activities of Polish women. Instead, they enjoy active rest and dynamic activities that would bring about emotions and bright memories. Thus, the best relaxation you can arrange for a Polish girl wouldn’t be SPA. Instead, offer her to visit a bar and then go wildly dancing. Invite her to an ice rink or a roller drome. Amusement parks, hiking, and even skiing are Poland’s most cherished leisure activities.

How Can You Meet Polish Women? Places and Spots

Polish women personals

Many Polish enjoy doing sports. They can engage in many different activities without leaving the country because Poland has a rich nature and well-developed tourist infrastructure. There are dynamic entertainment places, trolleys, strolling and cycling trails, horse diversion, horseback riding, golf, water games, and different events happening in Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw. Eventually, if you want to meet Polish women, you should probably visit such places more often to see them in their natural habitat.

Polish people say that a lady in dance, a boat under full sail, and a horse on the run are the most satisfying things to the eye. Horse riding is for sure an extraordinary amusement, noble, and relaxing. This activity is famous among young ladies of Poland as it strengthens the muscles and is accessible to everybody without expert preparation.

You will see a green strip 1 m wide on numerous roads between the houses and most streets in Gdansk. This line is especially devoted to riding bicycles. There are numerous roller skates on the bicycle ways all across the country. Why? Because Polish women for dating enjoy riding a bike on the daily! It is a popular type of transport there. That’s why young people here are slim and well-built.


The best cities to meet women from Poland:

  1. Warsaw
  2. Gdańsk
  3. Kraków
  4. Bydgoszcz
  5. Wrocław
  6. Poznań
  7. Łódź
  8. Szczecin


Spots where you can run across a pretty Pole:

  1. Rollerdrom
  2. Ice rink
  3. Skating park
  4. Hiking route
  5. Fancy bar
  6. Gym
  7. Yoga center

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You Will Not Be Bored with The Best Women Here

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Single Vera in Kyiv, Ukraine
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Dating Sites to Meet Polish Women

Polish female

  1. DreamSingles – Discover Poland’s Top Dating Site With Lots of Features
  2. AnastasiaDate – One of the Biggest Dating Agency With Slav Girls
  3. FindBride – Meet Your Dream Partner in a Few Clicks With a Convenient Search
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Dating sites enjoy great popularity. Over 3 million Poles use them. In addition, virtual dating is a popular form of entertainment and a way to get to know your “other half.”.

Many dating sites are tailored to users’ specific preferences and attract women and men of all ages. However, one thing is certain: Internet users love online dating and use mobile applications more and more. They allow you to chat with a virtual partner anywhere, anytime.


It was created in 2012 and is the most popular dating site in Europe. It is very easy to use. Chat candidates are selected based on age, sexual orientation, or geographic distance. If you want to contact a suggested user, you can send them a heart or initiate a conversation. Logging in takes place using the phone number or Facebook profile.


This Russian brides agency is a popular dating application among foreign internet users. Here, you can access a huge amount of user profiles worldwide. It works by looking for people in our vicinity with similar interests. It has a convenient search, thanks to which you can see photos of people who match your criteria and then decide if you want to message them. A profile is created via e-mail or telephone and logging in to Facebook.


This agency is one of the largest dating sites for singles in Poland. The site provides access to the largest native population of Polish women for marriage and allows you to chat in pairs or groups. Here you will be able to upload photos right after taking them without additional verification.

You can also view photos of other people. It allows you to quickly establish contact with the user via the “Send a message” option or hook it using the “Wink” option. Set the profile using the e-mail or by logging in to Facebook.


The site allows you to meet Polish women and gives a full preview of cultural events in your area. Furthermore, it enables establishing contacts with nearby users and suggests where an interesting event occurs. In addition, it has the function of sending friends virtual gifts and stickers and even arranging trips to other cities to meet new people.

A new option in the application is the “Interested / Interested?” Game, thanks to which you can quickly match users with similar interests. The profile can be created via e-mail or by logging in to Facebook.

Polish Women in Dating: Types and Tips

meet Polish women

Dating is for us to get to know each other better and see if we fit together. Therefore, it is important to be yourself during such a meeting. Well, maybe not in every case. There are types of women who simply scare them away instead of attracting a partner. It is with these ladies that you should apply a unique approach. Before you go on a date, you should be ready to meet these types of Polish women.


A materialist will always ask you about your job, earnings, and family origins. Money is the most important thing for her, and you can see it with the naked eye, even at the first meeting. How to deal with her? If this type of relationship suits you, you should discuss the monetary conditions from the beginning.

Jealous one

There is nothing worse than a woman looking over your shoulder repeatedly. She checks whether you haven’t made an appointment with someone else and asks about your relations with ex-girlfriends and even with your mother and sister. If you are into spicy relationships, this is your type in Poland women dating.

Knows her worth

A successful date is about stories about yourself and listening to the other person. Thanks to this, you can get to know each other better. If a woman tells only about herself, it will scare anyone, not just a potential partner. However, such a woman knows her worth. Are you ready to invest, then?

No passion

There is nothing worse than a passionate person. Some people like to read books, others watch movies, and still, others take photos. On the other hand, if a woman cannot tell about her interests, it means that she will want to spend every moment with you. If you are into such relationships, choose the introverted one.

Finally, if you wonder why Polish women like American men, the answer is simple: they find you exotic and not like others. Polish men often are weak and ignorant. They cannot endure living with such a strong woman. If you provide her with your worth and show a Polish that you are ready to take responsibility for her — she will give you the whole world.


To impress a Polish girl, you should respect her freedom. Let her feel liberated but be there to protect her and inspire her for new achievements. These ladies are strong, self-respecting, and funny. If you manage to conquer her heart, she will show you her weak side, and you will discover the true meaning of a “home nest” together.

If this sounds like your dream, you should try online dating because many services are now willing to help you. Who knows, maybe one Polish marriage agency will get you acquainted with the future mother of your kids!

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