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Romanian Women-the Most Comprehensive Guide to Conquering Single Women From Romania

It is not surprising that Romanian women are very romantic and somewhat lyrical. It is their mystery that attracts thousands of Western men
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Top Romanian Cities With Brides Bucharest, Sector 3, Sector 6, Sector 2, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Craiova, Constanta, Galati
Average Age 25 Years
Average Cost $14000
Success Rate 69%
Divorce Rate 29%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇪🇸Spain,🇮🇹Italy

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Most men who want to marry an Eastern European bride usually choose their soulmate among Ukrainian or Russian women. But the choice does not end with these two nationalities. If you look at the neighboring countries, you will notice how great the choice of beautiful girls is. And the first ones you should pay attention to are the Romanian ladies for marriage.

Romania is one of the oldest countries, whose history is full of romantic legends and fascinating tales. Even the name of the capital has its legend. According to stories, Bucharest is named after a shepherd who long ago was in love with a beautiful girl named Dambovita. And in honor of this girl, today the river on which the country is located is named. So the lovers remained close to each other even after th

eir death. So it is not surprising that Romanian women are very romantic and somewhat lyrical. It is their mystery that attracts thousands of Western men. Besides that, there are so many reasons why you should get to know these beautiful ladies better. We will help you with that with this detailed guide on how to date Romanian women.

Appearance: Romanian Female

Romanian Women

If you are already familiar with a lot of European girls from different countries, then you may have a question: what is the difference between Romanian women and the rest of the beautiful ladies. And we don’t even have to answer this question. We just suggest you look at famous Romanian stars Alina Puskau and Alexandra Poyane and answer your question yourself. Romanian women are fascinated with their great looks. The first meeting with a girl from Romania will surely leave you under an impression. It will be impossible not to notice her femininity in her stunning forms, graceful movements, and flying gait.


The first thing you will probably notice when you meet a single Romanian lady is her figure. Romanian women are not fragile and petite, because they like to take care of their physical shape. Most Romanian women look quite athletic, especially if you compare them with the girls from the neighboring countries. This also means that Romanian brides are much more resilient than other Slavic wives.


Also, an interesting feature of Romanian women can be called their skin. It has a beautiful golden hue due to the warm and sunny climate of their country. Together with the already familiar European features, this skin tint gives a kind of exoticism to their appearance. Romanian women are very fond of taking care of themselves so that their skin not only looks great but is also very pleasant to the touch. Soft and silky, you will want to touch it. But, of course, only with the permission of its owner.


As mentioned above, Romanian women have a rather European appearance. But their big, piercing eyes have a peculiar almond shape. The slight squint makes it seem as if she is looking right into your soul and will never leave your mind again. The color of the eyes of Romania women can be very different, but often they are contrasting saturated colors such as brown, bright blue, or gray.


Despite their Slavic roots, Romanian brides differ from other hot Eastern European brides by their fairly light hair color. The palette ranges from russet to the blondest of blondes. Rarely will you find a Romanian lady with her hair dyed in all colors of the rainbow. The girls of this nationality have rather thin and light hair, which they value and take care of very carefully.

Why Should You Seek Your Happiness With Young Romanian Women?

Romanian women dating

Many men around the world know Romanian women as very passionate and hot. This is one of the many reasons why Western men want Romanian women as wives. They have a very hot temper and they never hide their emotions. So you never have to guess what your Romanian lady will think of you. Taking this into consideration, it is easy to understand that these girls are always honest in their relationships and the same will be expected from their partners. Also, due to the traditions in which children are raised in this country, Romanian girls are characterized by a particular honesty, and will pleasantly surprise you with their attitude towards punctuality. You never have to worry about her getting ready because she has already planned her whole day by the minute and will not let anything interfere with her plans.

If you are looking for a quiet lady to keep you company at social gatherings, Romanian women are not for you. Of course, normal Romanian women can go with you to exhibitions and theaters, but you should understand that she will not sit quietly and take everything that happens around. Romanian women are quite active and confident, and they are also almost always quite talkative. So you will always know her opinion about what is happening and if she doesn’t like some pictures, she will explain and argue her position. But it also applies to positive emotions. Unlike Asian brides, Romanian women are very impressionable and if she likes the actor’s performance or the taste of tonight’s meal, she can mention it all evening with admiration and will remember these moments for a long time.

The aforementioned activity of Romanian women seeking men is evident in so many aspects of their lives. So don’t be frightened when a Romanian woman asks you out or takes the initiative to get close to you. These ladies can be rather pushy. But it will even play into your hands. After all, you won’t need to find the best moment to kiss her or persuade her to go for a coffee, most likely she will do these steps first or at least tell you about her wishes.

But don’t let their activity mislead you. Despite modern trends, Romanian people are still one of the most religious people in Europe. Therefore, it will take you a long time to achieve a special intimacy with a Romanian woman. So if you seek to date Romanian women for a couple or three meetings, these girls will not suit you. The great majority of the girls from Romania are brought up in traditional families. They are taught morals and love and compassion from childhood. But despite such “difficulties”, you can be sure that single women Romania possesses will marry only for love and will never use you for fun or profit. So you can be sure that Romanian women seeking marriage are loving and sincere. Also, by making an effort to win this magical beauty, you will get a faithful companion of your life, who will never leave you in the lurch and will always be glad to support you.

Best Women in Romania

Philadelphia, USA
New York, USA
Olivia, 23
Oslo, Norway
Maya, 30
New Delhi, India
Sydney, Australia
Maria, 28
Helsinki, Finland

Distinguishing Characteristics of Romanian Women

Undoubtedly, the looks of Romanian women are very attractive. Hot Romanian women haven’t left anything yet. But in addition to their gorgeous looks, these ladies can offer you many other inner qualities that set them apart from other Eastern European women. Some of these qualities can be the basis of your healthy long-term relationship, and some will be the highlight that is sometimes so lacking in the everyday life of a young couple.

They Respect You and Your Family

Since typical Romanian women are often brought up with traditional values, it would not be surprising to see their attitudes toward men and elders. They respect their parents and the older generation and are likely to treat your parents as their own. Family is very important in Romanian culture, so even the thought of cheating is taboo for them. Romanian girls are not interested in one-night stands and short flings. Their goal in a relationship is a strong marriage and children.

They Are Understanding and Not Too Demanding

We all started on our path in life and even at a mature age, we want to try something new. Romania women understand this very well, as they are going through it themselves. You will be pleasantly surprised already at the first stages of the relationship, as these girls will not require any special effort from you to win their favor. It will be enough for you to be yourself and do what you can. And if she feels your naturalness and ease, she will be able to relax with you. The Romanian woman will never demand a mountain of gifts from you because the main gift for her will be the time and emotion that you give her.

They Are Much More Mature

If you are ready for a family and have serious intentions, but you are still young enough, Romanian girls are for you. Unlike American women, Romanian women come to want a serious relationship much earlier. They are very concerned about the emotional connection and, when they say their wedding vows, they remain faithful to the man of their choice throughout their lives together. It is with these girls that you can become “young parents” and already be fully settled in life at a mature age.

They Don’t Just Rely on Apperance

Another wonderful feature of Romanian women for marriage is their sharp minds. The locals make sure that their children get a good education because in this country both sexes work on an equal footing with each other. But hobbies of girls from Romania are not limited to curricula and academic degrees. They also like to read fiction and popular science literature and to develop in all possible directions.

Where to Meet Romanian Women

Romanian women personals

The easiest way to meet your Romanian soulmate is in her native country – Romania. This country can amaze even the experienced traveler with its beauty and number of attractions. Have we already talked about the romance of this country? And what if we say that, according to legend, this is the country where the famous Count Dracula lived? Intriguing, isn’t it? So we strongly recommend you visit at least one city in this beautiful country, not only for the unforgettable views and fascinating stories but also for the dazzling smiles of local single Romanian ladies.

Best Places to Meet Women in Romania

This country is quite a large country in Europe and an inexperienced traveler, in the beginning, will even be confused by the abundance of interesting places he wants to visit. But you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see all the sights while you’re looking for your significant other. And we’ll help you by providing a selection of cities and specific places where you can be most productive in your search.

  1. Bucharest is the best place to find a life partner for Romanian women. Because it is the capital of the country, many foreign businessmen and investors come here. Because of this, many locals have a good command of English, including beautiful girls. Here you have a very good chance not only to find a Romanian girlfriend but also to spend time with her for a pleasant conversation, ask about local attractions and the best, as she thinks, places to relax. She will surely tell you about Caru Cu Bere, Social 1, and Salon Golescu, famous restaurants popular with women.
  2. Brasov. This city is rightly called the heart of tourism because it is located in the center of the most popular area among visitors – Transylvania. The locals are very friendly and will never refuse to help you. And Romanian women will gladly tell you the marvelous stories of these places over a cup of coffee. The atmosphere of this place is special and only contributes to the beginning of your romantic story. It can start in the Home Cocktail bar, Kasho Lounge, or Kafe Pub, the best places in the center of the city.
  3. Timisoara. A relatively small city. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer to a tourist. The beautiful medieval architecture and hospitable inhabitants are sure to leave pleasant memories in your mind for a long time. And the beauty of local Romanian women is incomparable. They are active and friendly and will give you a warm welcome when they find out that you are a foreigner. You can discover traditional Romanian cuisine with charming Romanian women in La renaissance or Fratelli if you want to socialize in a more relaxed atmosphere.

More Places to Look

Romanian girls are very active and like to go out to meet their friends and families in the city. You can also often find them just strolling down the street because they take care of their health and spend a lot of time outdoors. If you have already visited the places we described above or have decided to visit other cities in this picturesque country, we recommend you to look for your future Romanian soulmate in these places:

  • Evening Streets
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Cafe
  • Sports centers
  • Shopping Streets
  • Business centers
  • Central squares

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Romanian female

Not everyone can be easygoing. And if you are not an avid tourist, it may be difficult for you to go to another country in search of love now. But do not despair, because there are other ways to find your soul mate. Like any single Eastern European ladies, Romanian women are great at using online dating services. That is why we recommend you to read a selection of sites that are most often visited by a Romania female:

  1. Dream Singles is the most popular site for finding love
  2. AnastasiaDate is a legitimate site with a user-friendly interface
  3. Amourfeel is a proven site with many useful features
  4. Valentime is the best site to find a serious relationship
  5. Bravodate is a handy site that is popular with Eastern European girls

Dream Singles

This service is great for single Western men looking for love among Eastern European women. For new users, there is a free trial that lasts for 3 days. But you can enjoy some benefits if you sign up for a paid subscription. Once you get it, you’ll be able to read and answer all the emails that Romanian women will send you. Also, this service allows you to send virtual gifts to girls you like. Also makes this service convenient and the fact that it is focused on helping girls from Eastern Europe to find a Western partner. So you can conclude that the girls registered here are a lot and there is a lot to choose from.


An excellent online dating service designed for those who are serious about finding a strong and lasting relationship. It is not called one of the best options for finding a partner abroad for nothing, as its feed is overflowing with beautiful Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian ladies for marriage. This site has a very nice design and a lot of useful functions that will speed up your search. Also, a nice detail is that it does not force you to make a paid subscription. Immediately after registration, you can view the profiles of women you are interested in. And if a girl left contact information, then you can use it to contact her for free. Of course, not everyone allows you to contact them off-site, as it may not be very convenient.


Convenient service for finding love among Slavic brides. It has an intuitive design, thanks to which you will not get lost in the buttons. You don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the right function or get distracted by advertising. Thanks to a fairly detailed questionnaire that appears after registration, the site can provide you with a list of profiles of girls that are sure to match your preferences. The site also allows you to choose the most convenient way of dating a Romanian women. You can send a quick standard message that doesn’t take a lot of time or thought to start a conversation. That way you can quickly determine if there is a mutual interest between you. But you can still write a girl directly through email and start a live dialogue from the first email.


A service that has stood the test of time. During its existence, it has managed to connect hundreds of people with strong ties. If you are looking for a serious relationship and are ready to build a family, then you should visit this site. After all, it is the target audience of this service differs from thousands of similar ones. Here you will find more adult and mature users who are looking for a long-term relationship for marriage. Many of them have already been married and may even have children from past relationships. Besides that, the majority of the female audience of this service is Eastern European girls, so you will have no problem finding single Romanian ladies here who are waiting for your support.


This service gathers the hottest Romanian females who are looking for foreign partners. The registration process will not take you much time but will allow you to view a gallery of already existing profiles of girls from Eastern Europe. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the rather detailed questionnaire that you are asked to fill in after registration. It will take some time but it will help them get to know you better and understand how well matched you are. You also do not have to wait until someone will write to you. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of search filters, you can find the right one for you. Take a good look at each of them, maybe she’s the one who touches your heart.

How to Impress Your Romanian Girlfriend

meet Romanian women

If you have decided on a way and a place to find your soulmate, it’s time to move on to ways of conquering her. As with any new acquaintance, a good first impression is key to a successful long-term relationship. But how do you impress such an active and confident lady, which is Romania women? Do not worry, because we will prepare you for this thoroughly. Here are a few no-holds-barred tips that will help you win the trust of your Romanian companion and win her heart.

  • Don’t hesitate to make the first move. Although Romanian women can be quite assertive, they are still raised in traditional families where the man is the main engine of the relationship. So don’t hesitate to be the first to approach a girl you like and offer to spend time with her over a cup of coffee.
  • Try to avoid mentioning any stereotypes in your relationship. As a foreigner, it’s easy to get caught up in false stereotypes about this or that country. Not only will you not improve your date’s attitude toward you in any way, but you might also hurt them and make yourself look not very smart. Instead, it is better to update your knowledge about Romania, because the history and legends of this country will not let you get bored, and young Romanian women will certainly be pleasantly surprised by your desire to know her culture better.
  • First dates are very important. Of course, when the relationship develops, you can meet in a more informal setting, such as meeting at home to watch a movie. But the traditional customs of this country compel first dates to be held by all standards. So if you want to know how to date Romanian women you should know that classic places with a relaxed atmosphere, such as cafes and restaurants, are great for first dates.
  • Don’t be too pushy. Although Romanian women are hot, unlike hot American women, these girls have high moral values. Therefore, your assertiveness in physical contact can only scare a girl away and show your impatience. Normal Romanian women may think you are with her just for the sake of it. Take your time and the Romanian woman will let you know when the time is right and your patience will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.
  • It may take some time to gain a Romanian woman’s sincere trust. You must convince her that you are a kind and trustworthy person. But words alone will not be enough, they need to be supported by actions. Do not refuse her help, be respectful of her family, and sooner or later she will look closer to you.


Romanian women dating is unusual and attractive. With her, you will never get bored and experience a whole range of emotions together. But what else could be better than a devoted beautiful girl who appreciates you for who you are? If you are looking for a mature girl who is ready for a serious relationship, then you should look for your future soulmate among these romantic ladies. And now that you have all the information in your hands, you shouldn’t put off your future for later. After all, maybe the one right now is passing by.

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