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Scandinavian Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from Scandinavia

Looking for Scandinavian wife means more than being educated and smart. It’s also important that you are easygoing.
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Top Scandinavian Cities With Brides Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, , ,
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $17000
Success Rate 73%
Divorce Rate 41%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇵🇹Portugal,🇮🇹Italy,🇩🇰Denmark

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Women from the North have always had an interesting beauty and impressed men with their looks. Their fantastic and unique appearance has driven men from all corners of the world mad. Scandinavian brides have long, blonde hair and light eyes. Their lips are thick, and their faces are proportionate, so there’s no wonder why they are so famous amongst men from the West. Ladies from Scandinavia are also educated and very smart, so they make the perfect wives for the man who knows how to appreciate them. This review is going to tell everything that you need to know about Scandinavian wives and the way you should hook them up.

Many men dream about being with the perfect woman for them and marrying her. Nordic mail order bridesare not only naturally beautiful, but they also have a strong character that makes them men’s most adored ladies. There are many options to choose from when trying to find a Scandinavian wife, as Scandinavia is the land of many countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. When seeing a blonde woman with blue or green eyes, men go crazy and, on a funny note, no longer know what their name is. Other women from across the world envy Scandinavian mail brides because they have a flawless complexion and radiate naturally.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about the appearance and character traits of a Scandinavian wife. It can’t be said that girls from Iceland and Norway are too different from the girls from Sweden. In general, most brides fromScandinavia are indeed quite beautiful. They are also educated and work hard. Besides, they’re also kind. As wives, they are incredibly fun, supportive, and loyal. They love their husband with all their heart, but this can change, of course, depending on their behavior. It’s important to understand that Finland girls are more reserved and resemble Russian women. In comparison, Swedish women are fun and open-minded. Women from Denmark are easygoing and relaxed. It doesn’t matter what country they might be from; the Scandinavian marriage will be the same.

How Come Are Scandinavian Girls Perfect for Marriage?

Scandinavian Brides

Being with a woman from Scandinavia is a lucky charm ticket for any man. These ladies have the most special qualities that make them desirable. If you want to marry a Scandinavian bride, you need to understand how important it is to know more about these women. The following paragraphs are going to teach you about what women from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, or other countries want in a man. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of being with a Danish woman. Make your unbiased decision, as this information is going to help you further advance your plan of conquering her heart.

To begin with, know that your Scandinavian mail order wife is very intelligent. In Scandinavia, it’s free to get your education, so women from this side of the world can pursue any career. In fact, women here are more interested in getting an education when compared to men. Girls hold more than one degree and manage to achieve success no matter what they might be doing. In a Scandinavia marriage, the woman is the one who reads more books and can carry on with a discussion on any subject.

Besides, your Scandinavian mail order bride will know how to talk to you about anything. She will have great communication skills, which means she will be able to interact with anyone. The good news is that all Scandinavian brides know how to speak English. In fact, most of them are better at carrying on with a conversation in this language than they are at carrying on with a conversation in their own native language.

Looking for Scandinavian wife means more than being educated and smart. It’s also important that you are easygoing. The lifestyles and views of women from Scandinavia are rather down-to-earth but in a good sense. These girls are happy hearing simple jokes and don’t mind talking about simple things when they are with the person that’s suitable for them. They don’t judge and don’t make assumptions. Talking to them will be a pleasure, so don’t start any conversation before you have decided from the beginning what do you want to say.

Characteristic Features of Scandinavian Mail Order Brides

When you hear about Scandinavia mail order brides, you immediately start imagining a blonde girl with blue eyes and a cold look. You can’t even take your eyes of this woman. While this is rather true, since the ladies in Scandinavia are all gorgeous, it’s easy to explain what each country in this region has to offer in terms of the physical and mental beauty of its ladies. Let’s see what three of these countries have to offer.


In case you want to be with a Scandinavian wife from the country of Norway, then you should expect this girl to be someone jolly, sweet, and pleasant. She will do all sorts of things, whereas spending her time out in the open is going to be what she wants the most to do with her free time. Norwegian girls for marriage will also prefer staying at home with the people she cares about rather than going out. This is because she will want to be with her family and keep her relationship healthy instead of going out. Also, the Norwegian bride who comes from Norway will seem reserved as soon as you are going to get together with her, but the more she will learn to trust who you are as a man, the more gracious she will become.


Looking at the country of Iceland, Icelandic brides from this country are rather the competent and self-reliant type. They know what they want from life and don’t rest until they achieve it. Besides, they have patience when it comes to making their dreams come true. They work hard and all the time improve their skills so that they can achieve any of their goals. At the same time, they are the type who reflect on events and talk about their feelings. Some people might consider them to be melancholic, but they only appreciate every single moment in life so that they can create all sorts of new memories.


The Swedish mail order wife is kind and very good at helping people who are in a conflict reach a consensus. They don’t waste any of their time and energy with conflicts, which means that they usually find solutions to any kind of problem. At the same time, they give a lot of importance to their free time, which means that they take breaks from work and go out with their friends. Swedish girls are always preoccupied with keeping the life-work balance. They don’t want to become sick with stress and enjoy every free weekend.

Why Are Scandinavian Brides Perfect for Marriage?

wife Scandinavian

Scandinaviangirls do indeed have many features that make them unique. They stand out from the crows because they have some great traits that help them be not only beautiful but also very smart and perfect as wives. It doesn’t matter what country they might be coming from, they are all as the following paragraphs explain.

First, Scandinavian mail order brides look gorgeous because their demographic situation and history in their region have helped them grow into very good-looking ladies. They are not only tall and have strong bodies, but they also happen to be very graceful. Their hair is blonde, and they have light-colored eyes. Their skin is pale, and their cheeks are rosy. Such physical traits can be seen in most women from Scandinavia, where girls are very proud of the way they look and prefer to not wear too much makeup.

Nordic and Baltic women have also been raised to be self-confident and to have respect for themselves. They usually receive a great education and don’t mind working very hard, even harder than men. These girls are not only interested in finding a man who can support them with money, but also one who can show them how they can take some time off when they are tired. Scandinavian mail order brides are very good at being providers not only for themselves but also for an entire family.

Different from the girls of Asian and Latin women, ladies from Scandinavia are not that hurried to become wives. They usually marry around 31 or 33 years of age. And their decision to do this is purely conscious. If they also happen to have children, they start paying attention only to their families. It’s difficult for aScandinavian mother to not be around her little ones, mostly because she wants to protect rather than to educate. This means the ladies of the North are not the types of mothers to stress their children. They’re only about showing them the ropes of life through love.

Best Brides in Scandinavia

Rome, Italy
Ivana, 30
Zagreb, Croatia
Tallinn, Estonia
Davina, 25
Pasadena, USA
Maya, 30
New Delhi, India
Sydney, Australia

What Do Scandinavian Wives Are Expecting from Men?

In case you don’t have much experience with Scandinavian mail order brides but are interested in landing one, you need to take into consideration what these ladies like in a man. This is going to be explained in the following paragraphs, as detailed as possible.

Start by showing your Scandinavian wife how much you care about her. At the same time, allow her to make a first move towards getting you. Women from the North need to be given the upper hand when their relationship has just started. After they have moved further, they can promise you a great future together.

Don’t be too generous with your lady from Scandinavia, as she knows how to make her own money to spend them wisely. Besides, Northern girls don’t like it when men are all the time paying for dinner or drinks. The healthier way to deal with them when going out is to split the bill or to order separately.

The best idea is to be direct. Scandinavian mail brides don’t have a problem talking about what they want, which means they are open and would like you to be the same. Talk to them about what they want and how they can obtain it, as they don’t mind receiving advice.

Since sometimes people can overdo things, it might seem that you are trying too hard to impress the Scandinavian girl you have found. This is wrong, so don’t go to her with a prepared speech. Also, don’t try too hard to ask her out if she had said No. The most important thing is that you are realistic.

Stop trying to focus so much on romance. While being attracted to a Scandinavian bride might seem like a dream at first, you need to understand that girls from theScandinavianregion of the world are also emotional and try as much as possible to develop rather friendly connections. These connections might or might not turn into something more.

Where Can You Meet Scandinavian Girls?

Scandinavian bride

Your Scandinavia marriage can become a reality if you travel to the Northern countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and others. Be cautious because life in the North is very expensive. So, if you don’t have a job there or your financial situation is rather limited, you can look for them in the big cities of your own country. They visit these places either as tourists or because they are looking for jobs. When tourists, Scandinavian brides go to parks where there are lakes and plenty of fauna. As workers, they are either freelancers and artists or waitressing in restaurants.

In case traveling to Scandinavian countries is not an option for you, consider looking for your Scandinavian wife online. She will be on dating sites because she wants to find someone with whom she can be happy for the rest of her life. Online dating sites host many Scandinavian women who want to get married or to support their men to become better people. Check these platforms, create an account there, and find the Scandinavian beauty of your dreams.

Pros and Cons in the World of Online Dating

Online dating is not easy, but if you are up for spending hours in front of the computer or on phone, go ahead and try it. Of course, there are many Pros and Cons to it, so let’s see which these are. Have a look over the next few lines to learn about these Pros and Cons.


  • Helps people who don’t have much success with offline dating get more hope
  • Lowers the fear of rejection because Scandinavian brides on online dating sites are very nice
  • You can chat with the girls from the comfort of your own home


  • In case there is no webcam, you can’t see how the Scandinavian wife of your choice has reacted
  • Most profiles on online dating sites are fake and you might get scammed
  • It can cost you a lot of money to interact with the Scandinavian ladies who spend their time online

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Where Can You Find the Scandinavia Mail Order Brides?

Scandinavian wife

  1. – To find girls for marriage from Scandinavia and other countries of the world
  2. LoveSwans – Where romance is the word of the day, in every sense of the metaphor
  3. ValenTime – The place where Scandinavian brides want to have romantic discussions
  4. BravoDate – For people who are looking to have fun in the eventuality of dating
  5. MatchTruly – Where people come to spend a lot of time so that they can meet their soulmate is the most popular dating platform in the world. Many people have accounts here because they want to interact not only with Scandinavian brides, but also with men and women from across the entire world. If you want to meet here a woman from the North, then you have to use the website’s search filters.


It’s free to register an account with LoveSwans, so go ahead and provide your contact details on the platform. This is going to help you create a profile. The ladies here are asked to interview before creating their profile so that scamming is avoided. Some fake profiles might be slipping through, but you can report them and the problem is going to be solved.


ValenTime is for those men who are interested in maintaining a long-distance relationship with someone from Scandinavia or any other region in the world. There are many contact features available, but you can’t use them for free, as you need to use credits to send messages. Besides, just like on Facebook, you can Like profiles. The website’s filters are customizable.


After registering on BravoDate, you receive 20 credits for free. Use them to chat with the Scandinavian brides who have profiles here. The interface of BravoDate is easy to use and clean. You can use BravoDate even on older smartphones, as the platform has a mobile app as well. On BravoDate, you can interact with women from across the world, not only from Scandinavia.


Just looking at the main page of this website, you can understand how the platform should work. MatchTruly has an interesting design that’s rather minimalistic. Users get access to any kind of information they are interested in. After completing the registration form, you get access to profiles. Interact with the Scandinavian brides and see which one is interested in marrying you.

Scandinavian Wedding Traditions

Scandinavian girls for marriage

When traditional Viking weddings are taking place, they usually happen on Fridays. This day is called Freya’s Day or the Frigg’Day. A Viking wedding usually lasts for a week. Freya was the fertility goddess of the Norse people and for this reason, it was lucky to marry on a Friday. When it comes to practicality, Viking weddings were almost all the time taking place during the summer because the weather was warmer. Besides, Viking weddings used to take place outside, so celebrating them during the winter wasn’t the best idea. It was also important to follow the rituals of Viking weddings because there not the same for the groom and the bride. Before the ceremony of uniting the groom with the bride, the bride had to go to a bath house. The women in her family who were married had to take her there, where she was supposed to wash.

In the meantime, the Scandinavian groom had to take a sword from a grave of his ancestors and give it to the bride, as part of the sword exchanging tradition. Then, the bride had to give her broom a sword of her own. This was the symbol of the protection the groom was offering his bride from the wedding further in time. Just like at any other wedding in the Western area of the world, rings had to be exchanged. Some people from Scandinavia, including Scandinavian brides, are interested in following the Viking wedding traditions because they want to have fun when uniting their destinies. The traditional wedding dress is not necessary, as Viking clothes are quite interesting. The Icehotel in Sweden organizes Viking wedding for anyone who has enough money to pay for such an event. If you can marry your Scandinavian bride there, you will surely be happy with her for the rest of your life.


Where are Scandinavian girls for marriage spending their time?

In their free time, Scandinavian brides usually go out to drink. Don’t assume that they’re alcoholics because they drink only for social reasons. If you want to meet them, then go to restaurants or bars. When visiting England for example, you are sure to find Scandinavian ladies in pubs, where they are taking some time off to prepare for the next day of work. If they are on holiday, they also like to visit museums and art cafes.

How come are Scandinavian brides so interesting?

Things to be clear, women from Scandinavia have intellectual hobbies. This means they like reading, playing computer games, listening to music, and even playing sports to develop their bodies nicely. They spend a lot of time in school because they really like learning. They are not bored with new information and are very good problem solvers. Hopefully, this answers your question about why they are so interesting.

Is my Scandinavian wife going to divorce me?

There’s no guarantee that your Scandinavian wife is going to be with you forever. Divorces happen because people no longer remember how they have been when they met each other and have had a beautiful relationship. If you can no longer be the person you were when you got together with your Scandinavian lady, then she will surely leave you. You need to fight for your wife because this is the reason you got married to her in the first place. Of course, she needs to fight for you too. The answer to the question above is “No one can know.”

Are Scandinavian brides cold women?

People who are blonde and have light-colored eyes might indeed have a cold appearance, but this doesn’t mean they have a cold heart. In fact, they are very nice. Not all Scandinavian brides have this look, but those of them who do happen to have the warmest heart. They can fall in love at first sight because they believe in the idea of finding a soulmate. On the other hand, don’t believe that all women from Scandinavia that you meet on the street are lovers or brides. Before asking them out, make sure they are the type who is interested in a relationship, to begin with. However, the girls who spend their time on dating and marriage websites are there to find a boyfriend or a husband, so don’t hesitate to interact with them.

Is it really that cold in Scandinavia?

If you plan to move to Scandinavia with your Scandinavian bride, then you must know that winters in this part of the world are very cold. What will impress you the most will be the landscapes and the warmth of artificial lights in big cities. Even if it’s cold outside, Scandinavian people don’t spend their days inside. On the contrary, they put on the most fashionable winter clothes and go outside to go on with their life. On a funny note, Northern fashion is truly inspiring, so if you travel to Scandinavia, you might fall in love with a girl there just because she’s dressed very interestingly.


Scandinavian brides are well-raised and original. They enjoy spending their time with their husbands and friends, drinking, and making jokes. You can’t be with a lady from Scandinavia if you don’t know how to have fun. Take note that the Northern region is an area where people are quite cultured, so make sure you have plenty of conversation topics to cover with them. The hot Nordic woman looks for someone who’s knowledgeable and intellectual. This doesn’t mean you must be an intellectual, but rather have intellectual hobbies.

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