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How to Meet Slovakian Women: Dating Tips

Slovakian women are beautiful and friendly. The best part is that they can continue communication with you even after the breakup.
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Top Slovakian Cities With Brides Bratislava, Kosice, Presov, Nitra, Zilina, Banska Bystrica, Trnava, Trencin, Poprad, Martin
Average Age 27 Years
Average Cost $7400
Success Rate 63%
Divorce Rate 24%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇵🇹Portugal,🇪🇸Spain

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Of all the Eastern European countries, Slovakia stands out the most and not just for Slovakian women for marriage. The country is actively developing due to the assistance of the European Union. Slovaks pay more and more attention to science, education, and the improvement of cities. Slovaks sincerely love life, putting it first. They are far from being as hardworking as the Germans or Austrians, they still have a long way to grow in Western Europe, but even now, they show outstanding abilities in all areas of life, which will undoubtedly bring benefits.

Regarding gender equality, Slovakia can be called a fairly advanced country. However, the salaries of women and men holding the same positions still differ significantly in places. As for everyday situations, let’s say a romantic date. Romanian mail-order brides do not expect that the gentleman will pay for their dinner or a cup of coffee. So, be prepared to share the costs equally. The same applies to the budget in family life. Nevertheless, in Slovakia, it is common for a father to take leave from work to care for a child.

Slovakian women are beautiful and friendly. The best part is that they can continue communication with you even after the breakup. They care about their friends and all people who become close to them. Slovakian ladies are beautiful and exotic-looking. They are sexually open and free and can enjoy non-binding sex. Moreover, they like foreigners and are not against marrying them.

Slovakian Singles: Appearance and Style

Slovakian Women

The attitude of Slovaks towards beauty and the fashion industry is skeptical. They do not follow fashion trends. Both men and women like to wear trousers. Girls do not worry about getting their nails done, putting on lipstick, or wearing other cosmetics. Often no one cares about shampoo, mascara, or powder selection. A simple conclusion follows: the beauty industry is not developed due to low demand.

The prices for services in the salons are high, while the quality of the services provided is low. It is noteworthy that specialists from Russia and Ukraine who come to Slovakia open beauty salons with even higher prices. The quality of their services may not differ much from the local ones, but the ambition generates fabulous price tags.

The life of Slovakia women is rationalized. The country’s economy is underdeveloped. People are slow and unambitious, so no one will pay attention to how you look. Ladies here work hard on equal terms with men and do not have time to invest in their beauty. They are naturally good-looking but not going extra.


Women from Slovakia often have an ash or blond hair and gray-blue or gray-green eyes. However, you can meet typical Slovaks with brown hair. The delicate features of a rounded face with a broad forehead, small mouth, chin, and snub nose are common. They are of average height.

When it comes to their body complexion, they are mostly fit and well-built. Both men and women like doing sports and enjoy exercising to look excellent. You always cannot tell their age since women stay young till their mid-thirties. Thus, you can even confuse a Slovakia female with her mother.


Slovaks are generally very confident and take good care of themselves, by which we mean not only their appearance but also other aspects of life. They can be very attentive and caring. They are smart, stand for their opinion, and are independent. Slovaks are also more approachable than English women when dating.

Slovaks do not emphasize their self-confidence by using an exaggerating makeup in Balkan style. Due to their work, some ladies are beginning to realize their value and express their personalities through their style. These are in the middle of the scale. Some women are accepted as they are on the full line, they hold respect or love for themselves if you want, and therefore they always radiate charisma and dignity without wearing any makeup.

A typical Slovakian female will not wear heavy makeup even for an important occasion. They do not know how to put it on and prefer to emphasize what mother nature gave them. So, the brightest thing they can afford will be red lipstick — no heavy eyeshadows or bronzer. In addition, Slovaks match the makeup to the outfit, showing much attention to detail.


You will see how restrained they are in nationally expressing their personality too. Looking back ten years, the ladies were more conservative when choosing clothes and colors. If a cute Moldova hot wife allowed herself to wear something outside the current trend, she also had to expect due attention.

Today Slovaks have a diverse offer in stores, thanks to which their choice is much more excellent. The ladies thus adopted different style lines. They can wear men’s style, jeans, romantic dresses, elegant women’s pieces, minimalism, and are finally not afraid to combine and experiment.

Showing off is considered a bad thing in Slovakia. Everything should come in measure – it is not customary for these people to attract attention or wear expensive clothes boasting designer labels. For example, if you come to work overdressed or even just put on expensive earrings, you will be asked what kind of event you have today. Although this does not mean that the person who asked the question does not have expensive things — they do not wear them without any special occasion.

Slovaks will more often choose those clothes that are convenient and not pieces that someone else would appreciate. That is why many Slovakia women for marriage wear sneakers all the time and have one pair of heels in the best case. Thus, their style cannot be called the most feminine.

Why Should Foreigners Choose Slovakian Women?

Slovakian women personals

Here are at least five reasons why Slovak women are considered great wives:

  • Most of them are intelligent – In addition, they can speak foreign languages perfectly, as they often travel for work outside their native country. The level of school education in Slovakia is very high. The school program here is in between the Nordic and Eastern European standards. Girls study many subjects, but the program contains the essential information that does not make your brain explode from unnecessary details.
  • They are artistic – Have you heard of women who sing more beautifully? Slovak and music go hand in hand, as evidenced by many Slovak music festivals and projects. Janka Kirschner, Katka Koščová, and Mária Čírová are the country’s most popular singers. The modern phenomenon and a new alternative discovery of Katka Máliková scores in foreign music charts.
  • Slovaks are seductive – Pretty women from Slovakia are open about their sexual desires and prefer to play it straight. Non-binding sex is considered normal, so many foreigners come to Slovakia to experience sex tourism. These ladies have stunning shapes, look perfect without a ton of makeup, and have the know-how to benefit from their beauty successfully. They will serve themselves with their heads held high and arrange a spectacular role play in bed.
  • They are naturally beautiful – This statement is evidenced by the recent ranking of the most beautiful women globally. Slovakian women took a wonderful third place, overtaken by Russians and Brazilians. They look athletic, shining from within, and stay young until a considerable age. These ladies do not need any interventions from a plastic surgeon on their curves. Slovaks are beautiful, so they stay recognized worldwide strictly for this matter.
  • They are excellent cooks – The girls inherit this talent from generation to generation, and even foreign women try to learn the secrets of preparing some national dishes. It will never turn out the same. There seems to be something special about how Slovaks cook, adding much love to each stage of the food-making process. In addition, welcoming guests is a tradition enjoyed by all Slovaks. Hence, when friends visit them, Slovakian and Ukrainian wives cannot let them stay hungry.

Best Women in Slovakia

Olya, 22
Rivne, Ukraine
Lviv, Ukraine
Pyatigorsk, Russia
Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Nika, 30
Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia

What Should You Know About Their Characteristic Traits?

The attitude of Slovaks to work is quite critical. Many are not afraid of losing a significant position, rarely cling to the opportunity to work overtime, and do not need bonuses. A Slovak willingly says goodbye to management if the company does not appreciate them or forces them to work beyond measure, even for big money. The country has a fairly high unemployment rate, but this does not bother the population.

Slowness is a national trait that you will notice when Slovakian women dating. People are in no hurry to fulfill orders or instructions. However, one should not think that people in Slovakia are dismissive of life. Health, financial, legal issues, and well-being are important aspects of life. In their regard, people act quickly. This is especially evident in the case of public services. Well-coordinated work is observed in banks and commercial institutions.

Slovakian women are very practical in planning and thinking about the future compared to Americans. They do not try to be the center of attention. They rather avoid it because they see no point in living life for others. They rarely think over existential issues and focus on pragmatic stuff, so boasting and showing off is not for Slovakian women for dating. They do not have time for that.


Slovaks are open-minded, straightforward, and sometimes painfully sincere. Nevertheless, it makes dating them easier and positively affects the course of any relationship. These women are friendly and easy to converse with, even if you do not know each other well yet. Moreover, they do not expect much from men. Nevertheless, we mean both the expensive dinners and the time spent together from the beginning of the relationship.

The Slovaks are self-sufficient and emancipated, so they will not arrange constant discussions of feelings and what they would like you to do in this relationship. However, they are open about sex, and they always say things straight. Instead, they do not suggest and wait until you get the hint according to the situation. This fact can be quite confusing for Slovakian women and American men, but foreigners quickly get used to it.


Slovakia has gorgeous and exceptional women. Their success is marked by charm, high intelligence, determination, discipline, responsibility, and, last but not least, a passion for what they do.

Slovakian women want to please everyone under any circumstances. Therefore, as a rule, they are always there for others and try their best to be helpful. However, by putting everyone in a more important place than themselves, Slovaks can experience problems with self-expression. When they do not feel significant, they lose confidence.

You should be there for your woman in such a case. As soon as you notice that your partner overworks or stops paying attention to her needs, remind her that she does not have to be the best at everything and that you are there to hold her back.


Slovaks become independent from their parents at a relatively young age. A part-time job while studying at a university is a common occurrence. The only exceptions are, perhaps, future doctors and lawyers: the workload at the university simply does not allow them to devote time to anything else (even sleep and food suffer). As soon as girls enter the university, they move out of their parent’s homes and never come back.

Freedom in choosing one’s future is another characteristic feature of the relationship between children and parents. For example, no one encourages a girl to enter the university immediately after school. However, if teenagers want to take a gap year to travel and think about what they want to do — they are welcomed by their families.


Slovaks have two periods in their lives. In the first, they enjoy making love, and in the second, they look for a husband. In both periods, they are very energetic and persistent. Slovakian women can constructively criticize, profess in the crowd, and are hungry for life and experience. In addition, they can say directly what they prefer. The French are good at expressing what they would not want.

Family is the highest value. It should come first, and work and business do not represent anything important. Often leaders or businesspeople are perceived negatively. For a Slovak, it does not matter what success you have achieved in your career or personal business. What matters is how much you have done for friends and relatives, how often you play sports, how much time you devote to hobbies, what kind of art you are fond of.

Places to Meet Slovakian Women

Slovakian women dating

The Slovaks do not respect domesticity. After work, they will go for a walk, play sports, or sit in a bar or cafe. On the other hand, Slovaks are very fond of team games, spending time together in cinemas, guests, or on a picnic.

  • Folklore in Slovakia is highly developed. Cultural characteristics are manifested in every village. For example, folklore festivals are held regularly. They are organized at the highest level because the World Folklore Organization monitors them. The brightest festival is held in Vykhodnya.
  • Feasts accompany almost all festivities. This situation is due to the tradition of agriculture. Due to the significant influence of Christianity, the Slovak people show special love for the New Year. On January 6, Epiphany Day begins, followed by carnivals. During the holiday on the street, you can see children dressed as monarchs, symbolizing the Magi. Water, salt, and candles are consecrated for a holiday.
  • Are Slovakian women fans of music? Of course, yes! Especially jazz. All days dedicated to this genre happen in January.
  • Another big holiday in Slovakia is called Fashank. For a holiday, they eat pancakes, treating friends, acquaintances, and even random passers-by.
  • In March, the Ghost Festival is celebrated. It is celebrated mainly in Bojnice. Locals believe that spirits live in it who have chosen the local castle. A fair always opens near the castle, where you can taste national dishes and buy local wines. Parades are held at night.
  • Pagan holidays are often celebrated as well. For example, St. John’s Day is held with the obligatory lighting. Then, people jump over fire, dance, and have fun. It is believed that such a ritual helps cleanse the spirit and gain health.
  • Since the Czech Republic and Slovakia used to be a single country, the Czechs of Slovakia inherited a love for beer. A whole festival is even dedicated to this drink. However, you should not expect girls here to be alcoholics. All of them eat with pleasure and drink with measure!

Cities and Towns Where You Can Meet a Slovakian or Russian Girl for Marriage

  1. Bratislava
  2. Presov
  3. Kosice
  4. Trnava
  5. Nitra
  6. Banska Bystrica
  7. Zilina
  8. Martin

Places and Spots to Meet Ukrainian Women and Slovakian Singles

  1. Festivals
  2. Bars
  3. Sport events
  4. Gyms
  5. Clubs
  6. City centers
  7. Parks and national parks
  8. University halls

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Dating Sites to Meet Slovakian Women: Brief Guide

Slovakian female

  1. RuBrides – Enjoy a Vast Choice of Slavic Beauties
  2. La-Date – Pleasant Design and Free Registration for Quicker Connections
  3. KissRussianBeauty – Meet Slovaks Around the World and Other Pretty Slavs
  4. UkrainianBrides4You – Communicate and Send Gifts for Just a Few Cents
  5. RussianBeautyDate – Arrange an Offline Date with Your Dream Partner with the Help of the Agency
  6. Jump4Love – Dive into the World of Exciting Communication and Premium Tools

How to meet Slovakian women? With the use of online meeting services! Dating is a very successful industry that has been experiencing a sharp increase in popularity in recent years — since some of the previously associated prejudices with dating sites are gradually disappearing.

The online environment has provided a remarkable space for dating sites, and today a high percentage of people use these services. Young and old. It is no longer unusual to meet an acquaintance or a permanent partner via dating. On the contrary, statistics and experience confirm that this system can work just as well or even better than “classic” ways of getting acquainted. Thus, we have prepared a review of the dating sites suitable both for hooking up with Slovakian women and finding a partner for marriage.


RuBrides is not one of the most famous dating sites, but over 30,000 members use it in Slovakia, which is not a weak base. The site of this service looks a bit like an old school. Nevertheless, it offers exciting possibilities and a decent chance to get to know each other.

It focuses both on flirting and finding serious acquaintances. This service certainly deserves attention if you prefer manual matching and freedom in profile editing. You have lots of free-text fields you can fill in as you want.


Is happiness waiting for you on the La-Date dating site? Maybe. The user base is around 100,000 people, which is below average but great for a niche dating site. The site design is nice and intuitive, so you should try it if you like small communities. A functional free profile and a reasonable credit price are the main benefits of La-Date.


KissRussianBeauty is one of the first dating sites on the market focusing on Slavic beauties. Probably the most significant advantage of this Russian brides agency is versatility. This dating site works differently from most modern services, which makes it interesting. You can choose the type of relationship, and the choice is vast.

Find a partner for correspondence, travel, flirting, or serious relationship. There are many categories of profiles and search filters to go from general to detailed. Registration here is free, and you get a free trial of all the features before you decide to pay.


This dating site aims to help you find a partner based on education and a desire to build a serious relationship. Since there are no problems with education in Slovakia, you will meet plenty of intelligent and sexy women here. The site does not limit its audience to only one country, despite what you could think from the naming. You may meet Slovakian women here and Ukrainians, Russians, or Czechs.


RussianBeautyDate was once probably the most popular dating site for young people in our country and still holds the leading position (in Slovakia and the world). It boasts an extensive user base (tens of thousands of sexy Belarus women and other Slavic singles worldwide). The principle is similar to all other agencies — you pay for the credits and spend them on premium features.


This site will be especially suitable for people struggling with a lack of time or timidity in reaching out to strangers. If you want to use all of its services (sending gifts, messages, and attending live streams), you should purchase the credits that cost 0.15 USD per one. In addition, the site has a lovely blog section where you can read useful articles about dating.

How Can I Date Slovakian Women?

meet Slovakian women

The dating and flirt culture in Slovakia includes many unique traditions. People in love here are in no hurry to get straight to the sweet part and enjoy the game of staring into each other’s eyes.

Furthermore, Slovakian women use one dating trick: they always pretend to speak much less English (German, Spanish) than it is true. That is very clever as it gives them a double advantage. First, if they dislike the man trying to approach them, they can avoid him, pretending not to understand him. If, on the contrary, they like this man, they have an excuse to meet again for dinner and then a drink, during which they “practice English.”

How to get Slovakian women? Overall, there is no such pressure on the first date. You can take a woman out for coffee or wine, and she will not expect an expensive romantic candlelit dinner but rather a fun, honest conversation from you.


Slovakian ladies do not even realize they are beautiful in the big competition. Many foreigners would dream to date Slovakian women not just due to their beauty but due to these girls’ sincerity and loyalty. Certainly, sometimes they can get pretty moody, but that is natural for all women worldwide.

Slovak women dare to be themselves, exactly as they are. They seek and get to know each other. They find their sense of being. They know their self-worth and work on equal terms with men. Apart from this, they stay focused on family ties and raising children. If this sounds like a description of your perfect partner, register on a Romanian marriage agency to try out your chances with these amazing beauties.

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