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Slovenian Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from Slovenia

Slovenia can’t offer as many Slovenian brides as Ukraine, Russia, and some of the other countries in the Eastern Europe sector.
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Top Slovenian Cities With Brides Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Velenje, Koper, Novo Mesto, Ptuj, Trbovlje, Kamnik
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $11000
Success Rate 81%
Divorce Rate 44%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇨🇭Switzerland,🇳🇴Norway,🇪🇸Spain,🇲🇽Mexico,🇦🇺Australia

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If you are looking for a Slovenian girl for marriage, you need to first learn a thing or two about the country where these ladies come from. Slovenia is a rather small Eastern European country, but this doesn’t mean it can’t stand out from the crowd with a few things. For example, it has magnificent architecture and incredible nature, and this is the reason why so many tourists visit it every year. One of the reasons why you should go to Slovenia is the beautiful brides. Before you embark on the quest to come across your Slovenia mail order bride, have a look over the next few paragraphs to find out more about the ladies here.

Having a population of more than 2 million people, Slovenia can’t offer as many Slovenian brides as Ukraine, Russia, and some of the other countries in the Eastern Europe sector. On the other hand, Slovenian mail order brides are very famous on dating sites for bachelors who want to find themselves a lady. Like all the other girls in the world, they are imagining their future with a man, so they know what they want from a husband. To start, you should know that they’re not focusing on appearance, but rather on personality.

Your Slovenian match will make the most wonderful life partner because she will be alluring and fascinating in her own way. The country where they are coming from is Eastern European and has the smallest population in the EU. At the same time, it’s the destination for many tourists and ex-pats. If you want to go to Slovenia to meet your future wife, you should think twice before doing it because you would need to spend a lot of money. Instead, you could visit Slovenia marriage websites, where more and more men are gathering to meet their wives.

Why Is the Slovenia Bride Perfect for Marriage?

Slovenian Brides

Many men are looking for a wife from Slovenia because the dating experience here is a lot about being with someone from a foreign country. Slovenian women can’t find a man in their country because they’re not psychologically compatible with the men here. And for this reason, Slavic wives are looking for foreigners. It’s not that they’re materialistic or hope to move away so that they can have a better life, it’s just that they prefer men who are ready to get married and treat them the way they deserve. To better understand why so many men want to get married to Slovenian women, let’s see what makes these ladies so special.

To begin with, Slovenian mail order brides are respectful. They don’t want to test the limits of any man, which means they won’t make a scene just to prove they are right. Instead, they prefer to wait until everyone is calm and their views start to be respected. They’re also compassionate. It doesn’t matter what your Slovenia bride might see you experiencing, she will always want to know how you are feeling. Compassion and kindness are traits of Slovenian ladies.

And since Slovenian ladies are kind and compassionate, honesty shouldn’t be missing from the traits that are mentioned. In other words, Slovenian girls are always telling the truth. They don’t want to lie because they know that lying can only bring trouble. When having a discussion, Slovenian brides are open and don’t mind talking about anything. They’re open-minded not only with their husband but also with their husband’s friends. For them, it’s very important to be with someone who is surrounded by other people because they like having fun. If you want to be the soulmate of a Slovenian bride, you need to take her out for drinks as often as you can. She won’t mind paying herself, but if you see she doesn’t have that much money on her, you should offer to pay yourself.

Characteristic Features of Slovenian Brides

As mentioned,Slovenian and Slovakian mail order brides are very kind. However, it’s very difficult to approach them because they are cold when meeting you for the first time. Luckily, this stereotype will be forgotten when you will meet your bride and have a short chat with her. After she tells you a few things about herself, you will feel as if you have been knowing her for a lifetime. They are very warm to foreigners, so if you are from the Western part of the world, they will be very kind to you. Besides, she will also impress you with her manners. She can’t be rude and doesn’t have an unpleasant character. The best news about Slovenian brides is that they never change, not even after they have been married for a very long time. When you come back home to your bride, you will feel as if you haven’t even left.

Slovenia is a country in the Balkans, but it has very strong influences from the North. Therefore, they look differently than other European ladies. They’re average in height, but some of them are aloe petite. Their bodies are toned and slim, so they look good no matter what they might be wearing. As far as the hair colors go, Slovenian brides have dark naturally dark hair and look rather local. Their face looks both delicate and strong. It’s not usual for a mail order bride Slovenia to wear striking makeup, but at least all the ladies in Slovenia are trying to always look good for their men. When it comes to the clothing style, these women combine the trendy and casual styles. They prefer not to put on uncomfortable dresses and high heels. And, as soon as you have gotten together with them, you will know that they don’t want you to put on a suit either. With your Eastern European bride, you can be casual and in love as much as you want.

While Slovenia is a small country, its economy and social development are advanced. This is mostly because many of its citizens have adopted Western culture. As soon as Slovenian people changed their mentality and opened their minds to Western views, they started to develop into real professionals. Slovenian brides are usually women with jobs who want to live happily ever after with their partner or husband. Of course, those of them who spend their time on dating and marriage websites don’t have someone by their side, so they are online looking for that special person. What they want from their future next to a man is to be financially independent. This means that they contribute to the family budget and know what it feels like to come home after a long day at work. Any Slovenian girl for marriage is focused on her career, but this doesn’t mean she also doesn’t want to build a family next to someone. And she will want this from a young age.

As said before, Slovenian brides are honest. It doesn’t matter what dating experience you have, it’s very likely that you are used to women who don’t say up front that they want to be with you. Such types of women also don’t talk about what they want. However, this is not the case with Slovenian wives. These girls are just open and frank. Your wife will always tell you when she’s feeling unhappy or wants to make a change. Luckily, she won’t say anything in public, but only when you two will be alone. This means that your relationship with your bride will never suffer. She will openly discuss things and express herself without holding back.

Many girls in Europe want to be married and build a family. And it goes the same for the Slovenian brides, who are very cultured and want to share their knowledge with their men. Their main interests are the outdoors and sports. For this reason, many of them are into fitness and health. Others play sports as a profession and win championships. If you don’t know what to do with your Slovenian wife, just propose to her to go outside, go hiking, or have a picnic. This is definitely going to make her happy.

wife Slovenian

Best Brides in Slovenia

Julia, 30
Dnipro, Ukraine
Moscow, Russia
Yana, 25
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Kyiv, Ukraine
Moscow, Russia
Dana, 26
Chernihiv, Ukraine

Why Are Slovenian Mail Order Brides Ideal for Marriage?

Marrying a Slovenian or Czech bride might seem like you are going to take a long path until you finally get to be happy. And as soon as you’re going to be with her, you’re going to want even more from this special lady of yours.

Slovenians are the type who always juggle a social life, hobbies, self-development, and work. On the other hand, they give a lot of importance only to family. When the children of the husband of a Slovenian womanrequires attention, she doesn’t hesitate to just leave everything behind and get together with those who really need her.

Unlike other brides, Slovenian wives never consider marriage to be the reason for them to abandon what they love. Even after they get married, they keep on having an active lifestyle and hobbies. And when trying to be romantically involved, they create the strongest bond with their partner. For Slovenian brides, the dinner table is where they need to gather their family. And as soon as the family has come together, they once again start feeling happy and content. Slovenian brides really know how to cook and can even prepare the most advanced foreign dishes. Further, they’re giving their best to be good at what they are doing, so life with them is getting better with every day that passes.

What Are Slovenian Brides Looking for in a Man?

When meeting your Slovenian bride, you need to know first that women in Slovenia can make their own decisions. However, when these girls are with someone, they like leaving the man to lead, at least during the first few weeks of the romance. When asking Eastern European, Slovenian or Polish girls for marriage out, you should know that she expects you to tell her where you are planning to go and what you are going to do where you are going.

The Slovenian culture is rich, so if you want to be with your Slovenian bride for life, you need to make sure that you know a thing or two about where she is coming from. This doesn’t mean that you need to know everything about the celebrations and traditions of Slovenia. It’s enough to learn a bit of the country’s language and to join her in visiting some of the country’s parts. When visiting restaurants, just enjoy a local dish.

When dating a Slovenian bride, you can ask her about her different views on how the world is now, as well as about her views on the future. In case your views aren’t the same as yours, then she will not want to marry you. In the best-case scenario, you will be married to her when both of you will be on the same page. Slovenian mail order brides are only interested in being with someone who can understand them and their views on life.

Where Men Can Meet Slovenia Brides?

Slovenian bride

If you want a Slovenian bride by your side, you should just go to Slovenia to find her, but if this is not an option for you, just go ahead and look for her on Slovenian marriage agency websites. The ladies here are always up for a relationship and want to get together with men who are interested in marrying them. Your Slovenian bride will always be up for an adventure with you, but this only if you are too. Many Sloveniansare also in foreign Western countries, where they either work or have a good time as students. Traveling to find your Slovenian mail order bride is an option, but if you don’t want to go too far away from home, you should just go ahead and look at what the online world has to offer.

You can also meet your Slovenian bride in your own country or if you travel to touristic places where Slovenian girls might be themselves tourists or hired as waitresses, government officials, managers, and so on. Slovenian female tourists usually spend their time taking pictures of famous architectural attractions. They want to see the most beautiful places and keep them in their memory. For example, if you are in Paris, you could go to the Louvre or the Eiffel tour and look at the people taking pictures there. If you see a medium-height girl with brown hair, then she most likely is your Slovenian bride. It would be nice to start talking to her by asking if she’s from Slovenia. She would be more than happy to know you have heard about her country and have recognized her physical characteristics on the streets of Paris.

In the online environment, Sloveniansare always present because they want to make men fall in love with them so that they can get married. If you prefer to surf the web rather than look for your lady in the real world, just go ahead and see what Slovenian marriage agency websites have to offer. Browse through the profile pictures of ladies there, and you will surely, at some point, come across someone who really suits you as a partner. The internet has changed the dating scene by much, and more and more people are nowadays spending their time on dating platforms, hoping to find a life partner. This is not wrong, and there are many online dating and marriage websites that could help you to find someone with whom you can share your life. But before anything else, let’s have a look over the Pros and Cons of online dating.

 Are there any Pros to Online Dating? What About Cons?

Online dating is all about finding a girlfriend or a wife online. If you have exhausted all the other dating options when looking for your Slovenian bride, you can always switch to online dating. But then again, this type of dating could work for many other different reasons. But let’s see which are the Pros and Cons in the world of online dating.


  • It works for those who are shy and don’t want to carry on with a face-to-face conversation
  • You can interact with more than one Slovenian bride at the same time
  • Online dating takes away the fear of being rejected


  • Your Slovenian girl for marriage might not look at all like in her profile picture
  • Most women on dating platforms don’t have serious intentions
  • It can be frustrating to spend so much time online

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Don't Be Alone, Find a Beautiful Bride Here

Single Elina in Kyiv, Ukraine
Elina, 23
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Occupation: Designer
Children: Heterosexual
About me

I am a down-to-earth woman who has an early on morning coffees! I pride me toward being an excellent pal and have always been appearing for someone to invest my entire life having. I am intent on searching for like and you may a person who I can purchase my lifetime that have. I have numerous passion and you may was a very outgoing individual. I am always while on the move doing things. I like to relax and play basketball, going on hikes, looking at diving pubs and you may in the morning constantly for the seek out a knowledgeable java around. I’m rather adventurous and waiting to purchase 1 year take a trip around the globe!

Single Masha in Pyatigorsk, Russia
Masha, 30
Location: Pyatigorsk, Russia
Occupation: Marketer
Children: Yes
About me

Who wants to perish by yourself? Perhaps not me! I’m sick and tired of being solitary and you may looking for my personal dream boy! But why you should choose? I’m extremely funny (perhaps not exaggerating), I’m constantly smiling and i can get ready (my mom raised myself correct). I favor event boots and you can handbags and you can my personal flat was stuffed with my valued property. Once i was perhaps not hunting Everyone loves likely to dining and you can visiting the video clips. Down the road I would desire travel globally, Thailand appears unbelievable!

Single Dasha in Penza, Russia
Dasha, 21
Location: Penza, Russia
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I’m selecting one thing major. I am tired of playing games and looking for a lifestyle mate. I am a little bit of a personal butterfly and you may always getting on trips rather than sitting yourself. We refuge’t met Mr. Right yet , but I understand he or she is available to you. Inside my time I like going for bicycle trips by way of your regional park, getting together with my family and calling-over to my family members’ home. And i am enthusiastic about baking, chocolate processor cookies is actually my personal speciality!

Single Alyona in Lviv, Ukraine
Alyona, 26
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Occupation: Model
Children: No
About me

I enjoy getting silly and you will joke doing. We wear’t such as for example people that are as well major and i also extremely well worth a sense from humor! Though We don’t simply take lifetime also definitely I am extremely challenging and now have a long list of wants. I am looking a long lasting dating filled with like and you may delight. We have plenty passion, We need pilates a couple of times weekly and you may instance meeting so you’re able to restaurants with my family unit members!

Where Can Slovenian Mail Order Brides Be Found?

Slovenian wife

Some of the Slovenian marriage agency websites will be enumerated and presented below.

  1. BravoDate – The perfect place where people come to communicate, have fun, and flirt
  2. LoveSwans – The ideal place for those who want to get together and build a beautiful relationship
  3. ValenTime – A platform with customizable filters for those who don’t want to spend too much time browsing
  4. – Where many couples have met to remain together for a lifetime”
  5. MatchTruly – A website with many cool features for those who don’t want to waste any time


On BravoDate, users must put in only the details regarding their age, location, eye color, and some of the other things that represent them. There’s a questionnaire about gender, birthday, and email address too. Editing your profile on BravoDate is easy. The user can also fill in a questionnaire with what he or she wants in a partner for the search process to be easier.


LoveSwans is the place where men and hot Slavic brides amongst others come to meet their soulmates. This platform has helped many hearts get together over time. It’s paid and rather not cheap, so many people prefer to no longer use it after a while. However, the fact that it’s more expensive could be worth the while, as the services are excellent.


On ValenTime, you can browse through profiles and Like or Skip them. This platform has customizable features and works rather like Facebook, as it has a news feed and makes it easier for you to navigate it when looking for your Slovenian bride. ValenTime can be used for free for some time. If you want to send messages to your dates, then you have to pay.

It’s super easy to sign up on All you must do is provide your email address and a password. After, you need to introduce details such as your age, gender, date of birth, and target audience. The website is paid and works on credits. Sending messages and email costs about 10-15 credits. The good news is that the credits have no expiration date.


There are many Eastern European, Slovenian, and Serbian mail order brides on MatchTruly. You don’t need to provide too much information when registering on this platform, and you don’t even have to pay for anything after registering because many of the services are free. The site’s interface is clean and makes things easier when it comes to navigating.

Wedding Traditions in Slovenia

Slovenian girls for marriage

You should know that the perfect wedding for your Slovenian bride starts with the wedding dress. As the groom, you won’t be allowed to see her dress until the day of the wedding. One of the funniest Slovenia marriage traditions is the one in which the bride’s father presents the groom with a fake bride when he arrives at the door.

When it comes to the bouquet of the Slovenian bride, this has to be guarded until the cake cutting or midnight, as the guests might be trying to steal it to get paid. Your Slovenian wife shouldn’t trust anyone aside from the bridesmaids with her bouquet.


Are Slovenian marriage brokers scammers?

Slovenian marriage agency websites are not scammers. They are just making a life trying to help men like you and brides get together. It’s easier to find a Slavic wife through their services, as many girls in Slovenia nowadays no longer have enough time to search for a dating partner in real life.

How much does a Slovenian bride cost?

Slovenian brides are not for sale. They spend time on Nordic mail order bride websites, too, hoping to find a partner with whom they can build a beautiful future. They don’t want to be saved by anyone, and they’re surely not waiting for a knight in shining armor to help them make it in life. All they want is to get married, have children, and grow old next to someone who knows how to treat them well.

Are Slovenian mail order brides real?

They are the real thing indeed. Don’t be scared by the fact that they spend a lot of time online because this is what they are doing to find their soulmate. When chatting with you, they should be honest and not lie about what they want from a man. This is the Slovenian way when it comes to dating. Make sure to sometimes ask a thing or two about their culture.

How to get a Slovenian bride?

If you don’t want to travel to Slovenia because you either don’t like traveling or don’t have time for it, you can always browse through the profiles of Slovenian mail order brides. These ladies might have more than your mind can grasp to say, and you should listen to them because one of them could be your future wife. Don’t assume that if a Slovenian bride has talked to you for a while she automatically wants to be your wife because what matters the most is that you make her fall in love with you.

Are all Slovenian mail order brides beautiful?

Since beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, no one could tell you that all Slovenians are beautiful. It’s only your taste that dictates what your future Eastern European bride is going to look like. Keep in mind that some of the profiles you’re interacting with might be fake and that you might be talking with someone who’s not the same person as in the profile picture.


Your Slovenian bride will forever be by your side if you learn how to allow her to be on her own and at the same time married to you. She won’t ask for much, but she will want you to be someone who can stand for himself. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry. She can teach you if she has the time. Educated in the Western spirit, Slovenians are career women who only want a husband with whom they can build a family.

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