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Simple Tips To Help You Score A Stunning Slovenian Woman

Single Slovenian women have that classic Slavic body type. They tend to be tall and thin with mild curves.
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Top Slovenian Cities With Brides Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Velenje, Koper, Novo Mesto, Ptuj, Trbovlje, Kamnik
Average Age 26 Years
Average Cost $5100
Success Rate 67%
Divorce Rate 41%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇲🇽Mexico,🇫🇮Finland,🇫🇷France,🇸🇬Singapore

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Slovenian women are just drop-dead gorgeous. They are a blend of German, Italian and Slavic genes, which creates unique and mesmerizing beauty. Slovenian women are not just pretty but also extremely caring and loving once you break that reserved Slavic exterior. They are also very family-oriented and are natural matriarchs. In this article, we will explore Slovenia women in-depth and show you why single men are starting to explore women from this hidden gem of a country!

What Do Slovenian Women Look Like?

Slovenian Women

Slovenian women look like a mixture of German and Russian women. Most Slovenian women have light hair, light skin, and Slavic eyes and facial features that are muted by Italian and German admixture. The Slovenia female is a blend of the most attractive Russian and German features!

Skin Complexion

Slovenian women have light skin, which is darker than German sexy women but not as dark as other Southern Slavs such as Bulgarian or Serbian women. The lighter skin color is probably because Slovenian women have significant Germanic admixture, which is not found in other Southern Slavic ethnic groups. Slovenian women have great tanning skin and go a lovely brown color in the summer and lovely milky white color in the winter.

Body Type

Single Slovenian women have that classic Slavic body type. They tend to be tall and thin with mild curves. Slovenian women have that ideal model body type with long legs while still being thin and feminine. The average Slovenia woman is 5 ft 5 inches (167 cm) and weighs 143 pounds (65 kg). Even though Slovenian ladies are thin, they still have nice curves. They have athletic and round butts with medium breasts.

Hair Color

Most Slovenian women have blonde or light brown hair. Dark brown and black hair is extremely rare among Slovenian women even though it is common among other Southern Slavs like hot Serbian women. Slovenian women have thin, long, and straight hair. Curly hair is not common. Most girls prefer to grow their hair long and wear it naturally. If you have a thing for blondes, hop on a plane to Slovenia now! They are known for having very straight, soft, and fine hair.

Eye Color

Almost 50% of Slovenian women have blue eyes! 25% have light brown eyes, and the other 25% have green. Dark eyes are not common at all. Interestingly, Slovenia is one of the few countries where you will have lots of natural blondes with brown eyes. Most natural blondes tend to have blue or green eyes. There are also tons of girls with the classic blonde and blue eye combo. Slovenian girls tend to have Slavic cat eyes, which are deep-set and wide. Date Slovenian women if you want to find a girl with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair!

Facial Features

Slovenian women have a mixture of German and Slavic facial features. They have slightly round faces combined with high cheekbones, piercing eyes, and defined jawlines. They have medium noses with full lips and medium eyebrows. They have light skin, which has a healthy glow! Slovenian girls are just naturally pretty, and ordinary girls walking down the street have model-esque good looks!

Are Slovenian Women Good Wives?

Slovenia women may not be as well known as Russian women, but these Slavic beauties are just as stunning! Slovenian girls are thin with curves in the right places, take great pride in their appearance, and are natural housewives. You won’t have to tell your Slovenian wife to clean the house or cook dinner. You will come home from work to a spotless home and a warm meal on the table! Slovenian women are natural nurturers, and their happiness is tied to their family’s and husband’s approval.

Best Women in Slovenia

Vera, 31
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Lera, 23
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Dana, 26
Chernihiv, Ukraine
Rina, 24
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Liza, 23
Omsk, Russia
Moscow, Russia

Slovenian Women Characteristics & Traits

Slovenian women dating

Slovenian women excel in all domains! They are equal parts industrious and easy-going. They are goal-oriented but at the same time relaxed and like to enjoy life. Slovenian women are also known for being extremely loyal and rarely if ever, cheat on their husbands.


Slovenian girls have a slightly cold exterior. They are a little wary of strangers. However, once you get them to open up and form a connection, they are incredibly easy-going. They have an innocent curiosity and love learning new things. Slovenian women are not as passionate as beautiful Spanish women but are not as blunt or unenthused as German women. Once they get to know you, they really let their hair down and love to be silly, joke around, and flirt. Slovenian women are also very responsible, always on time, and stick to promises. They take marriage very seriously, and instances of cheating are virtually unheard of.


The average Slovenian woman has a work-to-live attitude. They are goal-oriented and want to succeed in their careers, but their family, husband, and children always come first. They are more serious about working than Mediterranean women but nearly as career-focused as Swedish or Finnish women. Traditional gender roles where the man is the breadwinner are still very common in Slovenia, and most women are happy to work part-time or focus on the family. If you marry a Slovenian girl, you won’t have to worry about her spending late nights in the office, she will always be at home to greet you!


Slovenian girls are much more family-oriented than Scandinavian or German wives. It is very common for Slovenian girls to be close to their parents, grandparents, and extended family. When you marry a Slovenian woman, you are marrying their family! You should expect to attend a lot of family gatherings. Slovenian women also take their role as a wife very seriously. They want nothing more than to raise healthy and happy children. Slovenian know how to keep their husbands happy, and that includes in the bedroom!

Cooking and Household Chores

Slovenian cuisine may not be as well known as Italian or French, but it is arguably just as tasty! And boy, do Slovenian women love to cook. They take great pride in feeding their family and keeping their husband’s stomachs full. You will never go hungry if you marry a cute Slovenian girl. She will be whipping up huge plates and bowls of Kranjska Klobasa, Potica, and Štruklji!

Slovenian women are serious about keeping their homes organized and tidy. They are natural household managers, and thanks to their industrious personalities, they will be quickly compiling lists of chores, organizing your clothes, and keeping the kitchen sparkling clean. Nothing makes a Slovenian woman happier than a neat and tidy home!

Tips On Finding Slovenian Women

Slovenian women personals

Slovenian women enjoy studying, cooking, shopping, walking, traveling, and camping. It is not difficult to find pretty Slovenian women; you will find them lounging in cafes, working in the gym, studying at the local library, and dancing the night away in clubs!

The first place we recommend finding Slovenian girls is in bars or nightclubs. After a few drinks, Slovenian women tend to let down their guard and are more willing to flirt and give out their number. There is no better way to meet Slovenian girls than buying them a drink in a bar or sliding up next to them on the dancefloor.

The Slovenian female is very active. You will find these cute girls at the gym, where they are working on their butt and staying thin. Or hiking through the mountains or just going on a leisurely stroll through the park. Slovenian girls are perfect if you live an active lifestyle. You just need to have a little courage to approach them during the daytime! Don’t worry; Slovenian girls are very receptive to foreigners!

Slovenian women love to shop and hit up cafes. One of the ideal places to meet Slovenian cuties is at the mall. You will see thousands of stunning women trying on different clothes, grabbing a bite to eat, and walking around with coffee. We recommend going to the shopping mall on Saturday and doing laps around the place until you find girls worth approaching.

It is not always easy finding Slovenian women to date in real life because you don’t know who has a boyfriend, and many girls are not open to talking to strangers. That is why it is easier to meet Slovenian girls on dating sites. Dating sites are great because you already know all of the girls are open to dating, and you can quickly send out messages to lots of girls and ten sit back and wait to see who responds!

10 Incredible Cities To Meet Slovenian Women

Are you looking for that drop-dead gorgeous Slovenian woman with long blonde hair, amazing blue eyes, and that irresistible athletic and thin physique? Then it is time to travel to these incredible cities and don’t come back until you have found your dream wife!

  1. Ljubljana – There are almost 300,000 people in the nation’s capital. The city is stunning, and the architect even tried to model the city in Ancient Athens!
  2. Maribor – Slovenia’s second-largest city, is home to just under 100,000 people, and its women are known for being tall and blonde. Maribor is known for its lovely renaissance architecture and local ski resort.
  3. Kranj – Kranj has just under 40,000 people and lots of single girls looking for a husband. It is located just outside Ljubljana, and the girls tend to be more traditional than in the capital.
  4. Celje – This city has 37,000 people and lots of young Slovenian girls. Girls in this city are known for their athletic builds and marrying at an early age. Celje provides an opportunity to find a pure Slovenian bride.
  5. Koper – Koper has 26,000 people and pretty narrow streets with some Venetian-inspired architecture. It also has picturesque beaches, which is a great place to chat up cute Slovenian women!
  6. Cleveland – If you can’t make it to Slovenia, you can still find Slovenian hotties in good old USA! There are over 50,000 Slovenian Americans living in Cleveland. These girls offer Slovenian looks but are also fluent in English and understand Western culture.

If you head to any of these cities, you will find incredible Slovenian women! Remember that finding the perfect wife is a numbers game, don’t be afraid to approach and date multiple women until you find the one!

Best Places To Meet Slovenian Women

Slovenian women are not hard to meet. They tend to have the same pastimes and hobbies as other girls. You will find lots of Slovenian girls in shopping malls, nightclubs, restaurants, gyms, and parks.

  1. Restaurants – In their free time, Slovenian women enjoy going to restaurants. Walk along busy streets and pop into little cafes. Trust us, you will find more single girls than you can handle!
  2. Bars & Nightclubs – Slovenia girls may be a little reserved, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to party! Get the night started at small bars, and then after a few drinks follow the crowd to the closest nightclub!
  3. Parks – Slovenian women love walking around and relaxing in parks. Slovenia has some picturesque parks, which are worth checking out, but be prepared – you may get a sore neck from all the double-takes you will be performing as beautiful Slovenian girls walk past!
  4. Gyms – Slovenian women like to keep active and work hard to keep their figures. You will often find them running on the treadmill or even lifting weights. Head to any gym in Slovenia, and you run into some hotties!
  5. Shopping Malls – Slovenian women love following the latest fashion trends. You can find these girls flocking to the different shopping malls every weekend, which basically turns into a mini beautify pageant with girls looking their best.
  6. Camping and outdoors – Slovenia is a country of unrivaled beauty! It has some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains in the world. Slovenian girls love to explore their country by camping and hiking. Campsites are an awesome place to meet pretty Slovenian women!

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You Will Not Be Bored with The Best Women Here

Single Dina in Lutsk, Ukraine
Dina, 27
Location: Lutsk, Ukraine
Occupation: Software tester
Children: No
About me

I am a down-to-earth girl who keeps an early day coffee! I pleasure me on the being a good friend and are appearing for an individual to blow my entire life that have. I’m dedicated to trying to find like and you can someone who I am able to spend my very existence that have. I’ve a number of appeal and you can was an extremely outgoing people. I am always away from home doing things. I enjoy playing sports, taking place nature hikes, examining diving pubs and you will are usually into the seek a knowledgeable coffee in town. I’m pretty adventurous and you can would love to invest one year travel around the world!

Single Dasha in Kyiv, Ukraine
Dasha, 29
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Occupation: Magazine editor
Children: No
About me

I am a down to earth woman just who have an early early morning coffees! I satisfaction myself towards getting good friend and you may in the morning searching for anyone to invest my entire life having. I’m dedicated to seeking like and you may someone who I could purchase my personal life time that have. I’ve an abundance of passions and are an extremely outbound individual. I’m always away from home doing something. Everyone loves playing sports, taking place nature hikes, considering dive pubs and you may have always been usually into check for an informed coffees around. I am fairly daring and you will would love to invest 1 year traveling around the globe!

Single Zoya in Moscow, Russia
Zoya, 32
Location: Moscow, Russia
Occupation: Sales Representative
Children: Yes
About me

Message meee! We swear I am not saying that desperate! I’m obsessed with all things build. When we date I could make you particular build tips to suit your place! I’m hook fitness nut and have always been dedicated to with my day eco-friendly smoothie and you will likely to morning pilates. Don’t worry if you would like to sleep in, I vow never to wake your! In addition choose cook and simply meet up with friends. I am pretty laid back and only want to fit into the new circulate.

Single Zhenya in Kyiv, Ukraine
Zhenya, 25
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Occupation: Restaurant director
Children: No
About me

I am shopping for anything serious. I’m sick and tired of winning contests and seeking to own an existence mate. I am a touch of a personal butterfly and you will choose getting on trips in lieu of resting at home. We haven’t found Mr. Best yet but I know they are available to you. In my own spare time I favor opting for bike trips thanks to the local park, spending time with my children and you can calling-over to my household members’ households. And i am enthusiastic about baking, chocolates chip snacks is my personal speciality!

Top Dating Sites to Meet Slovenian Women

Slovenian female

Slovenian women spend a lot of time on their smartphones, and when they are not stalking celebs on Insta, they are checking out dating sites! Over 20% of Slovenian girls under 35 have used online dating sites. So if you want to connect with one of these Slavic cuties, online is the way to go. Dating sites make meeting Slovenian women super easy because instead of hopping on a plane to Slovenia, you can create an account in 5 minutes and instantly start messaging girls! If you want to meet real and beautiful Slovenian lades, sign up to these dating sites:

  1. TheLuckyDate – Fast and responsive site, lots of communication methods, girls from around the world, including Slovenia!
  2. BravoDate – Great search filters, detailed profiles, very responsive site, and over 100,000 monthly users!
  3. AnastasiaDate – Lots of Eastern European girls, all profiles are verified, almost 30 years old!
  4. Dream Singles – All profiles are verified, so many Slavic beauties, great matchmaking algorithm!

1. TheLuckyDate

TheLuckyDate is a mail-order bride dating site where you can find Slovenian women for sale as well as other pretty girls from around the world. All women on this site have been verified and are very keen to get married! As soon as you register, girls will start messaging, and before you know it, you will have tons of dates lined up. To get started, just share some basic information and fill out a brief profile. Once you are done, you can search through different girls based on location and age. Once you find someone you like, you can send them a message. To send a message costs credits, you can purchase 2000 for $2.99. If you are tired of dating local girls, it is time to try out TheLuckyDate and find that stunning Slovenian girl you deserve!

2. BravoDate

BravoDate has more Slovenian women than you will be able to handle. There is even a mail order bride section where you can find Slovenian women for sale! This site uses a matchmaking algorithm to connect you with incredibly sexy Slovenian women who want to get married and are the perfect fit for your personality. BravoDate is a well-designed site with excellent 24/7 customer support and easy-to-use search filters. To get started on BravoDate, you just need to fill out a basic profile, and then you just search for girls based on filters such as location, age, height, and body type. Once you find your dream girl, you just shoot them a message and start flirting! To send messages, you need to buy credits which can be purchased in 20 packs for $2.99. It is time to make the first move and start instant messaging your future Slovenian wife on BravoDate!

3. AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate is one of the first and most popular Slavic online dating sites. This site was established way back in 1993 and has helped tens of thousands of Western men find their perfect Slavic wife. AnastasiaDate has over 20 million members and an incredible range of Ukrainian, Russian, and of course, Slovenian women. To chat to women on this site, you need to purchase credits, and they start at 20 for $15.99. All of the girls on AnastasiaDate are verified, and the site has excellent customer support, which ensures you won’t be scammed or catfished. The site also has professional translators who can help you connect with your future wife. If you want to meet a stunning Slovenian woman and make her your wife, you won’t find a better site than AnastasiaDate. Sign up for free and try it out now!

4. Dream Singles

Dream Singles is all about connecting you with pretty girls in other countries. This site specializes in matchmaking and has a super high success rate. They have helped thousands of Westerners find their dream wives. Dream Singles has lots of Slovenian girls and other incredibly sexy Slavic women. There are more women than men on this site, so as soon as you sign up, you will start getting messages from cute girls. It is free to sign up and view profiles, but you need a paid membership to talk to girls. You can upgrade your account for only $9.99 per month! Create an account today and start messaging a sexy Slovenian woman now!

Are you serious about meeting your perfect Slovenian wife? Then create a dating profile on one of the sites we listed above. The sites we recommended are filled with thousands of Slovenian women who want to meet a Western man and live happily ever after! Your dream wife is out there. You just need to log on and send her a message!

How To Make A Slovenian Woman Happy?

meet Slovenian women

Are you trying to make a good first impression with your sexy Slovenian date? Then take this advice on board and ensure your Slovenian cutie is excited about the second date!

  • Bring flowers – Slavic women are known for their love of flowers, and Slovenian women are no different! Make sure you show up to your first date with a nice bouquet!
  • Practice some Slovenian – Only around 2.5 million in the world speak Slovenian. As Slovenia is such a small country, very few foreigners bother learning the language. You can easily impress your date by studying some basic phrases and complimenting your date’s eyes or dressing in Slovenian!
  • Lead the conversation and create the plan for the date – Slovenian girls like confident, masculine men who take control of the situation. You should come up with a plan for the date and when you are talking, make sure to steer the conversation.
  • Talk about your family – Slovenian women are very family-oriented and judge a prospective partner based on their family. Don’t be afraid to brag about your family’s achievements!
  • Tell her you want kids – Most Slovenian women are traditional and dream of having children and a warm, loving family environment. A Slovenian girl’s face will light up when you mention you look forward to becoming a father!

These simple tips can help you stand out from the crowd and win the heart of your Slovenian sweetheart! Remember to be yourself but be the version possible.


Despite Slovenia being a very small country, Slovenian women can rival any woman in the world! Slovenian girls have a classic model physique with long legs, high cheekbones, angular faces yet still feminine, and curves in all of the right places. They have long light brown or blonde hair and beautiful blue or light brown eyes. Slovenian women are industrious, and initially reserved, but once you peel back their exterior, they are extremely warm and caring. If you can’t hop on a plane to Ljubljana, you can still meet your Slovenian princess by registering at one of our recommended dating sites. These dating sites are filled with stunning Slovenian girls who want to marry a foreigner just like you!

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