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Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from Sri Lanka

Most girls in Sri Lanka are quite modest. They will not flaunt their wealth if they have it and they will not wear excessively revealing clothes.
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Top Sri-lankan Cities With Brides Colombo, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Maharagama, Jaffna, Moratuwa, Negombo, Pita Kotte, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, Kandy, Trincomalee
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $8600
Success Rate 82%
Divorce Rate 38%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇸🇪Sweden,🇳🇴Norway,🇳🇱Netherlands,🇧🇦Bosnia & Herzegovina,🇫🇷France

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Sri Lanka is an island located so close to India that many Westerners believe there is little difference between the two. What’s even more unfortunate, many men looking for a wife in India, believe that Sri Lankan brides are the same as Indian women. The assumption could not be more wrong, even though both countries do share some genetics and some history.

Still, Sri Lanka and its gorgeous brides stand apart from the rest of Asian women. Their unique heritage, island location, and a wild mix of customs make these ladies for marriage true gems of the Bay of Bengal. And the best part is, that many of them are willing to interact with foreign men — possibly even, marry one of them and relocate to the husband’s country.

But is a Sri Lankan girl for marriage worth the effort? Will she make a good wife? Will there be a lot of cultural barriers to overcome? Discover this, along with many other things about Sri Lanka and its precious women, in the paragraphs below.

Why to Consider Sri Lankan Brides for Marriage

Sri Lankan Brides

One of the best things about an average Sri Lankan girl for marriage is her kind and sensitive nature. These women are literally brought up to become wives and mothers, and most of them are anxious to get their own families started. Divorce is not common in Sri Lankan culture, with only 0.15% annual cases for a thousand people. This is a very surprising statistic, especially if we take into account that most marriages are arranged by the couple’s families.

At this point, one could think that Western people may have rushed to abandon their practice of arranging marriages for their children, but on second thought one should ask an equally important question — how happy are those marriages? Some might be, but definitely not all of them. So, what Sri Lankan mail orders brides are looking for online is a chance at their own happiness.

Despite the common belief that Sri Lankan and Indian brides are only trying to get out of their countries, the actual reality is way more romantic — most girls are looking for love and genuine affection. And should you secure a bond with one of these gorgeous ladies, they will cherish you with love and affection, offering whatever they have to offer till death does you apart.

Quick Characteristic of Sri Lankan Brides’ Personality

Besides their romantic approach to finding a life partner, Sri Lankan brides have a lot of other sweet and heart-warming personality traits to melt a man’s heart. The whole Sri Lanka culture is about respect for diversity, so these girls have an open-minded, non-prejudiced nature when it comes to cultural differences. You will not find a more tolerant, forgiving bride that a Sri Lankan girl, no matter how hard and how far you look.

A Sri Lanka bride is proud without being arrogant. Despite their sensitivity and acceptance of other people’s beliefs and culture, they are excessively proud of their origin and nationality, which is not that uncommon in post-colonial areas. So, never confuse them with Indian or Indonesian brides because that will only offend them.

Sri Lankan loyalty to their friends and loved ones has no limits. If you make a woman’s inner circle, you can always count on her support and help with anything that comes your way. Like most nations that rely on family and friendly connections, Sri Lankans are very cautious about opening up to strangers, but once they make friends, they make friends for life. And it does not matter if they are out of touch for years — whenever a friend is in need of help, the help with granted no questions asked.

Finally, most girls in Sri Lanka are quite modest. They will not flaunt their wealth if they have it and they will not wear excessively revealing clothes. A Sri Lankan bride may seem somewhat distant at first, but this does not mean that she is not interested in you — this is just her modest upbringing speaking.

Best Brides in Sri Lanka

Kanda, 27
Bangkok, Thailand
Surabaya, Indonesia
Tokio, Japan
Maylie, 26
Shanghai, China
Mey, 32
Washington, USA
Shanghai, China

What Makes a Sri Lankan Woman the Top Wife Choice?

wife Sri Lankan

One of the primary things that make Sri Lankan wives so great is the loyalty and modesty we touched upon above. Not only will your wife never flaunt her charms in front of other men to keep you from getting jealous; she would never even think of cheating on your or even saying some minor household lie. These women are absolutely devout to their husbands and are prepared to do anything to make their life partners happy.

Should you and your Sri Lankan wife have children, they will be raised in the atmospheres of caring love and attention. Your wife will also pay the greatest attention to kids’ education because, differently from many other Asian countries, Sri Lanka has one of the highest education and literacy levels. Obviously, your wife will want the same, if not better, for her children.

Finally, Sri Lankan wives are experts at keeping the house and they still see this as their primary responsibility. You can forget about kitchen mess and semi-cooked foods the moment you marry a woman from Sri Lanka.

What Do Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides Expect from Men?

While no woman is like the other, there are certain qualities most Sri Lankan brides will appreciate in their suitors. Since the tradition of arranged marriages is entirely done away with in Sri Lanka, a touch of romance would always be a good start. With these women, you should not be shy about paying them compliments because these will go a long way. At the same time, you should probably avoid any statements with double meanings.

One more certain way to win a Sri Lankan woman’s heart is to show some respect for her culture and traditions. Besides potentially paving the way to a beautiful woman’s heart this topic could be a great conversation starter to break the ice. Today, Sri Lanka is a wild mix of its own Buddhist and Hindu traditions that also bear traces of British colonial times that add a touch of Christianity into this mix.

Keep in mind that most women on Sri Lanka marriage sites are interested in an adventure because for them, the idea of searching for a husband on their own, is a kind of social rebellion. Still, this does not mean that these ladies do not value their own culture — quite on the contrary, they take great pride in it.

Similar to India, Sri Lanka is a country where the middle-class is practically non-existent — the people are either rich or poor. So, a man in the house is expected to be a breadwinner. While Sri Lankan brides are not digging for your money, they want a successful man who takes care of their loved ones emotionally and financially. So, do not be put off by any questions about your wealth, and do not be shy to raise this topic first. This will only show your conversation partner that you are serious about your marriage intentions.

Can Meet Sri Lankan Women On Your Own?

While Sri Lankans do not actually hide their eligible brides from the outside world, the arranged marriages mentioned above still complicate matters for tourists who hope to hook up with Sri Lanka ladies. Even if you go there on a tourist or business trip, you will still interact with men mostly. You will surely see some women, but they will generally be accompanied by their husbands or male relatives. So, if you are looking for a vibrant vacation romance with a local lady, the odds of that are pretty slim.

Perhaps the best shot to interact with Sri Lankan singles in a less formal atmosphere is to attend some of their cultural festivals. Still, even in this case, you will be limited by the rigid traditions of the local culture, where harassing women with possibly-unwanted attention is a bigger taboo than in our daily etiquette. And that leads us to the next point —let’s take a look at where Sri Lankan brides willing to interact with foreigners are spending their time, and consider some ups and downs of online remote dating in the process.

Sri Lankan bride

Pros & Cons Of Dating Online Rather than On-Site

Since the chances of securing a Sri Lanka marriage with a local bride on a tourist trip are rather slim, let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of online dating. After all, this is your best shot at finding a match a Sri Lanka without spending months, if not years, in the country and becoming an integral part of its community.


  • You can actually get to know Sri Lanka brides in a relaxed, casual environment
  • There is more than enough time to get to know each to see if you two can truly match
  • You have hundreds of gorgeous women profiles to interact with
  • You can set any search parameters you want to eliminate unsuitable matches
  • There is no rush, no pressure, and very little stress compared to dating in real-life


  • Dating online is not as thrilling as exciting as real-life dates
  • The vast choice of single ladies to choose from can be somewhat distracting
  • The matching algorithms can never calculate the chance of chemistry between the two
  • Traveling to meet the ladies you like can be pricey

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You Will Not Feel Alone With The Best Bride Here

Single Azumi in Tokio, Japan
Azumi, 24
Location: Tokio, Japan
Occupation: Actress
Children: No
About me

I am cute, funny and you will am always chuckling. I am a classic girl and require a guy who will damage me! I am down-to-earth plus the littlest gift commonly place a grin back at my deal with for your month. I enjoy take a trip and you may am considered my next larger trip. That knows perchance you is also signup me?

Single Min-Hee in Seoul, Korea
Min-Hee, 21
Location: Seoul, Korea
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I am some a party lady and you will such striking the metropolis toward Saturday and Friday night. I have already been proven to put brand new dance flooring alight. I am an extremely bubbly and you will outbound people and can’t remain however for long. I should be doing something. We have a-work hard gamble difficult lifetime. I love hitting the gym concentrating on my human body or catching up that have girlfriends. If you believe you can preserve right up, post me personally a message!

Single Emily in Madrid, Spain
Emily, 29
Location: Madrid, Spain
Occupation: Travel blogger
Children: Yes
About me

I am sweet, funny and you may was usually laughing. I’m a vintage woman and want a guy who’ll damage me! I’m down-to-earth as well as the tiniest gift commonly place a grin to my face for the whole times. I like travel and you can have always been thought my personal next big travels. You never know perhaps you is also sign-up me?

Single Dian in Jakarta, Indonesia
Dian, 25
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation: Sales Manager
Children: No
About me

I am precious, comedy and you may in the morning usually chuckling. I’m a traditional woman and require a man who will damage me personally! I’m down-to-earth plus the smallest current usually lay a grin to my face for the whole day. Everyone loves take a trip and you will am believed my personal 2nd larger trip. You never know perchance you can be signup me?

Where do Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides Search for Men?

Sri Lankan wife

  1. AsianBeautyDating – Over 4,000 log in each day looking for love and commitment
  2. SingleAsianGirls – Tons of communication features and helpful resources on finding the love of your life
  3. AsianMelodies – From creating a profile to helping with a marriage license, this site helps singles find their one-and-only
  4. AsianDate – Plenty of communications means and single ladies anxious to find their perfect match
  5. DateAsianWoman – Perfect for anyone who is not ready to commit just yet, but still wants to date Asian women
  6. AsianBeautyOnline – Anything from casual flirt to marriage is possible via this platform
  7. AsiaCharm – Millions of ladies to chat and interact with, with plenty of Sri Lanka singles


This site does not always get the attention it deserves because — mostly because not all profiles here are verified. Still, if you exercise reasonable caution, you can meet dozens of gorgeous ladies without facing such fierce competition from other men. Most Asian and Sri Lanka girls here do not mind dating someone slightly older, and they generally reply.


With over 30,000 registered women and roughly 2,000 daily logins every day, this site may not have the largest audience base, but at least you can count that most profiles there are still active. It has reasonable prices and a simplistic design not overly packed with features. However, all necessary communication means are there, and the number of flashy distractions is minimal.


AsianMelodies is a so-called ‘full-cycle’ service that acts as a legitimate marriage agency. Here, ladies must prove their identity without exception, and site admins work to eliminate any fake or suspicious profiles. This is not the cheapest site, but the increased security and plenty of communication means to choose from compensate for a slightly higher than average cost. Besides, this site can send real-life gifts to your matches, no matter if the lady you are trying to impress is a Sri Lankan or a Korean bride.


AsianDate functions as a brides agency with local offices in major Asian cities. Besides standard online communication options, it can deliver real-life gifts to any lady who has caught your eye. And it really does not matter if you are chatting with a Sri Lankan or an Indonesian bride — the chances are, AsianDate will have offices across the entire continent.


As a mostly casual dating site, DateAsianWoman may not be the best choice for men who are determined to find a bride Sri Lanka and start a family. However, it is a perfect choice for those who want to know what Asian ladies are like without leading anyone on. There are also users who do not mind getting married eventually, but this is not the platform’s main focus.


AsianBeautyOnline is not strictly a marriage-focused platform, so if you are looking for something more casual, you should give this site a shot. The platform has plenty of appealing visuals, is easy to use, and is quite affordable. Most importantly, it can introduce you to plenty of singles looking for fun — and who knows where it gets from there?


Like most other sites here, this platform covers all of Asia but has the option of narrowing down your search to a specific area. On AsiaCharm, you will find Sri Lankan, Chinese, and Japanese mail order brides, among many other single women personals. The total number of registered accounts on this site alone already implies the chances for success are quite good.

Sri Lankan Weddings: A Unique Buddhist-Christian Blend

Sri Lankan girls for marriage

Today, a classic Sri Lankan wedding is a mix of ancient Buddhist traditions, influenced by Christian weddings formally introduced by the British authorities of the time in the 1850s. The bride can be wearing either a Westernize white dress with some local elements or colorful attire in the Indian fashion or other traditions the bride may belong to. Depending on your bride’s heritage, there can be numerous rituals necessary in her culture, but as a rule, no Sri Lankan wedding happens without the Poruwa Ceremony.

One can say that Poruwa is the Sri Lankan version of a Christian altar. It is a decorated wooden platform the bride and groom step onto during their wedding ceremony. The couple walks to Poruwa hand-in-hand, leading with their right feet. Once they step onto the platform, they turn to face their relatives. The relatives, but the way, will be positioned according to their role in the family, with the bride’s kin on the right, and the groom’s — on the left.

Then, the couple greets one another with their palms pressed together. The Shilapadhipathi, a combination of a wedding priest and a reception DJ, gives a couple of handful of betel leaves. The leaves are the offering to the gods, which the couple accepts and returns to the priest to be placed on the platform.

After that, the bride’s father places his daughter’s hand in the groom’s hand, which is not unlike giving away the bride in the West. Now, it is time for the groom’s brother to present the groom with a tray of betel leaves, with a coin under each one. The couple will then put those leaves on the platform and place a coin on top of each leaf. This tradition is a symbol to honor seven generations of relatives of both sides of the newlywed couple.

After this, the groom’s brother should put a chain around the bride’s neck. Now, it is time to honor more relatives, starting with the bride’s uncle who ties the newlyweds’ pinkies together and pours water onto them. After this, the groom hands his new bride a white cloth, which the bride gives away to her mother in an honorary gesture. Then the groom’s mother gives his son a Sari, which he passed to his new wife.

After that, both mothers give the couple some food, milk, and pastry that they need to feed each other. In the meantime, all young teenage girls on both sides of the family will be singing Jayamangala Gatha to honor the new union. The ceremony is complete when the couple lights a bass oil lamp together, which acts as a symbol of their burning love for the years to come. And now everyone can start celebrating!


Are there any Sri Lankan brides in USA?

This is a possibility, especially considering how ethnically diverse the US is and how many people visit it for work or leisure. On the other hand, you cannot just hope to bump into a Sri Lanka single girl looking for marriage in New York or San Francisco. So, if you are serious about Sri Lankan marriage, you should better try online dating via specialized platforms.

Are all Sri Lankan brides sites legit?

Absolutely. Still, before you join any dating site, we suggest reading reviews, going through policies, checking credentials, etc — especially if the service is not free of charge. Even if it is, you still should be cautious about joining any sites because you do not know what kind of information they will collect and store. As for international marriage sites that have been in the market for a while, they are usually legal. And, of course, it is not against the law to flirt with women online.

How long will it take to find a Sri Lankan wife?

That will depend on your luck, expectations from a wife, and your own self, of course. A marriage site you join will also play an important part in that. Statistically, men who are serious about finding their match on mail order brides sites spend around 10-14 months before they hook up with their future wives. However, there is no guarantee that the search will not last longer.

Is Sri Lanka marriage certificate hard to get?

Not at all. In fact, plenty of non-citizens choose to have their weddings in Sri Lanka since it is such a picturesque place with such a proud history. So should you decide to get married to your Sri Lankan bride in her home country, you will get the permit there quite easily. You will need your ID and proof of being single. Also, note that you have to spend at least three days in the country before you can have your official wedding — that is the law. For this purpose, Sri Lanka even issue a 5-day visa to foreign couples about to get married.

Will there be any Visa trouble for my Sri Lanka wife?

This will mostly depend on your country's policy and a whole set of other details. Still, even in the US and Canada where Visa requirements are quite strict, no agency can possibly deny your legal wife a visa. At first, it might be temporary but if the marriage lasts, your Sri Lankan wife will eventually get a permanent residency.

Do beautiful Sri Lankan brides really make good wives?

Generally yes, but keep in mind that no one can vouch for the lady you decide to marry. Plus, men have very different notions of what a good wife should be like, so there’s that, too. On the whole, Sri Lanka women are loyal, smart, non-conflicting, and easy-going. They are caring wives and mothers and can run a tiny house.

Are Sri Lankan brides interested in my money?

No one can discard this possibility, but generally, money is not what Sri Lankan mail order brides are after. Most try to escape the century-old traditions of arranged marriages, so they are looking for a man they will love and care about. Still, money is often an indicator of success, and no bride in the world would like to see her family and children lack the essentials. Sri Lanka wives are not money-diggers, though.


Sri Lankan brides stand proud among other Asian ladies, and yet, like any other woman out there, they join dating sites hoping to find the love of their lives. If you are looking for a reliable, intelligent partner to be by your side, Sri Lanka is one of those destinations that simply cannot go wrong. Most importantly, most of these women are looking for genuine love and happiness, so if you want to be with a woman who appreciates you for what you are, you should definitely explore the world of Sri Lanka mail order brides. Your family bliss can be just a couple of clicks away!

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