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Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Guide To Find The Best Bride Sites To Meet Your Wife from Vietnam

Vietnamese ladies for marriage have a slender figures and are very feminine. They’re not too tall either, but there could be exceptions to this rule as well.
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Top Vietnamese Cities With Brides Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Haiphong, Bien Hoa, Can Tho, Thuan An, Di An, Hue, Vung Tau
Average Age 23 Years
Average Cost $3600
Success Rate 72%
Divorce Rate 21%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇵🇹Portugal,🇫🇮Finland,🇦🇺Australia

The Best Way to Find Top Brides

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Many men nowadays are leaving home just to find their Vietnam girl for marriage. Knowing this, you might wonder, who are these Vietnamese brides and what makes them special? It’s very simple to find out, especially if you decide to give this review a read. These women are usually attractive and hot. Their feminine appeal makes them very much desired by most men. But this doesn’t mean that any girl is all about physicality. On the contrary, Vietnam brides are rather conservative and know what being a lady means. They speak nicely and have a gentle nature that allows them to win the heart of any man.

On the other hand, their gentility shouldn’t be mistaken for shyness. Western bachelors usually have the impression that they can just walk over their Vietnam bride because she happens to be so nice. If you are making this mistake too, then you are in for one of the most unpleasant surprises, as you will be left sooner rather than later. And then, there’s the misconception that any Vietnamese wife is that type of woman who only wants to escape life on the farm and no longer be poor. This is not at all true either, seeing that any bride is only in search of true love. In other words, a hot Asian girl doesn’t want to escape any reality that many might consider harsh for her, especially since the government is actively investing in education programs and improving living conditions.

Vietnamese ladies for marriage have a slender figures and are very feminine. They’re not too tall either, but there could be exceptions to this rule as well. Many of them are beauties, but you shouldn’t base your choice on beauty. What’s important to know is that their personality is the one that should be appreciated the most here. They’re funny and know how to carry on with any conversation. It’s also important to know that they easily get bored. This means that you need to have an active lifestyle and tell them about your day when getting home. Your Vietnamese bride will wait for you with a nice dinner, and you two will live happily ever after in your cozy home.

Is a Vietnam Bride Perfect for Marriage?

Vietnamese Brides

Most people are trying to give people stereotypes, yet when it comes to your Vietnam wife, you need to consider that she comes from a culture that’s distinct. She might be different from women in the West, but then again, all Asian ladies aren’t the same as the Western ones. According to what the government of Vietnam says, there are about 15,000 Vietnamesewomen marry men from foreign countries each year. This means that you are very lucky, as you have increased chances of being in a dream marriage sooner rather than later.

If you are a bachelor who wants to buy a wife from Vietnam, you should know that these ladies are the best partners and wives. First, they are loyal. As most people are looking to be with someone who doesn’t cheat on them, Vietnamese wives come into discussions because they are the type of life partner who would never ditch their partner when he’s at his lowest. In other words, it’s very unlikely your bridewould ever cheat on you. This is because Vietnamese mail order wives believe in long-term romantic relationships. They don’t want to cheat on their husbands for nothing in the world, especially if they are being treated the right way. And even when the situation is bad, beautiful wivesstay by the side of their husbands.

Most men in Western countries think that a wife from Vietnam will only ask them for money, but this is only a myth. Most mail order brides from Vietnam are independent and prefer making their own money. In other words, they don’t want to depend on their man for money or anything else. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that hot Thai brides aren’t good wives who can take care of a home. On the contrary, your bride will cook you the most delicious meals if you deserve them. She knows what she must do in the kitchen and is not ashamed to prepare even the most advanced recipes.

Are the Characteristic Features of Sexy Vietnamese Brides Exemplary?

If you are trying to find a wife, then some of the characteristic features of these ladies should be presented here so that you don’t enter your Vietnamese marriage blindly. First, you need to understand that many Vietnam mail order brides are conservative. They have specific ideals based on traditions and don’t behave like women in the West. For example, beautiful Asian women don’t dress provocatively and don’t want to impress men. On the other hand, this means that it takes more than chocolate and flowers to attract a woman.What you need to do is be as sincere as you can be. And if you are hoping to end up in bed with her on your first date, choose someone else.

Vietnamese brides for sale are also family-oriented. They pay attention to their husbands (that legally have to be 20+), which means they understand what family is and want their loved ones to be close to them. Your woman will devote herself completely to you. She will make sure that your marriage works and that any dispute you might be having with her is going to be solved. But you need to understand that this applies only to usual quarrels and disputes in the couple. If you dare abuse your Vietnamese order bride or cheat on her, your wife will surely leave you.

Most people have the most unrealistic expectations when it comes to finding their perfect partner. This is a fact. They want to be with someone who’s perfect, as in educated, interesting, rich, and good looking. But the Vietnamese mail order bride is not like this. While she has high standards, she still expects a realistic love because, in the country of Vietnam, no one wants you to be a God or someone from fantasy stories. A Vietnamese girl wants to be with someone who can take good care of her and is polite. On the other hand, this doesn’t say you should be a slob when trying to woo a Vietnam mail order bride. Just do your best, and she will be your partner forever.

Vietnamese wives are also homely. They like spending their time taking care of the household and making sure everything is in order. This means they’re not the type to go out too often, and especially if there aren’t any nice places around. For example, they like going to fancy restaurants and visiting tourist attractions. This means that when out with your bride, you will have a very good time. Treat Vietnam wives like ladies, and they will surely fall in love with you fast. Spend time with your bride on the couch, watching a movie and eating popcorn. It shouldn’t be all about going out. Many men who were tired of taking girls out for dates have found their love in Vietnam.

Why Are Vietnamese Wives Perfect for Marriage?

wife Vietnamese

Vietnamese ladies for marriage are comfortable with a man. Asian and Indian ladies dating want to be hugged and kissed. They want to cook your delicious food and support you while you are going through difficult times. However, when it comes to themselves, they need attention and to be held under a blanket when it’s cold outside. Your bride will want to offer you the best time whenever you’re not feeling good. She will encourage and support you no matter what you might be doing. Mail order Vietnamese brides don’t complain about anything and don’t do things blindly. Being with one of them, you will have everything you need as a man for as long as you will ensure that your wife is perfectly happy.

Vietnamese mail brides don’t take problems from work home. And when criticizing, they say things straightforwardly, with honesty. And this is what makes any woman from this country special. If you find a Vietnamese wife, know that she will have a dual personality. On one hand, she will be feminine and shy, and on the other, she will be passionate and straightforward. Your wife won’t tell you that she’s not feeling well when not in the mood to go out. She will just say that she’s not in the mood. You will always know what she wants because she will talk to you about it.

Your Vietnamese bride will be more emancipated than most women from the Western world. These women are naturally elegant and don’t want to be men’s equals. Besides, they’re not the type to become annoyed when another woman is wearing the same clothes as them at a party. Any traditional bride won’t be too modest either. She will want to dress nicely, not because she’s looking to impress anyone but to be neat. Vietnamese young brides usually make it easier for you to be their husband because they’re not at all difficult and know what being a lady means.

Best Brides in Vietnam

Gurugram, India
Wee, 25
Las Vegas, USA
Sandi, 27
Surabaya, Indonesia
Dian, 25
Jakarta, Indonesia
Kanda, 27
Bangkok, Thailand
Joan, 27
Hanoi, Vietnam

What Do Vietnamese Women as Wives Want from Men?

Vietnamese bride

The Vietnamese dating and marriage scene is almost dominated by womenwho want to marry a foreigner. However, this doesn’t mean that being a Westerner will have you attract many Asian and Sri Lankan hot girls. The qualities that these ladies appreciate the most in men are:

  • Calmness. Your Vietnamese mail ordered bride will surely fall in love with you at first sight if you can keep your emotions in control. This is because they believe that holding back on emotions is a sign of self-respect, dignity, and respect for other people.
  • Honesty. It’s very important to talk straightforwardly and on any subject with a Vietnamese wedding bride. As mentioned, she won’t want to pretend about anything, and neither will she like playing any game with you. In case you are even trying to cheat on her, she will say that you have no respect for her.
  • Maturity. Your Vietnamese hot wife will not be with someone who doesn’t show maturity because she’s interested only in a serious relationship. This means that she will gladly marry you if you are much older than her.
  • Being a homeowner. Vietnamese brides want to live with their husbands in a cozy home. Therefore, you need a rather stable financial situation if you want to marry them.
  • Be mannered. It’s important to have great manners around your Vietnamese wife. If you are, your bride will treat you like a king.

Where Could You Buy a Vietnamese Wife?

The first thing you could do when trying to find a Vietnamese wife is to travel to Vietnam. However, this might prove to be very difficult because it would involve spending a lot of money. Of course, your future wifecould also be in your country, visiting or working there. Go to parks and crowded open spaces, and you might meet your Vietnam or Nepal hot wife. But this again, this is only left to chance. There’s also the option of checking social networks, where Vietnamese ladies for marriage could create accounts to hook up someone.

Traveling to Vietnam, you will first find hospitality. It’s very interesting to meet the locals of this country and spend time with them. The Vietnamese cuisine will surely impress you with its complexity and quality of ingredients. If you want to find a bride from Vietnam, travel to this destination and enjoy the local culture. Many women here are fun and want to interact with foreigners. In fact, the idea of marrying a foreigner intrigues them. What’s also good to know is that most Vietnameseknow English very well.

On the other hand, the best idea when it comes to finding beautiful Vietnamese brides is to check marriage agency websites. Here, women create accounts specifically to meet their future husbands. You will need to pay for the platforms you’re using for chatting, sending gifts, and interacting with potential matches. And then, you will have to spend more money on taking your bride from Vietnam out for dates. The next section of this review discusses the pros and cons of online dating. You should check them so that you can learn more about what you are being offered when trying this method of finding your bride with whom you can be for a lifetime.

Vietnamese wife

Which Are the Pros and Cons of Online Dating?

Online dating is a good idea if you want to make things easier when it comes to dating in general. Not only do you have many Vietnamese women for marriage to choose from, but you also get to talk with them before face-to-face interaction. But let’s have a look over the Pros and Cons of online dating.


  • You can make many friends along the way
  • There are many Vietnam brides on Vietnam bride agency websites
  • Online Vietnamese marriage brokers help people get a date for a living


  • You might be sent all sorts of sexual messages that you don’t want to receive
  • It’s likely that you find a Vietnamese bride who’s only asking you to wire her money
  • Some Vietnamese girls seeking marriage on bride sites might be lying

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We Have a Gift for You. Your Bride is Waiting Here

Single Joo in Shanghai, China
Joo, 23
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Student
Children: No
About me

I’m pretty, comedy and you may am usually chuckling. I’m a classic lady and require a guy who can harm me! I’m down-to-earth and also the tiniest present commonly lay a grin on my face for the entire few days. I really like traveling and was believed my personal next huge travels. That knows maybe you can also be subscribe me personally?

Single Kajal in New Delhi, India
Kajal, 27
Location: New Delhi, India
Occupation: Hotel Administrator
Children: No
About me

I would end up being the funniest individual you will ever see! I’m of course a strive to real time kind of girl and you may have always been most outbound. I enjoy enjoying audio and making up ground that have friends. In addition prefer to moving! If we time you will definitely come across my actions!No matter if I really like fun I additionally don’t notice expenses the night rounded up inside a basketball enjoying Netflix!

Single Emily in Madrid, Spain
Emily, 29
Location: Madrid, Spain
Occupation: Travel blogger
Children: Yes
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Single Carmela in Benfica, Portugal
Carmela, 28
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Which Are the Vietnamese Bride Agency Websites?

  1. FindAsianBeauty – Mobile friendly and payments can be made via PayPal as well
  2. SingleAsianGirls – Easiest registration and the most helpful customer support team
  3. AsiaCharm – The most user-friendly interface that allows a smooth website navigation
  4. AsianDate – For cam shows and live chats with Vietnamese women looking for marriage
  5. AsianBeautyOnline – With a classy interface behind the first page


This dating platform is running since 2018. There are 16,000 users coming here every month. More than 1.800 girls spend their time online here. Users are 25 to 34 years old. You can find here your sexy Vietnamese wife who’s also young.


On SingleAsianGirls, you can find your match just by pressing a button and after you have completed your profile. You will be asked questions about your work, hobbies, and even personality type. This is for the sexy Vietnamese brides here to get to know you better.


AsiaCharm is the place where you can choose your Vietnamese mail order bride after you start chatting with her. This platform is also very affordable. You can send winks and even add profiles to Favorites. Besides, AsiaCharm also has many free features.


AsianDate asks only for your name, email, and password to access it. But if you want to avoid this process, you can always use your Google account details. On the other hand, you can avoid this if you don’t want Google to track your activity.


This site is very easy to use. It has been functioning for 2 decades, which means you can trust it. It’s also built with video-chatting features in mind so that you can interact with your Vietnamese bride for sale more efficiently and at the same time see her.

Some of the Wedding Traditions in Vietnam

Vietnamese girls for marriage

Just like in other parts of the world, marriage is very important in Vietnam. Women in this country give it a lot of thought and time. In case you have found a Vietnamese bride for sale and are interested in making her your wife, you should know that she gives family and tradition a lot of importance. Know that she considers your parents to be hers too. And after you have visited her parents, you can send her the proposal to marry you. When making the marriage arrangement, her family can ask someone who knows English to be your translator. Your Vietnamese order bride might know perfect English, but this doesn’t mean that her family must know it as well. When her family has agreed to meet you, they want to ensure that you have serious intentions. It’s also very important that you prove your financial worth to them. Be noted, as they will also be interested in finding out if you are comfortable with the country of Vietnam.

The marriage culture in Vietnam is defined by conservative and traditional values. Westerners have a lot to learn from the Vietnamese culture when dating Asian ladies from this country. One wedding tradition in Vietnam is to take an engagement photo prior to the wedding day. With this photo, your friends and relatives at home can also see your bride from Vietnam before she has become your wife. It’s also a Vietnamese wedding tradition to proceed with an engagement ceremony. During engagement, the couple is on the same path, and they must do the same things. The man should bring take good care of his bride, taking her home and ensuring that she has money for living. The engagement ends on the wedding day. It should be noted here that Vietnamese weddingscan also last up to 3 days.

During engagement, a man’s responsibility is to take care of his fiancés, such as bringing her home and making sure that she has enough money to pay for food and living expenses. The engagement process is officially over when the wedding day comes, so weddings in Vietnam often last one to three days. When walking down the aisle at a wedding in Vietnam, Vietnamese mail brides must hold a red banner made from silk. This banner represents their everlasting love. After, the family members of yourbride get to take the Asian, Vietnam, or Cambodia bride to her groom. She will bend on her knee and accept him into her arms. Then, they will both go to where they should be taking photos together.

At the altar, you and your Vietnamese bride will have to pray together. This is the ceremony that determines you are no longer a couple, but husband and wife. The family from the side of the bride will welcome the Hindu priest called a Brahman to perform the Hindu ceremony, which will take place first. Everyone will pray with the bride and the groom, and then the Brahman will put a red cloth over the couple’s hands. Then a red and string ring will be used for receiving blessings from up above. Then, there will be the Christian ceremony for the foreigners. Here, the couple is taking their spiritual oath to love each other for a lifetime.


Is there a Vietnamese bride price?

Your Vietnamese mail bride order will ask you to take her out on dates, so yes, it can be said that there will be a price for her. Therefore, make sure you put something aside before asking your bride out.

Will I have to talk to my bride in Vietnamese?

If you don’t know Vietnamese, then you don’t have to speak with your wife in Vietnamese. Many Vietnamese know English, so you will be able to speak with them in this language. Even if you travel to Vietnam, you will still come across women who speak English very clearly.

Is it important to hold on to the Vietnam marriage traditions?

If your Vietnamese wife likes holding on to traditions, you will have to respect her wishes and have a more traditional wedding with her. Besides, her parents and family might be the traditional type too, and you will need to respect their wishes as well. There is also the situation in which your bride will want only a Vietnam marriage certificate.

Is any Vietnamese bride site offering FREE services?

Some Vietnamese wife agency sites are offering some of their services for FREE, whereas others don’t. Depending on what you want to do when interacting with your match, you should pay for the services you are picking to use.

Will my Vietnamese wife know how to cook?

It’s not a rule that any Vietnamese bride knows how to cook, but still, many Asian and Malaysian women from Vietnam have learned ever since little girls how to prepare traditional foods of their country. And they might also know how to prepare foods from other different countries as well. If you are interested in getting a bride who can wait for you at home with a warm meal, ask her while dating if she’s a good cook. Chances are she is.


Your Vietnam mail order bride will be great at building a romantic relationship with you. She will not be only attractive, but also a great person to spend time with. Different from Western women, these ladies are interested in getting married and want to build a family. You can try Asian or Philippines marriage agency sites and marriage agencyplatforms. However, don’t trust sites that say they are selling women from Vietnam.

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