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How to Meet Vietnamese Women as a Foreigner

The Vietnamese marriage unites not only two people; it connects two families, cultures, and countries.
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Top Vietnamese Cities With Brides Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Haiphong, Bien Hoa, Can Tho, Thuan An, Di An, Hue, Vung Tau
Average Age 27 Years
Average Cost $12000
Success Rate 77%
Divorce Rate 24%
Prefer Men From 🇺🇸United States,🇬🇧United Kingdom,🇨🇦Canada,🇲🇽Mexico,🇮🇪Ireland,🇳🇴Norway,🇪🇸Spain

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Vietnam is famous for its exquisite architecture, breathtaking nature, and stunning Vietnamese women. While the hot beaches and delicious food attract tourists, the beauty of local women is what makes them stay and come back. Captured by the elegance of these ladies, most foreign men make up their minds to marry and forever stay in this exotic country.

But it isn’t easy to win the hearts of local beauties. Men should overcome a range of challenges. For example, most Viet girls don’t speak English fluently, which makes communication almost impossible. Another reason is that the local girls avoid speaking with strangers because of some stereotypes about Western men. Instead, they prefer meeting new people through their friends or colleagues. Such cultural nuances make meeting women in Vietnam harder than you could imagine.

Moreover, are you ready for a long courtship and years of dating? No matter how bad Viet girls want to fall in love, start families, and have children, they date for quite some time to ensure they aren’t mistaken in their choice.

So, are you ready to meet her parents? The pressure of meeting the family of your future bride is less in the West, but it’s an important ritual in Vietnam. Be ready for questions about your education, job, and financial condition. No, the Vietnamese people aren’t “gold diggers.” They want to make sure their daughter will be in reliable hands.

Do you want to know how to win the favor of Viet girls? Then, let’s deep dive in.

Common Traits of the Appearance of Vietnamese Singles

Vietnamese Women

The population of Vietnam consists of 54 ethnic groups living together for ages. So, surely mixed marriages between the representatives of these ethnic groups aren’t rare. It explains where the beauty of Vietnamese ladies comes from. Besides the inherited beauty, they follow the Korean fashion and beauty trends with one exception: unlike Koreans, they don’t try to get pale skin, but they use sunscreen, umbrella, and extra clothing to avoid tanning.

Smooth Skin

In Vietnam, women don’t like tan. According to Vietnamese beauty standards, lighter skin is more beautiful. That’s why local women protect their faces and bodies from the sun in summer. And since their skin doesn’t contact the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it stays healthy and smooth for many years. Moreover, skincare is a whole ritual for Vietnamese ladies. They like using eye patches, masks, and moisturizing creams.

Tender Facial Traits

“Cute” is the word that describes the facial traits of Vietnamese girls. They have full lips, cute dark eyes, straight noses, white teeth, and attractive smiles. How can any man resist such a face?

Nevertheless, girls in Vietnam are getting obsessed with plastic surgeries. There are two reasons. First of all, the financial status of families is getting better with the growth of the country’s economy. In short, girls can offer to pay thousands of dollars for plastic surgeries. Second, young girls get carried away by Western beauty standards. They want to change the size of their noses and the shape of their eyes. Moreover, breast augmentation and butt implants are also getting popular.

Petite Body Shape

Viet girls have slender and petite bodies. Their average height is 153 cm. In comparison, the average height of American women is 162 cm. Their bodies have some curves, but they cannot be compared with the curves of sexy Latin girls that are way more expressive.

Long Silky Hair

Since ancient times beautiful Asian women have been known for their silky hair. Nature has gifted Vietnamese women with long, thick, and straight hair that can make any man crazy. But the local women don’t take their hair for granted. They know the hair needs care. They apply masks and shampoo with natural ingredients to maintain its natural shine and softness.

Cute Dark Eyes

Green and blue eyes are rare in Vietnam unless someone is mixed, e.g., has both Vietnamese and European genes. 99.9% of women in Vietnam have brown eyes with double eyelids. The latter is another standard for Vietnamese beauty. That’s why most girls do plastic surgery to change the shape of their eyelids.

Cup Size

As mentioned previously, Viet women have slender bodies, and their breasts match their bodies. The average Vietnam female cup size is AA – the smallest size. However, it doesn’t interfere with the moms breastfeeding their children.

Why Do Foreign Men Want to Marry Vietnamese Women?

Vietnamese women dating

When a man marries a woman, she becomes his lover, partner for life, friend, and the mother of his children. Considering all these points, many foreign men from the United States and Europe want to marry Viet brides. The Vietnamese marriage unites not only two people; it connects two families, cultures, and countries. So, when you marry a Vietnamese girl, you also marry her culture, cuisine, and traditions.

Viet women are hardworking. Vietnam had to deal with poverty for decades, and families had to work hard to feed their children. Now, the living standards are better in the country, but working hard has become a part of the Vietnamese genes.

Viet women are supportive of their husbands. For centuries they have stood side by side with their husbands to take care of their families. They have seen good and bad days, but they’ve never deserted their husbands. And this trait is now interwoven with their genes.

Foreign men prefer Vietnamese girls because they make good moms. They devote themselves to the education and well-being of their babies and make sure they have a carefree childhood.

But with all these positive features, they don’t forget to take care of themselves. They don’t forget to apply sunscreen when they go out and moisturize their skin before going to bed. They don’t forget to love passionately, stay romantic, and go on dates without children. All these features make Vietnamese brides so popular among foreign marriage-minded men.

Best Women in Vietnam

Seoul, Korea
Kanda, 27
Bangkok, Thailand
Tokio, Japan
Dicky, 25
Madrid, Spain
Joan, 27
Hanoi, Vietnam
Shanghai, China

Characteristic Traits and Personality

It’s almost impossible to indicate a single characteristic that describes all Vietnamese women for marriage due to the diversity of cultures in Vietnam. For example, people living in the country’s northern regions are more conservative than those living in big cities. However, let’s discuss the following features typical to most women.


According to statistics, 94% of Vietnam’s female population is literate. But the government intends to improve this number since the girls’ education directly influences the level of poverty in the country. In addition, several government programs encourage women to continue their education abroad and even provide scholarships for doing Ph.D. As a result, most women in Vietnam have higher education and speak several languages.


Family is a core value in all Asian cultures. In Vietnam, extended families where two to four generations live under one roof are common. While parents work to take care of the family, grandparents are the ones that bring up the children with the Vietnamese traditions and customs. They learn to respect older people, honor their parents, and love their siblings. After marrying, Vietnamese wives bring up their children with the same values. They honor their husbands’ parents as their own and treat their relatives with respect.

Great Cooks

Don’t even try to compete with Vietnamese wives in terms of cooking. The recipes girls inherit from their mothers and grandmas will surprise anyone with the richness of flavors. The kitchen is a female territory in the Vietnamese culture that they don’t like sharing with anyone. Nevertheless, they get flattered when their men sometimes cook and organize a romantic dinner.


If you plan to meet Asian women, there is one thing you should know: they love romance. Yes, traditional courtship and dating are still alive in Vietnam. These ladies love receiving gifts and flowers, cuddling and watching movies together, going for a walk, cooking, celebrating anniversaries, wearing matching rings and clothes, etc. They cherish love gestures such as hugging each other when it’s cold, protecting from the sun, or holding an umbrella when it’s raining.


Young Vietnamese women date for marriage. When they start seeing someone, they get invested in those relationships and stop talking to other guys. They’ll devote all their time, attention, and energy to you and expect the same from you. They’re honest in their feelings and aren’t afraid of showing their affection. These women respect their partners and will never cheat on them. If they see your relationships falling apart, they’ll do everything to save them.

Passionate Lovers

The Vietnamese culture is famous for its restraint and modesty. It makes foreigners think that Vietnam women dating is boring, and the ladies here are conservative, shy, and close to intimacy. Perhaps such assumptions were correct a decade ago, but modern girls break these stereotypes. They are passionate lovers, and intimacy is a part of their marriage life.

Where Can Foreign Men Meet Vietnamese Women?

Vietnamese women personals

Have you decided to visit Vietnam and meet the local women in person? Well, it’s unwise to pack your things and fly without knowing anything about the Vietnamese women dating habits. You should have prior knowledge about where single girls spend their time if they go out alone or with friends if they like to walk outside or sit in a cafe. Let’s discuss this further.

Most Suitable Cities to Meet Vietnamese Women

Vietnam is a large country consisting of 65 provinces, each having at least one city. Therefore, it can be difficult for foreigners to determine which city is the best place for meeting Vietnamese ladies. Let’s discuss the following three cities.

  1. Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam. The city has impressive architecture, rich culture, and beautiful traditions. Since Hanoi is one of the favorite destinations of tourists, the local people frequently interact with foreigners. As a result, Vietnamese women aren’t as conservative and shy as those living in the distant regions of the country. This fact makes Hanoi one of the best places to find brides.
  2. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. It’s the country’s economic hub where most foreign entrepreneurs and employees visit on business. As a result, female Vietnamese employees have a chance to communicate and work with foreign men.
  3. Hue City is the historic center of Vietnam. The city is famous for its historical heritage and beautiful river banks, making it a highly-visited touristic destination. Moreover, it’s the largest city in the country where alongside the old architecture, lives and prosperous the modern city.

The Best Local Places to Meet Vietnamese Women

Usually, the weather is hot in Vietnam. But since brighter skin color is one of the beauty standards for local girls and women, they avoid staying outside during the day so that they don’t get tan. So, if you hope to meet Vietnamese women, here are the places you can meet them.

  • Shopping malls are the best places where local girls can meet their friends, go shopping, and have fun together. All shopping malls are equipped with air-conditioning systems, so it’s a perfect place to protect from the sun. Vincom Dong Khoi in Ho Chi Minh City and Vincom Royal City in Hanoi are the two most popular shopping malls.
  • Coffee shops are the best places to hang out with friends, work, or study. While the local girls prefer to go to shopping malls with friends, they like to visit shopping malls alone. So, it’s easier for foreign men to approach them and ask their numbers.
  • The best place to meet Vietnamese ladies in the evening is in parks. Cities in this beautiful Asian country have stunning parks, bridges, rivers, and lakes. And the locals love to go for a walk in the evening after work. For example, Central Park is the most suitable place for hunting single girls.
  • While cafes and parks are the most suitable place for meeting marriage-minded singles, clubs and bars are the right places for finding casual encounter partners. But it’s not always the case. Some girls like to go out clubbing, but they never go alone. Usually, they are with friends and siblings, making it almost impossible to approach them.

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Single Kimi in Shanghai, China
Kimi, 22
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I am a little bit of a party woman and you can including striking the metropolis into Tuesday and you can Friday evening. I have already been recognized to lay the fresh moving floors alight. I’m a very bubbly and outgoing person and can’t remain nevertheless for very long. I usually need to be doing something. We have a work hard play difficult lifetime. I love hitting the gym taking care of my own body otherwise making up ground with girlfriends. If you believe you can preserve up, send myself a contact!

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Single Soo-Min in Busan, Korea
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Single Emily in Madrid, Spain
Emily, 29
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Alternative Dating Sites to Meet Vietnamese Women

meet Vietnamese women

Vietnam is a beautiful country that attracts foreigners with its delicious cuisine, marvelous places, unique culture, and stunning women. Everyone should visit and admire this Asian gem. But even though most foreigners look for Vietnam women for marriage, it can be challenging for them to live in Vietnam. Marriage isn’t a matter of a week or a month. Consequently, few people can afford to move here and live as much as it’s required to find their ideal Vietnamese partners.

Fortunately, it isn’t required to physically travel to Vietnam to get to know local women. There are hundreds of online dating services where foreign men can meet and talk with Asian ladies. Check out the following online dating platforms:

  1. DateAsianWoman – a safe platform to meet Asian girls aged 25-34
  2. AsianLadyOnline – meet mature women who know what they want
  3. AsianDate – online dating service with live chat and video call features
  4. AsianMelodies – a dating platform suitable for marriage-minded singles
  5. AsianCharm – designed for Asian ladies seeking love overseas
  6. AsianFeels – an international dating site targeted at single Asian women
  7. AsianBeautyOnline – an ideal dating venue for Asin women that prefer dating older men


According to statistics, the platform provides services to over 16 thousand female users from Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and other Asian countries. Here they can meet men from the United States, Australia, and Canada. The platform encourages only healthy communication that leads to marriage and long-term relationships. Profiles on this platform are pretty detailed, which allows users to learn a lot about their potential matches before even talking to them. This way, users have a chance to check who they are compatible with. Moreover, breaking the ice is easier when you know what interests and hobbies the person has.


Single Vietnamese women register on this platform to find their Western princes. The website has an active member base with over 50 thousand daily active users. The average age of female users is 35. These mature women know what they want and what features their partners should possess. They don’t have time for games, shyness, or endless courtship and use all the features of the platform (e.g., instant chat, video call, audio call, email) to communicate with potential partners.


AsianDate takes pride in fast registration since the signup form contains a few fields. But after creating the profile, all users should fill in the empty fields providing complete information about their appearance, education, hobbies, and interests. Then, this data is used by the website’s matchmaking system to make highly compatible recommendations. Therefore, here you’ll find thousands of high-quality profiles of Vietnamese ladies for marriage. Moreover, their “Verified Profile” badge proved that their identity was checked and confirmed by the platform’s moderation team.


AsianMelodies is a top destination for “Vietnamese women for sale,” i.e., those that want to use the online service to find foreign grooms. The platform isn’t suitable for people seeking casual encounters or sugar babies. Both male and female users are interested exceptionally in constructive communication and long-term relationships.

Though the platform has a rich portfolio of features, most of them are paid. For example, you can send winks and conduct a free search, but you should pay for using the Live Chat and Virtual Gifts features. Most users agree it’s OK to pay for these services, while others claim the features are pricey.


The platform is targeted at the Asian audience and the foreigners that want to date women from Asian countries, including Vietnam. AsianCharm asks the members to pass an ID verification and confirm their identities to build a healthy dating environment. Once the moderation team is convinced the profile is genuine, it gets access to the platform’s extensive selection of features. Users can send flowers and gifts to women, hold beauty contests virtually, and set up an in-person date. All these functions bring sexy Vietnamese women closer to finding the men of their lives.


Since the target audience of AsianFeels is young Asian girls and American gentlemen, the website has an esthetically pleasing design created with pink and white colors. Green also prevails, which makes the platform fun and colorful. As for users’ profiles, they contain full information about them, their hobbies, and preferences. According to the platform’s guidelines, all users should set up a selfie profile picture. It should have high quality and clearly show the user’s face. Luckily, Vietnamese girls don’t need to worry about it since they are natural beauties.


Though the average age of the female population on AsianBeautyOnline is 25-34, they prefer dating older men. According to statistics, the platform has 800K registered users, 57% of which are female. Since the website has a pretty big user pool, it isn’t easy to control the registration process. As a result, some users report fake profiles and scams. However, the administration of the platform does everything to eliminate the scammers and ensure a healthy dating environment.

Practical Tips to Date with Vietnamese Women

single Vietnamese women

The tricks you use to impress potential American brides and ask them out might not work with Vietnamese women. They have different standards for men who want to claim their hearts and hands. So, follow these tips to win the favor of Vietnamese ladies.

  • Since few Vietnamese women speak fluent English, you’d better learn the Vietnamese language to overcome communication barriers. They’ll be impressed by your effort to speak their language and will respect you for trying to become a part of their culture. You don’t have to be fluent in Vietnamese to name a good impression. But it would help if you learned enough to communicate with her friends and family when you meet them.
  • Learning the language is a big step, but it isn’t enough if you plan to marry a Vietnamese female one day. You should also learn about the Vietnamese culture, traditions, norms, and values. For example, you should know that handing an item to an older person with one hand is disrespectful. Of course, they’ll forgive you as a foreigner, but it would be better if you knew the rules and avoided such awkward mistakes.
  • If you want to date Vietnamese women,you should act like a gentleman and treat your girl like a lady. Girls in Vietnam love romance – watching a movie together, celebrating the 100th and 1000th day of dating, wearing matching clothes, and receiving flowers. They expect the man to pay at the restaurant, call a taxi, and open the door for them.
  • The final step of winning the heart of Vietnam women is being open to meeting their parents. This request shouldn’t surprise you. It’s part of the Vietnamese culture to introduce the boyfriend to parents if she’s sure their relationship is serious. Just don’t forget about the traditions of talking to senior people, like bowing and serving food.


Now, you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to win the heart of a Vietnamese beauty. Even if your potential girlfriend speaks fluent English, learn the basic Vietnamese language to impress her. Are you in the stage of meeting her parents? Don’t forget about the rules of talking with senior people. You want to make a good impression on them to see you’re a reliable and responsible person. And now you’re ready to meet Vietnamese women of your dreams.

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