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Noa Cohen

Noha Cohen is a model with 5 million followers on social media and proudly makes it on the hot Jordanian women list.

Shirene Rifai

If you are a lover of blonde hair, then Shirene Rifai will amaze you with her hair, which is why Tresemme chose her as their brand ambassador.

Haya Awad

She is known for her genuine smile, and she is one of the most unique and beautiful Jordanian women. Not only do people talk about her beauty, but she is a fashion designer too.

Aya Barqawi

We all believe that Hijab can make someone look weird, then you must see this beauty.

Margo Haddad

She is another talented person as she gets successful by doing hard work in every task she picks.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Saba Mubarak

She is a highly talented woman with beauty and brains. She is known as a producer, actress, and the most stylish woman.

Hanna Rasekh

She is fond of classics, tradition, and culture, and she is the founder of a design company.

Muna Khalaf

Muna Khalif is another exotic woman who is known for her confidence. 

Uns Ghassib

Another hot Jordanian woman is Uns Ghassib; she is one of the most successful stylists and designers.

Ola Al-Fares

She is a TV host, lawyer, and journalist. She is stylish and sweet, and many men die for her intelligence and beauty.

White Lightning
White Lightning